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2nd August to 13th August 2004
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     Between the 2nd and 13th of August 2004 I was sent on a "Gateway To Work" training course as part of the Governments New Deal initiative. My first thoughts were that I did not want to go on the course. I thought I would learn very little, and that it would be very boring. The first idea was mostly, but not totally, true. I did pick a few minor tips that could make a tiny difference to my job searching. The second idea was wrong. Admittedly there were some boring periods, but on the whole it was almost fun. I doubt it would have been fun were it not for the delightful, beautiful, and inspirational Patricia, who was our course tutor.

       I have made this web page for two reasons. One is as an expanded part of my diary, and the other was so Patricia could show some pictures of herself at work to her friends across world. At this time she does not know I am doing this, but like I said, she is a very inspirational person. It seemed like a good idea after she mentioned she could show the two existing pictures on my August dairy pages to her friends. So here is the small photoset taken on the last day of the course.


Pride of place must go to Patricia herself. She is standing at the head of the class with a most delightful smile.

This small picture is linked to a slightly bigger picture that should be good enough to print small photos from. Just click the picture to go to the bigger image. (You will need to use your web browsers back button to return here)

Patricia looking at classwork

This second picture shows Patricia looking at some classwork.

It is a poster designed by myself and Domonico to show a fictional company and the requirements for staff working there.

All the artwork was drawn by Domonico.

It was done as a total farce because neither of us could take the idea seriously.

The poster

Close up of the poster.

Finally two pictures of the class. The first does not show everyone, but is a better picture. The second shows nearly everyone except for the two Chantelles who did not come in on the last day.
class mates
From left to right - Scott, Pauline, Paul, Bryan and Karl

class with Patricia

From left to right (front) - me, Paul and Scott
From left to right (back) - Bryan, Karl, Victor, Pauline and Patricia

This last picture was so heavily backlit by the bright windows that it was difficult to pull some detail out of the dark foreground.
It is not a picture I am proud of, but it is the best available in the circumstances.

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