Lewisham's very own stone circle - 12th Sept 2009

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 Situated at 175 ft above sea level is Lewisham's very own stone circle. It was constructed in 2000 as part of the milleneum celebrations. More information can be found at these web sites.
 On the 12th of September 2009 I visited it nad took some pictures.
First look at the stone circle
This was the first view I had of the stone circle. As you can see by the shadows I was shooting almost straight into the sun - hence the rather high contrast picture.
Another view of the stone circle
This view is looking almost due east.
At the solstice the sun rises directly between the two tall stones on the far side of the circle (or so I assume).
Looking between the shadow stones
This is the view the sun sees when it rises on the solstice (or should that be mid summers day ?)
the eastern horizon
Looking almost east to where the sun rises in the morning. The hill in the distance is Shooters Hill.
The shadow plate
As the sun rises, and casts it's long morning shadows, the two tall shadow stones cast their shadow on this stone set into the ground in the middle of the circle. The date can be read off where the shadow lands.
OS triangulation point
Very near to the stone circle is this Ordnance Survey triangulation point. I presume the bare ground around it is the result of many visits from our friend on the left, and probably many of his friends poisoning the grass.
Identification plate
The grey plate on the pillar, when enlarged has this on it.