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Photos 1 (2010)

 This page contains random photos found on my cameras that I haven't shown in my blog pages, but are maybe worth showing. Some of them should have been amongst my bloggings, but I just didn't seem to get around to including them at the time.

duck and drake
 A duck and drake pictured on New Years day in Ladywell Recreation Ground

Catford Bridge station approx 7am 7th Jan 2010
Catford Bridge station with snow. Taken at approx 7 am 7th January 2010.

shoes left on train 8th Jan 2010
Who left their shoes on the 08:06 Waterloo - Guildford train ? 8th January 2010
(actual train time and destination may differ from my vague memory)

King George's park, Earlsfield, in autumn
King George's park, Earlsfield, Winter
Two views of King George's park in Earlsfield taken from slightly different angles. The first, taken in October 2009 shows autumn, and the second, taken 7th January 2010, shows the winter snow.