CEP 1620

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CEP 1620 was modified to try out centralised door locking. The pictures below show it at Blackfriars Station on the 3rd November 1994. The modification was carried out by B.R.M.L. at Eastleigh.

( Note: If I can find a web page with the history of this modification I will add it here)

CEP 1620 - front

Picture showing the driving cab. Note how clean it is and how the windows shine.

CEP 1620 - writing on cab side

Picture showing a description on the side of the driving cab.

CEP 1620 - experiment plate


CEP 1620 - doors open light

A "door locked" indicator using a standard industrial indicator lamp fitting. Note rust bubble to the side. 1620 had quite a few of these. Overall the paintwork was rather poor. In later years these defects became invisible under a thick layer of grime.

CEP 1620 - CDL control panel

This is one of the control panels for the door locking as viewed through the cab window.

CEP 1620 - Kent Coast Logo

Just to remind us where 1620 usually ventured.


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