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Friday 21st May 2021
Lockdown day 420 422

08:46 BST

  I think the weather forecasts were a bit too harsh about yesterday. It wasn't a nice day, but it wasn't that horrible either. The worst thing is that it felt cold - particularly in the afternoon when it was supposed to be 14° C. I feel sure that I saw a bit of rain at sometime, probably in the afternoon, but it didn't amount to much. On the other hand I think there were a few sunny spells when none (after 6am) were forecast for the whole day. Maybe it was those few sunny spells that made the day "not horrible", or maybe that should be not that horrible.
a very windy day
  Since taking the screenshot above the forecast has been revised in rather a strange way. There will only be a small change in temperature across the day, but the latest forecast says it will be warmer now, 12° C, than mid afternoon when it will be 11° C.  The other change is that instead of the day starting with light showers it should be dry, and the cloud thin enough for it to seem quite bright outside. There have even been a few rays of sun getting through those clouds. Unfortunately there is now a 50% chance of light rain between 1pm and 5pm. That is enough to make it a not nice day, but then there is the main feature - wind ! There was a fair bit of wind yesterday, but it seems to have strengthened overnight, and now there are "weather warnings" for it. The winds will die down by tomorrow, but tomorrow is possibly going to be a really rotten day. The morning will feature heavy rain, and the afternoon will be very gloomy with the likelihood of isolated showers. It's all going to make the maximum of 12° C feel almost chilly.

      I can't really remember doing anything of note yesterday morning. I spent a fair time reading, and trying to ignore the rumbling from my stomach. Ideally I should have fasted until dinner time, and put in a few miles of exercise, but these things weren't really possible before an afternoon boozing session. Having said that, I suppose the only bad thing if I had gone for a morning 3 mile walk is that I would probably have felt sleepy in the afternoon.

  I didn't want to drink on a completely empty stomach, and so I had some lunch at midday. it was a couple of cans of soup. Both cans were of oxtail soup, but one was branded "Bramwells", the house brand, or one of them, for Aldi, and the other was branded Tesco. My memory was that Aldi oxtail soup was rather nice, although improved with a sprinkle of chilli sauce. Yesterday I thought it very mediocre. The Tesco oxtail soup was much nicer. Both promised fairly similar low amounts of sugar in them.

  One early Thursday afternoon ritual that has sprung up in the last 6 months is Michael texting me to ask if I want him to get me anything from Tesco. The usual thing is bottles of diet coke - he has a car so it is easy for him to transport it to me. Lately he has been getting me 6 bottles because the price adds up, with a bit of rounding, to a nice round number, and that means no fiddling about with change. Yesterday he did the same except 3 of the bottles were of caffeine, and sugar free Coke. I had never tried the caffeine free version before because I didn't see the point of not having caffeine - it is, after all, the drug of choice for the human race whether from tea, coffee, weird nuts, or cola. I tried some of that caffeine free stuff without chilling it, and it tasted like some of the better supermarket brand colas, or at least how they used to taste. In other words drinkable, not nasty, but somehow not really likeable. Maybe it will taste better when chilled.

  When Jodie arrived she announced that she was suffering from a hangover from the night before. This is unusual, and I am thinking it might be another long term side effect of the second covid jab. She only brought two cans of beer with her, and they were both possibly nice, but they needed chilling, and by the time they were chilled she didn't fancy drinking them. I kept them in the fridge for another session on Thursday.

  The same thing happened last time, and I had two cans she had brought that time chilled and ready to drink. It s a good thing we started with them, or one in particular. It was a bubble gum flavoured beer, and you have to wonder what stupid idiot thought it might be a good idea to brew it. For once we strongly agreed that it was disgusting, and let the sink drink most of it. Jodie's e-buddies on the Untapped web site agreed that it was really horrible too !

  Jodie was drinking quite slowly, and I ended up having rather more beer than her, including most of the bottle of a strong Belgium beer. As usual we finished with a shot glass of spirits - generally, but not always whisky. Yesterday I opened the bottle of Famous Grouse whisky I had bought during my highly unpleasant visit to Tesco last Tuesday. I found it to be very disappointing, and had to have a nice whisky to take the taste away. I was quite drunk by the time Jodie left, and maybe she was too because she couldn't seem to get herself ready to go to the station to get the train I recommended, and had to get the one after.

  After Jodie left I had a simple dinner of "southern fried" flavoured chicken steaks and a small can of Heinz reduced sugar baked beans. The chicken steaks, in their flavoured breadcrumbs were just about greasy enough for an after boozing dinner, but not dripping with grease. It was a far from healthy in a broader sense meal, but I was more interested in the sugar content. I never did find what it was, but I have suspicions that there was sugar in the breadcrumbs to stick them together, and to help turn them a golden brown when cooked.

  After dinner I watched TV until 8pm, when the second Star Trek finished, and then went to bed. It was still full daylight then, and I read for a while until it started to get dark. I was drunk enough to very quickly fall asleep once I put the book down, and turned out the light. I am unsure what time it was, but it still wasn't fully dark when I fell asleep. Sunset is at 8.53pm tonight, and based on that I reckon I was asleep by 9pm last night.

  I was very surprised to wake up twice before midnight, although the second time was only minutes from midnight. The problem there is that I don't think I had a wee before going to bed. I have a very foggy memory of thinking I ought to have one while reading, but I am sure I didn't. Anyway, having got up twice in almost 3 hours for a wee, I managed to sleep for much longer periods between waking up in the early hour of this morning.

  The main thing I remember about my dreams was that most of them were very short, but seemed to set the stage for the next one. The gaps between them, which was not really aware of, were like edits in a movie. It was only the last dream that had some sort of substance that can be described, but even then I can only remember it as a few brief snapshots. It started with riding in a car with three other people through what I guess was Bermondsey.

  We stopped and entered a building that was once some sort of factory or warehouse, and had been refurbished for rent as workshops (very much like the first building that my last job was in). Inside was a very large room with some desks and some easy chairs and a sofa. Everyone in there was a Bromley musician, and most of them were is some sort of fancy, or eccentric dress. Somehow I was aware they had started a media company, and sometimes it seemed like they were going to run a radio station, or a TV station, or were just going to do print publishing. I seemed to be for quite some time, but nothing seemed to happen.

  I could have got up early, or normal time, but somehow opted to sleep late. Considering how early I went to sleep I must have got well over my 8 hours, but maybe with the times I woke up it was actually no more than 8 hours. I felt very creaky when I did get up. I had some back ache among other things, but once I started walking around it has mostly evaporated away. One of the good things is that without any exercise, and after drinking lots of booze, my blood glucose was only 9.7mmol/l this morning. That is a lot better than yesterday morning, but still way too high.

  Today's weather is not conducive to outdoor activities (unless you are a complete masochist - the type that runs marathons), but it is just right to be bored, depressed and hungry. I will try and fight all three, but I doubt I will be able to fast for any length of time today. In fact I've already had a small bowl of nuts to stop my stomach growling, and also to stop the occasional cod liver oil capsule flavour burp - one of the hazards of taking those capsules.

  There is one thing I think I should do today, and that is to do a bit of laundry. I'll never be able to dry it outside, and I'll have to burn more electricity to dry it. I'm sure that in most, if not all previous years, I would have put all the heaters away until autumn, but in this rotten weather not a day goes past when I don't have one heater on for lengthy periods of time.
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