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My Diary/Blog For the Month of May 2021
  The links in the calendar above link to archived pages for each date.

Monday 31st May 2021
Lockdown day 420 432

09:25 BST

  The sun took it's time burning off the clouds, but once it did, sometime around 11am, it turned into a very nice day. There was plenty of strong sunshine, and temperature definitely felt like it went higher than the forecast 19° C. It did seem to cool down quite quickly several hours before sunset, but it was still a mild night.
dull start, sunny later
  Today is probably going to be very similar to yesterday. The latest revision to the forecast has put back the first sunny spells to 10am, and then full sunshine after 11am for the rest of the day. Today the temperature is predicted to peak as high as 23° C by 3pm. but after an hour or so it will start to drop, but it could be a warmer night than last night. If it really happens (I have my doubts) tomorrow morning could start with full sunshine at daybreak, and it should last until sunset. Once again the temperature may only reach 23° C, but it will be that high for most of the afternoon. The day after could be even warmer.

   I probably would have gone out anyway in yesterday's warm sunshine. With my blood glucose being so high in the morning I just had to do something about it. Fortunately there was the added attraction of a street gig to go and see, although in this case it was actually in the forecourt garden of a hairdresser. As usual I took a selection of pictures using my Nikon D3200 DSLR camera, and I show a few, along with a commentary on the whole day, my night, and plans for today, on my full archive page for today.
Sunday 30th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 431

08:32 BST

  It was nice yesterday - eventually. The morning was a bit dull, and somehow not inspiring. The nice warm sunshine appeared sometime after 2pm, and that lifted the temperature to a nice 20° C, and possibly a little bit higher.
another warm and sunny afternoon
  It's looking a bit dull, almost misty, as I write this, but even the latest revision to the forecast has the sun breaking through soon, and from 10am until sunset the sky should be blue, and the sun beating down. Finally it is like we have moved closer to summer, and yet today may be a degree or two cooler than yesterday. The forecast still says no higher than 19° C. Tomorrow could see sunny spells from the moment the sun rises, and then a mix of sunny spells and sunshine until sunset. The day might reach 22° C. The following few days could see it get hotter.

  There were three things that determined how much of yesterday went. One of them was finishing a small load of laundry, and hanging it on the line. With no fear of rain I could leave it out there to bake in the sunshine. When I brought it in it was bone dry and warm. The rest of my day is described in my full archive page for today. It includes the usual old stuff about eating, drinking, and sleeping, plus my plans for today.
Saturday 29th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 430

08:52 BST

  The weather forecast suggested it would be a good day to dry clothes on the line yesterday, and then, just as I put some clothes on the line it changed it's mind ! In reality the rain forecast for 2pm, and 4pm didn't happen, but there was a very brief, very light shower at 5.45pm. The morning did feature sunny spells, but the afternoon was mostly cloudy - sometimes very heavy cloud, and sometime the cloud seemed so light that it seemed the sun might break through (it half managed it for a few seconds). The afternoon was not warm, but better than mild or tepid, with an hour or two at 19° C.
warm and sunny afternoon - hopefully
  The latest revision to the forecast pushes back the start of the sunshine a few hours, but still promises uninterrupted sunshine until sunset once the cloud clears. Maybe I am being too cynical if I say I wouldn't be surprised if the sunshine actually starts a lot later in the afternoon. It should be a dry day, and the temperature should reach 20° C. The sunshine may start earlier tomorrow, but paradoxically, the temperature may only touch 20° C for an hour or less.

  I had a mild burst of activity yesterday in the middle of the day. The first thing was to hand wash some items of clothing. Just before I did the final step, the fabric conditioner, I paused the process to clear up the garden a bit. It was just litter picking rather than actual gardening - the fox cubs are really messy now ! All the details of this, and the rest of my day are in my full archive page for today. It includes some good news, and some ideas for today.
Friday 28th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 429

09:50 BST

  Yesterday wasn't bad. There was a fair amount of sunshine. It was dry, and by late afternoon it was 20° C.
another warm day
  It is a bit sad that the sunny spells will now be finishing around 11am according to the latest revision to the weather forecast. Of course if you choose to check the BBC's, Meteogroup, weather forecast web page you would see that the sunny spells are due to start at 11am ! They also say they will continue for much of the day. Both forecasters agree that the maximum temperature today will be 19° C - which isn't too bad, although 20+ would be a lot nicer. Both forecasters agree on the ingredients for tomorrow's weather - it will be almost the same as today, but the times when there will be sunny spells, or light cloud, will be shuffled around.

  Yesterday had it's good and bad points. The morning was less than spectacular, and the only thing of note was that I shaved, showered, shampooed, and conditioned my hair. Other than that I did very little. Things started to happen in the afternoon, and I have described them, along with stuff about eating, sleeping, my morning health, both good and bad news, in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 27th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 428

09:12 BST

  The annoying thing about yesterday was that it was a lot better than expected. In particular the afternoon was dry with a lot more sunny spells than expected. That would have been excellent drying weather, but the forecast revision just before midday predicted showers instead of sunshine, my so I dried the bath towel I washed indoors. The forecasts persisted in the idea that late afternoon would reach 16° C, and it probably did, but I'm not sure I noticed it while indoors.
                        much sunnier day
  The latest revision to the forecast omits the sun and sunny spells from 3pm. It would seem the sunshine we are getting this morning will be all we get today. There is still the positive thing of the temperature rising to 20° C by 4pm today, and it should stay dry. Tomorrow will likely be generally dull, but dry, and only 19° C.

  I had very little enthusiasm for anything yesterday. I guess I must be depressed. I was further depressed, or maybe it was the root of my depression, by the weather. In particular I was rather pissed off that the weather forecast was saying it would rain in the afternoon when I was hoping to dry a large bath towel on the washing line. I discuss that in more detail, and try and describe the rest of my day in my full archive page for today. It also includes stuff about my sleep, including a vague description of one dream, plus my plans for today.
Wednesday 26th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 427

08:40 BST

  The later revisions of the weather forecasts said that yesterday would be dry, but it was the earlier versions that came closest to reality. There wasn't much rain, but there was some, albeit quite light if I recall correctly. For nearly the whole day it was dull and overcast, but I did notice the full (or very near full) moon was shining brightly with no clouds in the way near midnight. It wasn't noticeable indoors, but the outside reached about 15° C in the late afternoon.
very dull start but sunny spells possibly
  Once again it seems the weather is in too much of a state of flux to forecast accurately. There was no rain at 6am, and the rest of the day should be dry. In fact at 6am it seemed to be bright enough to be sunny, but since then most of the clouds have turned a dull grey. According to the latest revision there is now a chance of sunny spells at 1 and 2pm. After that it gets dull again - probably for the rest of the day, but the afternoon should reach 16° Cm and so everything is all right....well sort of. It ain't great, but you gotta find something positive. Tomorrow could feature a lot of sunshine or sunny spells, and the temperature may finally be back where it should be, 20° C in the late afternoon.

  My greatest achievement yesterday was doing a medium load of laundry (by hand). I was tempted to hang it on the line to dry. Now and then it didn't seem too bad outside, but then it would come over really dull. It seemed safer to dry it all on the clothes horse indoors. I also did some crazy stuff yesterday, or maybe just one thing was crazy. It is all documented, including why I had a bad night, and how today may be boring, or not, in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 25th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 426

09:30 BST

  The BBC website probably came closer to reality when predicting yesterday's weather. There was some heavy rain, and I think there was some hail mixed in with it. This was in the afternoon after a fairly sunny morning. The afternoon showers were fast moving, and between them there was big patches of blue sky and sunshine. At times it looked like it might be nice to go out, but it was impossible to predict when the next rain would appear - and whether it was going to be a light shower, or if it would come down like stair rods ! It felt very cool inside when doing very little, but the outside temperature did seem to be the predicted 12° C.
dull but maybe fairly dry
  The latest revision to the forecast says there should be sunny spells now, but I haven't noticed one yet. The good news is that today should stay dry until 8pm when a light shower is expected. The bad news is that I expect further revisions to the forecast, and I fear they will not be favourable. The other good news os that today the temperature may reach 15° C, but without sunshine it is only going to feel tepid. Tomorrow morning may feature sunny spells, but the afternoon is currently forecast to be dull. The temperature may rise to about the worst we should expect for this time of year, 17° C (I would expect 20° C).

  Yesterday was almost another dull day, and I don't meant that in reference to the dull weather. It could have been a day when I did little more than read, and snooze. Of course I did both of those too, but I unexpectedly did more. My whole day, such as it was, is described, along with some more interesting stuff that has already happened this morning, good, bad, and indifferent, in my full archive page for today.
Monday 24th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 425

08:59 BST

  Yesterday's weather was a complex melange between what the BBC and Met Office weather forecasts said it might be. Neither was close to being correct  one said rain when the other said sunshine.  There was less sunshine, but also less rain than the forecasts predicted. It was all very random. The temperature was around 12 or 13° C in the afternoon.
nasty afternoon
  The screenshot above makes the afternoon look nasty, but the BBC (Meteogroup) add thunder, lightning, and hail into the mix ! At least I woke up to a bright shiny day with blue skies, and loads of sunshine. That lasted an hour or two, and then it clouded over. We are now hopefully getting an hours worth of sunny spells, but a glimpse at the sky suggests otherwise. It would seem the only definite thing we can look forward to, if indeed it is anything to look forward to, is this afternoon, in the middle of the pouring rain, it might be 13° C. Tomorrow could be 15° C, and there might, or might not be some sunny spells, and there might, or might not be several splashes of rain. Maybe mainly light rain....or maybe not.

  I predicted I might end up doing very little yesterday, and my prediction was right. I spent a lot of time reading, but in support of that I decided to print off small sticky labels to number the books in Ben Bova's "Grand Tour" books. In doing so I found I had made the tragic mistake of ordering one book I already had. The rest of my day, night, and this morning is described in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 23rd May 2021
Lockdown day 420 424

09:02 BST

  One of the oddities about yesterday was that it felt quite mild despite it not really being any warmer then the previous few days. That was probably because the wind had dropped to no more than a very light breeze. There was some rain, but I am sure it wasn't nearly as bad as the forecast said it would be, although there was a short time when it came down like stair rods. Towards the end of the afternoon it seemed to brighten up, and I am sure I can recall a few short sunny periods. I think the afternoon temperature hit the forecast 13° C, and maybe it was a degree or 2 higher.
dull and wet this afternoon ?
  The weather is going through a great flux, and the forecasts can't seem to keep up with it, plus the BBC (Meteogroup) and Met Office can't seem to agree about what will happen. The reality so far is similar to that shown in the screenshot above. The day started very bright despite a lot of the sky being cloudy. The very early sun is now rising almost exactly to the east, and I think (but have not proved it) that it can now shine directly on my outside thermometer for an hour or so before the thermometer is shaded again. Either that or it really was 12° C at about 8.30am. Neither forecaster was that generous !

  The curious thing is that the BBC say that the first sunny spells will be at 11am and midday. The Met Office say the first rain today will be at 11am and midday ! (Both according to the latest revisions to the forecast).  The BBC says the maximum temperature today will be 13° C, and the Met Office just 12° C.  The great unknown is when it will rain. In all probability it was rain for several hours.or more, sometime during the afternoon.  Both forecasters, although differing on the exact details, reckon tomorrow is going to be bright and quite wet with the temperature maybe as high as 13° C.

  I had, as predicted, a very lazy morning yesterday. Maybe my only achievement was to read several chapters of the book I was reading. By midday I thought it was high time I had a shower and washed my hair. After that, and drying my hair, I laid down to read some more, but I soon found my eyelids drooping. I thought I had slept well the night before, but maybe not. Fortunately it was only a short snooze because I had to get everything ready for another Sundat afternoon boozing session brought forward to Saturday. All the details, including how Jodie brought some good beer, and terrible CDs to listen to, plus the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, some news about the fox cubs, my health this morning, and what I might, or might not do today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 22nd May 2021
Lockdown day 420 423

09:12 BST

  My mind seems to blank any memory of days when the weather is blandly not nice. The main thing I remember about yesterday was the strong wind that lasted for much of the day. I also remember it was no better than "mild", or "tepid" - well that is according to the thermometer, but it seemed to feel cold to me. I think there may have been a sprinkle of rain or two, and maybe a few sunbeams made it through the clouds, but the sky never seemed to be clear, and while it was sometimes bright-ish, dull would describe most of the day. The actual temperature was most probably the forecast 12° C.
dull and wet
  Today is going to be wet - possibly very wet. It is also going to be really dull and gloomy at times. The only positive thing, even if it is almost irrelevant against the horrors of heavy rain and dank gloomy skies, is that for a few hours the temperature might reach 13° C, or a whole degree less cold than yesterday. The next few days may be similar to some degree or another, and it might not be until next Tuesday that the weather improves just a little bit.

    Yesterday was a very bland day. The weather did not encourage any outdoor options, and it didn't inspire me to do anything indoors either. I did do one physical thing because it couldn't be put off much longer. I hand washed a couple of t-shirts and some underwear, and had to dry them on a clothes horse in front of a heater. If ordering stuff online is also something physical then I can add that to me meagre list of achievement's yesterday. All this, plus eating dreaming, and my morning observations, is described in my full archive page for today.
Friday 21st May 2021
Lockdown day 420 422

08:46 BST

  I think the weather forecasts were a bit too harsh about yesterday. It wasn't a nice day, but it wasn't that horrible either. The worst thing is that it felt cold - particularly in the afternoon when it was supposed to be 14° C. I feel sure that I saw a bit of rain at sometime, probably in the afternoon, but it didn't amount to much. On the other hand I think there were a few sunny spells when none (after 6am) were forecast for the whole day. Maybe it was those few sunny spells that made the day "not horrible", or maybe that should be not that horrible.
                        very windy day
  Since taking the screenshot above the forecast has been revised in rather a strange way. There will only be a small change in temperature across the day, but the latest forecast says it will be warmer now, 12° C, than mid afternoon when it will be 11° C.  The other change is that instead of the day starting with light showers it should be dry, and the cloud thin enough for it to seem quite bright outside. There have even been a few rays of sun getting through those clouds. Unfortunately there is now a 50% chance of light rain between 1pm and 5pm. That is enough to make it a not nice day, but then there is the main feature - wind ! There was a fair bit of wind yesterday, but it seems to have strengthened overnight, and now there are "weather warnings" for it. The winds will die down by tomorrow, but tomorrow is possibly going to be a really rotten day. The morning will feature heavy rain, and the afternoon will be very gloomy with the likelihood of isolated showers. It's all going to make the maximum of 12° C feel almost chilly.

      I can't really remember doing anything of note yesterday morning. I spent a fair time reading, and trying to ignore the rumbling from my stomach. Ideally I should have fasted until dinner time, and put in a few miles of exercise, but these things weren't really possible before an afternoon boozing session. I ended up pleasantly drunk after the after session yesterday. Read all about it, plus other things that happened yesterday, during the night, what has happened this morning, and what might happen today in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 20th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 421

08:43 BST

  Yesterday was drier and brighter than any forecast predicted. There was some rain, which I described as "heavy drizzle" yesterday morning, but later in the morning it brightened up, and contrary to any forecast, there were many sunny spells lasting halfway into the afternoon. Midday saw some almost black looking clouds, but there was still a lot of blue sky to be seen, and for most of the time the sun continued to shine. It was probably about 12:30 when a very light shower passed by very quickly. I hardly had time to wonder if I would get wet before it stopped. There was some more rain in the early evening, although I am not sure when, and if I didn't see the resulting puddles on the road outside I would never have realised it had happened. The temperature yesterday definitely reached 15° C, and may have hit the predicted 16° C. It almost felt warm !
                        very dull day
  I was going to dispute the forecast of sunny spells at 6am, but I do recall thinking it looked quite bright outside, through cracks in the curtains, when I woke up around 6am. Now we are in for almost a day's worth of dull cloudy skies, but the chance of rain is very low (10% most of the day). The latest revision to the forecast gives some hope that from 6pm until sunset we could get some sunny spells. It is going to be a cool day by May standards (although it would have been considered nice for March). The afternoon temperature will probably be 14° C, but the dull cloudy skies will make it feel as if it is rather cool. Tomorrow may see a mix of no, light, and heavy rain (with very little no rain), and it will probably be a couple of degrees cooler - just 12° C when I reckon it should be closer to 20° C.

      I had doubts about going for a walk yesterday because the early forecast said I could be walking in the rain. That is not how it turned out (except for one very short, very light sprinkle of rain). Regardless of the weather I had to go out because after waiting over a year I was going to meet Angela for a lunchtime drink. All the details of my walk, and some pictures to illustrate it, how it was so wonderful to meet Angela after waiting over a year since the last time, plus the usual stuff about dinner, sleeping, my health, and plans for today can be seen in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 19th May 2021
Lockdown day 420

08:29 BST

  The non seasonal weather continued yesterday. Some of the morning was bright, and the sunny spells lasted until at least 2pm. After that the clouds gathered, and then the rain fell. There was a couple of distant peals of thunder, but nothing from close by, and most of the rain here was fairly light, but there was at least one occasional where it was quite heavy for a short while. The afternoon temperature probably hit the predicted 14° C.
another wet day
  The latest revision to the forecast says there should be heavy rain at the moment, but it seems more like heavy drizzle. After 10am the chance of rain gets quite low, and it might be dry until 2pm, and even then the chance of rain is now only shown as 40%. It is still predicted that there could be more rain at, and probably after, 6pm. By late afternoon the temperature may rise to 16° C. That is a small improvement, but I would be expecting most days to be around 20° C by now. Tomorrow may be only 13° C, and it is probably going to be another very dull day with a few light showers.
   I did have a plan to go to Tesco early yesterday morning, but when it came to it I couldn't be bothered. I revised that idea after I had finishing writing this blog/diary, and had shaved, shampooed, and showered. It was not an enjoyable experience going to Tesco, and neither was the walk I went for a bit later. However there was a reason for joy later in the afternoon. My full archive page for today contains all the details of my day (with pictures) my night, and stuff about this morning, plus the first plans for today.
Tuesday 18th May 2021
Lockdown day 419

07:46 BST

  I'm not sure which weather forecaster came closest to reality yesterday. The morning was generally bright, and was often quite sunny. Those long sunny spells continued into the afternoon, but the quality of light changed sometime after 4pm. It still seemed bright, with a fair bit of blue sky when looking out my south facing front windows, but the view to the north, out the back windows was very different. There was thick black cloud, and it wasn't long before some distant peels of thunder could be heard. Then the rain started. It wasn't too bad at first, but by 6pm the rain was coming down in torrents. That them turned into pea sized (big marrowfat pea sized) hail. Two hours later there were still patches of unmelted hail to be seen. Not long after that the sky cleared again. I have a feeling the temperature may not have risen as high as the forecast 14° C, or if it did it may have been for a quite short time. I could have been as low as 10° C for some of the afternoon/early evening.
dry a bright start
  This morning has started with clear blue skies and bright sunshine, and after a cool night the temperature is starting to rise. It is what is happening next that is open to speculation. Both the weather forecasts I check say it will be another wet afternoon, but the Met Office predict the first rain will fall at midday, and the BBC say 1pm. Both forecasters, in their latest revisions, say the rain will not be very heavy. The BBC say the afternoon temperature could peak at 15° C. The Met Office say only 14° C. It is currently looking like tomorrow will be slightly wetter than today, but probably a similar temperature.
  The first event of note yesterday was going shopping in Aldi just after 8am, but I wrote about that yesterday. The next physical thing I did was to hand wash some laundry. It would have been nice to dry it on the line, but the rotten weather meant that I had to dry it in doors. That rotten weather included some distant thunder, torrential rain, and a huge fall of hailstones. There is some video of that torrential rain, and a picture of the still unmelted hail 2 hours after it fell, plus all the other details of the day, my dreams last night, my terrible blood glucose, plus my ideas and plans for today, and how they will probably fail in my full archive page for today.
Monday 17th May 2021
Lockdown day 418

10:01 BST

  Neither The Met Office, or The BBC (Meteogroup) weather forecasts managed to predict yesterday's reality. Neither predicted the early morning sunny spells. After those there were occasional light showers, and maybe one or two heavier showers (but not torrential) dotted about during the afternoon. The cumulative effect was that it was wet and muddy outside, but if you time it right there plenty of occasions when a dash to the local shops could have been done in the dry (except underfoot). It was another of those neither hot nor cold days. The afternoon peak was around 13° C, but with no supporting sunshine it didn't feel better than almost tepid.
dry morning, wet afternoon
  Today is featuring a dry morning, but from midday anything could happen. The revisions to the forecast, that have happened since taking the screenshot above early this morning, have shuffled around when the sky might be dark, and when it might be light, and shuffled around when there might be light rain, and when they might be heavy rain. All we can be sure of is that this afternoon is going to be wet to some degree or another, but at 14° C it might feel mild - depending on what the wind does. I was hoping tomorrow would be dry enough to sit in the park at 1pm (in case anyone might join me), but it seems tomorrow morning will see all the sunny spells, and tomorrow afternoon will feature light rain.
  I had to look at what I wrote yesterday morning to find something to write about today. It was almost another very boring day yesterday - rather typical of a Sunday at any time, and not just during Covid. On top of that the weather was definitely not user friendly. So I almost did nothing all day, but almost is not the same as nothing. What I did do can be read in my full archive page for today. It includes the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, plus what I have already done this morning, and what I might do later today.
Sunday 16th May 2021
Lockdown day 417

09:18 BST

  There was a lot of rain yesterday, but there were some bright spells between showers in the afternoon. I'm sure that I saw 15° C on one of my thermometers, but the forecast said the maximum temperature would only be 13° C.
maybe less wet than this forecast shows
  I wasn't sure whether to shows a screenshot of the BBC or Met Office forecast this morning. Neither reflects the reality so far today. There has been a light shower this morning, but also quite a few sunny spells. One has only just finished as I write this. The sky is very cloudy, and maybe there will be no more sunny spells today. At the moment the latest revision to the BBC forecast says light shows all day long, and maybe not even finishing until after midnight. On the other hand the Met Office says the next rain will not be until midday, and it could be heavy rain. It will be followed by light rain alternating with heavy rain, an hour at a time, until sometime after midnight. It seems the Met Office forecast may be closer to reality, apart from the cloud being very light grey instead of mid to dark grey before it gets really dark and the rain falls in torrents (maybe) after midday. Today will be a bit cool at just 12° C, but tomorrow may reach 15° C, but it is going to be another wet day.
  Not a lot, and by that I mean nothing, happened yesterday morning. The afternoon featured some photography, some beer drinking, and as the afternoon gave way to evening, a nice dinner. See the pictures, read about the day, read about my dinner, my sleep, my dreams, and my plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 15th May 2021
Lockdown day 416

09:10 BST

  Yesterday was very grim. I don't think it actually rained, but for most of the day it looked like it was just about to rain. It seemed to be quite cool too, although the temperature did make it to 14° C by 5pm.
  Today is going to be almost the same as yesterday except today it will rain. It is raining now as I write this ! I'm not aware that any heavy rain has fallen this morning. It seems like it was just drizzle.  It seems that the later revisions of the forecast have just been swapping some heavy rain for light rain, and vice versa. In other words, the forecasters know it is going to rain today, but really don't know when, and and how heavy it will be. Meanwhile we suffer under a gloomy sky ! The other change in the latest revision is that the temperature may only reach 13° C for just an hour or two at the end of the afternoon. Most of the day will be several degrees cooler. Apart for a sunny spell or two early in the morning, the rest of tomorrow is going to be very similar to today.
   The only thing I could raise any enthusiasm to do yesterday was to fast until dinner time. Oh, and I did find the enthusiasm for a shower yesterday morning despite the fact that I knew I wasn't going out, and I wasn't expecting any visitors. To avoid any serious suspense, my fast worked extremely well when I checked my blood glucose just before eating dinner. The rest of my day, including what I ate for dinner, how I slept, how my health is faring this morning, and my rather thin plans for today can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 14th May 2021
Lockdown day 415

08:07 BST

  There was a lot of rain yesterday morning, and up to 1pm, but after that there was an hour or two (maybe 3 ?) of nice sunny spells. It felt quite nice standing in the sunshine even though the afternoon temperature only reached about 13° C.
maybe it will be dry
  Maybe it will be dry today, but the cloud cover for much of the day is going to make it look like it could rain at any minute. In the latest revision to the forecast it shows the dark grey clouds finishing at 3pm instead of 4pm in the early version. Maybe the the clouds will thin even earlier still in real life. The trouble is that even though they may thin, there will still be enough cloud to block any sunshine. Nevertheless, the temperature may still rise to 14° C today - or maybe 6° less than what I think it ought to be in mid main. Tomorrow may see a similar temperature, but it seems it will come with a lot of rain. The next two days after tomorrow may be similar. Anyone might think it was April with it's well known showers.
   Yesterday was another very uninspiring day. The morning rain sapped any enthusiasm I had to do anything, and so I did bugger all. That is not entirely true, but all I achieved during the day was to keep my blood glucose up in the danger zone. All the details of my day, night, and this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 13th May 2021
Lockdown day 414

09:02 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast was not very accurate. The sunny spells that were correctly forecast for early morning continued well into the afternoon when they were originally predicted to finish as early as 10am ! I seem to recall there were a couple of light showers some time during the day, but they were of so little consequence that I didn't really pay them any attention. It was quite late in the afternoon before the temperature hit it's peak of 16° C.
rainy day
  There is a difference of opinion between the BBC and Met Office forecasts for today. The BBC say it will be fairly bright today but with almost non stop light showers through the day. The Met Office says the rain will be more in clumps of heavier rain. The latest Met Office revision now says the rain will be over by 11am except for one light shower at 2pm. The chance of any sunshine today is extremely slim. The highest temperature today could be 12° (BBC) or 13° C (Met Office). Tomorrow may be dry, but it will still be very cloudy. The temperature could be a degree or two higher than today.
   I was predicting another sedentary day yesterday, and a lot of it was, but not all. In the morning I had a mild desire to check my bank balance, and withdraw some money from my Tesco savings account. One place to do that was the cash machine next to the Sainsbury's Local shop by Catford station. That gave me an idea. I could call into that Sainsbury's and buy some of the delicious ready made salads. Soon after doing that I went for another short walk. All the details of my two walks, plus other things that happened yesterday, what I ate, how I slept, and how crappy I felt this morning, and finally what I'll be doing today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 12th May 2021
Lockdown day 413

08:00 BST

  Yesterday seemed to feature more sunny spells than predicted in the forecast. Admittedly some of them were when the sun peeped through some quite dark looking clouds. A later revision to the forecast said that the sky would be clear by sunset, but that didn't happen, and about 8pm, although possibly a bit later I became concerned about a strange noise that I thought could be rodent related. It turned out to be unexpected rain hitting the window ! Yesterday was a mild day. The afternoon temperature was around 16° C - not high enough to feel warm, but high enough not to feel cold.
sunny start
  Despite what the forecast might say, I would describe this morning as sunny, but now it is gone 8am, when the forecast says sunny, it seems we may only get sunny spells ! The latest revision to the forecast says we will lose the sunshine at 10am, and there will be some light rain. Midday may see heavier rain. It will then stay cloudy until 6pm when there could be a couple of hours of sunny spells. Once again the afternoon temperature should be 16° C. Tomorrow will probably see the sky in various shades of grey, and occasional showers. The temperature will briefly peak at 14° C, but 13 or even 12° C may be more representative for later morning and early afternoon. The following days are going to be nothing like I think May ought to be. The temperature is going to be no more than mildly mild, and sunshine is going to be in short supply.
   I can't say yesterday felt boring because somehow it didn't, and yet very little happened. What did happen is described in my full archive page for today, along with stuff about sleeping and dream, plus predictions for today.
Tuesday 11th May 2021
Lockdown day 412

09:45 BST

  Despite the threat of rain, plus some actual rain, yesterday was a fairly nice day. Some of the morning featured some dark looking clouds, but then it brightened up. Light rain was shown for much of the afternoon in the early version of the forecast, but I don't recall and rain, and I do recall sunny spells ! Later on in the afternoon long periods of sunshine were predicted, but these too tended to be sunny spells. The afternoon temperature definitely reached the forecast 16° C, and possibly a degree or two more.
definitely some sunny spells
 I was surprised to see there had been some rain earlier this morning, but there have been sunny spells since that, and the temperature is currently 12° C - a figure that would have seemed luxury in the afternoon not many weeks ago. We may lose the sunny spells for a few hours soon, and light rain is predicted for 11am, but the afternoon is still predicted to feature sunny spells until sunset. In fact the last hour of daylight could see clear skies. Once again the afternoon temperature should peak at 16° C. Tomorrow could start with a few sunny spells, but most of the day may feature a covering of light cloud, and in consequence be a degree or two cooler than today.
   I kept thinking that I should force myself to go for an afternoon walk yesterday, but around midday a great excuse came along to stay in. My morning did feature some activity. As I said yesterday, I went out early to do my weekly shop from Aldi. I then spent the rest of the day trying not to eat everything I bought. The end result was that I managed to eat sensibly yesterday. I write more about that topic, and about the rest of yesterday, last night, a very erotic dream yesterday morning, and about my plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Monday 10th May 2021
Lockdown day 411

09:39 BST

  It was quite disappointing about how little sunshine there was yesterday afternoon. The morning featured sunny spells, but they mostly dried up as early as 11am. The early afternoon saw some dark looking clouds, and I am convinced there was a minute or two of very light rain around 1pm. The sky started to clear by very late afternoon, but the sun was too low in the sky to give any useful sunny spells. It is possible that the temperature may have reached 20° C for a while, but the wind seemed to take the edge off it.
                        very variable day
 I'm not sure if the weather is forecastable today. Early this morning 9am was forecast to be bright, but with light rain. That actually happened closer to 8am, and the rain was very light, and probably only lasted 5 minutes. The latest revision says 9am should have thick black clouds and heavy rain. There are some thick black clouds, but not many, and it is still currently dry. By 10am the chance of rain drops to just 40%, and that often means it will be dry. It might also be quite bright. 1pm could be the same, but after that the latest forecast says it should be dry with sunny spells that will turn to solid sunshine by 5pm. The afternoon temperature is still predicted to be 16° C. Tomorrow may be dry with a scattering of sunny spells through the day, and a top temperature of 15° C.
   I had hopes for a far nicer walk than I had yesterday. I wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather, and I wanted to try and burn off some of the excess glucose in my bloodstream. It turned out to be a chore rather than a pleasure. I had hoped that in the warmth I might feel good enough to extend my walk to 5 miles or so, but it became hard to walk as far as I did. There are more details about my walk, and the rest of my day, the terrible sleep I had, how I feel this morning, plus plans to come, and plans completed this morning in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 9th May 2021
Lockdown day 410

08:58 BST

  Yesterday morning was both depressingly dull, and depressingly wet. It wasn't constant rain, but was nearly so, and it was not even that heavy for most of the time, but it went on, and on, and on, until it dried up around midday. A few hours later it even brightened up from dark grey to mid grey. By mid afternoon it was very light grey, and around 6pm small areas of blue sky started to appear. By the time the sun was almost setting most of the sky was blue. I'm not sure if the temperature eventually rose to the forecast 17° C by late afternoon, but it was feeling mild outside.
hot and sunny....maybe
  Every revision to the forecast shows less and less sunshine for today. It was sunny until I refreshed the weather forecast, and then the sun instantly went behind a cloud as I saw that there should only be sunny spells. Yesterday the forecast predicted sunshine for most of today, but now, in the latest revision, sunny spells are only predicted for 9am, 1pm, 3pm, and 7pm. The rest of the day will just see 100% white cloud. Rain is still predicted to start at about sunset. The forecast still says the temperature should reach 19° C, but maybe not until 3pm now. That is still 2°  less than was happening most days in May last year. Tomorrow may reach 16° C, but the afternoon is currently predicted to have a 30 or 40% chance of light rain.
   Yesterday turned out to be very different to how I thought it would. I was feeling generally miserable during the morning because of the dull grey sky and almost constant rain. I was finding it very difficult to not have too many snacks, and as soon as the clock hit midday I poured myself a large whisky ! I was looking forward (well, sort of) to a lightly sozzled lazy afternoon of snoozing and reading, and had just started a second glass of whisky when Jodie phoned me. She wanted to ask me something about beers, but then she dropped a bombshell. Apparently, on Thursday I had agreed that we would be drinking on Saturday (yesterday) instead of Sunday (today) because of the weather forecast. So yesterday afternoon was a boozing session. There is more about yesterday (with pictures), last night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 8th May 2021
Lockdown day 409

08:21 BST

  There was a lot of sunshine yesterday, but not when it woulod have been nicest, or most useful in the first half of the afternoon. The forecast predicted the sunny spell would start again in the last few hours of daylight, but it seemed more like it would rain. It didn't rain - the rain was waiting for today ! It was a fairly mild day, and feeling almost warm until the sun went behind the clouds, but it still peaked at 14° C.
rain, rain, and even more rain
  The weather is most definitely fulfilling the first part of the forecast. It is very soggy outside, but I don't think I would call it heavy rain. The latest revision to the forecast only makes one small change - it may reach 17° C by 4pm, and hour earlier than in the early version. Oh well. at least the garden won't need watering today, plus there is always the hope that the sunny spells predicted for very late afternoon might happen earlier. There is also hope that tomorrow may be a splendid, but not perfect day. It seem like it will be just tickling the underside of hot with the afternoon temperature predicted to be 19° C. There should also be a lot of sunshine, although once again the early afternoon may miss out on it. Late evening could see a splash of rain.
   Some good things happened yesterday, although on the whole it was another partly lazy day. The first thing to happen was to get a message to say my beer delivery was definitely taking place between 10:06 and 11:06am. I had a mild disappointment about what was in the delivery. I explain this in my full archive page for today. It also includes other stuff I did, including a short shopping trip, and the usual stuff about eating and sleeping. It includes good news about my blood glucose level, and advance bad news about my blood glucose based on a day when the weather looks so bloody miserable that I'll probably eating comfort food by the shovelful.
Friday 7th May 2021
Lockdown day 408

08:15 BST

  Yesterday morning featured sunny spells, and this was predicted in the forecast (which isn't surprising because it seemed to be revised as it was happening). The afternoon, particularly late afternoon until sunset, featured a lot of blue sky and sunshine or sunny spells - much more than forecast. I am not sure if it rained or not. I have an image in my head of people walking with umbrellas up around lunchtime, but that may have been the day before yesterday. It was definitely a cool feeling day. I think the temperature may have gone a degree or so higher than the forecast 10° C, but no more.
                        sunny day
  The latest revision to the forecast shows less sunshine than in the earlier forecast seen in the screenshot above, and I suspect later forecasts may show less still. On the other hand the tendency yesterday was for more sunshine than predicted. Hopefully today will be the same. The temperature may still peak at 14° C, but the latest forecast says for only one hour at 4pm. Tomorrow may see the temperature peak at a more May appropriate 16° C, but the morning is going to be very wet. From late afternoon it could be bright and sunny - which will make 16° C feel very good - if it happens.
   I was expecting, and getting all excited about, a beer delivery yesterday, but something went wrong. The DHL tracking website said the consignment had been collected from Beer Merchants, and would be delivered yesterday, and then it said there was a delay. The next update said my box(es) of beer hadn't even been collected from Beer Merchants. It is going to be delivered today - which is not ideal when we were going to drink them yesterday. Read about what we did drink, and who "we" were in my full archive page for today. As usual, it also has stuff about my dinner, my sleep (which was good and bad), and my thoughts and plans for today.
Thursday 6th May 2021
Lockdown day 407

08:04 BST

  After a sunny start yesterday's weather deteriorated to being first overcast, and then heavily overcast. Late in the afternoon there was some rain, and even a clap of thunder. Some of the rain was quite heavy (but maybe not at the time of the thunderclap). According to my thermometer the temperature peaked at almost 14° C, although the forecast only predicted 11° C.
more rain today
  It would seem that the latest revisions to the forecast from The Met Office, and also the BBC, show less chance of rain today. Although the originals didn't show that much rain. It does seem to be a rather cool start to the day, but not cool enough to frost. It does not feel like May this morning ! There is going to be very little sunshine today. The sunny spells in the screenshot of the forecast above have changed a bit. We can expect sunny spells now, at 3pm and 7pm. That is not much sunshine ! Tomorrow is predicted to be very sunny, and a smidge warmer at 14° C. The day after could be a degree higher than that, but at the moment the prediction is for a very grey day with copious amounts of rain !
   I did end up going for a walk yesterday, but it was a very short one. I went to Poundland, and managed to buy a lot of stuff from there, but not one of the two specific things I wanted. Apart from that short shopping trip, and some photography I had a very quiet day - a day where I couldn't seem to raise the enthusiasm for maybe half a dozen things I want to get done one day. I blame the grey afternoon weather. What I did do, and sometimes my thoughts about it, plus all the usual stuff about health, eating and sleeping, plus plans for today, are in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 5th May 2021
Lockdown day 406

08:03 BST

  Yesterday's weather was better than expected. The morning's sunny spells continued until almost 2pm, and then the first rain fell. It wasn't heavy rain, and didn't seem to last long. It was also a little bit warmer than the forecast predicted. I think the afternoon temperature rose to 14° C (the forecast said just 12° C, and then only for an hour or two).
another sunny start
  The forecast has been revised since taking the screenshot above. It now correctly shows that it is sunny now and sunny spells may continue at 9am. From then on the revised forecast says there will be light cloud, and not the dark cloud shown above. The sunny spell at 1pm is still predicted, but the first rain may now fall at 3pm. From then on the forecast above will probably be about right. Quite what the strength of the rain will be at various times through the rest of the afternoon, evening, and into the night, is probably unpredictable, but one thing can be said, it is going to be dull and wet ! Today's temperature may reach just 11° C. Incidently, the BBC's weather prediction substitutes hail for some of the showers toward the end of the afternoon. Tomorrow may be relentlessly cloudy. Only light clouds, but enough to block the sun unless you are in BBC land when you may see a lot of sunny spells. The temperature will probably peak at 11° C according to both forecasts.

  With my blood glucose so high yesterday morning I really had to get some exercise. Fortunately it seemed like a good time to go for a walk. I was very curious about how much damage the storm the night before may have done. Particularly to the trees in the Linear Park. It was also slightly warmer, and a lot sunnier than the weather forecast suggested. The sunshine was just sunny spells, but it didn't take long for the sun to come out again after being caught behind one of the fast moving clouds. All the details of my walk, plus some pictures I took on the walk, and all the usual stuff about health, eating, sleeping, and first thoughts this morning, can be seen on my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 4th May 2021
Lockdown day 405

08:38 BST

  Yesterday started off OK. There was a fair few sunny spells in the morning, and then it became overcast. There were also some mild hints of the winds that would get very strong in the mid to late evening. The rain started a lot later than the 3pm start shown in the forecast. It was about 6.30pm. After an hour or so it got heavier, and by 9pm(ish) it sounded like gravel hitting my bedroom windows as the strong wind blew it straight at the glass. The very strong winds, and heavy rain seemed to have calmed a bit by 11pm, and I was not really aware of them during the night. The thick clouds, and the wind, kept the temperature up last night. It peaked at around 12° C at midday, and by midnight it was still at least 8° C.
strong winds continue for a while
  The strong winds, coming from the west, which is usually a warm direction, continue, but the BBC thinks they will calm down around midday. The Met Office reckon there will still be a strong wind almost through the whole day. I noted it was about 8° C a bit earlier, and that is the warmest it has been in the early morning for a while now....although having said that, it was almost 10° C when I walked to Aldi at 8am yesterday. I guess I got carried away saying this morning was unusually warm. Today is not going to get a lot warmer. Just 12° C are predicted by this afternoon. As well as being warm, or mild, those winds from the west carry a lot of moisture, and I doubt anyone can really predict when it will rain today. Everytime any of the weather forecasts are revised the times when it will rain keep shuffling around. I gues the best I can say is that it is going to rain at any random time today, and probably quite a few times. The wind should have calmed right down for tomorrow, but it isn't looking like it will be a nice day. It may only be 10° C at best, and once again there are going to be random showers with just a small chance the sun may peep out for a few minutes now and then. We seem to be getting March weather in May.

   The most notable thing, apart from going shopping in the morning, was my boozing session with Jodie yesterday afternoon. She only brought one beer with her this time. It was the dark version of Delerium, and it was very nice ! Of course there is more to it than that. My full archive page for today includes some pictures of what we drank, and of course all the other stuff about my day, my evening, my night, and how my blood glucose is dangerously high this morning. I also speculate about what I might do today.
Monday 3rd May 2021
Lockdown day 405
Shopping embargo day 88 284

09:22 BST

  The weather forecast for yesterday got a lot of it right, but did leave out some very important stuff ! For instance there was no prediction that it would rain for a while in the early afternoon - just when I wanted to put some washing on the line ! Fortunately that unscheduled rain was followed by some unscheduled sunshine (although not a lot). The morning also featured a lot of unscheduled sunshine and sunny spells. The top afternoon temperature was 12° C (and maybe even 13° C for a short time).
rain and strong winds tonight
  There are two thing about this morning that differ from even the latest revision to the forecast. First there are the occasional sunny spells, and then there is the fact that it was only a tenth of a degree short of 10° C at 8am. With the air hardly moving, it almost felt warm. All this is due to change dramatically later this afternoon when dark clouds fill the sky, the temperature starts to drop from it's predicted peak of 12° C, the wind gets very strong, and rain starts to fall. Some of it, a little later in the afternoon, and into the evening could be very heavy. The strong wind will continue into tomorrow. Tomorrow looks like it may be mostly dull with occasional light showers. It should still be 12° C.

   Yesterday was a peculiar day when nothing happened, but also a lot happened - which doesn't make sense, but neither did the day. I was quite active doing very little, or at least very little in the grand scheme of things. Obviously waiting for two parcel deliveries was something, but also nothing. This may sound totally nonsense, but if there is an explanation it is in my full archive pages for today. It also includes what I have done to my face, and a picture of recycled toilet paper !! In a nutshell, it is a commentary on my day, my night, and this morning.
Sunday 2nd May 2021
Lockdown day 404
Shopping embargo day 88 283

09:12 BST

  I am struggling to remember what the weather was like yesterday, and by that I mean remember in detail. All I can remember is that the morning was bright with a fair bit of sunshine, and the afternoon was dull, although, and this is the bit I am struggling with, I have vague memories of the sun breaking through one or twice sometime in the afternoon. I just can't remember when, for how long, and how many times. I definitely can't remember any light rain in the early evening, but I think that part of the forecast was changed later yesterday morning to say it would stay dry. It was no better than mild, or about 11° C at best for the afternoon.
yet another bright start
  According to the forecast, and the later revision of it, it shouldn't be sunny yet, and shouldn't have been sunny for the last hour or two, but it was ! Sometimes the sun was hazy, and occasionally it would go behind a cloud, but it has been a bright and cheerful start to the day. The latest revision to the forecast says there will only be sunny spells at 10am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 7pm. All other times will be what I would call overcast but still a bit bright, and the forecast just says a bland "cloudy". It is now predicted to stay dry all day, and it is still thought there could still be a couple of hours this afternoon when the temperature should peak at 12° C (a couple of hours less than in the early prediction shown in the screenshot above). Tomorrow is currently shown to be relentlessly cloudy all day, but with the cloud thickening at around 3pm, and rain falling from about 4pm. It will be light rain at first, but from 6pm it could get heavy, and continue like that until past midnight.

   Yesterday was sort of enjoyable, but what with starting writing quite late,  and then getting a very long phone call, rather made a mess of my usual writing, and although the end was very rushed, but the time I had finished writing I had written about most of the day. The rest of my day, including a few photos, is described along with all the other stuff I typically write about, including my health and plans for today is all written in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 1st May 2021
Lockdown day 403
Shopping embargo day 88 282

10:35 BST

  No forecaster got yesterday's weather right. The forecasts of The Met Office, and the BBC, when averaged together described the morning quite well, but from then reality was very different. The morning featured several spells of sunshine, and even more of sunny spells. Contrary to the forecasters predictions those sunny spells continued through almost half the afternoon (although that does depend on when you consider half way to be). By 4pm it was looking very cloudy - particularly to the north. By 4.30pm it started to rain - hours earlier than the BBC said it might (6pm) and even more earlier than the Met Office predicted (9pm). It was only light rain, but it continued, with some short breaks, for hours. The other forecast error was that the afternoon temperature seemed to be around 14° C - better than the 11° C for the forecasts.
bright start again
  It is now May, and there is still no sign that we have left very early spring yet ! This morning we were only a few degrees away from a frost, and the outlook for today does not exactly thrill me. At least this morning is sunny, but by midday it will cloud over. The latest revision to the forecast has removed the showers seen from 6pm tonight, and also reduced the maximum temperature to just 11° C (the early forecast showed 12° C for just one hour at 4pm). With luck today will be more like yesterday which up to 4pm was nicer than forecast for today. Maybe tomorrow will see the afternoon temperature rise to 12° C, but otherwise it is predicted to be almost identical to how today is predicted to play out.

   Yesterday was a day when I had fantasies that I might have a more dynamic day. The only dynamic thing I ended up doing was hand washing more laundry. I got it finished and out on the washing line a bit later than I would have liked to. It didn't matter though because it dried far faster than I could have believed. The rest of my day is described, along with stuff about the fox family living in my garden, other stuff I might have done, including dinner, how I slept, and how I felt this morning, plus a description of how I have spent much of today in my full archive page for today (and how and why I am only finishing today's writing  at just gone 6pm after starting it at around 10am this morning).