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January 2020 February 2020

Sunday 2nd February 2020
11:39 GMT
  Once again the weather forecast undersold the amount of sunshine there would be yesterday. The sunshine was just the occasional short spell of hazy sunshine, but before the "official" time of the first sunny spell at midday, the sun got stronger, and the sunny spells got longer and longer. By mid afternoon it could have been described as sunny. The temperature only rose to about 12° C, and if it wasn't for a rather cool wind it could have felt nice in the sunshine. Indoors, with no wind, the sunshine was getting my front rooms nice and warm. I even had the windows open for an hour or so ! In some ways it wouldn't have been bad for an April day, and probably rather excellent for the 1st of February.
another bright start
  There was rain in the small hours of the night, but I think it had finished before 8am this morning. In fact I am sure that it was almost sunny at 8am. It was certainly bright. Since then, in defiance of the forecast, the sun has popped out a few times, although the sky is quite cloudy. The latest revision to the forecast hasn't changed anything, and it is probably that most of today will be lightly overcast, and dry. It will also be almost warm. From 11am it has probably been 13° C, and apart from the possibility of a small blip to 14° C, it will stay 13° C until after sunset. The cloud will stop it getting too cold tonight, and tomorrow should stay mild with a few sunny spells possible.

  I ended up doing just two things of note yesterday (and I went to the corner shop to buy a couple of magazines). With the sun shining I decided it was time to sow a load of seeds in the front garden. I put on my gardening jeans, and my gardening boots, grabbed my hoe and a small trowel, and then stepped boldly into the front garden. Oh, I also grabbed a half a dozen or more packets of seeds as well.

 On this, the first time I have attempted to flowers in the garden (not counting some that grow all by themselves to some degree or another every year) I have randomly sown the seeds. I am not really sure what to expect, but if this year produces a colourful display, I may try something a bit more formal and/or planned next year. Most of the seeds said they could be sown in February, some didn't, but at the moment it seems like spring is coming very early this year. I think by accident I might have selected a very good time.

  Yesterday the soil was being slightly warmed by the sun. It rained in the night to bed the seeds down (or something), and today it is very mild. Unless we suddenly get plunged back into winter again, which is possible - snow in March or April is not that rare - it is possible that the first flowers might appear in a month or two. Of course there is one other unknown - how long the seeds from Poundstretcher have been sitting in their stock room - years maybe ? - and how viable they are now.

  The one other notable thing I did was some hand laundry. It seemed like I had a lot of unwashed underpants, and not many t-shirts in my laundry bag. Maybe it is because I have been putting smelly old t-shirts back on when doing dirty jobs - like when cleaning the bookshelves in the back room, or just doing hoovering around the house - not that I have done much of that lately. I probably spent a fair bit of yesterday just reading.

  One paradox about yesterday was that it seemed like I had eaten quite a lot, but in actual terms I didn't eat much. I thought I might go out in the evening, and so should eat a fair lunch, and little or nothing for dinner. I would then probably have a supper. For lunch I had some delicious pork belly strips. I tried to cook them well to drive off as much fat as possible, and to crisp up the remaining fat. They were well cooked, but another 20 minutes might have got them a bit crisper.

  As the evening approached it became obvious to me that I would not be going out. Maybe that was a premonition ! I stuck to my idea of a light dinner, and had salad with tinned fish - twice ! I chased it down with a large whisky. I am not sure how much later it was after eating those salads, but I suddenly started to feel ill. My guts felt rotten, and worst of all I started to sweat profusely. I was quite convinced I had come down with the Sol virus.
  It is a bit like the Corona virus, but usually drunk with a slice of lime in the bottle neck (or should that be the other way around). I was convinced I was going to vomit, and in preparation I tied my hair back, left the bathroom light on, and the toilet seat up. The worst thing is that I had just poured a large glass of whisky, and could only take a few sips. That glass is still mostly untouched just 10 inches from my left elbow, and I am not sure when I might finish it - or if I will.

  While it felt like I was about to vomit, it seems the real action was going on a bit lower in the digestive tract. It turned out to be a full blown attack of Delhi Belly. I suddenly had to rush to the toilet where I exploded out the correct end. 10 or 15 minutes later I had to rush again. Apart from a small after shock it was all over for the night, but my guts still felt a bit sore, and even when going for a pee at 3am I could feel/hear a few ominous gurgles from deep inside me.

  I am rather glad I did not go out now because the worst of it would have happened while in the pub - and that could have been so unpleasant. I sometimes wonder if I now suffer from an, as yet, mild form of IBS or something. My visits to the toilet are becoming more and more random, and thus unpredictable. I suspect the cause is actually to do with my diet. In these half and half days - some bright, and some miserable, I keep adjusting my diet to try and keep my blood glucose stable while eating varying quantities and types of food.

  I am unsure what time I went to bed last night. I know that I missed most of a repeat of "Yes Prime Minister" on BBC2 because I was in, or hovering near the toilet. That programme finished at 8.30pm (I think). I didn't actually go to bed then, but I did lay on my bed to read while I waited to be sure I wouldn't have to dash to the toilet again. I read for a while, and maybe I got into bed, and turned the light out sometime before 10pm. For the second night running I seemed to sleep well.

  I did have one instance in the night where I couldn't tell if I was awake or dreaming. I am pretty sure I was awake when a thought came to me. It was to do with Smoothwall, the firewall I use on my PC network. A thought came to me that I was sure I had seen somewhere that it was possible to get Smoothwall to load what could be thought of as the drivers to access PCMCIA cards. I did have a plan to use an old laptop as a firewall (in much the same way that I use an old laptop as a server for these pages). I gave it a very quick go, but it couldn't see the PCMCIA (PC Card) Ethernet interface card I was hoping to use. As I say, last night I had this idea that it was possible to add "drivers" to the installation - possibly even USB drivers to use a USB to network interface. I'm sure that I fell asleep while thinking this, and started to imagine doing a web search for more info. It was so seamless that it seemed like I was still awake, but gradually clues emerged that it was a dream.

  This morning I had a bit of a lay in - based upon the assumption that I had fallen asleep by, and maybe before 10pm. I could still feel a bit on tenderness from my gut, but it was mostly ignorable. In other respects I was feeling fairly good. I only checked my blood pressure once because the first reading was quite low enough.. My blood glucose level was one of the lowest yet - just 5.8mmol/l. I think that is something like a perfect level for a healthy person. The best thing of all ws my weight. I know it won't stay like it, but it was down a fair bit, and getting closer to some of the lower reading I was getting in the first week of January.

  I have already carried out part one of my masterplan for today. I have been to Tesco to buy all sorts of food - some good, some less so, and one bad one. The bad one was a tub of (alleged) low sugar, low calorie (maybe) ice cream. I say it in the past tense because I have already eaten it. I can't remember when it was, but I was possibly feeling a bit low, or maybe I just got fed up with whatever I was eating, but I fancied some ice cream - nothing fancy, even plain vanilla would have been fine. I actually bought some salted caramel flavour. How that can be low sugar is anyone's guess !

  The second part of my master plan is to wash some of the t-shirts I have been re-wearing while doing stuff on my own indoors. They are currently soaking in detergent, and I will finish them soon - I think. There is a possible third section of masterplan, and that is to meet Kevin for a few beers this afternoon. There is about a 50% chance it will happen. If I doesn't I could fall back on reading, or maybe I ought to actually research to see if it is easy to get Smoothwall to access a PCMCIA network interface card.

  There is one picture I think I meant to show yesterday. It is the view out of my bedroom window looking to the west at 19 minutes past 5pm. It is almost dark outside, and would be dark if it wasn't for how bright the western horizon was. It really was a sign that the days are getting longer and longer now.
the western sky
                          still bright at 17:19pm