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My Diary/Blog For the Month of January 2020

From February the dates in the calendar above will link to individual days rather than days on the monthly pages

Friday 31st January 2020
10:19 GMT
  One of the odd things about yesterday was that while it was almost mild outside, with the afternoon reaching 13° C, it felt cold indoors because there was no sunshine to warm the inside of my house. Another thing was the forecast. It changed a few times, but at worst it reckoned there might be just one brief shower. In fact the thick clouds provided several showers scattered through the day. None were of any consequence beyond proving the forecast was wrong again.
                    with some added rain
  As usual, the forecast for today probably has correctly predicted the temperature through the day, but every other detail is subject to hourly revision to make the forecast better fit with reality. At the moment I agree that it is 11° C, and most of the day may well be 12° C. However I don't think I see thick dark clouds. It certainly is cloudy, but it seems fairly bright outside, and just now there was some very hazy, and very diffuse sunshine - bright enough to cast a dull shadow. The real unknown today is going to be the rain.  Yesterday it said there was going to be several hours of rain near sunset. This morning it shows rain for 3 and 4pm. The latest revision shows just one light shower at 3pm  By the end of the day I might well have to admit that I was very wrong, but at the moment it feels more like the forecast for tomorrow is actually for today. Tomorrow may be mostly 11° C, and the cloud will be light enough to permit a few sunny spells at probably random times.

  After a bad night's sleep I didn't feel very good yesterday morning, and that feeling continued for a lot of the day. In consequence I hardly did anything all day.  In some ways yesterday didn't start until mid afternoon when I prepared to go out for my late Thursday afternoon drink. It was a pleasant drinking session that went on for 4 pints. It included the presence of Michael, my neighbour from round the corner. My day ended with a call to Sue that typically went on well past midnight. All the missing details, plus a picture of the pump handle that names the beer I was drinking, can be read right here.
Thursday 30th January 2020
09:53 GMT
  After a frosty start yesterday warmed up to around 9° C. It may not have felt that warm outside, but not too bad in the sunshine. There was a lot of sunshine, and inside my front rooms it warmed up nicely - so much so that for a while I opened the window in my bedroom, and let the first fresh air in for weeks, or maybe months. Once the sunshine gave way to sunny spells my bedroom started to cool, and I shut the window again. Another hour or two and the sun was too low in the sky to shine into my bedroom, and it seemed to cool down very quickly (but outside the temperature hardly dropped at all into, and through the night).
definitely a dull start with the chance of rain
  This morning has started almost mild. I haven't checked my own thermometers, but the forecast figure of 9° C seems about right. If the forecast is right the temperature will rise to 13° C by mid afternoon. In sunshine that could feel pleasant, but it seems we are back to overcast and murky. Some earlier predictions said there could be some rain today, but in the latest revision even the 20% possibility of rain for 10am has been reduced to 0%. Tomorrow may be another mild, but overcast day, and at around sunset it may well rain - only light rain, but at the worst time for my purposes.

  Yesterday was a busy day. I went to Tesco in the morning - where there was good news in the whisky department. After Tesco I did a lot of work on my PC. It included making up a web page for February, and also a sort of pictorial page documenting my journey to and from Romford on Tuesday. That can be seen here. In the afternoon I "attacked" the book shelves in my back room. It was a very hard decision to make, but I threw out a load of hoarded papers that contained much useful information. After wielding a damp cloth, and a bowl of hot water with some Dettox in it, I ended up with some mostly clean books on cleaned shelves. The job is not finished, but I made enough progress to encourage me to finish the job sooner or later. My day ended with me feeling a bit sad, but it was for different reasons that I ended up having a bad night. All the details, including my improved blood glucose level can be read by clicking this LINK.
Wednesday 29th January 2020
08:33 GMT
  It was almost a sunny day yesterday. There were some quite extended periods of sunshine, but they would all end with a sometimes quite thick looking cloud passing in front of the sun. One oddity was there didn't seem top be a frost in the morning despite the temperature being only a few tenths of a degree above 2° C. By midday the temperature was no higher than 5° C. I am not sure if the temperature ever reached the forecast 7° C. Clear skies meant the temperature plummeted in the night.
another bright and dry day
   Once again my own measurement puts the temperature closer to 2° C, and the frost would seem to agree that it is freezing cold out. Unlike yesterday, it should warm up to as high as 9° C by mid afternoon. This won't be because of teh sunshine, which we should have lots of, but some warmer, and probably wetter air heading our way. Tomorrow is forecast to be very cloudy with a small chance of rain at almost any time, although at the moment 11am is the predicted time for a light shower. It is possible the temperature may rise to 13° C tomorrow. If there was any sunshine that could feel nice.

  Yesterday morning was dominated by my strange quest to see how long it might take to get from home to Romford, and how long to get home from there. After that I did a short walk to and from the pub where I  had a very nice, very warm drink with Angela.  The skittish squirrels I saw in the park suggestion the mating season is almost upon us, and, probably in my imagination, a very positive change is coming over Angela. I ended up sleeping through a lot of yesterday afternoon, and got no real work done, but it was a nice and busy day. The full version is HERE if you care to click on it.
Tuesday 28th January 2020
21:51 GMT
  Yesterday started fairly bright. There were even some very brief sunny spells, but it all went very wrong at about 2pm when torrential rain started to fall. This wasn't unexpected, but the expected time kept changing. Not only was the rain heavy, but it felt like it had some sleet mixed in with it even though that afternoon temperature was around 9° C.
                    cold, but bright and sunny
   According to my measurements the morning temperature was close to 2° C, and by 1pm it was still only just over 4° C. I don't think it ever reached the forecast 7° C. Much of today has been sunny, although occasional thick looking clouds would drift across the sky. The last time I looked out the window, possibly around 8pm, the crescent moon was shining brightly, and many stars were to be seen. After a clear night I am expecting a sharp frost in the morning. The latest forecast doesn't seem to mention frost, but it does say it will probably be about 2° C at sunrise. Tomorrow could be another sunny day with the afternoon temperature reaching 9° C.

  I am writing this very late in the evening. Today has been a busy day. Yesterday was less busy, although I did walk 2.57 miles for my daily exercise. The second half, after a very pleasant interlude in the pub with Angela, was done in icy feeling torrential rain ! I was successful in being careful enough with what I ate to get my blood glucose level back to a good figure, but maybe not to lose any weight (but at least I should have put any on). The full story, with picture, is right here.
Monday 27th January 2020
10:11 GMT
  Yesterday was forecast to be wet from about 2pm, but I seem to think it was several hours later than that before it started to rain. It was dark outside the first time I noticed it was raining...at least I think it was. The morning, while there was no sign of the sun, was often fairly bright. A sort of mixed day ! The afternoon tmperature of 10° C meant it was not cold, but then again it didn't feel even slightly warm either.
                    a day like yesterday
   Today could be a lot like yesterday. This morning it seems bright-ish, and the temperature is only 1° less than yesterday. There is a small threat of rain at nearly any time today, but the forecast seems to think it won't start to rain until, or after sunset. I may have been a bit hasty writing that before checking for revisions to the forecast. The latest thought is that it will start to rain at 1pm - a most inconvenient time ! There is an unlikely chance that between showers there could be the odd glimpse of the sun between 1pm and sunset. Tomorrow will most likely see sunny periods, but it is going to be a much colder day with the temperature only just making it to 7° C.

  Not that much happened after I finished writing the 1,942 words that made up yesterday's ramblings. I seem to be writing more and more each day. The full version of yesterdays ramblings includes pictures of dinner, and how I ended up eating all the wrong things yesterday. Then there is how the book I have been reading has influenced my dreams. It also includes the good news that I got my correct drugs from the pharmacy this morning. I also speculate about what I might do today. Read all about it by clicking on the link right >HERE<.
Sunday 26th January 2020
15:18 GMT
  Yesterday was yet another not very nice day. Once again it was overcast and grey, and while there may have been a brief peak of 9° C (and I am not sure if there was), it seemed to be rather cool all day. Maybe not bitingly cold, but most definitely very cool.
sometimes not as overcast as predicted
   For a few hours this morning the weather was not quite as bad as the forecast in the screenshot above. The cloud was not that dense, and some of it was thin enough for it to get almost bright (although I don't think the sun was ever actually visible). At 9° C it wasn't that cold either. It almost felt that with a bit more effort it could almost feel nice. Of course it didn't last, and even before the forecast time of 2pm the rain had started to fall. It's is fairly light rain, but it may not stop until almost midnight. At the moment it is around 10° C, and it merely feels quite chilly instead of bone numbingly cold. Tomorrow is still forecast to be a couple of degrees cooler, but it should be dry until almost sunset. After that light rain is forecast to fall until 10pm or later. The forecast doesn't show it, but maybe tomorrow morning could be bright if the thin cloud is thin enough to have gaps in it.
 Everything I did yesterday was leading up to going out in the evening. I did some useful housework in both the kitchen and back room, as well as changing the linen on my bed. Most of that was in the morning. In the afternoon I acted as a travel consultant for Angela. Then I did quite a lot of resting prior to forcing myself out the door to go to a Chain gig - my first late evening gig since some time last October. I did not feel up to going in ways I can't adequately describe, but went anyway. For a couple of hours I had a good time, and I took some nice pictures, and some wobbly video. I left at about 11pm because my brain insists that is still closing time in pubs. I felt fine until I got off the bus, and the I suddenly felt really fatigued. Walking home, all of 5 minutes, seemed like hard work. Today I have spent a lot of the day "processing" photos and video. You can see the pictures, maybe watch the video (if your browser supports the format, and read all the nitty gritty by following this link right here.
Saturday 25th January 2020
09:31 GMT
  Yesterday was quite similar to last Wednesday. It was mostly heavily overcast, and everything seemed to be dripping with condensation. The highest temperature was just 8° C. The forecast for the day also mention a medium level of pollution. That may have been significant.
                    one more grey day
   It is certainly very dull, and feeling cold right now - just as the forecast predicts. With a few small variations, it seems it is going to be a re-run of yesterday. The biggest difference is that at 3pm, for just one hour, it will be a tiny bit warmer than yesterday. The temperature will rise to 9° C ! Tomorrow could be even warmer...sort of. The day should start at 9° C, and then it will rise to 10° C by 11am. The catch is that it will probably start to rain soon after that. Once again the whole day is highly unlikely to feature a single glimpse of the sun. Unless Monday features a sunny spell between rain showers, there is no sunshine shown in the future forecasts which currently extend to the 7th of February !

  I was not keen on going for a walk yesterday because the weather was so grim. Plus I didn't think Angela would be in the pub on a Friday, but I sent her a text to say I was going to be in there anyway, and she quickly replied that so would she. We had another very nice hour together, and she seemed to have enjoyed it more than usual. Information was revealed that there could be a very tiny chance that we could meet tonight, but I won't be holding my breath. Yesterday was another day where my diet went completely to pieces. I can't wait for a sunny day to make it more bearable. The detailed version of this précis, plus pictures of fire engines in the grounds of Lewisham Hospital can be seen here.
Friday 24th January 2020
09:36 GMT
  Maybe I am becoming accustomed to these gloomy days because I can't describe yesterday as being horrible, but I can say it was not pleasant. It was dry, but the light was grey, sometimes almost twilight, and it was not warm. The afternoon temperature was 8° C. At other times it was 7° C.
                    more grey day
   Today looks like it will be almost the same as yesterday. In fact the temperature profile is exactly the same, and it will also be heavily overcast. The weather should change tomorrow. For half the day the cloud will only be light cloud, and it could be a degree or two warmer. The day after tomorrow maybe completely unlike they was it is forecast today. It may be a little warmer still, but the penalty for that could be rain in the second half of the day. Oh well, warmer days will soon be on their way.

  Yesterday included a few unexpected things that included the saga of my attempt to get the correct drugs from the pharmacy (that I explained yesterday). Angela sent me a selfie, and posted another selfie on social media - but a bit unexpected. I stayed at home until it was time to go out for my late Thursday afternoon drink. I had my usual three pints before heading home via the Sainsburys Local shop by Catford station. The cold night air made me feel a bit wheezy. The warmth indoors cure it very quickly. That, and stuffing myself with salads and sandwiches made me reluctant to go out to the open mic in The Catford Bridge Tavern (if last night was the correct date). I stayed in and had an early night - and ended up getting possibly over 9 hours sleep. All this reported in a long winded way, with pictures, plus some thoughts about what I'll be doing today, can be found by clicking right here >HERE<.
Thursday 23rd January 2020
09:24 GMT
  I think I can only describe yesterday's weather as horrible ! It was very grey and damp. Even being 9° C in the afternoon was no redeeming feature. There was no rain as such, but it was like there were fine water droplets swirling in the air. They just left everything damp.
another very grey day
   Today could be as bad as yesterday. One positive difference is that it seems dry so far today, but I guess that could change. The temperature profile looks sort of strange. 7° C from daybreak to midday, and then 8° C until 7pm when the temperature drops back to a constant 7° C. All the while the thick clouds will make the ambience very depressing. The worst thing is that tomorrow may be very similar. The day after tomorrow may see a few hours of lighter cloud, but otherwise will continue this dark grey trend.

  Yesterday was a weird day. You might think that I explained most if it yesterday because I ended up finishing writing so late yesterday, but there was much more to say. There was what happened when I met Angela at lunchtime. What I ate, and how this morning my blood glucose level was very satisfactory, but how I have not dared to weigh myself. There are some notes on an excellent film I watched last night, and finally the continuing saga of trying, and failing to get my complete repeat prescription from the pharmacy this morning. All that, plus a few pictures, here.
Wednesday 22nd January 2020
11:31 GMT
  The only thing the weather forecast for yesterday got right was that it was cold. The temperature didn't rise above 5° C. That is what was forecast, and that is what I saw on my thermometers. The light, and then heavy cloud shown on the forecast was so light that it blew away to show a beautiful blue sky and lots of sunshine. Sometime after sunset it did start to cloud over, and then, after a dip of a degree or two the temperature rose again, back to about 5° C by midnight.
   The forecast for today has changed a little since the screenshot above. The big change is that the maximum temperature may only be 8° C today. The forecast for mist at 7am was just about right, but around here it was a very thin mist. It is hard to tell if it was just heavy condensation coming out of the wet air, but it did look like there had been a light shower before I went out at about 10.30am. Today is supposed to be dry, but there are, and will probably continue to be, thick clouds giving the whole day a very gloomy look. Both tomorrow and Friday look like they are going to be very similar to today - not desperately cold, but terribly gloomy.

    Yesterday morning started with a shopping trip to Aldi. My legs felt a bit stiff, but I felt basically OK. I can't remember what time I went out, but it was while there was still just enough misty cloud to make the sunshine slightly diffuse. By the time I had done my shopping the sky was fully blue, and the sun was blindingly bright. It was completely different to what the forecast lead me to believe the day would be like, although as I noted above, it was still very cold.
horizon to horizon blue
it was cold
   The picture above shows just how blue the sky was at 12.40 in the afternoon, and the picture on the left shows just how cold it was at 12.47 - just 4.0° C. My new winter coat didn't feel too hot at that temperature !

   Yesterday caused a bit of a paradox. I like walking in bright sunshine. I find walking in the gloom depressing. On the other hand I don't enjoy walking in a heavy coat. On top of that I just didn't feel like walking because I was feeling slightly stiff and aching. Under different circumstances I would have forced myself to walk in the knowledge that the walk itself often cured the reasons not to walk.

  In some ways yesterday turned out to be quite productive in both physical and metaphysical ways - assuming you can call experimenting with operating systems on an old laptop metaphysical. All the details, and why this is being published so late in the day are partly explained in the long version of this that can be found by clicking here.
Tuesday 21st January 2020
09:22 GMT
  There were only sunny spells yesterday, but some of them were quite long at the beginning of the afternoon. It was another dry day. The afternoon temperature was just 7° C, but by midnight the temperature was very close to 0° C.
                    frosty start
a very cold morning

   My thermometers agreed that it was rather colder than the 0° C forecast for 8am this morning - it was more like minus 1° C ! Needless to say, all the cars out on the road, the neighbours shed roofs, the top of the fences, and even the bare mud of my back garden, are all covered in sparkling frost. Today is going to be a very cold day. The maximum forecast is just 5° C. Light cloud is forecast until after sunset. That will be followed by thick cloud, and will help keep the temperature up to maybe 5° C overnight. At the moment the cloud is so thin that there is some slightly hazy sunshine. It is probably just as well that the cloud is so thin because the temperature feels right for snow, but the highest chance of any precipitation today is just 4%. That doesn't make it impossible, but highly unlikely. Tomorrow may be a bit warmer. 9° C is forecast, and it should stay dry, but it seems likely we will have to get through the day in the gloom under a thick layer of cloud.


  I am happy to say that I didn't feel nearly so bad yesterday as compared to the weekend. I managed to get out for a walk (which was annoyingly 0.01 miles short of a nice round 2 miles). I am also very happy to say that I met Angela in the pub at lunchtime. Apart from doing a bit of laundry I did very little for the rest of the day, although I did spent some time playing with my old, recently updated, laptop - interesting, but maybe not ultimately useful. It was extremely cold in the night, but I was warm enough under my duvet - and to my surprise that didn't end up with me jarring my chest. It is probably too soon to be definite, but I am wondering if my recent flare up is one the wane. As seems to be case for this year, the full version of yesterday, and this mornings events can be read, and pictures looked at, here.
Monday 20th January 2020
09:29 GMT
  Yesterday was another very chilly, but sunny day. The afternoon temperature was just 7° C.
                    with sunny spells
   It is possible that today is warming a bit faster than the early forecast seemed to suggest. Of course "warming" means changing from bone-aching cold, to just bloody cold in this case. There seemed to be very little frost when I first looked out of the window, and it is possible it was just heavy condensation. Everything looks dry outside now.  The latest forecast continues to say there will be sunny intervals today, but adds a possible hour of solid sunshine at midday. That will increase the time that the temperature will be at it's peak today to 3 hours instead of the one hour in the screenshot above. It will still only be 7° C though. Tomorrow is a day that I have been watching for some time. For quite a few days it was shown as very cold, and very cloudy. The forecasts only gave a very small chance of precipitation (which could have been snow considering how low the temperature was), but that chance was increasing, although still only to a very small chance. Yesterday the forecast for tomorrow said sunny intervals, but today it has changed back to overcast and the same very low temperatures. The current chance of precipitation tomorrow is currently stated to be no more than 4%. I guess that means no snow (or rain).

   I continued to feel rough yesterday, and a long walk did not appeal to me. I did end up going out, but only to Tesco. That ended up with eating stuff which was naughty, but nice. I didn't expect it, but I had a fairly productive day. As well as shopping I did some laundry by hand. I made a significant difference to my back room in my long term project to rehabilitate back to a dining room. Finally I managed to update my old laptop from Linux Mint 16 (I think) to Linux Mint 19. Bluetooth audio streaming now works, but the inbuilt WiFi adapter no longer works. The full story can be read on it's very own page for the day by clicking here.
Sunday 19th January 2020
09:09 GMT
  It was very sunny yesterday, but still very cold - except inside my winter coat where it was uncomfortably hot ! The morning started with a frost, and the afternoon temperature may have reached the forecast 7° C.
another cold sunny day
   The temperature is between 0.4° C and 1.1° C depending on which of my thermometers you believe. The sparkling frost seems to agree that the temperature is damn low right now.  By early afternoon the sunshine may warm the air up to 7° C, just like it did yesterday. Even in non stop sunshine it is still going to feel cold, except maybe if I go out wearing my winter coat when it will probably feel too hot again. I have a feeling that coat is really only going to be useful in a sub-zero raging blizzard ! Like yesterday, it will soon cool down once the sun sets. By 1am tomorrow morning 0° C is forecast. Just before sunrise tomorrow the temperature is forecast to be -1° C (that's minus one). Tomorrow may only see sunny spells, and it will take longer to warm up. By 3pm the temperature may briefly peak at 7° C, but 5 or 6° C is more representative of the middle of the day. I'm keeping my eye on next Tuesday. It is going to be the coldest day so far, and the chances of precipitation, which would probably be snow, are rising, although still very, very small still.

   I just had to get out into the sunshine yesterday even though I didn't really feel like it. I went for a short walk, and suffered a fair amount of discomfort for it. My three old "war wounds" decided to have a flare up - they had been threatening to for several days. I ended up doing just a 1.23 mile walk before giving up, and going home to put my feet up. So severe was my situation that it effected my eating ! The full details of why my day was not a good day, and why maybe today may not be a good day, can be read in the full version of today's blog right here.
Saturday 18th January 2020
09:34 GMT
  After some early morning rain, yesterday was a dry day with some occasional short sunny spells. The morning temperature was 10° C, but some occasional gusts of very strong winds made it feel much colder. By 1pm the temperature started to drop, and it was a very cold night.
                    but rather cold
   This morning started with a frost, but also sunny. The frost remains where the sun has not touched, and maybe even where it has. The skies may be blue, and the sun gloriously bright, but today's temperature may not exceed 7° C, and for the next hour or two it may not be any more than 3° C. Tomorrow is forecast to be very similar, but with clear skies tonight the temperature may drop to 0° C in the early hours of tomorrow. Despite a colder start, it is predicted that the temperature may rise to 7° C again tomorrow afternoon. The next two days after tomorrow are currently predicted to be similar, but next Tuesday could be a candidate for snow. It is going to be a few degrees colder, and cloudy. At the moment the highest estimate of precipitation is no more than 4%, but in a few days times that could change in any direction.
frost and sunshine
    The view through my back bedroom at 8.45am. In the foreground steam from next doors central heating boiler swirls across the picture like fog. All the shed roofs are covered in frost while the rising sun lights up the back of the houses on the left with a golden glow.

  I didn't feel that good yesterday, but I did more than expected. I also ate more than expected, but this morning my blood glucose level was lower than the day before, but I did put on a little weight. Part of "doing more" included two shopping trips to local shops, and a bit of work tidying up the back room. I also hand washed quite a heavy double duvet cover. If I hadn't eaten certain naughty things I could possibly have described it as a good, or successful day. All the terrible details of my triumphs and disasters can be read here.
Friday 17th January 2020
08:44 GMT
  Yesterdays morning was OK. Yesterday lunchtime wasn't so bad, but as sunset approached the rain started to fall. The evening was decidedly soggy ! It was another mild day with the temperature probably hitting 12° C by early evening.
   Today marks a change in the weather. The day has started off mild, but will get colder and colder. There may be a frost by tomorrow morning. The screenshot above shows light rain, and some sunny spells for most of the daylight hours. The latest revision shows the rain finishing at 11am this morning. As I write this it seems to have stopped raining for some time now, and the sun is trying to shine, and may well do later because the clouds look very patchy right now. The revised forecast shows that apart from the possibility of a shower at 5pm, it will just be lightly overcast from midday, and the temperature will slowly fall away from 10° C this morning to just 4° C by midnight. Tomorrow may see the temperature down to 2° C (which will apparently feel like 0° C), but once the sun rises it should be a sunny day, and that may raise the temperature to 7° C.

  I am unsure why, but yesterday I was still suffering from something like tiredness/fatigue. In the afternoon I wanted to lay on my bed and have a snooze, but I was waiting for a parcel to be delivered. At just after 3.30pm I had to go out for my regulation three pints of beer as our regular late Thursday afternoon drinks resumed after the holiday period. On the way home it rained, and that broke down any resolve to not buy any nice hot chicken and chips to eat when I got in out of the rain. They were delicious, and so far, with other precautions taken, they don't appear to have had any significant effect on my weight or blood glucose level. Last night I seemed to get extra sleep, and maybe I needed it. I can't decide how I feel this morning, and can't decide what I am doing today. The long version of this précis, that expands all these points, can be read right here.
Thursday 16th January 2020
08:04 GMT
  Yesterday's morning rain probably finished earlier than expected, and the afternoon saw some quite long spells of sunshine. For a few hours it wasn't such a bad day, but there was still enough wind to make even the sunny spells feel quite cold even when the air temperature was 10° C.
                    morning, but wet afternoon
   This morning should be dry, and there is even the chance of some sunny spells, although the latest revision to the forecast shows less than the earlier screenshot above. The trade off for less sunny periods might be that the rain will not start until 4pm now, rather than 3pm in the early version. It is also now thought that the temperature may reach 12° C by 4pm. Back in the real world, I can see a lot of blue sky as I write this, and there is a bright glow from the rising sun behind the houses to the east. It is less obvious now, but 5 or 10 minutes ago that glow included some very pink areas that foretell of the rain to come later. Tomorrow, which will feature many hours of light rain, sees the start of the temperature getting colder. The afternoon temperature may still see 10° C, but after that the temperature could drop low enough for some overnight frost, and the weekend could be very chilly with maximum temperatures of no more than 7° C.

  Yesterday was both good and bad, but probably mostly good. The bad, or baddest bit was that I still seemed lacking energy or enthusiasm after I thought my cold was completely over. It made my walk through the park feel like hard work despite it not actually tiring me further, but it was worth it for a very nice lunchtime with Angela. I wanted to increase the length of my walk after being in the pub, but in the end I could not be bothered. For the rest of the day my diet included some variants I might have tried to avoid, but this morning my weight may have dropped another 100 grams, and my blood glucose was very satisfactory. Late this afternoon I have another chance to ruin it all with a few pints of good ale as my Thursday afternoon/evening booze sessions restart after the holiday break. The long version, with pictures and a multitude of extra facts and figures, and video can be read here !
Wednesday 15th January 2020
08:05 GMT
  I'm not sure that anything positive can be said about yesterday's weather. I suppose that a late afternoon, and evening temperature of 13° C should be considered positive for mid January, but the grey skies and rain made it feel like a very unpleasant day.
another wet and windy day
   Storm "Brendan" was the cause of yesterday's weather grief, and although it has passed now, it's effects are still being felt. While the storm did it's worst in northern England, it still pushed a lot of warm and wet air our way. That caused the thick clouds, and copious rain. The remnants of that rain are still falling this morning, but the latest forecast revision gives hope that the rain may stop at midday, and that there could even be a few sunny spells in the afternoon. The maximum temperature could be just 10° C. Tomorrow may start cold and dry, but rain may fall from early afternoon, and not stop until past the end of the day. An hour or two after sunset the temperature may rise to 12° C.

  Yesterday centred around my appointment with the diabetes nurse at 4pm. In the morning I went to Tesco, but couldn't eat anything I bought until after my appointment. I tried to do two circuits around the park to decrease my blood glucose level, and my weight (even if only by a very small amount), but rain put me off doing more than one circuit. My appointment with the Diabetes Nurse went very well. I exceeded all the targets he set me by a good amount, and he has now discharged me from his care back to my GP. I had a small celebration that involved bending my diet a lot, but not completely. One other notable thing was that it seemed my recent cold finally finished yesterday. All the news that is fit to print, and possibly some that isn't - maybe because it is too long winded, and boring, can be read here.
Tuesday 14th January 2020
09:06 GMT
  There were some unexpected sunny spells yesterday morning, but the afternoon was more like the forecast - dull and grey. There was also some occasional very short periods of very light rain in the afternoon. Those weren't shown in the forecast either, but the forecast matched reality some time after sunset when it poured with rain. The afternoon was not supposed to be very cold, maybe 10° C, but the wind seemed to feel very cold by then.
mostly, but not entirely, a nasty sort of day
   Today is going to end up wet and windy, but at the moment there is some uncertainty about this morning. There has been some rain or drizzle that seems to have stopped now, and the sun is trying to shine through a pin hole of thinner cloud. There is some hope for a proper sunny spell, but this morning seems likely to be dull and overcast. The arrival of the rain, currently predicted to be at 2pm will also see the temperature going up to 13° C as slightly warmer air rushes in on gale force winds. Just to make life more miserable, the latest revision now says rain between 10 and 11am. Tomorrow is predicted to be a bit cooler, no more that 10° C, and to be almost the opposite of today. The heaviest rain will be in the morning while the afternoon may see a few sunny spells.

  I think almost all my plans came to fruition yesterday. I had a walk in the park, and I met up with Angela. It wasn't a plan, but a hope, and for a while it came true - I barely coughed all day, although that was not the case during late evening, and in the night. I managed to control what I ate to keep my blood glucose low enough not to cause me any concern, and hopefully any concern to the Diabetes Nurse when I see him today at 4pm.  My weight hangs in the balance - not as low as I hoped, and maybe even 100gm higher than when I saw the Dietician. It all depends on what happens between now and that appointment. All the missing details of how yesterday panned out, and what I hope for today, can be read in the unabridged version here.
Monday 13th January 2020
09:08 GMT
  Yesterday had different sunny intervals than the sunny intervals I was hoping for. Most of the time the cloud was quite thick, and it often looked like it would rain. Then a small gap in the clouds would come along, and for a few glorious minutes the world was bathed in sunshine. After that it was back to really dull and horrible. It probably was 12° C for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but by then I had lost interest in the world outside.
   The forecast, as updated at 07:26 looks pretty grim. I assume it has probably been revised since then because the world outside my back bedroom window currently looks like this....
some cloud, but blue sky and
  Large areas of the sky are blue. The backs of the houses on the left are lit up by sunshine, and at the same time, my front bedroom (which faces south) was being flooded with sunshine until a few seconds ago. The cloud that has just obscured the sun may pass fairly quickly, and maybe there will be more sunshine. This is more like the sunny intervals I was expecting yesterday. Meanwhile the revised forecast still says this morning will be overcast, and the afternoon will be heavily overcast. By 5pm it may start to rain, and the rain will continue late into the night. Some of it may be heavy. The current prediction for the temperature is that it will soon be 10° C, but may go up to 11° C during the heaviest of the rain.

  Curiously enough, the forecast for tomorrow seems to match today better. Sunny intervals are forecast for a couple of hours in the morning. That will give way to light cloud until that gives way to heavy cloud, and it starts to rain. A further amusement will be strong winds to go with the heavy rain, but those strong winds will also be warm winds raising the temperature to 13° C as sunset approaches. It should stay "warm" well into the night.

  I didn't feel very dynamic yesterday, and the forecast sunny intervals being so feeble put me off going out yesterday. I didn't even go as far as the corner shop. Some of the negative feeling was probably a slowly brewing stomach upset, although even when it happened it was not uncomfortable, but it could have happened at a very inconvenient time if I had gone out. I ended up having another lazy day of rest and recovery. Maybe my cough is slightly improving...or maybe not. Today I am definitely going for a walk in the park, although I haven't decided on a long or short route yet. The principal objective is to hope to meet Angela in the pub at lunchtime. All the gruesome details of yesterday and other horror stories, not that there is much, or any horror involved, can be read right here.
Sunday 12th January 2020
09:17 GMT
  Yesterday featured one (or was it two ?) sunny spells that were not in the weather forecast. Maybe being rather brief, they didn't count, but I liked them. Otherwise, yesterday was rather grim, dull day. At 11° C from midday onwards, it was not cold cold, but it didn't feel much under those thick grey clouds. I feel sure there was also a light shower yesterday, but I can't remember when it happened - if indeed it did. It certainly rained after midnight.
                    sunny spells today
   As I write the sun has already broken through the clouds for a few brief seconds. If the forecast for today matches reality, or perhaps the other way round, we should get some nice sunny intervals today. One very peculiar thing about the latest revision of the forecast today is that the headline now says "drizzle" instead of "sunny intervals". What makes this very peculiar is it doesn't say when this drizzle will happen, and the estimates for the hourly chances of precipitation are now all lower, and all apart from that at 11am and midday are in single figures. The highest chance is only 12% at 11am. The figure that usually turns out to be correct is the temperature, and this afternoon should see 12° C. That might even feel warm when the sun is out. Tomorrow could be cool and dry until 5pm when it should be 10° C, and see the start of rain that may fall all evening. I don't have much confidence in today's forecast, and even less for tomorrow.

  I tried to do more resting to attempt to speed up the demise of the last remnants of my cold, but yesterday I had to go out to Aldi, and get some shopping. Also, partly out of boredom, but also to test how the rest of me felt, I washed 3 t-shirts, and some underwear. I felt OK doing it. The lingering part of my recent cold is an almost persistent, but quite changeable cough. Yesterday it was at an all time low, but reared it's head again to interfere with my sleep - although it didn't interfere that much in the long run. Today I feel good enough to consider going for a walk around Soho. Whether I actually do that is currently unknown. It is just an idea running around in my head. The full, long winded, rambling verion of this précis can be read on it's very own web page here.
Saturday 11th January 2020
10:45 GMT
  Yesterday's forecast sunny morning was 3 or 4 hours late ! I am unsure exactly when the sun first burst through the clouds, but I feel sure it was after midday. From then on the day changed from a deeply dull, miserable day to bright, but cold day. I'm not sure I would call any single hour "sunny" if I were compiling the forecast, but maybe "extended sunny periods" would not be far off the mark. The afternoon temperature was only 8° C, and it felt probably colder.
                    to gloom
   Today's forecast is, for once, looking perfectly accurate. It is very dull outside, but it does feel rather milder than yesterday. Although having said that, the wind can feel very cool when it hits you face on.  The latest revision of the forecast doesn't change the big picture, but it does show a 30 to 35% chance of rain between 11am and midday.  Curiously enough, it still shows these hours as being dry - unlike 0100 in the screenshot above where rain is forecast despite there only being a 24% chance of it. <At this point several hours have passed while I have been on the phone to a friend>.

  One curiosity that wasn't in the forecast was sunshine. It may not have lasted very long, but there were a couple of short sunny spells between 1 and 2pm today. Maybe it made today a little less awful than expected. Maybe that will be negated by rain. It currently looks like it could rain at any minute now. I haven't checked it is correct, but if the current temperature actually is 11° C, The forecast says it will be 11° C from midday today until sunset tomorrow. That is a long time at a constant temperature. Tomorrow morning may start with rain, but it might be dry by 7am. From 11am there could be sunny intervals. From, or perhaps just before sunset, the temperature will start to drop, but maybe only to 7° C. After the morning rain tomorrow should be a dry day.

  The 3 or 4 hour late arrival of the sunny intervals yesterday made the morning very unattractive for any outdoors pursuits. It was a sort of relief when Angela answered a message to say it was unlikely she would get to the pub at lunchtime. Upon hearing that I decided to stay in the warm, and try and care for my cold. It may have even worked, or maybe it was just the natural progression of the disease. I feel sure it was improved a lot by the evening after a day where I hardly did anything at all except keep warm and well hydrated (but not with booze until the evening). As I write this half of the day has already passed. There is all the usual long winded waffle about yesterday, and more waffle about half of today to be found in the full version here.
Friday 10th January 2020
08:34 GMT
  Yesterday was a day of two halves. The first half was bright and sunny with some lovely blue sky. The second half was dull and heavily overcast, and it included quite a lot of rain too ! The change happened at around 1pm, but fortunately the rain fell a few hours after that. It was a mild day. The sun felt warm, but the air temperature didn't exceed 13° C.
                    forecast may not be accurate
   The early version of today's forecast seems to have lost touch with reality ! At the moment it is as dull as ditchwater outside, and the chances of bright sunshine from clear blue skies in 40 minutes seems very remote ! The most recent revision now says that there will only be sunny periods today, and they won't start until 10am. That is a bit of a disappointment ! At least the temperature forecast hasn't changed - not that 8° C is anything to get excited about. The sunny periods, if indeed we do get them, should last until sunset. The best that can be said about today is that it should be dry. Tomorrow is currently predicted to be a little less cold with an afternoon temperature of 11° C, but it is thought to be an overcast day with no hint of sunshine. The cloud will thicken further at sunset, but the day should remain dry.
  Yesterday's morning sunshine was a very strong lure to go out and get some fresh air, but before I went for what was a fairly long walk, I went to Poundstretcher where, as I hoped, they had seeds back on the shelves. I bought a fair selection for my front garden. It could look quite colourful later in the spring and summer. My longer walk in the sunshine took me to the pub. I had hoped to meet Angela, but had originally said I would be going yesterday. Sadly I didn't see her, and came home feeling slightly sad and a suitable grey and miserable sky. Apart from trying to avoid eating unhealthy stuff by eating too much slightly more healthy stuff, I did very little until it was bed time. My cough was really pissing me off despite it probably improving. At least I didn't seem to lose any sleep last night because of that small improvement. The long version, with pictures, of all this is to be found right here.
Thursday 9th January 2020
08:25 GMT
  Being mostly heavily overcast made yesterday a fairly grim sort of day. Even a temperature of 12° C was no compensation. I guess it was sort of appreciated, but it wasn't high enough to be enjoyed in any way. All the hours of daylight were dry, but rain did fall in the evening, and through the night. Some of was heavy.
another dull wet day
   The latest revision to today's forecast shows some improvements. The last rain of the morning should soon be falling, and then there might be some sunny intervals from about 11am to 1pm - although when I look out my window I find that very hard to believe at the moment. Rain is forecast to resume at 2pm, and continue through to at least 11pm, but at least it will be light rain. The temperature continues this series of unusually mild January days. Around midday the temperature could be 13° C, although maybe 12° C is more representative of the day. Tomorrow could be a lot cooler, maybe only a max of 8° C, but it should be dry, and there could be sunny periods, and even long periods of sunshine !

  I guess I felt there was some improvement in my cold yesterday because I cleared my front garden of weeds and dead plants. I didn't cough much while doing that, and that was a good incentive to go out for a short walk. I bigger incentive was to meet Angela in the pub at lunchtime. In the afternoon I mostly relaxed. Before bedtime I realised that the nature of my cough was changing. For one thing the hypersensitivity at the top of my throat that was triggering most of my coughing, seemed to be diminishing. Also my cough was becoming less dry and tickly, and more wet. That contributed to a better sleep, although I could still have wished for much better. All the long, drawn out, gruesome details are filled in by reading the full version - to be found here.
Wednesday 8th January 2020
08:08 GMT
  There were two things the forecast never mentioned for yesterday. They were sun and rain. Until around 1pm there were some nice sunny periods, and although they were all but gone by 1pm, there had been some nice areas of blue sky earlier. The air seemed very still while the sun was shining, and it actually felt like the sun had some heat. Sadly, sometime after 1pm the weather reverted to the forecast heavy clouds, and for a short while one of those clouds was leaking. It was only the very lightest rain, and probably only lasted for 10 - 15 minutes. Overall it was a mild day with an afternoon temperature of around 11° C, and and even warmer evening temperature of 13° C.
                    this evening
   This morning has started off very mild at 12° C, and the cloud is sort of thin. At the moment the cloud is like piles of pillows, and I think that once the sun has risen a bit further we might be able to see blue between those "pillows". Maybe we will even get a sunny period or two. This afternoon the cloud will thicken, but the temperature will remain stable at 12° C until 4pm when it will start to drop, but only by 2° before rising again. The latest revision to the forecast says the rain may not start until 8pm, but I'm guessing that 7pm may be more realistic.  Tomorrow may be another mild day with a similar temperature profile as today, but it is going to be mostly wet.

   Yesterday was both good and bad. I finally got out to do a 1.5 mile walk, and I was partly lured out by a strong possibility of meeting up with Angela - which I did. I also used my new (seconhand) camera to take a few snaps along my walk. With a few caveats, I think I like the new camera, and it could be good for days out. Late afternoon and my evening were marred by my cold, and particularly the cough, coming back at full strength again. All the details can be read here.
Tuesday 7th January 2020
08:57 GMT
  Most of yesterday was pretty murky, and there was some rain in the early evening, but for a little while in the morning the sun managed to break through, and for a while, maybe a full hour, the day didn't seem so bad. The afternoon temperature first reached 9° C, and then a bit later the rain somehow raised the temperature to 10° C for an hour or two.
                    stay dry, and there are already hints that the sun
                    may break through the clouds
   The forecast doesn't show it, but at the moment it looks like there could be a sunny spell or two. I can see some small areas of blue among the clouds, and one almost lined up with the sun just now. This morning has started off fairly mild, for early January, about 7° C, and as the day progresses it will get warmer and warmer. By 6pm it could be 13° C, and if it were sunny it would be shirt sleeve weather. Sadly it will be after dark, and even before that, from 2pm, it is likely to be heavily overcast. It is in the early afternoon where there is a small chance of rain, but none is expected to fall. Tomorrow is predicted to start at 13° C, and even as the day ends at midnight, it may still be 11° C. It will probably be overcast, and there seems to be a small chance of rain for most of the day until 5pm when rain is expected to fall until midnight or later.

   The bad news was that my cold got worse yesterday. The good and bad news was that I wouldn't have to go out to meet Angela because she was still off work. The could have been bad news, but was actually good news, was that my parcel from Amazon arrived very much earlier than expected - just before 11am instead of late in the afternoon. It was nearly bad news because I had only come out from under the shower a few minutes earlier, and I could have been unable to answer the door. I had a rotten night, but this morning there are some encouraging signs I am on the mend again. I might even be meeting Angela at lunchtime (but there is some doubt about it). The long version, with added details, to this summary can be read here.
Monday 6th January 2020
09:05 GMT
  Yesterday was dull, murky, and rather cool, but it was dry despite the forecast saying there would be drizzle (but not actually saying when that drizzle would fall). The highest temperature was in the afternoon, and it was 9° C, but the wind made it feel almost icy.
another dull day with some rain in the ealy
   Today should be a degree warmer than yesterday, but whether that will be noticeable will be down to the wind. That extra degree, taking the temperature up to 10° C, won't happen until after sunset, and it looks like it will be at the expense of rain from sunset. Before then it will just be dull and overcast. The rain may finish after 6pm, but by then it will have been dark for a few hours, and it won't matter if it is overcast, or not. One small change has happened in the latest revision to the forecast, there could be sunny spells at midday. Tomorrow there is a very small risk of rain. The strange thing is that the temperature will slowly increase during the day. It may start at just 6° C, and rise to 13° C by 6pm. Unfortunately no sunshine is currently forecast for tomorrow.

  Yesterday was a day spent trying to work out if my cold was really over. It wasn't completely over, and in the evening I was distracted from the cold by another malady - something like Dysentery ! During the late morning I took my new coat for a walk to the shops. It was comfortable at first, but as expected, it ended up like wearing a portable sauna. The other thing of note is that I washed another pair of jeans yesterday. Washing one pair was exceptional, but two in two consecutive days must be an all time record. The long version of all this waffle can be found here.
Sunday 5th January 2020
09:57 GMT
  It was quite sunny yesterday. The forecast actually said "sunny intervals" for most of the daylight hours, but some of those sunny intervals were almost an hour long - possibly longer ! It's a shame the temperature was no higher than 9° C.
a dull
                    day with possible drizzle at unmentioned times
   The headline for today's forecast says drizzle, but at no time does it say when, and the highest probability shown for any precipitation is just 4%. The road seems dry at the moment, and so it seems unlikely there was any drizzle earlier this morning. My guess is that the forecasters are trying to jazz up what otherwise seems to be a very dull, very boring day. It's hard to say that 9° C is anything to get excited about under a grey sky. Since taking the screenshot above, nothing has changed. Tomorrow's headline feature is light rain, but it seems we will have to wait until almost sunset before seeing it, and then it might only last a few hours. Much of tomorrow is going to be as dull as ditchwater - exactly the same as today plus that sprinkling of light rain.

  The highlights of yesterday were that my cold was sometimes worse, sometimes better, and mostly sideways. After a good and bad night it does feel I have passed the peak this morning. I managed two achievements yesterday. One was to go shopping in Tesco without feel that bad. I didn't cough much, and my nose behaved itself until I was fumbling to get my key in the door. Once indoors I could drop my bags and give my nose a big blow before it dripped onto my shirt. The other achievement was to wash a pair of jeans. I am at the stage where, with one or two exceptions, I don't have to fear those jeans shrinking a bit when washed. I did have one anti-achievement. I bought some reduced price, and for Catford Tesco it was a big reduction, wraps from the sandwich shelves. I bought three packs. Ate them all for lunch, and ruined my blood glucose control. The long winded version of this précis, and other stuff, can be read here.
Saturday 4th January 2020
09:17 GMT
  Yesterday was not as dull as the forecast predicted. There were quite a few sunny periods, and some lasted for a fair time. Before that we had to endure a wet, but surprisingly mild morning. From late morning, and most of the afternoon, it was quite cool despite the sunny periods. It was mostly around 8° C. Later on, clear skies would cause the temperature to drop to as little as half that. 
                    sunshine today
   There have already been some sunny periods this morning, and with luck more will follow. It is a shame that the afternoon may only be 8° C apart from a very brief excursion to 9° C. At least it should be a dry day. Tomorrow is currently forecast to be lightly overcast, and with the temperature reaching 9° C for most of the afternoon.

  My cold worsened yesterday, and I ended up eating and drinking all sorts of stuff that raised my blood glucose higher than is desirable, although it seems my pancreas, after resting a lot, is possibly a bit more efficient to fight these (hopefully) brief peaks of excess consumption. The worst thing about my health was my cough going from just an occasional tickle to something that badly disturbed my sleep. All the details, or at least as many as I can remember in the full archive that can be found here.
Friday 3rd January 2020
09:55 GMT
  Yesterday continued the recent trend for dank, damp, overcast days with unexpected, unforecast, very light showers. There were probably one one or two of those very light sprinklings of rain, and the only thing that makes them notable was that the forecast said it would not rain yesterday. The other feature was that it was quite mild with an afternoon temperature of 11° C
a wet
                    start, but otherwise just nastily overcast
   Today marks a change in the weather. This morning started off almost warm, but wet. As the day progresses the cloud will apparently thing out, and the temperature will drop from 11° C to just 5° C by midnight. The latest revision changes things a bit. The afternoon temperature may be a very slightly improved 9° C, but the window in the clouds that may allow some sunny periods seems to have moved, and will now start an hour later - which means the second hour will be after sunset, and so is not relevant, although there may be possibilities for a colourful sunset. Tomorrow is forecast to start and end very cold, although probably a degree or two above where frost might form. The afternoon may see 8 or 9° C, and sunny intervals are possible through daylight hours.

  The summary of yesterday is quite simple. I walked to and from the hospital for my appointment with the dietician. It went extremely well, and I was praised for my blood glucose control, and also my weight loss. I thought the latter was happening rather too slow for my liking, but the nurse thought it impressive. Soon after getting home from the hospital I went out again to walk to the pub in the hope of seeing Angela. I later learnt that she was off sick. On the way home, after drinking just one pint of Guinness, I began to feel ill myself. It seems I have come down with some sort of bug - similar, but somehow a bit different to the common cold.
The full story, all the aches, pains, triumphs, tribulations, and pictures, can be read here.
Thursday 2nd January 2020
08:09 GMT
  Yesterday was another grey and grim, overcast day. Maybe not heavily overcast, but dull enough to be most unpleasant. It was also rather cool - mostly 7° C with a brief peak of 8° C. I didn't notice any rain, but it looked damp outside.
                    but not as cold as yesterday
 There some times today when there is a credible chance of rain, but the forecast says it will be dry. Unlike yesterday it will be fairly mild with temperatures of 11° C in the afternoon, but under what seems likely to be a dark grey sky, the temperature will probably hardly be noticed. According to the latest revision there is now a 75% chance of rain at 9am, but apparently no rain will fall ! The rain is being reserved for tomorrow morning - which will apparently start at 11° C, but it may quickly cool to just 8° C by the afternoon. It seems a trifle optimistic, but there could be a glimpse of sunshine before sunset tomorrow.

  There is very little to tell about yesterday. I stayed in doing very little - at least very little of a physical nature, possibly nothing, but I did spend a lot of time going through my old diary entries picking out any records of past walks to add to my spreadsheet of walking achievements. Back in 2011 I was doing lots of walks during or after work. I have already told how I finally managed to order my new 3 year Senior Railcard yesterday. What I did not expect so soon was an email !
excerpt from a surprise
                      email - that was quick !
An expanded version of today's writings here.
Wednesday 1st January 2020
09:54 GMT
  Yesterday, the last day of 2019, was grey, miserable and wet. The latter, the wet bit was a surprise after the forecast said it would be a dry day. Fortunately the rain was only ever very light drizzle, and even that was quite intermittent. With an afternoon temperature of 10° C, and very little wind, it felt almost mild out.
                    year starts overcast
 So far, the forecast for today has been almost right. The change from heavy cloud to light cloud seems to have happened a bit early, and while the cloud cover is still 100% it is now slightly lighter than gloomy. Once again a rain free day is forecast. I hope that it more reliable than the forecast for yesterday. It is probably going to be quite a cool day with the temperature no higher than 8° C - and the latest revision says it won't hit 8° C until midnight ! Most of the day will be only 7° C. Tomorrow is currently forecast to be mostly heavily overcast, but dry. It may also be a bit warmer with much of the day predicted to be 11° C.

  Today marks the start of a new format for these pages - assuming the plan I am making up as I continue to write works. The basic idea is to try and keep the size of the monthly pages (i.e. January) down to a more sane size. To do this I have to try and only copy a précis of today's events to the monthly page, and then provide a link to a copy of each daily page with the full, long winded version.

 ..and so, a précis of what's been happening. Starting with yesterday. The highlights of yesterday include eating, drinking and sleeping. My morning was spent doing housework, and while I was putting some rubbish in the wheelie bin I was spotted by my neighbour Michael. He suggested we go for a drink in the afternoon - which we did. In the evening I decided I would have a takeaway for my dinner. I had been drinking, and so the obvious thing was a kebab...or two, large kebabs. Booze and a full stomach made me feel sleepy, and I was in bed, and asleep by 10pm.

  This morning I had a major triumph. I managed to renew my 3 year Senior Railcard. I had to do it by a long phone call, but the order has been made, and hopefully it will arrive in the post before my current railcard expires on the 9th. I am not sure what I'll be doing for the rest of today.

The full version of today's diary can be found here.