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Monday 3rd February 2020
09:18 GMT
  There were a couple of times when a bit of hazy sunshine appeared from between the clouds in the morning, but yesterday was generally overcast. It was also quite mild with the temperature hitting 14° C for a short while in the afternoon. Once again, the clouds kept the temperature up into the night - it was 11° C until gone midnight.
overcast, but maybe not heavily
  As I write this the sun is shining weakly through the clouds. It is more of a hazy brightness than sunshine. Maybe there is still time for some proper sunny spells before the clouds fully cover the sky just after midday. Today should be dry, although in the latest revision of the forecast there is a 13% chance of rain at 11am. Once again it is going to be mild, but only just. It may be 12° C for just one hour (if at all), and 10 or 11° C is more representative of much of the day. During the night the temperature will fall a lot, but probably not low enough for a frost. Tomorrow will probably be cold, but the morning could be quite sunny.

  Yesterday was another day dominated by just two things. The first of those things was a shopping trip to Tesco. I ended up spending quite a bit of money in there, and I didn't buy any booze ! I'm not really sure why, I just felt like it at the time, but I came away with more cheese than usual, and a couple of the blocks of cheese were more expensive than others because they had some sort of exotic quality. One other unusual thing was a couple of tubs of ice cream.

  It was a day or two before yesterday when I had a sort of desire for some ice cream. After my stomach upset of the day before, my blood glucose level was very low (for me) yesterday morning, and that seemed to justify eating ice cream for lunch yesterday. In one respect it turned out to be a good idea. It was around lunchtime that I got a message from Kevin to say that he was up for a beer in the afternoon with a suggested time of 3pm. That suited me nicely, and the ice cream would "line my stomach" without feeling too full for beer.
two beers
  I thought that after Brexit the Wetherspoons chain of pubs were supposed to be dropping their prices to 2/6d a pint, or 1 Guinea for a Hogshead of ale. As you can see in the picture above, their "London Beer Festival" beer price was still the standard £2.10. The beer on the left, the Hedgerow Pale Ale, was my favourite. The tasting notes suggested it would be fruity, but apart from a hint of acid, I tasted no fruit in it. I didn't really like the Five Points Pale, although I can't really remember why. It wasn't nasty, but gave no pleasure.

  To make the session a bit cheaper I took along enough 50p off CAMRA beer vouchers for three pints each. Kevin, who has a hospital appointment today, switched to half pints at the end (it was supposed to be just one half pint, but it went down too fast, and he had another). The discount vouchers are only valid for full pints, and so I ended up having four pints during out 3 hour session in the pub. Three of the pints were of the Hedgerow Pale Ale.

  During the three hours in the pub we caught up with all the gossip, and made at least one tentative plan for the future. On the next dry and bright day, if Kevin is available, he will bring his electric saw over, and we can cut up a bit more of the tree stump in the garden. I have decided that if it works as I think it could, by simply trimming one of the branches it will become more like a tripod, and I will use it as a bird table - probably.

  It was 6pm when we left the pub, and I was keen to get home for dinner - but not so keen that I had to eat immediately. I had the patience to wait for some fish fingers to slowly cook in the oven. I must admit I did nibble on a couple of chunks of cheese, and some pickled onions while I waited.  With the distraction of dinner behind me I had a flick around the channels on the TV, and oh dear, what a load of rubbish !

  I ended up watching the movie Star Trek : Into The Darkness. In my opinion, apparently not shared by many cinema goers, it was rubbish. The plot was just a rehash of the original series story about discovering Khan, and his genetically enhanced comrades drifting in space in a state of suspended animation. As with every movie treatment of a TV series, everything was too big. For instance, the bridge of the Enterprise was the size of a large ballroom instead of being a small, rather more intimate room. It was also very predictable that there were more, and bigger explosions, as well as unlimited phasor fire.

  So the movie pissed me off, but there was another negative treat in store. Channel E4 (whatever that is) was showing an episode of Star Trek : Discovery. I had to consult Wikipedia to find out what was going on. I found it hard to believe that it was supposed to be set in future time after the prequel series Star Trek : Enterprise, and before the original series of Star Trek. There was no explanations as to why the appearance of Klingons had changed once again to be unrecognisable. I thought that the appearance of Klingons was fixed by the time of the New Generation series, and then every series after that, apparently not.

  In the time line of Star Trek : Enterprise the ship has a quite primitive look to it - sort of almost analogue, and riveted steel plates. In the original series the technology has improved to give a sleeker look, but many analogue controls are still shown. In Star Trek : Discovery, apparently set between those two time lines, everything is very digital with huge display screens. Apart from no holodecks, the technology in Discovery looks far in advance of any of the Star Trek series. Even the uniforms show no hint of continuity, and have been "re-imagined" by some idiot who cannot have been a Star Trek fan.

  I think I downloaded one episode of Star Trek : Discovery a year or two ago, and I suspect I came to similar conclusions because I certainly never bothered to try and download any more episodes, and I am not sure I even watched the one I did download all the way through. I think I will have to be very bored to even consider watching another episode next Sunday. In some ways it was quite a relief to turn off the TV and go to bed last night.

  I slept well again last night. I think it must be something to do with the temperature over the last few days that is the the reason for sleeping well. The temperature has been such that there doesn't seem to be any conflict between it being too hot with the duvet, and too cold without.  I woke up the usual amount of times in the night, but fell asleep again within minutes. maybe even seconds, after going back to bed.

  This morning I felt like I would like more sleep, but sleep would not come, and so I got up feeling fairly good. I didn't feel the need for any pain killers last night, and that seemed justified because I seem to be between flare ups of my chest/ribs pain. This morning my chest feels fine, and as far as I can tell, most (but maybe not all) bits of me feel like they are in fair working order. Even my blood glucose level was satisfactory this morning after ice cream and beer yesterday. I think it was 7.9 - I would prefer it to be 6 point something, but anything under 8.0 is acceptable.

  My plans for today are very simple. If I have time I want to pop into Poundstretcher for a few odds and ends, but the main thing is to go for a walk in the park. Hopefully the sunny periods will have started by then. In the middle of my walk I will call into the pub with the hope of spending an hour with Angela. I don't know what I will do for the rest of the day after I get home form my walk. I may do nothing more than catching up on some reading, or I may do a bit more clearing/tidying in the back room.