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January 2020 February 2020

Thursday 13th February 2020
09:00 GMT
  Yesterday was another that was "not bad", but also not that good. There was a nice sunny morning, but before midday the sunshine gave way to just sunny spells that got shorter and shorter, but just about made it through to sunset. Indoors, with sun coming through my windows, it felt warm enough to open a window when the sun was at it's brightest, but outdoors it took until 2pm to briefly hit 9° C, but the temperature quickly fell away again afterwards. Although it was originally forecast to start raining after midnight, it was actually raining much earlier - maybe as early as 9pm.
bright start, wet finish

  The forecast for today seems to have got it wrong - even in the latest revision. There has been some rain recently, but at the moment the sun is shining (although getting dimmer as I write these words), and the sky only seems to have very thin looking clouds in it. Some areas look blue. It makes me think that today the symbol used in the forecasts that shows a combination of sunshine, clouds and rain, may actually be right - we are going to have all three until, maybe, 4pm, and then it may stop raining, and just be overcast for the rest of the day. Tomorrow may start with some frost, but it should warm up to 12° C. There might even be some sunny spells in the morning, but after that it is predicted to be overcast. Eventually it will start to rain. The current prediction say that the rain will start at 8pm

  I was quite disappointed to hear from Angela that she wasn't able to meet me at lunchtime, and it sort of threw my whole day into disarray. There was still one constant, and that was the parcel delivery I was expecting.  I had been sent a message to say the parcel would be delivered between 10:51 and 11:51. It actually arrived at 11:55. I guess that was within 10% tolerance, and at least it would not have affected me if I had been going out for a walk before meeting Angela.

  Instead of going for a long healthy walk I went to Aldi. I hoped it would be more civilised mid week compared to when I went that at about the same time on a Saturday. It was, and wasn't. The inside of the store was far less crowded, and just a few mums pushing their two storey, double width prams about. There were still some long queues at the checkouts though. Fortunately another checkout opened while I was in a good position to become second in the queue. Unfortunately for what would have been the fourth person in the queue, it closed again because the conveyor belt was faulty, but the girl manning it managed to get the first three of us served.

  I was quite careful about what I bought, and I managed to avoid all temptation to buy stuff that would interfere with my diet...or at least not too much. I did buy one luxury - some biltong and beef jerky. The bags are quite expensive, but contain about 2 or 3 times the amount that I would occasionally buy from elsewhere. There was a shop near where I used to work that had a wide range of air dried meats - including ostrich - and the prices were similar to Aldi today, but those bags sometimes seemed to have no more than a few crumbs of meat in them.

  When I got home from Aldi it was around 1pm, and I fancied some lunch. I had thought about what I might have, if he urge came over me, while in Aldi. For this I bought some salmon fillets and baby spinach leaves. My lunch was grilled salmon with raw spinach leaves. It did the trick, and I don't think I ate anything else until dinner time (or did I ?). I know that just before dinner time I checked my blood glucose, and it was nice and low, 5.8mmol/l. A few hours after dinner of skinless chicken thighs and broccoli*, it was only 6.1mmol/l - still very good.

* Has anyone noticed that the spelling of Broccoli changes on alternate days ? If I spell it with two Cs my spell checker says it should be one C and two Ls. If I spell it like that my spell checker says it should be two Cs and one L. Of course it is possible I am confused, and if I am, then what about the spelling of mayonnaise ? That seems to occasionally swap the amount of Ns and Ss !

  I should have spent the afternoon doing something useful, but I probably spent less than 20 minutes doing some cleaning/tidying of my back room. All I did was to make a start going through some of the stuff in the desk drawers. I think I'll be moving that desk into my bedroom some day, and the drawers have accumulated crap for something like 20 years. I found a Valentine card in one drawer that probably dates back to the mid 1990s ! One holdup in cleaning out those drawers is that there is paperwork in them that could more usefully be saved electronically, and that means that some day I'll have to have a long marathon document scanning session.

  A lot of yesterday afternoon was spent laying on my bed reading, or snoozing. I am not sure how long I snoozed for, but it probably was not all that long, and from time to time I did put my book down to do some stuff on my PC. My PC needs occasional housework just like my house - except I do try to keep my hard drive a bit cleaner ! The task I did on and off during the afternoon, and also in the evening, was to move any video from the picture archives to my video archive disks (a master and backup external USB drives). This is in preparation to doing a full backup of my picture archives - once again onto a master and backup external disk drives.

  One slightly unusual thing that happened before I could relax in bed was the need to go to the toilet for a poo. Afterwards I dared to weigh myself. I was surprised at how low it was for the time of day. That was good news, and I knew that the amount of urine I would pass in the night would reduce my weight even further. I was not mistaken. I had a fairly good night, or at least I think I did, but as usual my kidneys were just as active as they always are since being on two of the drugs I have to take. The extra weight loss by morning suggested I had passed around a litre of pee in the night.

  This morning I seem to be within 600gm (roughly a pound and a half) of my "official" weight, as measured at the hospital in mid January. By next Monday, if not sooner, I will have shed the excess put on as a result of illness, and terrible weather, and get back to try and lose another 10kg (and a couple of inches around my waist - hopefully. After that good news it was a bit of a disappointment to see my blood glucose level was still above 7 (actually 7.4mmol/l) this morning. I was hoping it might be just under 7. I am desperately trying to think what I might have eaten that would have pushed it up in the night, and I can't really think of anything.

  There is only one definite thing on the agenda for today, and that is to go out for my regular Thursday afternoon drinking session. It would be nice if the rain could finish by about 3.30pm today so I could walk to the station in the dry. The sunshine I noted further up the page has now vanished, and it is, or has been raining. This is as forecast unfortunately. There is always a silver lining to every cloud, or so they say, today's silver lining is that the rain is a good test for my repaired gutter. I haven't been outside to check, but I believe it is holding out OK for now. Saturday will be the real test when torrential rain is forecast.