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January 2020 February 2020

Saturday 15th February 2020
09:04 GMT
  I can only think that yesterday's weather was so bland that it left very little impression on me. There was a bit of sunshine in the morning, but it was overcast by midday. The morning started cold enough for a light frost, but by the afternoon it was 11° C, and neither warm nor cold. There was supposed to be some rain starting at 9pm, but I have no idea when it started. All I know was that the ground was wet this morning.
storm Dennis approaches

  By the look of the ground the overnight rain probably stopped at around 5am, but maybe earlier, and as I said above, I have no idea when it started. Was is more certain is that sooner or later it will rain again today. The latest prediction is that it was start at 1pm, but the real unknown is when it will be light, and when heavy. The forecast attempts to put times to it, but I suspect it will be more random. I'm not sure if there is going to be any benefit to it being 13° C for a lot of today when the rain will make outdoors very user unfriendly. That's not to mention the gale force winds expected that will probably chill to the bone. The current forecast predicts the rain tomorrow will all be heavy until an hour or two after sunset. During the morning there will be more gale force winds.

  Yesterday was one of those days when I couldn't raise much enthusiasm to do anything. I did do some things, but I couldn't be bothered to do more than the minimum. Generally speaking I had a very lazy day. The weather was one reason for it, but with the benefit of hindsight there could have been another reason, and a reason that I think I have experienced before.

  There was one thing I just had to do yesterday morning, and that was to finish washing the double duvet cover I had started the day before. As expected, it was a nasty experience until I had wrung out the cold soapy water, and started the rinses, and fabric conditioner in warm water. It was a relief to get it hanging over a clothes horse in front of a fan heater turned to the low setting.

  With the bath clear of laundry tubs I should have taken a shower, but I was not expecting to see anyone, and so I just washed myself down quickly with a flannel. That seemed good enough for the one time I went out. That was the next thing I did once I was dressed - going to the corner shop. I wanted the latest New Scientist, and a couple of bottles of Diet Coke. I also bough a ball of twine. I had been looking in places like Poundland for some string or twine to use in the garden, but it was the corner shop that had it.
Valentines card from
  Yesterday was St Valentines day, and I guess it was entirely appropriate that I should find a Valentines card at the back of the drawer I was clearing out yesterday. I didn't get any current Valentines cards this year, but through my life it has been rare to get any. The card above was sent by the mum of an old flame (Yes, I had mum and daughter !), and it was more sexy than the sender. It was also partly sent in least I think it was.
coaster made from a
                          silvery metal
  The picture above is of a coaster, about 3 inches across, and made from a silvery metal that could almost be silver, but probably isn't (no hall marks visible). The back is like a soft, or perhaps padded plastic. If it is marked as silver it could be under the padding. I wish I could remember how I acquired this coaster. It was at the back of the drawer with the Valentines card plus other detritus and all covered in a film of old cigarette ash. It is probably I acquired it when I was working in the behind the scenes service department of a well know high street shop.

  One possible scenario was that it was found inside a VHS video recorder. From time to time VHS machines would come into the workshop where some kiddie had posted stuff through the tape loading slot. Food was quite a frequent thing. Such machine were usually considered a write off, and if the customer had succumbed to the shop selling insurance they would get a new machine. They were the lucky ones who had not just wasted their money, but actually got a bonus from it. Thousands more would waste their money - it was considered a very important part of the companies revenue stream.
stony ground
  One of the things I could have, and probably should have done yesterday was to do some work in the garden. Having purchased my ball of string from the corner shop, I could have marked out where I will be re-using a lot of the bigger rubble as edging stones for borders between the lawn-to-be, and the beds where I hope to have some plants and vegetables some day.

  I did get as far as going out to consider what I was going to have to do, and I could have actually started work out there. It wasn't terribly cold, and it wasn't raining, but the grey sky drained some enthusiasm. I then made excuses like "the ground is still too wet" to start raking the lawn area free of stones and stuff. As can be seen in the picture on the left, some of my garden looks more like the beach at Southend after the rain has exposed so much rubble.

  Perhaps the best excuse of all for doing very little, and absolutely nothing in the garden, was that I had a brand new, crisp New Scientist to read. So I lay on my bed reading except when I got up to spend a few minutes here, and a few minutes there to clear out the desk drawer that revealed the Valentines card and coaster. I also had to take a break to polish the coaster with metal polish, and to take pictures of the coaster and card.

  There was one other important thing I did yesterday, and that was to be very careful about what I ate. That is careful in a blood glucose way, and not really in a weight loss way. My lunch was a lot of park sausages - and nothing else unless some mustard and reduced sugar ketchup count.

  Those sausages were from Aldi, and they could, and maybe were from their "everyday" range. They were cheap, and almost nasty. They didn't taste that bad, but their texture was awful. It is probably worth spending another 20p for their next range up. It is only rarely do they have anything that could be called a premium range. My neighbour, upon hearing about these sausages, says I ought to go with him to the sausage shop in Beckenham. They apparently sell excellent sausages there. Maybe I will go there some time.

  As dinner time approached I knew I wanted something basically healthy. My wealth is slowly evaporating as I wait for my state pension in the middle of next year (I hope), and so takeaways are starting to become a bit of a luxury, but I found I wanted a kebab - grilled meat and salad has proved itself to suit all aspects of my diet before, and that is what I had. I tried yet another semi-local restaurant, and I was not entirely pleased with what I got. The meat was good, but the chilli sauce on it was sparse and rather tame. The salad seemed like it had been prepared in the morning, was past it's best. The worst thing was one of the green chillies (just one per kebab) tasted awful. It looked OK, but ugh !

  I felt nice and replete after my kebabs (no pitta bread), and found that I wanted to go to bed before all TV options had finished. So I went to bed not that long after 8.30pm, and read for a while. I think I then fell asleep for possibly an hour, but it could have been less. I had been feeling a bit uncomfortable when I went to bed, but not in any dramatic way. My belly felt a little full, but other bits of me seemed to be uncomfortable. When I woke up again (assuming I did go to sleep - it was all a bit vague) I thought I ought to go to the toilet.

  There was absolutely no urgency about it at all, but I just had this idea it would be a good thing. It was. It was like uncorking a bottle of beer. Once the cork came out everything just frothed over. Over the course of the next 30 to 60 minutes I made about 5 visits to the toilet, and all but the last were "dramatic". I felt so much thinner after that. I also slept a lot better, but only after taking a couple of paracetamol because my right shoulder was feeling very painful when I tried sleeping on my right, or even on my back.

  This morning my right shoulder is still rather sore. This blows my theory that it is either painful at night, or during the day, but rarely both, right out of the window. One other negative thing is that despite emptying more content than my torso could possibly hold, my weight seems slightly higher this morning. There is good news too. My attempt to get my blood glucose level down did work. 6.8mmol/l is not as low as I really want to aim for, but it is the first time it has been under 7 in the morning for a week or more.

  One thing I may well do today is to go to Tesco and carefully buy some stuff that may help my blood glucose go lower still, although it is possible that might be a waste of time for today. The one other thing I hope to bring myself to do is to go out - in the rain !!! - to see two bands play in The Pelton Arms in Greenwich. it is a bit of an awkward place to get to. It may mean two buses and a walk through the back streets of Greenwich. The two bands are Haze - a young band who are opening for Chain. Haze should be on at 8pm, and so I had better leave early. It is almost worth going because it is rare for a gig to start at a sensible time.