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January 2020 February 2020

Tuesday 18th February 2020
08:22 GMT
  The forecast for yesterday turned out to be wrong for several reasons. The hail, forecast for around sunrise, was just some light rain. Once that was over it was a sunny morning, with sunny intervals until sunset, and it remained dry. The afternoon temperature was 10° C - right on the border between cold and mild.
maybe rain later in the day

  At the moment the sky seems too clear for anything but bright sunshine, but the forecast, even the latest revision, says we will only get sunny intervals. By midday it should be 10° C again, but it will be overcast. From 4pm we may have some light rain. Tomorrow could be a bit cooler, lack sunshine, and some of it may be wet.

 a two mile walk
Yesterday was one of those days that felt good...well maybe not all good, but a lot of it was good. One less good thing was that when I went out for a walk it had become a bit dull after a bright morning. Fortunately it did brighten up again, and for a while it was almost feeling nice out there. Seeing Angela was another bright spot.

  When I first set out I felt I ought to try for a three mile walk, but I couldn't raise the enthusiasm for that at first, and so I made a sort compromise. I did a sort of S shaped walk through the park to make the walk to the pub a little longer, and that made the walk to the pub almost a mile - almost twice the most direct route.

  After a two pint (of Guinness) rest in the pub the sky had cleared to reveal a really BLUE blue sky to the north. That inspired me to go back into the park after walking Angela back to work, and I walked away from home so I could cross the park, and head home on the other side of the park - until I then crossed to the other side again, and walked along then path on the west side of the athletic track to avoid going down the same path I had started the walk on.

  With the sun back out, and it starting to feel mild, I was tempted to do another circuit of the park - possibly crossing the railway, and walking through to Catford Bridge station. There was one reason why I didn't, and that was because the Guinness seemed to have gone through me rather more quickly than usual, and while there was no desperation about it, it seemed wise to go straight home, and to my toilet.
lots of daffodils
  Everywhere I looked in the park it seemed the first daffodils were in full bloom. Well maybe that is not quite accurate. I did see some in less sheltered positions, or not on the river banks, that were still to bloom. I also have doubts that I will ever get any flowers from the ancient bulbs that are in my front garden. They were there when I bought my house, and some years they flower, and some they don't.
embryo island
  I have no idea why an island in the river fascinates me so much. It could be childhood memories, but as far as I can recall they were a fascination then. I am keeping watch on what seems to be an island forming in the river. After the very wet weekend the the river is running high, but not high enough for any flow on the right hand channel around the island, but maybe there was earlier on. It is also possible that the water that can be seen in the right hand channel is just big puddles from the rain. I will continue to monitor this embryo island to see what happens in the future.
blue sky
  This was the view on my second tour of the park. The sunshine looks to be a bit hazy, maybe because of some thin cloud in the sky behind me, but looking to the north was a most beautiful, summer like, blue sky.

  After not seeing Angela for almost a week it was a joy to see her in the pub. We had a very nice lunch break in there together. I heard about her beauty treatment, and could see a small positive effect on her face. Of course Angela has a naturally beautiful face, and so any treatment is going to do little except to her own appreciation of her face. If she feels good about it then that is all that matters.

  One matter that came up was the Wednesday night pub quiz that she suggested we should take part in. My thoughts on it are that it is not the sort of thing I think I would enjoy, but that maybe I would enjoy it as partner to Angela. I suppose I am supposed to take the lead and tell Angela when we will enter it, but it was Angela's idea, and she knows best when she is able to get out on a Wednesday night. I did go as far as to remind her about it, but no more. It was maybe encouraging that she said that we ought to come up with a name for our team of two, and suggested The Catford Duo. It is possible that tomorrow would be a good time. Lover boy is laying low at the moment while being treated for kidney stones.

  I was in a good mood when I got home, and that made me determined to not feel so hungry that I would do anything to increase my blood glucose level. I actually had quite a big lunch - but of very carefully selected ingredients. Part one was beansprouts in some spiced up beef stock. Part two was more beansprouts in Batchelor's Beef And Onion cup-a-soup. Both had little nutritional value, and yet were filling - if only for a short time. My idea worked, and my blood glucose was down to 6.3mmol/l just before dinner time. As always, a bit lower would have been more to my liking, but that was a good figure.

  When it came to dinner I could have knocked something up from stuff in the fridge, but I had a better idea. Well it would have been better except for the expense when I feel I ought to be slowing down my spending as my savings get lower and lower - and still 14 months or so until I get my state pension. I decided I would go down the tried and trusted path of a shish kebab - just grilled meat and salad (and chilli sauce). There is something about consuming a takeaway that seems to reduce, and usually almost kills any desire for later snacks of nibbles.

  After the previous night's bad sleep I took a couple of Ibuprofen tablets before going to bed. They generally calm down any pains from my ribs and ligaments of my chest. Those aches only formed a small part of my bad sleep, but maybe eliminating them last night was good enough. I seemed to sleep much better last night. I wasn't keeping an accurate tally, but I seemed to be sleeping in three hour blocks last night - two hour blocks seem more common.

  This morning I definitely ache less. When I went to bed, my right shoulder seemed to playing up a bit, but I've not noticed any discomfort from it since waking up - yet ! This morning my blood glucose is down to 7.0mmol/l, and that is slightly below my average. In an ideal world I would hope it to be under 7 tomorrow, but we ain't living in an ideal world. I definitely won't be having another takeaway tonight, but I might have an all vegetable dinner, and no more than soup for lunch. Tomorrow the truth may be told !!

  My only plans, beyond some aspirations of trying to eat healthy, are to go for another walk in the park, and to hopefully spend another lunch break with Angela - in a pub that seems to show signs of being near a big hospital with a small mental health unit.
mental health beer
  These are two (front and back) of the latest beer mats to appear in the pub. The previous beer mats were all about smoking and penis size. I wonder if they are printed for use in the staff bar in the hospital, but some health worker drops them on the tables of the pub. I don't suppose we will ever know. I wonder if there will be anything new in there today ?