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Thursday 27th February 2020
10:02 GMT
  Yesterday started bright, sunny, and rather cold. Later on it warmed from a chilly 3° C to a still chilly 8° C. The forecast said there would be a splash of rain yesterday, but the predicted time kept changing. I think there was a light splash of rain - it may have only been 37 light drops - but I can't seem to recall when it was, and so it's probably ignorable.
a very cold and wet start to the day =

  The forecast doesn't show it, but there has been some snow...well I suppose it was actually sleet mixed in with rain this morning. It has only just stopped as I write this, but the dark sky promises more precipitation of one thing or another.  The latest revision of the forecast has the rain stopping at midday - which is better than 1pm, but only just, as shown in the early version of the forecast for today. After the rain stops we should have sunny spells until sunset, but sadly not the couple of hours of sunshine shown above. It was also be warmer than shown above. The latest prediction is that the temperature will briefly hit 8° C for maybe 5 minutes at 3pm, but 7° C would be more representative of the afternoon. The first couple of daylight hours tomorrow should be dry, but very cold (3° C), but it will slowly warm up to 11° C by 4pm. It will probably rain, maybe only light showers, from 8am to 5pm.

   There was one thing I wanted to do yesterday morning before taking a walk to meet Angela in the pub, and that was to go to the British Heart Foundation shop. I had noticed a photographers light stand in the window for £9.99. I'm not sure I have a need for the first light stand I have, but a pair could be more useful than just the one. Unfortunately I found it had been sold a few hours earlier. While I was there I had a look through their second (or more) hand CDs. They had a lot of good stuff, and I sorted out a small pile to buy.

  What I failed to do was to notice the outrageous prices on some of them. When I got to the till I was asked for £39. I queried that because I thought that all the CDs would be no more than £1.99 each - the price I have been paying in there for quite some time now - some double CDs excepted. Some of the single CDs I had selected were priced at £5.99, and that could have been the price for them new once upon a time. I declined to buy any of the £5.99 CDs, but I did buy a couple for £3.99. The rest were still the old price of £1.99 (one was just £0.99). One of the £3.99 CDs was rather special as I shall explain later.

  Spending a bit more time in the shop, and then having to stop to rip one CD to mp3, made me too late to go out for even a short walk, and I abandoned trying to record my walk because I just went straight to the pub by almost the shortest route possible. My route did take me through a bit of the park, but not where there are many (any ?) photographic opportunities, and so I didn't even bother taking a camera with me.

  I arrived at the pub with 5 minutes to spare, or actually more like 10 minutes to spare because Angela does not get there at exactly 1pm, and maybe 10 past 1pm is more typical. She was pleased to see me, and even more pleased when she saw what I had left on the table for her. It was one of the £3.99 CDs I had bought (and ripped to mp3) earlier. The CD was an album by Gordon Lightfoot - an artist I know to be one of her favourites. She was absolutely delighted to receive it, and I won a little hug, and a kiss (on the cheek) right there and then.

  Needless to say we had a nice drink together, and then I walked her back to work. This time I walked her much closer to the building she works in. Sometime earlier, maybe last week, she mentioned that our mutual friend Michael had walked right past her office by taking a naughty short cut through the grounds of the hospital. I'm not so sure it is actually a short cut - it just two different sides of a triangle with approximately equal sides. I said I would have to investigate it one day, but that I felt reluctant because I had no official business in that part of the grounds, and I didn't want to appear lost while navigating between buildings and the staff car park.

  Yesterday I had a guide ! Angela walked me past her office, and pointed out the exact window to wave through the next time I passed, and then far enough to easily see the way to the staff car park exit that is next to one of the exits from the park. Angela says she looks forward to a wave the next time I pass. That probably won't be until Monday. I have in mind a route, using that short cut, that should extend the walk to the pub to almost a mile and a half. From there it is about 0.6 miles directly back home, or even a bit more if I take a slightly indirect route.

  I probably won't be seeing Angela again until next Monday, but there is a small chance she might turn up to a gig in Greenwich late Sunday afternoon. There is nanoscopic possibility that I could see her on Friday. She is out on the razzle with her daughter Miranda. I know where they are going, and could gatecrash, but I don't think I should. That tiny, tiny, tiny chance is being offered an invite to join them for a drink. Nothing has been mentioned, and I doubt it ever will be, but we live in hope.

  When I got home from the pub I spent the rest of the afternoon ripping my new CDs to mp3 files. It is a curious fact that I have no CD player at the moment, and generally listen to all my CDs as mp3 files on my PC. While doing the ripping I had a liquid lunch - liquid with some lumps in - aka soup ! I am still uncertain if I am not reading the nutritional information on the soup packets correctly. They seem harmless, but they could be another source of hidden sugar. In the case of yesterday, I think any hidden sugar would be outweighed by my dinner.

  My dinner was a devil may care sort of meal. It was 4 big hot dog sized sausages that contained cheese and chilli served on a big bed of baked beans with some extra melted cheese. It was very nice, and very unhealthy. I haven't dared weigh myself this morning, but I do know my blood glucose is high again, although lower than the day before, and not too far off my average. I have a theory that says it is good to reset your eating to crap every now and then so the body, particularly the pancreas, gets a reminder of what it is supposed to be doing. Either the theory works, or the effect scares me enough to start toeing the line more conscientiously for a few days or more (ideally more months !).

  Once again, I took a couple of Ibuprofen before going to bed, and had a comfortable night, but it still seemed to involve some vivid dreams - one dream featured smells. I can't seem to recall smelling anything in dreams before. I probably have, but have just forgotten them. In last night's dream I was walking towards home from Catford Bridge station. As I approached the first turning I would pass I could smell a horrible smell. It was the smell of rancid dustbins.

  I knew instantly that I would see the dustcart and dustmen just around the corner, and of course I did. From then on things got a bit weird. Instead of the road continuing to my house I found myself walking in, or past the school playground. There were big heaps of rubbish to be collected by the dustmen. Some were packs of unused bubble wrap, and I was tempted to try and rescue one. As I walked the rubbish seemed to turn from something that a school might put out to more like what might be produced on an industrial estate. I noted quite a bit of electronic stuff that I would have liked to salvage, but there seemed to be too many people watching me. The last thing I spotted was an old hard disk, and I didn't dare take that in case I was accused of being a hacker. The dream sort of faded out at that point.

  This morning I feel basically OK, but I will be saving my energy for going to my regular "Thursday Club" drink at about 4pm. Before then I have some important, and very traumatic stuff to do. I have to pay my credit card bill, and my phone bill. It doesn't matter how much or how little is in my bank account, I really hate paying those bills ! One other important thing before I go out this afternoon is to have a good shower, and probably wash my hair. Before doing that I ought to wash some t-shirts and underwear, but first priority before anything else is to pay those bloody bills !