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Tuesday 18th May 2021
Lockdown day 419

07:46 BST

  I'm not sure which weather forecaster came closest to reality yesterday. The morning was generally bright, and was often quite sunny. Those long sunny spells continued into the afternoon, but the quality of light changed sometime after 4pm. It still seemed bright, with a fair bit of blue sky when looking out my south facing front windows, but the view to the north, out the back windows was very different. There was thick black cloud, and it wasn't long before some distant peels of thunder could be heard. Then the rain started. It wasn't too bad at first, but by 6pm the rain was coming down in torrents. That them turned into pea sized (big marrowfat pea sized) hail. Two hours later there were still patches of unmelted hail to be seen. Not long after that the sky cleared again. I have a feeling the temperature may not have risen as high as the forecast 14° C, or if it did it may have been for a quite short time. I could have been as low as 10° C for some of the afternoon/early evening.
dry a bright start
  This morning has started with clear blue skies and bright sunshine, and after a cool night the temperature is starting to rise. It is what is happening next that is open to speculation. Both the weather forecasts I check say it will be another wet afternoon, but the Met Office predict the first rain will fall at midday, and the BBC say 1pm. Both forecasters, in their latest revisions, say the rain will not be very heavy. The BBC say the afternoon temperature could peak at 15° C. The Met Office say only 14° C. It is currently looking like tomorrow will be slightly wetter than today, but probably a similar temperature.
  The first event of note yesterday was going shopping in Aldi just after 8am, but I wrote about that yesterday. The next physical thing I did was to hand wash some laundry. It would have been nice to dry it on the line, but the rotten weather meant that I had to dry it in doors. I decided not to waste any electricity by using a heater. At this time of year the heaters should be packed away until November, but the one in my bedroom still gets loads of use.

  I didn't really do much after I had hung the washing up to dry. I lay on my bed quietly reading for a fair time until it was time to investigate the change of light outside. It was still sunny in my bedroom, but at the back of the house I could only see black clouds. I also heard a few distant rumbles of thunder. I'm sure this was around 4pm. The peak of the coming storm was about 6pm according to the time stamp on a bit of video I shot.
 If I had continued shooting for another minute I would have caught the hail pounding down, but I only wanted a very short clip to send to Argentina so my friend Patricia could see what lovely weather we were having.
  Two hours later I noticed that there was still some hailstones on the pavement across the road, but the easiest ones to take a snap of where on the seat of a broken chair in the garden. Considering we should be almost in summer weather now, those hailstones took well over 2 hours, perhaps even three, before they melted.

  Once I had had my dinner, slightly later than 6pm because of the storm, I put out some more dog food for the fox cubs. This time I spread it out a lot more to try and give them all an equal chances to get some. I didn't actually see them emerge from their earth to eat it, but it was gone by this morning. Some may have been eaten by a rat. I did see two rats, yes two of the bloody things, emerge from the foxes earth, or maybe from a side tunnel next to it, and one took a sniff at the dog food.

  My dinner was the beef stew with beans and mushrooms I had originally cooked for the night before. It was nice, but I thought it needed more chilli in it. I had a dessert after it, and that may not have been a good idea. It was some sugar free chocolate that has a lot less sugar than normal chocolate, but not a zero amount. It seems I can't get away with these low amounts of sugar in this that and the other when I have a very sedentary day.

  I seemed to have a very good sleep last night. As usual, I woke up 3, maybe 4 times in the night, but it seems that every time my head hit the pillow I was asleep again within seconds. I recall having a complex series of dreams during the night. They started off on a weird concept, and then got stranger still. The first bit of dream was set on a sandy bit of coast with a very nearby sandy island. For reasons unknown, I was trying to set up a telephone network using 5 old rotary dial phones. I was trying to tune the bells so they would only ring when they received the correct ringing frequency. This was I didn't have a proper telephone exchange to connect them two.

  Later dreams seemed to be dreams about the first dream. In one I realised what I was trying to do could never work. I can't remember any real details about later dreams, but I am sure they were more dreams about earlier dreams. These dreams, apart from being weird, as all dreams tend to be, were neither good nor bad. They weren't even entertaining. Sometimes you can remember some sort of inspiration for dreams, but I can't for these dreams.

  This morning my blood glucose is up again to 9.6mmol/l. A sort of pattern is starting to emerge. It seems that my subconscious is better at selecting my food than is my conscious mind. Yesterday I was making a point of erring on the side of caution, but having selected stuff known to be low sugar I probably ate too much of it. Of course not getting exercise yesterday, and very little for the whole month, is not doing me any good.

  I did have a plan to go to Tesco early this morning, but I couldn't raise the enthusiasm for that. I will try and raise the enthusiasm to go out for a short walk today. My plan is to walk to Ladywell, and contrive to pass The Jolly Farmer pub just before 1pm. If it is open I will send a message to Angela and ask if she fancies a drink. The chances are that it will be pouring with rain before than, and I will be dashing home, but if not I'll find that Angela is working from home today.
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