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Monday 17th May 2021
Lockdown day 418

10:01 BST

  Neither The Met Office, or The BBC (Meteogroup) weather forecasts managed to predict yesterday's reality. Neither predicted the early morning sunny spells. After those there were occasional light showers, and maybe one or two heavier showers (but not torrential) dotted about during the afternoon. The cumulative effect was that it was wet and muddy outside, but if you time it right there plenty of occasions when a dash to the local shops could have been done in the dry (except underfoot). It was another of those neither hot nor cold days. The afternoon peak was around 13° C, but with no supporting sunshine it didn't feel better than almost tepid.
dry morning, wet afternoon
  Today is featuring a dry morning, but from midday anything could happen. The revisions to the forecast, that have happened since taking the screenshot above early this morning, have shuffled around when the sky might be dark, and when it might be light, and shuffled around when there might be light rain, and when they might be heavy rain. All we can be sure of is that this afternoon is going to be wet to some degree or another, but at 14° C it might feel mild - depending on what the wind does. I was hoping tomorrow would be dry enough to sit in the park at 1pm (in case anyone might join me), but it seems tomorrow morning will see all the sunny spells, and tomorrow afternoon will feature light rain.
  I had to look at what I wrote yesterday morning to find something to write about today. It was almost another very boring day yesterday - rather typical of a Sunday at any time, and not just during Covid. On top of that the weather was definitely not user friendly. So I almost did nothing all day.

  The "almost" is because I did do the one chore I really had to do - clean up the kitchen. Admittedly it wasn't a lot more than do a sink full of washing up, and clean the work surfaces. I also emptied the rubbish and recycling bins. Both were getting a bit smelly - mainly as a result of the Indian takeaway I had last Thursday night. The official instructions are to rinse food containers before putting them in the recycling bin, but rinsing is not always very effective - even with hot water.

  I can't remember much about what I ate yesterday, except for my dinner. The reason is that I was on autopilot. After another too high blood glucose reading in the morning I should have been very careful about what I ate, but I felt too fed up to consciously bother, and just let my subconscious do the selecting. It might have done a better job than I would have done had I been thinking about it.

  Another thing that muddies the waters a bit is that I prepared my dinner quite early in the afternoon. It was about halfway to a chilli con carne, but maybe more like a beef stew with extra mixed beans in it. The other major ingredient was some brown mushrooms. The idea was that I would give it a final 10 minute blast in the microwave at dinner time. What actually happened is a handful of chilli peanuts gave me some bad acid reflux.

  That has never happened before, and I changed my mind about dinner. I had my dinner two hours late, at around 8pm, and it was grilled fish - part lightly dusted yellowfin sole (or something like that) and part fish burger found in the back of the freezer. I think the fish burgers (basically two square fish fingers) were rather nicer than the yellowfin sole (I'm sure it wasn't called that exactly, but it had yellow somewhere in it's name).
Ben Bova's
  One thing I definitely remember doing yesterday, because I was doing it a lot, was reading Ben Bova's book "Saturn". Like most of Ben Bova's books, it was a good read, although it got a bit nasty towards the end. Fortunately it all ended on a happy note, and the really nasty bastard got his deserved reward - he ended up breathing vacuum !

  With that book finished it was time to move on to not the next in the series, but the one after that. They are not supposed to be a series, but reading them in the correct order helps some references to earlier events make more sense, or perhaps seem more vivid. I haven't got the next book in the suggested order of reading, but the book after that is a direct continuation of the story "Saturn". The suggested book is a sort of diversion, but without reading I can't say whether it would have been a good idea to read it before "Titan". Anyway, last night, before turning the light out, I read a couple of the fairly short chapters of the book "Titan".

  I think I probably got to sleep quite late last night - which for me would have been any time after 9pm. I suspect it was around 11pm when I fell asleep. It was another night when I can't decide if I slept well or not. I know I woke up few times and went for a pee, but to some extent going for a pee was a reflex action. I seem to think there was only one time when I peed a lot.

  I do remember waking up twice in the night feeling cool. The first time was probably around 3am when I switched the heater on low. I think I probably fell asleep again before the heater had much of an effect. The second time was around 5am when I turned the heater up. Once again I was soon asleep again.

  I guess it could be said that I slept well if judged on the fact that I woke up later than intended. On Monday morning I like to be awake, washed and dressed in plenty of time to get to Aldi when it opens at 8am. I didn't quite make it this morning, but before all that I checked my blood glucose. To my surprise it had dropped from 9.6mmol/l yesterday morning to 8.2mmol/l this morning. That is still a bit high, but much more acceptable.

  It was almost 8.20am when I got to Aldi, and it was very crowded by my current standards. i.e. there was probably over 20 people in there including the staff, and there were 3 people in front of me for the single checkout that was open. I spent a lot less than recent visits. That was because I didn't buy any booze, but my shopping bags were just as heavy. The weight was because of all the animal feed I bought.

  I bought a fair amount of bird food. I must have subconsciously seen it on the shelf when I stopped and wondered if they had and bird seed/food, and there it was, almost in front of me. I also wanted to buy some dog food for the fox cubs. They have had little to eat for several days, and I think the vixens milk is drying up. Last night they were getting very vocal as the chased each other, and attacked each other for any scrap of food they could find.
  This morning I found this old boot in my garden. It was obviously the closest thing the vixen could find as food for the fox cubs. Quite how she leapt over 6ft high fences to bring it to them, and what she expected them to do with it is a mystery. However, I do note that it looks like the tongue of the boot has been chewed away.

  Luckily for the fox cubs the human bought a lot of dog food for them this morning. I put out one can of food, and it only took 10 minutes, maybe less, before the first cub appeared and started to eat it. The second and third had to fight for their food, and I am not sure if the fourth cub got any. After they had finished the first can I put a second can down for them, and I hope the fourth cub managed to get some of that. This evening I shall put down a couple more slabs of stone as sort of plates, and put out seperate piles of dog food for them. Hopefully they will get a better share of it.

  I really should have done, but I treated myself to some breakfast this morning. It was a 30% off pack of crispy cod cakes with a creamy inside. To be honest they weren't that good, but having bought them I thought I had better eat them sooner or later - they were on their sell by date - hence the 30% off.

  I nearly said I don't know what I will do today, if indeed I do anything, but there is something I shall do. Ideally it would be a dry and bright afternoon, and ideal for drying some laundry, but today I will have to do just part of the growing pile of laundry, and dry it indoors. After that I have no idea what I will do today beyond eating what should have been last night's dinner for dinner tonight.
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