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Monday 24th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 425

08:59 BST

  Yesterday's weather was a complex melange between what the BBC and Met Office weather forecasts said it might be. Neither was close to being correct  one said rain when the other said sunshine.  There was less sunshine, but also less rain than the forecasts predicted. It was all very random. The temperature was around 12 or 13° C in the afternoon.
nasty afternoon
  The screenshot above makes the afternoon look nasty, but the BBC (Meteogroup) add thunder, lightning, and hail into the mix ! At least I woke up to a bright shiny day with blue skies, and loads of sunshine. That lasted an hour or two, and then it clouded over. We are now hopefully getting an hours worth of sunny spells, but a glimpse at the sky suggests otherwise. It would seem the only definite thing we can look forward to, if indeed it is anything to look forward to, is this afternoon, in the middle of the pouring rain, it might be 13° C. Tomorrow could be 15° C, and there might, or might not be some sunny spells, and there might, or might not be several splashes of rain. Maybe mainly light rain....or maybe not.

  I predicted I might end up doing very little yesterday, and my prediction was right. I spent a lot of time reading, but in support of that I decided to print off small sticky labels to number the books in Ben Bova's "Grand Tour" books. In doing so I found I had made the tragic mistake of ordering one book I already had. What's more it was the next book in the chronology that I should have been reading. Fortunately I had only read a dozen or so pages from the wrong book, and I've set that aside to read after I have read the real book I should be reading.

  One of the things I was trying to do yesterday was to limit my food intake by only eating soup, but I blew that one away when I started what should of been a small nibble of a few rice crackers with a few small chunks of blue cheese. They tasted so nice that I rather over did it. It was probably a bad mistake, particularly after having a breakfast of three very sweet golden kiwi fruit.

  Yesterday evening was boring. It shouldn't have been because there was at least one old film on that might have been worth watching again, and Sky Arts were showing a couple of gig. The two gigs would not have been that exciting for me even if I had been in the right mood, and last night I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to watch them, or the old film. I did have plenty of enthusiasm to get back to my book, but I interrupted that with a long phone call to Sue.

  Telephone calls to Sue always seem to go on for hours. Some of it is just passing, and discussing gossip, and some of it can be semi technical stuff like photography. I made a point of ending the call at about 9.30pm because I needed to be up early this morning. I then read in bed for half an hour, or maybe a little more before turning off the light, and (I think) falling asleep very quickly.

  I think I woke up around midnight for a pee, but it feel rather vague now. It might have been just before 3am when I woke up again. Once again I went for a pee, although I don't think I had an urgent need to do it. The bigger reason for waking up was because I thought I was feeling cold. When I got back to bed I pulled the duvet over me, and it seemed like I fell asleep, still feeling a bit cool, very quickly. Around an hour later I woke up feeling too hot with beads of sweat on my forehead, and other bits feeling sticky.

  It could have been that I had some sort of fever in the night that made me feel cold, but I guess it is something I'll never know. I slept the rest of the night mostly uncovered, and although I turned the heater up full when I got up I was only feeling cool rather than cold. My body temperature was very slightly higher than usual. It was 35.1° C, and 34.8° C would be more typical. I don't think I felt any worse than usual.

  I was a little annoyed that my blood glucose had risen slightly this morning. It was 9.0mmol/l, up from 8.9mmol/l yesterday morning. I had hoped that after being careful it might have been a bit closer to 8.0, but I guess I wasn't careful enough...or maybe I was too careful. I have mentioned that sometimes it seems to drop when I stop being too careful.

  This morning I have done three, possibly four things already. It could be that they are all I will do today. It has just gone 10am and we have just had a brief, but torrential fall of rain. Some parts of the sky still look a very dark grey, but the cloud is whiter and very bright towards the west. Anyway, this morning I have had a shower. I've been shopping in Aldi. I've done some gardening....well I think moving one of the rectangular plant pots to a different windowsill, and cleaning up the mess left behind, still counts as gardening - even if it only took 90 seconds !

  Today I bought more soup and less meat while shopping. That probably explains why I spent less than I have been doing recently. However I still bought a 70cl bottle of "Highland Black" whisky (Aldi's own premium house brand). I also bought two huge tins of dog food for the fox cubs, and an assortment of bird food for my bird table. On the subject of the fox cubs; It almost looked like they had moved on yesterday. They can now get out of my garden after burrowing under the back fence, and I think they probably spend some time in my back neighbours garden now, but I did see them early yesterday morning. I suspect it may not be long before they start out on their own. I look forward to that only in the sense that I will be able to get my garden back, and try to getting it looking like a garden again instead of a landfill area.

  Today, as I think I said above, I have probably done most of what I'll probably do today. One thing I didn't include in the list above is eating breakfast. It probably was not good for my "diet", but I treated myself to some non-frozen chunky fish fingers, and also some battered prawns. The latter was a mistake because they were tasteless. I used to love the taste of prawns when I was a kid, but it seems heavy smoking killed the taste buds for prawns or something. It did the same for the taste of steak, but that recovered.

  Although it is now moderately bright outside, it is my firm belief it won't last long, and it will soon be raining again. Some of that rain could be heavy. The BBC forecast now says there could be heavy hailstorms from 4pm to 7pm ! I most definitely don't want to be out in that ! I think I'll be staying in, with the heater on low or medium, and be thoroughly lazy, unless something out of the blue gives me some irrational inspiration to do something.
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