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Tuesday 25th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 426

09:30 BST

  The BBC website probably came closer to reality when predicting yesterday's weather. There was some heavy rain, and I think there was some hail mixed in with it. This was in the afternoon after a fairly sunny morning. The afternoon showers were fast moving, and between them there was big patches of blue sky and sunshine. At times it looked like it might be nice to go out, but it was impossible to predict when the next rain would appear - and whether it was going to be a light shower, or if it would come down like stair rods ! It felt very cool inside when doing very little, but the outside temperature did seem to be the predicted 12° C.
dull but maybe fairly dry
  The latest revision to the forecast says there should be sunny spells now, but I haven't noticed one yet. The good news is that today should stay dry until 8pm when a light shower is expected. The bad news is that I expect further revisions to the forecast, and I fear they will not be favourable. The other good news os that today the temperature may reach 15° C, but without sunshine it is only going to feel tepid. Tomorrow morning may feature sunny spells, but the afternoon is currently forecast to be dull. The temperature may rise to about the worst we should expect for this time of year, 17° C (I would expect 20° C).

  Yesterday was almost another dull day, and I don't meant that in reference to the dull weather. It could have been a day when I did little more than read, and snooze. Of course I did both of those too, but I unexpectedly did more. It started when I decided to do a little chore I do now and then. It was to make sure the batteries of my spare cameras had not gone flat. Some had, and I put those on charge.

  One particular battery, from a little pocket sized Samsung camera was completely dead, and I had to jolt it awake using my bench power supply. That seemed to work, and I then put it in the proper charger. Half an hour later and I came back into the room where it was on charge, and I could smell a nasty smell - the smell of overheating electronics. I unplugged the charger and checked the battery. Once again it seemed to be completely dead.

  Upon opening up the charger I could see some overheating, but nothing that bad. The charger had the option of using an external 12V supply instead of mains, and so I powered it up from a 12V source, and it seemed to charge what should have been the spare battery for that camera. While taking the charger apart I noticed that the actual cradle that the battery sit in could be slid off. I had a few chargers that looked similar, and found the cradles could be slid off those two.

  All the chargers were just 2 contact chargers for 3.7V lithium batteries, and the cradles were interchangeable. I decided that the simple thing to do was just to throw away the charger that had overheated, and use the cradle on another charger base. Using that method I successfully charged the spare battery. The original battery still seems to be totally dead. This is obviously annoying, but actually of no consequence. Like a lot of my collection of small cameras, it is rarely used, and I have far better cameras for anything serious. I am not sure why I keep this little cameras because they are effectively useless, but I still don't want to dispose of them.

  One other almost but not quite achievement yesterday was to eat carefully enough that if I had done some exercise I could claim to be on a diet. My breakfast of fish fingers was probably an unnecessary indulgence, and my late lunch of Edam cheese and smoked ham would have had a high fat content. Actually it is sounding like I was not very careful at all. Perhaps only dinner, two cans of soup, was the only careful eating after all.

  I watched some stuff on TV, but it must have been fairly boring because, apart from Star Trek, I can barely remember what it was, although as I typed that I remembered what it was. It was an episode of "The Buildings That Fought Hitler". The series started with having a look at purpose built defences like pill boxes, and other gun emplacements near the coast, and was semi interesting. Last night hardly featured any building except an old private school that built it's air raid shelters just before WW2 started, but most of the programme was about land girls and rationing.

  Apart from feeling dreadful when I woke up, I think I'll skip over my sleep because it was very unexciting. The dreadful feeling was because it seemed to take an age to wake up. Usually I almost leap out of bed, but this morning I sat on the deg of the bed yawning, and rubbing my eyes, for at least a minute or two. I'm sure I got plenty of sleep, and so I can't think why this morning was like it was. Fortunately once I stood up, and walked to the toilet, I felt OK, and maybe even slightly better than OK, but only because my legs didn't feel quite so creaky.

  This morning my blood glucose was down to 8.6mmol/l. Still too higher, but getting better. Maybe I took more care of my diet yesterday than I though I did. As I write this it has just gone 10am, and the day has been quite eventful already. I have had a (wet) shave, washed my hair, and had a shower. It is almost as if I am going somewhere to see someone. It did cross my mind that that could be possible , but I knew there was a good possibility why that might not be possible.

  Before I could sit down and write this I had a little problem to solve. I tried to upload the screenshot of the weather to my web server, and it said NO ! A quick investigation showed that I had run out of space on the hard drive. It was actually saying zero space. It was a wonder that it still worked. Fortunately the computer had a big /home partition that was hardly used. I used a bootable CD with the Gparted program on it to shuffle the hard disk space around. In effect I took 29GB from the home partition, and added it to the system partition. It may be my imagination by it seems to be running faster and smoother now.

  Other stuff has happened this morning. I have been notified that my beer delivery should happen between 13:40 and 14:40 today. That rather rules out going to the pub in the hope of spending a bit of time with Angela. While I was waiting for the hard disk operations on my web server to complete I started looking at my bookshelves in the front room. I suddenly noticed another 4 Ben Bova books, and I think they are all ones I have recently ordered from Amazon for my collection. Oh well, that is a bit more money wasted, but fortunately it is only around £20. That is worth a few beers, but in nteh grand scheme of things I don't think it will make a big difference.....hopefully.

  Apart from waiting for beer, I will also be doing some laundry (by hand). It might even be possible to hang it on the line to at least part dry, but I shall keep a close eye on the forecasts before committing to that. Other than that it is going to be another day of a lot of reading and resting.
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