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Thursday 27th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 428

09:12 BST

  The annoying thing about yesterday was that it was a lot better than expected. In particular the afternoon was dry with a lot more sunny spells than expected. That would have been excellent drying weather, but the forecast revision just before midday predicted showers instead of sunshine, my so I dried the bath towel I washed indoors. The forecasts persisted in the idea that late afternoon would reach 16° C, and it probably did, but I'm not sure I noticed it while indoors.
a much sunnier day
  The latest revision to the forecast omits the sun and sunny spells from 3pm. It would seem the sunshine we are getting this morning will be all we get today. There is still the positive thing of the temperature rising to 20° C by 4pm today, and it should stay dry. Tomorrow will likely be generally dull, but dry, and only 19° C.

  I had very little enthusiasm for anything yesterday. I guess I must be depressed. I was further depressed, or maybe it was the root of my depression, by the weather. In particular I was rather pissed off that the weather forecast was saying it would rain in the afternoon when I was hoping to dry a large bath towel on the washing line. I dried it indoors, using several kilowatt-hours of electricity while the sun kept coming out in the garden, and not a drop of rain fell !

  That almost sums up my entire day, but not quite. At 5pm I opened the first of 5 cans of lager. This, rather obviously, had an effect on my eating (after a few cans). Actually it was a combination of depression, disgruntlement (whatever that is), boredom, and something else that doesn't come to mind at the moment, that made me prone to snacking. Nothing I ate was that terrible, and I did change my dinner menu to something fairly safe - maybe.

  Dinner was some "tikka" flavoured cooked chicken that I further cooked with some mushrooms and bean sprouts in chicken stock. I spiced it up a bit more with some white pepper, chilli sauce and some dark soy sauce. The latter was dangerous because soy sauce has a lot of sugar in it, but I didn't use that much. My snacking, mostly before, and a little after, was rice crackers and either cheese or cold meat.

  As I have mentioned, I felt very bored last night, and nothing on TV could capture my imagination. I ended up reading in bed well before sunset last night (approx 9pm). I can't remember when I put the book down, and turned out the light. I think it may have been around 10pm, and I am fairly sure I fell asleep very quickly. Drinking 5 cans of lager before bed was an obvious recipe for a sleep punctuated with visit to the toilet for a wee. (If I recall correctly I finished the last can, brushed my teeth, and went to sleep within about 5 minutes of each other).

  I still have some memories of some bits of one dream. It started off with me sleeping in a hospital, although I didn't seem to have anything wrong with me. I was woken by a jolt that I interpreted as the ice the building was built on was breaking up because of a thaw. I wanted to see what was happening outside, but the room I was in had no windows. The easiest exit was blocked by several cleaners doing their stuff, and I had to walk through a ward to reach a door to the outside.

  The view I saw when I opened the door was like looking out onto a railway station with an island platform, except what I saw was more like two canals running either side of the platform. The platform was on a slight slope, and the far end of it was underwater. I think I can recall some ice floating on the water. I don't think I remember anything after that view. I may have woken up then.

  It seemed to be quite a weird dream, but maybe some of it can be explained. The book I have been reading is set in a time after global warming had done it's worst, and actually removed some of the reasons for it (by killing many people, and washing away power stations etc). The dream may also have been inspired by seeing that it appears the long cold, and wet spring may actually be coming to an end, and some sort of summer may happen soon.

  All my eating indiscretions, and maybe the sweet tasting lager, meant my blood glucose was up again this morning. It was 9.30mmol/l. At least that is under the arbitrary danger line at 10mmol/l, but is still bad. Maybe today I can improve on that (in a lesser direction obviously). It is Thursday, and that means another boozing session this afternoon. Today we can start on the beers I got from The Beer Explorer. Many are familiar, and will make Jodie groan, but I think (hope) there are a few novelties among them.

  Talking of beer, the order I made with the Fullers Brewery online shop still has not been dispatched. I am wondering of their mention of 2 to 5 days is the time before they dispatch my order, and not how long it might take to be delivered once they dispatch it. I am starting to feel a bit annoyed by their lack of activity.
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