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Friday 28th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 429

09:50 BST

  Yesterday wasn't bad. There was a fair amount of sunshine. It was dry, and by late afternoon it was 20° C.
another warm day
  It is a bit sad that the sunny spells will now be finishing around 11am according to the latest revision to the weather forecast. Of course if you choose to check the BBC's, Meteogroup, weather forecast web page you would see that the sunny spells are due to start at 11am ! They also say they will continue for much of the day. Both forecasters agree that the maximum temperature today will be 19° C - which isn't too bad, although 20+ would be a lot nicer. Both forecasters agree on the ingredients for tomorrow's weather - it will be almost the same as today, but the times when there will be sunny spells, or light cloud, will be shuffled around.

  Yesterday had it's good and bad points. The morning was less than spectacular, and the only thing of note was that I shaved, showered, shampooed, and conditioned my hair. Other than that I did very little. Things started to happen at around 2.30pm. Michael dropped off some bottles of Diet Coke that he had bought for me while shopping in Tesco. It was nice to exchange a bit of adult level gossip with him for 20 to 25 minutes before he had to rush his frozen oven chips home before they started melting.

  After Michael left, once again saying he would join us for some beer in a week or two, I set things up for the boozing session with Jodie. There wasn't a great deal to do - just giving the glasses a last minute polish, and setting up the ancient laptop I use to play music while we drink. Yesterday we had the first of the beers I had ordered from The Beer Explorer. I had chilled 6 bottles, but I think we only drank 5 of them along with three cans that Jodie brought with her. Typically they were on the sour side, but only one, a beer flavoured with strawberries and cucumber juice was really horrible.
3 of
                                      yesterday's beers
  The beers I had selected from my The Beer Explorer were basically "lagers", but some of the beers in the order may be like light ales. The three pictured above were very drinkable. The two on the right were from Korea, and the one on the left was from Mauritious. If there was anything wrong with them it was that they were not as exotic as their origins might suggest, but that didn't make them any less drinkable. They went down very smoothly.

  The only problem with this drinking session was that Jodie sprung a surprise on me. had I known in the morning that she wanted to watch a streamed live gig from Michael Monroe, streamed live from Finland, I could have set up a more powerful PC to watch it on than the ancient laptop I use to play music while we drink. It tried to play the video stream, but it was just not man enough for it, and it kept "buffering" - not because of a slow internet connection but because of a slowish processor and limited memory.

  The upshot was that Jodie had to watch it on her phone. The picture was too small to enjoy when looking over her shoulder, and the sound was pretty bad. On top of that I am not a fan of Michael Monroe. I did recognise a couple of songs, but I think they were covers of someone else's songs. If that wasn't tedious enough, it didn't last the one hour, or an hour and a half tops, but a full two hours.

  For at least an hour I left Jodie to it, and went up to my big PC in my bedroom to catch up on the latest news on that. The gig itself started at 6pm, and that is usually when we would be finishing the boozing session. With the gig ending at 8pm it put me nearly 2 hours behind schedule, and I wasn't really happy about it. It also meant that extra booze, including several shot glasses of whisky were drunk.

  It was nice to say goodbye to Jodie, and have my dinner. It ended up as a very simple dinner because I couldn't be bothered to prepare the vegetables (probably just raw bell peppers) I was going to have with roast chicken thighs. Instead I had a dessert - a tub of alleged low calorie/low sugar ice cream. it was very, very nice, but it did leave me feeling a bit odd in a way I find hard to describe. It probably tasted rather rich compared to what I have been eating recently. Maybe it was also reacting to the booze in some way. I did wonder if it was building up to a bit of vomiting.

  Fortunately it didn't, and if there was any trouble it was at the other end. Getting to sleep last night was easy, or at least I don't recall any trouble doing so. As far as I am aware I slept well until almost 2am. I woke up then, and I wasn't really sure why. I think I went and had a wee, but I don't recall it being of any urgency at all. It was more habit than anything. After going back to bed I became aware of some discomfort fairly high in my belly. It didn't seem to be any reason not to sleep, but I was kept awake by an atrocious noise coming from my guts. They were starting to sound like a washing machine in agitation mode.

  After 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes I got up and went to the toilet. Initially nothing happened, but then the seal was broken, and the rest was too unpleasant to describe. All I shall say is that I was sitting on the toilet for maybe 20 minutes before I thought I was completely empty. I was barely back in bed for 5 minutes before I had to go again, but that was minor by comparison, and I was back in bed 10 minutes later at most. I was probably asleep again within another 10 minutes.

  I think I slept quite well after that, although I did wake up at 5am, and then at 6am, but I was determined to have some extra sleep after being up for almost an hour in the middle of the night. I finally woke up, and got up at 7.30am. At that time it felt right to get up, and it was fairly effortless. One of the first things I did after having a wee, and scrubbing off any contamination from my hands, was to check my blood glucose level (which was why my hands needs a good wash because any contamination can affect the reading).

   I was dreading what I might see. I was fairly confident the ice cream wasn't that bad, but then again, not the best thing for my blood glucose, and then some of those lager like beers did seem to taste a little sweet. I was rather pleased, and maybe a bit shocked, to see my blood glucose had gone down from 9.3mmol/l yesterday to 9.1mmol/l this morning. I thought it would over 10mmol/l and well into the danger zone. Of course anything over 8.0mmol/l is not good for me, and my continual aim is to get it under that, but it is not easy in these tedious times.

  Today I have one plan, a possible plan, and another possible plan. The definite plan is to finish the laundry I put into soak after I had my morning shower, and to hang it on the line to dry. A possible, and sort of desirable plan is to go for at least a 3 mile walk in the park. The only trouble with that is that I feel so rusty that it is going to be difficult to get going. The other possible plan is to design a web page for June - we are fast running out of May. An alternative plan to walking is some gardening. That could, and probably should be something like proper gardening in the front garden, which has been feeling like it is spring all month or more, and is growing wild. It might also be to clean up the mess in the back garden. It looks terrible with all the litter that the vixen has brought for the fox cubs to lick.
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