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Saturday 29th May 2021
Lockdown day 420 430

08:52 BST

  The weather forecast suggested it would be a good day to dry clothes on the line yesterday, and then, just as I put some clothes on the line it changed it's mind ! In reality the rain forecast for 2pm, and 4pm didn't happen, but there was a very brief, very light shower at 5.45pm. The morning did feature sunny spells, but the afternoon was mostly cloudy - sometimes very heavy cloud, and sometime the cloud seemed so light that it seemed the sun might break through (it half managed it for a few seconds). The afternoon was not warm, but better than mild or tepid, with an hour or two at 19° C.
warm and sunny afternoon -
  The latest revision to the forecast pushes back the start of the sunshine a few hours, but still promises uninterrupted sunshine until sunset once the cloud clears. Maybe I am being too cynical if I say I wouldn't be surprised if the sunshine actually starts a lot later in the afternoon. It should be a dry day, and the temperature should reach 20° C. The sunshine may start earlier tomorrow, but paradoxically, the temperature may only touch 20° C for an hour or less.

  I had a mild burst of activity yesterday in the middle of the day. The first thing was to hand wash some items of clothing. Just before I did the final step, the fabric conditioner, I paused the process to clear up the garden a bit. I wasn't sure if doing that might stir up some dust, and so it was better to do it before I hung my clothes on the line to dry.

  My garden has been in a terrible state for some time now. It is all the fault of the fox cubs. As much as I love to see them growing up, I can't wait until they are ready to leave, and stake out their own territories. At the moment the Vixen is scouring the streets for any rubbish with even a lick of grease on it, and then dumps it in my garden. On top of that the fox cubs have been digging holes everywhere, and eating almost anything growing.

  I half filled a black bin liner with the rubbish I picked up in the garden. It included a pair of boots that the vixen had brought the cubs either as food (the presumably leather tongues of the boots had been nibbled away) of maybe just play things. I didn't go as far as raking the remnants of the lawn to pull out some part embedded litter. There is a lot of it mixed with soil and rubble just outside the entrance to the earth. I also didn't touch the small dropping near my back door. Once they dry out they will crumble and should be easy to brush away - I hope !

  With the garden work done I finished the laundry, and hung it on the line. I then checked the weather forecast because it was looking a bit dull outside. The new revision to the forecast said it was now going to rain an hour later, and then again an hour after the first rain had stopped falling. I decided I would leave the clothes out, but keep an eye out for rain so I could try and get them indoors as the first drops were falling.

  It was worthwhile keeping my nerve for several hours because when my nerve finally gave way, and I brought those clothes in they were almost dry. It was only the bottom of a thick t-shirt that felt slightly damp. It was only about half an hour after taking the clothes in when the first, very light, rain fell, and a few minutes after that when the rain stopped again.

  It might have been that I was busy for some of the time, or it might have been that I was running out of snacking material, that I probably didn't eat that much during the day yesterday. I did have a single can of (alleged) "Hot Chicken Curry" for lunch. It seemed more filling than soup, even "chunky" soup, and the sugar content was very slightly lower than two cans of average soup. I must make a mental note that it seems to be a safe thing to eat.

  Just before my dinner I checked my blood glucose level. I wouldn't normally check it then, but yesterday it did feel that I had eaten less than usual. It was a very nice 7.2mmol/l. Had I included more exercise in the day it could have been a fair bit lower, but it was good enough. My dinner was half healthy, and half not healthy. It was well cooked pork belly strips and raw bell peppers. I did help it all down with 4 cans of lager - one of which was a very strong Polish lager !

  Once again there was not a lot on TV to grab my attention last night, and I ended up reading in bed for some time before turning out the light, and going to sleep. I'm unsure what time that was, but I seem to recall it was only just dark. That would mean sometime between 9 and 10pm. I didn't have any stomach upsets last night, but the lager I was drinking meant a few visits to the toilet in the first half of my sleep.

  At this point I am desperately trying to remember one dream that I thought I would remember, but apart from a feeling that it was about being back at work, all details seem to have evaporated. For some unknown reason I think it might have been a slightly happy dream.

  I was happy when I checked my blood glucose this morning....well, moderately happy, but not complacent when I saw it was down to 8.6mmol/l. It was still too high, and leaves no leeway for any mild excesses, but a lot better than the figures in the nines I have had recently. It is even possible that I feel moderately OK this morning, although that would be more to do with the improving weather than anything else.
                                      from DHL
  This morning any plans are on hold until the delivery of the parcel in the message above arrives. It will be my beer from The Fullers Brewery shop. It has been really weird. It seemed to take ages for my order to be put together, and then suddenly it is all happening very fast ! With any luck my beer should arrive within the next hour as I write this. I think the last DHL delivery was earlier than estimated, and so there is a tiny possibility that it will be here much sooner. Oooo, how exciting !

  This beer is essentially all for me. Jodie does not care for traditional old man's beers. She much prefers modern beers made with all sorts of nasty ingredients brewed by men with man buns and big bushy beards - or the exact opposite to her taste in men. Meanwhile I can't wait to open a bottle or two of Fuller's ESB (Extra Special Bitter), although that is probably the beer I will drink last from the different beers I have ordered. If I do all I might do today I would deserve a beer tonight.

  My plans for today include finishing the laundry I have already started, and hanging it on the line to dry in this afternoon's sunshine. The other major plan is to go for a walk in the park. After so many days of doing nothing I feel two strong opposing views. I really need some exercise, but I also sort of fear it. Unless I wait until almost mid afternoon the walk will be warm, but under a cloudy sky. That will make it less enjoyable, and if I feel all creaky and stiff that will make it less enjoyable too. It is not easy to predict whether I will go for that walk, or won't.
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