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Friday 22nd July 2022
 08:11 BST
  Contrary to the weather forecast, there were a few sunny spells yesterday. The rest of the day often seemed bright depsite the entire sky being covered by clouds. The afternoon temperature was forecast to be 23° C, but it felt warmer, and maybe it was warmer. I think I can recall seeing 25° C on one thermometer. It was a dry day - which was unfortunate for the garden.
                              possibility of a shower this afternoon
  The latest BBC forecast still predicts as much as 3 hours of light showers starting at 3pm. The Met Office agreed but only to the extent of a single hour of showers at 3pm, but the latest revision says no showers at all, and has added a few more hours of sunny spells at 11am, 1pm and 2pm. The sunny spells at 10am have now gone in the latest revision. Most of today will probably be dull, and with a maximum temperature of 21° C it is going to feel slightly cool compared to the 30+° C weather we have had lately. Last night, and this morning felt particularly cool...although maybe "fresh" is a better description. Tomorrow may see the temperature rise to 26° C, and there could be sunny spells popping up through the whole day.

   I think I can describe yesterday as a fairly good day. The morning was particularly productive with shopping trips to both Tesco, and than a hour or so later, Poundstretcher. At Tesco I topped up my Diet Coke store, and I also bought lots of lettuce, and meats and stuff to go with the lettuce. Poundstretcher was fruitful for bottles of bleach/toilet cleaner, and I also got a few more cans of sugar free Irn Bru. One oddity was a can of sugar free, sweet lemonade. It was very adulterated lemonade with green tea as one of the ingredients. I won't be drinking it because of that muck in it.

  The afternoon revolved around beer tasting/drinking with Jodie. We finished off the last of the small (330ml) cans from the Two Chefs brewery in Holland. It worked out at about a quarter of a pint each. That is not really enough to savour the taste, but was quite enough for the rare beer whose taste was instantly awful. Although having said that, there was one stout that started with a very strong burnt beans taste, but once I got over the transition from a much lighter, lager type beer, I started to enjoy that stout just as I was finishing the last mouthful.

  Jodie left to get her usual 6:18 train, and I got my dinner together. It was basically a heap of lettuce with a couple of large-ish (maybe quarter pounder) burger patties on top. They were from the "reduced price" shelf in Tesco, and part of one of their expensive ranges. They were made from rump, and some sort of other bit of beef. They were rather tasty, but not so tasty that I would pay full price for them. I also added a couple of slices of haslet because the pack was already open, and I wanted to use up those last two slices.

  I watched one episode of The Simpsons (on channel 4+1), and then turned the TV off because nothing appealed to me. I read some stuff off the internet, and if I recall correctly, I was on my bed reading by 8.30pm. It is probably because there were no cues about the time that the evening seems very blurry, but I think I was asleep before 10pm, It did not feel too hot, and I left the fans off.

  I think it was sometime between midnight and 1am that I woke up feeling very hot. It may have been as simple as a delayed reaction to the hot chilli sauce I had with my dinner, or it may have been some exotic disease. Who knows ? Turning on the big fan made it feel cool enough to get back to sleep. An hour or two later I woke up feeling freezing, and turned the fan off again. It took me at least an hour before I got back to sleep again. I then woke up far too early, perhaps 5.30am, and couldn't get back to sleep. It felt like I had a really rotten night.

  Even my dreams were annoying. This was partly because I couldn't seem to get a hook on the subject matter because the subject and setting seem to change every few moments. There seemed to be no continuity except for a bit of one dream. That seemed to be set in a gym with an illegal organ transplant section around the back. Actually the illegal organ transplant section was probably a figment of my imagination after I had woken up, although the dreams did seem to have an air of something unseen, but dodgy beyond the place being a gym - curiously with no gym equipment that I can remember. Maybe there was a sign on the wall that said "this is a gym" or something.

  This morning I do feel pretty crappy. A vague feeling of lack of sleep is the only thing I can say for definite. The rest is all just little aches and pains that come and go from all sort of bits of my body. I guess they are the sort of aches you should expect when chilled by a fan for part of the night, and sleeping in awkward poses when I did sleep. My blood glucose reading didn't supply any joy. It was 9.0mmol/l - too high, but not terribly so, and maybe to be expected after a few of the sweet tasting beers yesterday.

  I did have some ideas about going out on the trains with my Freedom Pass today, but the reality of today being rather dull, and so not great for photography, persuades me that it is unlikely I'll be going out today. No matter. I shall enjoy quietly reading, and having the odd snooze. I have a sink full of washing up to do, plus the glasses we used yesterday afternoon. that will keep me "amused" for 15 to 25 minutes. I still have 16 pictures of trains, taken last Saturday to edit and record in my great spreadsheet of every train I have spotted photographed. I suspect I can find more pictures I haven't yet recorded in my archives - if only I can find them !
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