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My Diary/Blog For the Month of June 2022

Thursday 30th June 2022
09:42 BST

  There was less rain than promised yesterday (Unless you were Patricia walking around central London). On the whole we had little more than a some light showers in the morning. As 2pm approached there was a long sunny spell, but most of the afternoon seemed dull. The forecast probably undersold the sunshine in the last few hours before sunset. I think I could almost call one of the hours "sunny" (which is better than sunny spells). Once the rain had finished the temperature slowly rose from 16° C to 21° C.
maybe dull but dry
  Today will be generally dull until a few hours before sunset when we can expect/hope for sunny spells. The latest revision gives a 50% chance of rain at 2pm, and a 40% chance at 7pm. The rest of the day should be dry. It will not be a warm day, just tepid with a high of 19° C. Tomorrow may feature a few more light showers, and will be another dull day until, once again, the last couple of hours before sunset. It should be a bit warmer at 21° C.

   Yesterday was a good and bad day. The weather, as explained at the top of the page, was not all that good, and that made the bad a little worse. The main feature in the morning was Patricia leaving to very slowly make her way to Gatwick Airport for her flight back to Italy. Her plan was to have a walk around some of her favourite spots in London, which I know she did because she sent me a few pictures. The narrative continues, including the rest of the day, the evening, the night, and the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 29th June 2022
07:43 BST

  There were a few hours around the middle of the day when it did get very cloudy yesterday, but the rest of the day was brighter with occasional sunny spells. The 20° C could have felt warmer if it were not for quite a brisk breeze at times.
definitely dull, and probably rainy morning
  Both the BBC and the Met Office (screenshot above) agree that it will rain this morning, but the BBC only shows a 25% or less chance for only a couple of hours while the Met Office give a 90% chance of heavy rain for four hours. Both agree that this afternoon should feature sunny spells, and the temperature may reach 21° C. Tomorrow may be cooler with an afternoon high of only 19° C, and the afternoon is likely to feature rain.

   Yesterday was a pleasant day, but not always that exciting. I had had a very bad night, and I took advantage of Patricia going out shopping for a few hours to try and have a long snooze. I think I did get 15 minutes or so of sleep, or maybe it was just a very long blink ! The curious thing is that I never really did feel tired for most of the day. My day and night, plus the first few hours of this morning, are described in more detail in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 28th June 2022
07:32 BST

  The weather forecast got the essence of the day right, but the actual details of yesterday wrong. The bright morning was correct, but not the later rainfall. There was a very light shower at about midday, but the forecast heavy rain fell an hour late at about 2pm. Once that was over, which probably took less than 20 minutes, and maybe closer to 10 minutes. the sky brightened up, and occasional sunny spells resumed for the rest of the day. It think the afternoon temperature may have reached 21° C - more than the 19° C that was forecast.
probably like yesterday
  I have a suspicion that today may be a lot like yesterday. The morning has started sunny, and the sky looks clear enough for it to continue for some time yet. It is forecast to get very dull around midday, and I wonder if it will rain despite the forecast only showing a 10% chance for it. Some of the afternoon may be bright, and the temperature should hit 20° C this afternoon. Tomorrow should see 21° C, but it will probably rain in the morning. The afternoon should be brighter.

   I think I surprised myself yesterday by not only doing all the cleaning and polishing I set out to do, but also a little more. It is all described, along with the rest of my day, the awful night's sleep I had, plus thoughts and plans this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Monday 27th June 2022
08:57 BST

  The early morning forecast for yesterday showed loads of sunshine. It wasn't long before revisions appeared that changed some hours to just sunny spells, and a few to no sun at all.  That still meant that there was a lot of nice sunshine, but at time it did seem that it was all over for the day before the sun popped out again. I would say the afternoon was more sunny spells rather than anything else. It was not a very warm day with the temperature peaking at 21° C, and a gusty wind to blow it all away again.
                      this afternoon
  It may be nice and bright now, but it seems certain that this afternoon will feature at least some rain. Having said that, the latest revision has reduced the chance of rain to just 40%, and that often means it will actually be dry. It is interesting that the BBC weather forecast has increased the hours of rain since it was revised recently, although their highest probability is just 23% which sounds like there will be no rain at all. It will be a cool day. Both forecasters continue to agree that the best we will see will be 19° C. Tomorrow may see more sunshine, and it should be a few degrees warmer.

   The good thing about yesterday was that I ended up doing more than I thought I would, or maybe there was less to do than expected, or some things were quicker and simpler to do than expected. I can't claimed to have worked as hard as a navvy, but it was quite sufficient for me. You can read about my day in full, plus about my night, and the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 26th June 2022
08:23 BST

  Yesterday was one of those days that the forecasters describe as unsettled weather - their way of saying they really don't know what is going to happen ! The overall forecast was that it would be a generally dull day, and that was about right, but there were the odd sunny spells. Rain was forecast for 1pm, 2pm, 7pm, and 8pm, but it actually rained at about 10am, and even that was only a passing shower. The lack of sunshine made it feel a cool day even with the temperture possibly a degree or two higher than the forecast 19° C.
                      nice sunny day
  Today was originally forecast as a sunny day, but the cracks are beginning to show already. 1pm is now shown as dull, and 11am, 4pm, and then 6pm through to 9pm are now shown as just sunny spells. That still leaves quite a lot of sunshine, but the afternoon high may still be just 21° C. Tomorrow may start very sunny, but from late morning to mid afternoon there could be light showers. The evening could be dull, but the sky could be clear by 9pm for 10 minutes of full sunshine. It may not be a warm day with just 19° C predicted.

   Yesterday was yet another day when it seemed to take ages before I felt like doing anything. I guess the root of the problem is that since retiring I don't really have to do anything. Once upon a time I would be spurred into action by the need to commute to work. Now I can be, and I am very often, lazy. Of course with Patricia due to stay here for 2 nights starting tomorrow, I have to do somethings. All I did is described in my complete archived page for today. It also includes some paragraphs about last night, and this morning.
Saturday 25th June 2022
08:37 BST

  The weather, and weather forecasts were terribly discouraging yesterday. The morning did feature some sunny spells, but the sky never seemed clear enough to give nice sharp sunshine - mostly it was like sunshine in soft focus. I am not sure if those sunny spells lasted as long as 1pm, as per the forecast. I think it was getting quite gloomy before midday. A lot of the afternoon was so dull and grey that it looked like it could rain at any minute, but it stayed dry until the end of the day. The BBC had forecast showers from 8 or 9pm, and the Met Office forecast showers at 10pm. To the best of my knowledge it stayed dry. I think the temperature exceeded the 21° C forecast by as much as 3°. There were a few periods mid afternoon, and also in the early evening when it seems to feel hot and humid - as if a thunderstorm was just about to break, but nothing happened.
sunny spells followed by light rain
  The latest revision to the forecast has added some more sunny spells this morning, and added an extra hour of light rain in the early evening, but otherwise is the same as the early version shown above. With an afternoon temperature of just 19° C it ain't going to be a great day ! At this point it is worth mentioning (in case it should come true) that the BBC weather forecast shows sunny spells through a completely dry day, and an after temperature of 20° C. Tomorrow could be completely dry, very sunny, but still only 20° C in the afternoon.

   Yesterday fell apart when it got so gloomy in the afternoon, and rain was (incorrectly) forecast for the evening, but that is jumping the gun, It took me a long time to get myself into gear, but the sunny spells in the morning did eventually inspire me to do some work - housework ! I also went out to get a few bits from Poundstretcher. You can read about that, my housework, and other stuff I did yesterday in my complete archived page for today. It includes stuff about my night and dreams plus the start of this morning.
Friday 24th June 2022
07:52 BST

  I don't think any revision of the weather forecasts from the two forecasters I follow (The BBC and The Met Office) managed to describe how yesterday actually turned out. The morning was depressingly dull. Thunderstorm warning were made from 10am until the end of the day, but not actually shown in the forecasts. The closest was a single hour of light rain at 5pm. That didn't happen, but there was some light rain in the morning that wasn't shown. There were a couple of times in the afternoon/early evening when the air did take on that warm and humid feeling that usually precedes a thunderstorm, but still nothing happened, however the afternoon was generally bright with sunny spells the whole afternoon, and into the evening.
maybe nicer today
  There are no thunderstorms warned of today, and there is very little chance of any rain today. The highest chance is a 20% chance at 11pm tonight. The sky is a little hazy, and sometimes the promised sunny spells are only of hazy sunshine (like right now), but hopefully it will stay bright enough to enthuse me before the sun gets covered by light cloud from about 1pm, and we see no sunshine again until (possibly) 6pm. The afternoon's high is currently predicted to be just 21° C. Tomorrow could see sunny spells from soon after sunrise until about 4pm. It will be cloudy after that, but should stay dry. The afternoon temperature may only reach 20° C tomorrow.

   The gloomy morning yesterday did it's usual trick of sapping all my energy and enthusiasm. The possible threats of thunderstorms for later in the day took away any hopes for finding some sort of second wind for the afternoon. The latter is a shame because the afternoon was actually not too bad except for feeling very humid from time to time. The net result is that I didn't do anything I thought I might do. I still did enough to fill quite a few paragraphs, and you can read them all in my complete archived page for today. It also includes a paragraph or two about last night, and the start of this morning.
Thursday 23rd June 2022
07:49 BST

  Yesterday was hot and sunny. The temperature rose to a very pleasant 24 or 25° C - enough to feel very comfortable without being too hot.
possible thunderstorms today
  When I woke for a pee at 5am the sky to the north was a clear golden colour, but since then the cloud has thickened, and it is now getting almost gloomy.  The current temperature seems to be closer to 18° C rather than the forecast 15° C. That extra heat could well boil up some thunderstorms later in the day. The weather warning says there is a chance of a thunderstorm between 10am and midnight. Curiously enough, the latest revision to the forecast doesn't show any rain at all today.  The afternoon temperature is predicted to be 24° (according to the latest revision). Even without thunderstorms, or even plain rain, I think it could feel very muggy under the grey clouds predicted for much of the day. Tomorrow may feature a lot more sunny spells, but the temperature may only reach 21° C. Update at 8.15am: There is some light rain falling now.

   Yesterday turned out to be a busier day than expected. After my full ablutions - shave, shampoo and shower, I went to Tesco for a bit of shopping. I bought yet more 2 litre bottles of Diet Coke, more mealworms for the birds, and more rainbow coleslaw in Greek yoghurt. One little luxury was a pack of ready cooked king prawns. I was running a bit late by the time I went to Tesco, and I didn't have much time to relax before going for a walk in the park. My complete archived page for today continues the description of yesterday, plus last night and the start of this morning.
Wednesday 22nd June 2022
08:37 BST

  Yesterday was one of those days that can be described as pleasant, and at times, very pleasant. Most of the day featured no more than sunny spells, but the sun felt very hot, and of course it stayed dry. The afternoon temperature was around 23° C.
                      and sunny
  The only change to the latest revision to the weather forecast is that the single hour, at 4pm, which was originally forecast to reach 25° C, has now been reduced to 24° C, but other than that it should be full sunshine all day today. Tomorrow should start sunny, but the afternoon may feature light rain, and then there could be heavier rain in in the evening. It should still be a warm day with the temperature around 22 or 23° C.

   Yesterday had the potential to be another day of rest, but I was feeling just about fully recovered from my afternoon at Chislehurst Rocks last Saturday. It does feel a bit sad that it can take me 2 days to get over what I would once do overnight. Anyway, I didn't fancy going overboard yesterday, but I did do some useful things. My whole day, night, and the start of this morning is described in my complete archived page for this day.
Tuesday 21st June 2022
08:29 BST

  Yesterday's weather was a great improvement on the day before. There was a lot more sunshine. In fact the whole afternoon could be described as sunny, but sadly it only pushed the temperature up to about 21° C. That didn't feel any more than mild, but with the help of the sun my front, south facing, rooms warmed up to about 25° C.
warmer but maybe less sunshine
  The latest revision to the forecast has changed a few sunny spells to sunshine, but the earlier screenshot above is still basically correct. Today should be a degree or two warmer than yesterday. Tomorrow, almost non stop sunshine should push the temperature up to 25 or 26° C.

   Yesterday can best be described as the second, and hopefully final day of my recovery from my afternoon out on Saturday (Chislehurst Rocks). I still had loads of aches and pains, but they faded away during the day, but it was not until early evening that I felt fairly normal.  However, it was not a day of complete rest, and I am not sure I know how to completely rest for more than a few hours. What I did do, and why is described in my complete archived page for today. It also includes good news about my sleep and my health this morning.
Monday 20th June 2022
08:38 BST

  The weather changed the day before yesterday. Yesterday it changed even more. At times it felt quite chilly, and particularly in the morning when it was just 11° C at 7am. Later on it did warm up to 19 or 20° C, but there was very little sunshine. There were a few passing showers in the late afternoon/early evening. They were almost ignorable, but just enough to give the garden a light watering.
                      return to sunshine, and slightly warmer
  There are possibly a few more clouds in the sky than the forecast suggests, but it is sunny now, and the temperature seems to be a degree higher than forecast at 16° C for this time. The latest revision to the forecast now shows most hours to be sunshine, and a few as only sunny spells. The single cloudy hour, 10am, shown in the screenshot above is now shown as sunny spells. For all that sunshine it seems the afternoon may still only reach 21° C. Tomorrow may see almost non stop sunshine, and the temperature should rise to 24° C.

   I can't say I enjoyed yesterday, but it had it's moments. There were a few problems. The first was that I ached a lot after my afternoon out at Chislehurst Rocks. The other problem was that I felt tied to my PC "developing" pictures. I had taken a silly amount of pictures at Chislehurst Rocks, but ultimately that was good because many of them were terrible. Basically I had the camera light metering on the wrong setting. It was set for pictures that are evenly illuminated - like landscapes, or trains. The explanation for that statement, plus more pictures, and commentary on them and what I was doing yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning, can be seen in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 19th June 2022
08:11 BST

  There was quite a change in the weather yesterday. After the heat of the day before, yesterday was a day of cooling off. The temperature briefly peaked at 24° C around midday, and then slowly cooled to just 13° C as midnight approached. Along the way there were some light showers. After dark I could hear thunder rumbling around, but the storm never approached Catford, and as far as I am aware we got no more than more light showers.
                      cold start
  To say it is cold this morning conveniently forgets that in January 11° C, with some sunshine to back it up, it feels like t-shirt weather. It still feels cold now ! The latest revision to the forecast says the temperature will peak at just 19° C in the mid afternoon, but the temperature will probably not fall as lows as it was last night/this morning. As yet we have not experienced any sunny spells. With luck there may be a few of them during the day, but light rain could start to fall by 6pm. Tomorrow could be a sunny day with the temperature possibly reaching 22° C.

  Yesterday was quite an eventful day. Apart from checking my camera, and having a shampoo and shower, I didn't do a lot in the morning. I was saving my energy (or trying to find some energy) for what was to come next. At midday I set out to go to The Chislehurst Recreation Ground where Chislehurst Rocks was taking place. It wasn't long before I caught me first bus, a 202, towards the Baring Road stop (the stop before Lee railway station). There is a lot more to this story, and includes quite a few pictures. It, and the rest of my day, night, and the start of this morning is described in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 18th June 2022
07:27 BST

  It is possible that yesterday might go down as the hottest day of the year. It was certainly the hottest so far this year. There was loads of sunshine, and the mercury hit 31 or even 32° C ! It made for a very hot night too !!
                      as hot as yesterday, and maybe very little
  It should be sunny now, but only very hazy sunshine is getting through the white cloud in the sky. That cloud could give rise to some light rain before the morning is over. The thickening cloud means the temperature will peak at 24° C at midday, and then start to cool off. Late afternoon could be a lot cooler than yesterday.  There could be more light rain tonight, and tonight could be almost chilly compared to last night. The highest temperature tomorrow could be just 19° C, and the day will probably feature scattered showers.

  The whole of yesterday was ruled by waiting for a parcel delivery. From fairly early in the morning I knew it had reached Amazon's Dartford, local delivery depot by the very small hours of yesterday morning. In theory it could have been out for delivery from as early as 11am, and arrived here around 3pm. Experience showed that was unlikely even if it was possible, although it has happened once or twice. I did do more than wait though. I went for a walk, and you can read about that, and when my parcel eventually arrived, plus all the other stuff like eating, sleeping, and about the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Friday 17th June 2022
08:02 BST

  The temperature almost reached 30° C yesterday. One more degree and it would have made it ! The afternoon was not always sunny, and it seemed to be rather humid and sticky - particularly late in the evening when the temperature had only dropped to 25° C by midnight.
                      hotter than yesterday
  All the forecasts say today will reach 31° C. By my reckoning it is already 24° C. The BBC forecast says it will be sunny all day, but the latest revision to the Met Office forecast has added quite a few hours, generally in the morning, where only clouds are shown. As I write this the sky is a milky white colour, and there is no sign of the sun, although there was sunshine 90 minutes or so ago. Tomorrow is evidently proving hard to forecast because the BBC and Met Office have come up with completely different forecasts. It should definitely be dry, and the temperature could be between 24° C (according to the Met Office) and 27° C (according to the BBC). Quite a lot of the day could be cloudy.

   Yesterday started off quite busy until in the afternoon it got quite boozy. Before 10am I had washed two towels, and hung them out to dry on the washing line. It took a bit of time to cool off after doing that. Once I had cooled off enough I went to get some shopping in Aldi. It was fine walking there, but hard work walking back carrying far too much ! Most of the weight was liquid, and none of it was alcoholic ! This is all described more fully, along with the other things that happened yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning, in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 16th June 2022
07:19 BST

  Yesterday was quite a warm day with plenty of sunshine - even into the evening when the forecast said it would get a bit cloudy. The temperature was forecast to reach 26° C, but I saw 28° C on my thermometers.
possibly a muggy day
  Today could be even warmer than yesterday with the forecast saying a high of 28° C, but it seems it may get cloudy towards the end of the morning. That suggests it could be a very humid and sticky this afternoon. The sun may not show until midday tomorrow, but it will be full strength from 2pm until the end of the end, and that should drive the temperature up to a sizzling 31° C !

  Yesterday was most notable for an extended stomach upset. After I had finished writing I had a lazy hour before I needed to get shaved, shampooed, and showered ready to go out to meet Angela in the the pub. I had been to the toilet twice soon after I got up, and everything seemed normal. Maybe three hours later I had to go again, and again ! This story resumes later in the day.... Before that there is some more pleasant stuff in my complete archived page for today. It dies include the later unpleasantness as well at the rest of the day, my night, and the start of today.
Wednesday 15th June 2022
07:54 BST

  Yesterday's weather was good enough that I was wearing shorts all day !  There was lots of hot sunshine, and the temperature reached 23° C (or possibly briefly touched 25° C).
another very warm day
  It may cloud over after 6pm, and maybe a cloud will drift across the sun at 10am, but otherwise there should be full on sun for the best of the day. Temperatures should reach 26° C. The start and end of tomorrow may be cloudy, but the sun should be out in the afternoon, and the temperature could hit 27° C.

  It was my original intention to go for a walk, or maybe do some trainspotting yesterday, but neither happened because I was worried about my guts being a bit volatile. They had been in the morning, and later on, as midday approached, I was still getting some "internal noises" and I feared there could be more to come. As it turned out, nothing at all happened, but I think it might have been wise to stay within easy reach of a toilet - just in case ! What I did do was probably more important than going out. My actual day, night, and the start of this morning are described in my archived page for today.
Tuesday 14th June 2022
08:46 BST

  Yesterday was generally bright, but it wasn't always sunny. The forecast temperature was 19° C, and I had hopes it may have gone a bit higher, and I think it did, but it still often felt closer to "mild" than "warm". Maybe the breeze was enough to take the edge off the temperature, although it wasn't a particularly breezy day.
                      and sunny
  For once both the BBC and Met Office forecasts agree with one another, and continue to do so in later revisions. The only small change to the screenshot above is that the latest revision shows that 11am my feature a few passing clouds that may dim the sun. Other than that we can expect strong sunshine all day, and the temperature should peak at 23° C, and maybe even 24° C might be possible. There is a small divergence of views for tomorrow. The Met Office says strong sunshine until 5pm when it will start to get cloudy. The BBC says most of the sunshine will be in the form of sunny spells, but they should continue until sunset. Both agree on an afternoon temperature of 25° C. It's worth noting that Thursday could see a sizzling 31° C, and Friday may feature rain !

  Yesterday was another pleasant day, but also a day when I only did two things of note. The first was to go to Poundland where I had two particular things on my shopping list. One was to buy more of their cheap, but effective trainer socks. They are cheap enough to be considered to be close to disposable, and I tend to keep a pair on each pair of shoes/boots/trainers that I use. Sadly they didn't seem to have any, and maybe I will have to revise my ideas about them being disposable. There is more about this in my complete archived page for today. It includes what I did later, how I slept, and memories of a few dreams, plus my options this morning (but as I wrote this I have yet to make a choice).
Monday 13th June 2022
09:22 BST

  There were quite long periods when there was no sunshine yesterday, but it still seemed a fair day. There were random sunny spells, and the temperature probably peaked at 22° C. The breeze seemed to feel warm too. It was day that was good enough to dry two pairs of freshly washed, not very well wrung out jeans, in as little as 4 hours.
today may be disappointing
  Today could be disappointing. According to the Met Office forecast we should be seeing the last of the sun for the whole day about now. The BBC weather forecast optimistically shows sunny spells/period through most of the day, but with a gap of three hours in the afternoon. Both forecasts predict an afternoon high of 19° C. It appears to be little more than a single degree less than that right now, and so maybe there is hope that it might end up a bit warmer. Tomorrow could be mostly sunny, or even very sunny is the BBC forecast is right. The temperature will probably hit 23° C.

  I had a pleasant day yesterday, and yet I did very little. However, what I did do was important. It started off with a shopping trip to Tesco. My rucksack was filled with 8 litres of Diet Coke, plus a 70cl bottle of Jameson's Irish whiskey. It was on special offer (only with a Clubcard), and so it had to be bought - besides which, it is a very good whiskey in my humble opinion. I did a couple of other things later, and all is explained in my complete archived page for today which also includes last night, this morning, and my plans for today.
Sunday 12th June 2022
07:37 BST

  It seemed like yesterday would be as nice as the day before, but it wasn't. The afternoon did see some sunny spells, but it seemed like a lot of the afternoon was a bit dull. There was also a medium strong breeze that made the 22° C, if indeed the temperature did reach that high, feel a bit cool, or even chilly when standing in the bathroom, with the window open, after having a shower. I can't seem to recall seeing any more than 20° C on my thermometers.
                      sunny spells and some dull hours
  The weather forecast for today reminds me a lot of yesterday. Some sunshine in the morning, and then quite a few hours of no sunshine in the afternoon. It would seem to be too cloudy for even sunny spells for quite a few hours. Even the predicted afternoon high of 21° C could be something like yesterday. It is worth mentioning that the BBC shows a more optimistic sunny spells through the whole day. Tomorrow is looking worse than today. The current Met Office prediction is for a few hours of sunshine early tomorrow morning, and then the rest of the day could be overcast. The temperature may still may 21° C.

  In one respect yesterday was a wasted day, but otherwise it could be described as a pleasant day. The only thing, of note, that I did was to wash three pairs of lounge pants, and a pair of underpants. I got them all on the line to dry before midday, and by about 4pm they were warm and dry when I brought them in after a short sunny spells. For a while it did seem that the clouds were thickening up, and I wondered if a thunderstorm might be building up, but an hour or two later and there were a few more sunny spells. Most were short sunny spells. The rest of yesterday, last night, and the start of today is described in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 11th June 2022
07:20 BST

  Yesterday was another nice day. It was generally sunny, although from time to time that meant just sunny spells, and it was nice and warm. The afternoon temperature reached at least 22° C, and it felt much, much hotter when working with full sunshine on your back !
another sunny day
  There may be a couple of random hours with no sun at all, but the majority of today should feature sunshine even if only sunny spells. In most respects today will be like yesterday. Even the afternoon high of 22° C will probably be the same. It is almost as if summer has finally started. However, tomorrow may see a little less sun, but not that much less. The temperature may be a degree cooler at 21° C.

  Yesterday was carefully planned, and the planning went well. Part of that planning concerned eating. I had two fish burger patties for breakfast, and then two bowls of instant noodles for a late lunch. That was all I ate for the whole day. The next part of the plan was to do some laundry. I hand washed 2 t-shirts and 5 pairs of underpants, and managed to get them on the washing line seconds before 11.30am. The rest of yesterday is described, and heavily illustrated with photos, in my complete archived page for today. As always it includes last night and the start of this morning.
Friday 10th June 2022
08:37 BST

  Yesterday's sunshine/sunny spells lasted longer than forecast, but around 4pm (or maybe it was 5pm) the sky really clouded over and there was a shower that wasn't predicted in any forecast I saw. There were also showers last night that didn't seem to shown in any forecast. The evidence for them is very plain this morning ! It was generally a warm day with an afternoon temperature of 19° C forecast, and my thermometers saying 22° C.
sunny spells all day
  I've seen two revisions to the weather forecast since taking the screenshot above much earlier this morning. For a while the forecast said that this morning would be very sunny, but the latest revision just takes the easy path and says sunny spells all day. There has been some good sunshine this morning, and it seems to have been warmer than the 16° C. I reckon it is currently (9.08am) 20° C. There is a fair amount of cloud to be seen, but not enough to completely block the sun, and so sunny spells seems to be about the correct prediction. This afternoon should see the temperature reach 22° C. A mostly clear night could see the temperature drop to just 13° C by 6am tomorrow. Sunshine and sunny spells should get it back up to 22° C again.

  Yesterday was another of those days that was both good and bad. I didn't really do anything, apart from catching up on some internet reading, until almost midday when I went shopping in Aldi. I haven't been to Aldi for a few weeks, and so it was interesting to see what they had, and didn't have. They seem to have run out of mayonnaise, and my favourite balsamic salad dressing. I did buy some Aldi branded balsamic vinegar, and noted it's sugar content was lower that the balsamic vinegar I recently bought from Tesco. This is continued in my complete archived page for today, and it includes the rest of my my day, night, and the start of today.
Thursday 9th June 2022
08:49 BST

  Yesterday was another day that was far better than the forecasts predicted, although I guess one of the versions of the BBC forecast did come very close to being correct. The day started with sunshine or sunny spells, and apart from a few times either sunshine or sunny spells continued through the day. The Met Office, in an early version of their forecast, said there would be a thunderstorm at 1pm, and indeed it did come over very dark at 1pm, but no rain fell, and 20 minutes later there was bright sunshine again. The temperature probably exceeded the 21° C that was forecast, and one of my thermometers was saying 23° C in the afternoon.
sunny start, duller afternoon
 . The latest revision hasn't changed much to that shown in the screenshot above. 10 and 11am have changed to just sunny spells, but the dull, and one hour of very dull, hasn't been changed. The afternoon high is still shown as 19° C. The BBC forecast almost comes in line with the Met Office, but they extend the sunny spells to midday. They also agree on it being 19° C this afternoon. Tomorrow may start a little dull, but from 4pm until sunset there could be non stop sunshine. The BBC say only sunny spells, but they have them starting as early as 10am. Both agree on an afternoon high of 22° C.

  Yesterday, apart from starting with a silly (rather high) blood glucose reading, was another good day. Like the day before I felt good in a way that I can't really describe. It was like my body was just working better. Of course the prospect, and later reality of meeting Angela was a boost to my mental health. I had been watching the weather forecasts in the morning, and I came to the conclusion that the weather would be very kind - and it was ! My whole day is described, with a few pictures, in my complete archived page for today. It also includes an account of a lousy night, but good morning.
Wednesday 8th June 2022
07:42 BST

  Yesterday was rather splendid - much better than the weather forecast predicted. There seemed to be either sunshine, or sunny spells, through most of the day. I did see at least one big black cloud, but it was never overhead, and it stayed dry and sunny while it sailed through the sky. It also felt pleasant warm with the temperature possibly a degree or two higher than the forecast 20° C.
                      variable day
  If I choose to believe the BBC weather forecast, and not the Met Office forecast, as shown in the screenshot above, it could be a day of sunny spells. At the moment the sun is out, but it is obvious there has been some rain, possibly even heavier rain earlier. It does look like it could rain again soon, and both forecasters agree on rain for 8am. It is after that that they differ - a lot ! In the latest revision  the Met Office insists there will be a thunderstorm at 1pm, but the BBC still says sunshine or sunny spells all day. I think today is a day to wait it out and see what really happens. The only certainty is that both forecasters agree on it being 20° C this afternoon. Tomorrow may start sunny, and it might, or might not be sunny in the afternoon. The temperature will be similar to today or yesterday.

  Yesterday was a surprisingly good day. It wasn't too far into the morning that it began to feel good for an adventure. I don't know what it was exactly, but it just sort of felt right. It seemed to take a fair time until I was ready to go out, but I was out in time to get the 12:05 train from Catford to Blackfriars station. At Blackfriars there was a short wait for my next train that took me to Elstree And Borehamwood station. It was quite a long ride - I arrived at Elstree And Borehamwood almost exactly an hour after leaving Catford station. The full description, including a selection of pictures, and even a video if your browser plays it, of my outing, plus the rest of my day, night, and the start of this morning can be read in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 7th June 2022
09:12 BST

  Yesterday started dull and drizzly. The drizzle dried up quite early, but the morning was still very dull. It did brighten up in the afternoon, and by 3pm it was almost bright enough to seem to be sunny, although there were still plenty of clouds in the sky. It was not a warm day, and I had to keep the heater on low for a lot of day, but maybe only at times when I was being very sedate, or when I was starting to feel hungry. I think the maximum outside temperature was 16° C.
  Today is one of those days when the weather is changing fast, and it is hard to believe the weather forecast. The BBC forecast said sunny spells all day, and the Met Office forecast was as above. It got off on the wrong foot when the predicted sunny spells were actually uninterrupted sunshine ! At the moment the revised forecast says sunshine right now, but only sunny spells at 11am. There may also be sunny spells at 5 and 6pm. It will be overcast to some degree at all other times. The BBC forecast now says just sunny spells for 10 and 11am, and light rain for 4pm. There is general agreement that today could see 19 or 20° C. Tomorrow it will all be different. The BBC like their thunderstorms, and they predict them for 4am. There will be just light rain from then until 7am. By 11am there could be sunny spells until sunset, but 4am might see a sprinkle of rain. The Met Office tells a different story. They say there will be heavy rain for all the small hours of tomorrow. After a three hour respite there will be light rain from 9am to midday. It will be cloudy, but dry for a few hours, and then a thunderstorm at 2pm ! From 5pm until sunset there could be sunny spells. Tomorrow should see 20° C, but by tomorrow this whole forecast could have, and probably will have, changed beyond all recognition !

  I was determined to start yesterday in what could be called "normally", but who knows what normal is these days ? After I finished writing I had a nice hot shower, and I washed and conditioned my hair. That felt good. After allowing maybe half an hour to cook down a bit, I grabbed my rucksack and shopping bag to go shopping in Tesco. I found a few nice things on the reduced price shelf, and decided to buy them even though the cod and chorizo may contain a fair bit of sugar. The rest of my day was rather less exciting, but it is described, along with my sleep, and thoughts and plans this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Monday 6th June 2022
08:48 BST

  Yesterday is best described as awful. It was sometimes very dull, and at other time it was moderately dull. There was less rain than expected, but it still seemed a very damp sort of day. It was, or at least seemed to be quite a chilly day even if the thermometer rose to 17° C for a while. I hated it.
   maybe a bit better than yesterday
  This morning has started off dull and drizzly, and while it should, or could dry up soon, the rest of the day is not looking very pleasant. On the other hand, the latest revision to the forecast does show more hours of only a light cloud covering (but still zero sunshine breaking through). The BBC version of the forecast shows almost all the day to only have light cloud. It also shows a maximum temperature of 18° C this afternoon, compared to the Met Office prediction of just 16° C. For tomorrow it is probably worth putting your faith in the BBC forecast. It predicts sunny spells all day, and a top temperature of 21° C. The Met Office does show sunny spells, but they don't start until mid afternoon. Their prediction of the maximum temperature is the same 21° C as the BBC.

  There is not a lot to say about yesterday. The dull weather made for a very dull day, and my only achievement was to eat too much. I actually went to bed feeling slightly bloated. That sounds terrible, but in fact everything I ate was deliberately chosen to be fairly safe for my blood glucose level. An awful lot of it was salad, and I think I ended up stuffed to the gills with lettuce ! I seem to have written another half dozen, or so, paragraphs about yesterday, and a few more about last night and this morning. You can read them all on my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 5th June 2022
08:19 BST

  Apart from some early morning drizzle, yesterday was a dry, and fairly bright day. Maybe it was the sunshine, or maybe it was the mild breeze, or maybe the predicted temperature of only 17° C was less than reality. In fact I just noticed a note I made yesterday that said later revisions of the forecast gave a high of 19° C. It is possible it was even higher than that.
   a rather damp day
  There were warnings for thunderstorms in the small hours of this morning. There was certainly a fair amount of rain, but I didn't hear any thunder. The latest revision to the forecast doesn't change anything to that shown above. Until 6pm there will be thick, dark clouds, but only a 10% chance of rain. At 6pm the clouds will thin, maybe the sun will peep through the clouds, and it will probably rain ! It definitely doesn't feel warm now, and even at the highest today, 17° C, it probably will still feel cool under the leaden sky. Tomorrow is currently not looking any better than today until early evening when there could be some sunny spells.

  Yesterday was a fairly busy day. The first thing I did when washed and dressed was to go shopping in Tesco. As I mentioned yesterday, I mainly wanted to get a few bottles of Diet Coke, but I bought more than that, although half of that was bird seed and not for me. I was extremely careful about what I bought for myself. My original intention was just to get a pack of bacon, and a bag of mixed salad leaves for another bacon and lettuce dinner. There is more about my shopping trip, and everything else that happened yesterday (with a few pictures), plus my evening, my night, and my usual thoughts and plans for the start of today, in my complete archive page for today.
Saturday 4th June 2022
08:27 BST

  Later versions of the weather forecast came near to getting it right. Yesterday morning was bright and sunny, but the afternoon was generally dull. At around 6pm there was some light rain. The afternoon seemed warmer than the forecast 21° C, and my thermometers suggested 23° C.
   dull and damp morning, but maybe a sunny
  There have already been a few very light showers this morning. The latest revision to the forecast now says just one period of light rain at 10am. After midday the clouds should thin, and 1pm should see sunny spells. From 2pm there could be four hours of non stop sunshine followed by a couple of hours of sunny periods. It is possible there will be another shower at sunset. It is not going to be a warm day with the afternoon high being no more than 17° C. At this point ut seemed wise to consult the BBC version of the weather forecast. The fact that it says light drizzle at 9am seems to make it more believable. It say there will only be sunny spells this afternoon, but the temperature could be 19° C. They can't agree on when there will be rain, but both forecasters agree that tomorrow will be wet, although the BBC have also suggested thunderstorms in the morning. Both suggest a similar temperature in the afternoon of 16 to 17° C.

   I basically arranged my whole day around having a beer tasting/drinking session with Jodie, but there was a flaw in that plan...or maybe two flaws. The first was that there are no trains to Catford Bridge this whole 4 day bank holiday weekend, and then to compound that Jodie said she had a hangover, and didn't fancy messing around with buses. I didn't find that out until about midday. Maybe if I had known it at the start of the day I could have made better use of the day. How I did spend my day, the terrible mistake I had to make, how I slept, and my thoughts and plans this morning, are all described in my complete archived page for today.
Friday 3rd June 2022
09:05 BST

  Yesterday was a warm day, and in direct sunshine it was almost hot. There was quite a lot of sunshine, although for nearly half the day it was just sunny spells. The late afternoon temperature probably hit the forecast of 19° C, although it felt a bit cooler indoors (but maybe only when being very sedate).
   nice sunny start, but will it last ?
  I would describe the last few hours as being sunny, rather than just featuring sunny spells. The latest revision to the forecast does acknowledge this, 10am to midday may only feature sunny spells. The worst thing is that the latest revision now says there is a 50% chance of light rain at 4 and 5pm ! The sun may not be seen again after that until just as it is setting. It may still be warm with 21° C predicted for early afternoon. Tomorrow may start wet but the afternoon may feature a mix of sunshine or sunny spells, but the highest temperature may only be 18° C. The day after tomorrow may be very wet, but that gloomy forecast will hopefully change before it happens.

   Yesterday turned out very different to how I thought it might. The thing that changed everything was a slightly wobbly stomach. Nothing was dramatic, but I had to visit the toilet three times in the morning, and the last time was not all that long before I was going to go out. I did start out to the station, but there were two flies in the ointment. The first was that there are no trains from Catford Bridge over this entire 4 day weekend (yesterday and today are bank holidays). The second was that while walking to Catford station I felt some disturbance in the aether. It turned into just a small fart, but it was enough to worry me. You can read the full description of what I really ended up doing yesterday, plus how a I slept, and my thoughts and plans for today in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 2nd June 2022
07:31 BST

  There was a change in the weather at about midday yesterday, and neither weather forecaster got their predictions right. The day started with a few sunny spells, which the BBC forecast did anticipate, but they soon gave way to grey skies. It seemed like yesterday could be as bad as the previous few days. At midday there was a fairly short, moderately heavy fall of rain, but after that most of the clouds just dissolved, and we had sunny spells for the rest of the afternoon, and into the early evening before the sun set. I'm not sure when it got there, but the highest temperature was 17° C.
   probably a nice day
  As I write this I would describe it as sunny, and in that respect the Met Office forecast has it right, but then goes on to forecast a frequently dull day until early evening. The BBC forecast only says sunny spells now, but it is more optimistic by saying they will continue through all daylight hours. What I cans see at the moment is a lot of thin and streaky cloud. Both forecasters say it will be a warm day. The Met Office says 19° C, and the BBC goes one more at 20° C. Both forecasters say tomorrow will feature loads of sunny spells, and the temperature reaching as high as 22° C.

   Yesterday was a good day, and it was so for two reasons - Angela and sunshine ! I guess it also felt good to go the full mile with a shave, shampoo and shower. There were two days this week when I just couldn't be bothered to do any more than brushing my teeth. It just didn't feel worthwhile doing more when I wasn't expecting to go out, or to see anybody. On second thoughts, it was only one day. I was thinking I stayed dirty and smelly on Monday. I felt miserable enough for most of the day for that, but I remember I did go to Aldi, and I did have a shower before going out. Yesterday is described, along with my night, and the start of today, in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 1st June 2022
08:07 BST

  May ended with a bang, and then later with a rainbow. We seem to be going through a time when the BBC weather forecast is often more accurate than the Met Office forecast. The former did predict thunderstorms for mid afternoon, the latter said only light rain ! The Met Office did correctly forecast sunny spells just before sunset. Both forecasters got the afternoon temperature right at between 14 and 15° C. Before I forget, there were sunny spells at the start of the morning.
   maybe rain this morning
  The Met Office forecast is a bit gloomy, and so let's use the BBC forecast for a change.
sunny morning
  There have been some sunny spells this morning, as per the BBC weather forecast, but they seem to have finished for now. This too is in accordance with the latest revision. It also says there will be light cloud until 4pm when sunny spells start up again.Meanwhile, the Met Office can't seem to get over it's fixation with rain this morning, although the latest revision has reduced it to just a 40% chance at midday, but it retains the dark and heavy clouds for several hours either side of midday. Both agree on a later afternoon temperature of 17° C. Both currently agree that tomorrow will see a mix of sunshine or sunny spells for the whole day, and a top temperature of 19° C.

   Yesterday, the last day of May, could have turned out like the day before, but something in the weather perked me up a bit, or maybe that with rain, or thunderstorms forecast, I didn't feel the slightest guilt about staying in all day. It could be argued, with 100% success, that yesterday morning was actually worse than the day before, but by the afternoon something seemed to be stirring. The full description of yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning, can be read in my complete archived page for today.