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My Diary/Blog For the Month of July 2022

Sunday 31st July 2022
 07:12 BST
  Yesterday seemed to be rather hot and sticky (doubly so when travelling by bus), and there was a lot more sunshine than expected. I think the temperature hit 28° C by late afternoon.
  very dull, but
                      still warm
  Today is starting very dull, and it seems the rest of the day is going to be very dull. There was a 40% chance of rain at 7pm, but that has now been reduced to just 30%. Sods law says it will actually rain at a different time. Despite no sunshine the afternoon should still reach 24° C , and my guess is it will feel a bit sticky. Tomorrow may start with just light cloud, but the afternoon should feature plentiful sunny spells with a temperature of 25° C by late afternoon.

   Yesterday featured a mix of good and bad. My main consideration in the morning was to get ready to go to Chattfest being held in the garden of The Chatterton Arms in Bromley. I didn't feel I needed a shave, but I did have the full shampoo and shower. It felt quite fatiguing having that wash, and I was happy to have plenty of time to spare to have a rest before setting out to get a 320 bus to Bromley. The rest of yesterday, plus last night and the start of this morning, is all described, with a few pictures, in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 30th July 2022
 09:31 BST
  There was quite a bit of sunshine yesterday, but at 6pm it came across really dark and possibly stormy looking. The recently revised forecast did show light rain for 6pm, but it actually stayed dry. It was quite a warm feeling day with the temperature easily reaching the forecast 26° C, and I'm sure it hit 27° C.
  sunny spells
                      until early afternoon
  The latest revision to the forecast doesn't change much to the early forecast shown above. 10am is now shown as cloudy. It doesn't show reality though. At the moment the sun is nearly hidden by clouds, and although it is bright, the sun is not clear enough to cast anything but the very faintest shadow. No sun at all is forecast for after 2pm, but it should be almost as warm as yesterday at 25° C for nearly all afternoon, and into the evening. Tomorrow may start with much heavier clouds, but the sun may break through at 6pm. Once again the afternoon should be 25° C.

   I think I had another fairly satisfying day yesterday. I did some useful stuff, but didn't achieve all I wanted because the poor sleep I've had lately has left me feeling tired. The very best thing I did yesterday was to fast until dinner time. As I reported yesterday, I had started the day with my blood glucose dangerously high. By lunchtime it has come down from 11.0mmol/l to 9.0mmol/l. Just before I ate for the first time yesterday, at 7pm, my blood glucose had dropped to 7.0mmol/l. That was very pleasing, and I think I deserved a fairly safe dinner. The rest of my day, night, and some of this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Friday 29th July 2022
 09:50 BST
  Yesterday felt quite warm even though the temperature only reached about 24° C during the afternoon. It was bright in the morning with both some full sunshine, and then sunny periods of sometimes hazy sunshine. Late morning, all afternoon, and into the evening were forecast to be cloudy, but the sun put in quite a few appearances during the afternoon, and even when cloudy it was still fairly bright.
  sun and sunny
  I'm sure that the forecast for today as made a few days ago, predicted some rain today, but it is sunny now, and the latest revision of the forecast shows that today will mostly feature strong sunshine, and sunny intervals. Only 4 to 6pm may be a bit dull. The temperature is expected to rise to 26° C, and there is a less than 5% chance of rain at any time today - i.e. another dry day. Apart from a few hours in the late morning, when there could be sunny spells, tomorrow is forecast to be dull, but the temperature should still reach 26° C.

   Like the day before, yesterday was generally a good day. I spent a fair bit of the morning doing some more intensive cleaning up in my bedroom. The day before yesterday I had only got as far as pulling a blue plastic tote box from out under my computer desk. As I mentioned yesterday. I ended up throwing most of the contents of that box away because many things in it were boxes that originally had computer bits, or mobile phones in them. I started writing very late this morning, and it seems I had a lot to say, and so I am finishing very late today. Click on  my complete archived page for today to read all that I have written about yesterday, and this morning.
Thursday 28th July 2022
 08:09 BST
  Yesterday was generally dull, but the morning was bright with several hours of hazy sunshine, or sunny spells. There were some sunny spells in the evening too. There were several time in the afternoon when the sky looked really heavy, and about to rain, but it stayed dry. I suspect the aor was quite humid because it felt quite warm at time when the temperature was only about 22 or 23° C (a degree or two higher than originally forecast).
  generally dull
  Yesterday morning the forecast underestimated the bright morning. This morning they have gone the other way, and forecast more brightness than there is. Like yesterday, there is some hazy sunshine, but it comes and goes. It is enough to cast a fuzzy shadow. Later on it looks like it will possibly be bright-ish with white cloud covering the whole sky. The temperature is probably going to be similar to yesterday - still just 21° C in the latest revision, but maybe like yesterday we can expect another degree or two. Tomorrow may feature a lot more sunshine, although by mid afternoon it may only be in the form of sunny spells. It should push the temperature up to 25° C.

   Yesterday was generally a good day, but it didn't end well. I was feeling good that I had cleaned and tidied some of my bedroom, and I was looking forward to a lunchtime drink with Angela. Mostly I had a relaxed morning with plenty of time to shave, shampoo and shower, and then enough time to cool off before setting out to walk through the park. What was good, and what was bad, is all described in my complete archived page for today along with a few events this morning.
Wednesday 27th July 2022
 07:32 BST
  It was only the 8, or even 9am revision to the weather forecast that started get the forecast correct - particularly about what had just happened !  The previously predicted morning rain didn't happen, and the forecast for it was hastily removed. The first rain was not shown, and it was a very light shower that lasted mere minutes at just gone midday. As far as I am aware, no more rain fell until sometime in the night. Most of the day was dull, and the temperature only reached 22 or 23° C, which was a bit higher than forecast. It was either me or it was quite humid yesterday, and it didn't take a lot of effort to raise a sweat.
                      dull....or possibly not
  We have already had one sunny spell in advance of the first predicted for 9am this morning. It doesn't look impossible that we could get another before then. The general outlook is "cloudy", and no sunny spells are predicted for after 9am, but I suspect that may be wrong, and the sun might break through for a few minutes, or more, any time during the day. Once again a cool-ish day is predicted with a top temperature of just 21° C. Tomorrow may see 23° C, but otherwise will probably be the same as today.

   Yesterday was different to how I imagined it, although the basic idea of what I actually did was briefly thought about, but not in any great detail. During the morning I proceeded with my plan (plan ? desire ? intention ?) to go out, and get more pictures of trains while travelling to Watford Junction - another limit of free travel on my Freedom Pass, but it was not to be. What I did end doing is described in my complete archived page for today. It includes my night, and this morning.
Tuesday 26th July 2022
 08:52 BST
  It's hard to describe yesterday's weather because it was so mixed up. One constant was the temperature, and it was about 23° C in the afternoon. Forecasts of rain came and went every time the forecasts were revised. The BBC were adamant that yesterday would be a dry day. At least the Met Office admitted there would be rain, but they got the times and quantities wrong. There were two showers in the morning, and one lasted a few minutes. The other barely lasted long enough to notice it. There was anther brief, and quite light shower in the afternoon. I think there may have been a brief light shower once or twice in the evening. None did anything for the brown lawn. There were a few sunny periods in the afternoon, but the overall feel of the day was dull.
  maybe sunny
                      spells later in the afternoon
  The early version of today's weather forecast, as shown above, said light rain until 10pm. The latest revision shows no rain at all, but does agree it will be very grey this morning. Maybe from 3pm there will be some sunny spells for a few hours before the sky clouds over, but perhaps only light cloud. Today is a long trousers day with the cool morning, and at just 21° C, not much more than a cool afternoon. After a dull start there could be a few hours of sunny spells tomorrow morning, but the afternoon will (hopefully) be a bit dull. Once again the afternoon may not exceed 21° C.

   It all depends on how you define productive... By some definitions I had a very productive day yesterday. The second thing I did was to go shopping in Aldi. There were a few things I needed, and a few things that were useful, and everything else was really to help fill, or make look filled, a small trolley so I could go through a manned checkout. There is a reason why I started with the second thing. It was because I had forgotten the first ! All my day, described in almost the correct order, plus another lousy night, and a not so good morning, are in my complete archived page for today.
Monday 25th July 2022
 09:35 BST
  There was oodles of sunshine yesterday, and yet somehow 26° C did not feel that hot. I think it was something to do with the humidity, but I don't know what. My two theories contradict each other. Theory one says the humidity was very low, and that made it feel less hot and sticky. Theory two says the humidity was very high, and that is why it took so long to dry the large bath towel I washed, and hung on the washing line.
  maybe the
                      first day to feature rain for a long while
  Earlier this morning we had sunny spells, but now we are heading to the thick cloud predicted on the forecast for today. Of course the BBC website said no sunny spells, and only light cloud today. It denied the possibility of rain. However, in the latest revision the Met Office have hedged their bets to show two hours featuring rain now. They now show a 50% chance of a heavy showers at 4pm, and a 30% chance of light showers for 5pm. The fact that they have moved the first rain from 1pm originally, to 4pm now, strongly suggests they are just making it up, and yet it does suggest there will be some rain, sometime today. Some of the heavy looking clouds that are thickening as I write this look like they could drop a lot of rain on us any minute now ! It was a fresh morning, and it's almost going to be a fresh afternoon at just 22° C by the latest reckoning. After a dull start, tomorrow could feature some sunshine, and an afternoon temperature of 23° C. Oh, and they have thrown in some random rain for 6pm, and then later in the evening. I can imagine many changes to the forecast by tomorrow morning !

   I think I can describe yesterday as a good day. It somehow felt good when it started despite the despite the bad blood glucose reading in the morning. It is probably only with hindsight that I can say I felt a lot better in all sorts of minor ways, and a lot of minor things add up to a good thing ! I felt in the mood to do two productive things yesterday morning. All of yesterday, last night, and this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 24th July 2022
 08:29 BST
  Yesterday was probably sunnier than the weather forecast suggested. There was at least a couple of sunny spells in every hour of daylight, and most hours saw more than that. It took the afternoon temperature up to 25, or 26° C.
  a very sunny
                      day forecast
  I think I'll choose the Met Office forecast because while it shows an afternoon temperature one degree less than the BBC weather forecast, it shows much more sunshine. On the other hand maybe the Met Office has got it wrong. The latest revision shows 9am as being cloudy. That is only 25 minutes away, and while the cloud could blip up, block the sun for nearly an hour, and then disperese again, it does seem a bit unlikely. All being well, there should be plenty of sunshine today, and the temperature should hit 26° C, and possibly 27° C. Tomorrow may be 3 or 4 degrees cooler, and feature very little sunshine. There might even be some light rain, but I predict that by tomorrow there will be a revised forecast that looks nothing like today's prediction for tomorrow.

   I've just looked over what I wrote yesterday, and I must have been in a bad way when I consider how many spelling mistakes I made. Sometimes I would only write half the word I intended to use, and occasionally I seemed to leave out a whole word. I don't feel nearly as bad as yesterday as I write this, but I doubt I can finish writing this without at least one balls up, and probably more. Sometimes I just rush what I am typing because I am bored, or sometimes because I am excited ! You can read all I wrote about yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today by clicking this link.
Saturday 23rd July 2022
 08:32 BST
  Yesterday was a very dull, dreary, and depressing day. I think there might have been one or two short sunny spells, but most of the day was very grey. The only interesting thing happened at about 1pm - it rained. Although when I say rained I mean just 4 spots of rain fell, or at least that is the amount of rain that fell on my bedroom window. The BBC quickly changed their weather forecast to show sunny spells, and the Met Office removed all references to rain. It was a fairly fresh day with a maximum temperature of 21° C, and it was an even cooler night.
  some sunny
                      spells today
  There is full sunshine at the moment, and that gives me hope that there will be at least sunny spells through the day. The Met Office correctly predicted the sunshine, as can be seen in the screenshot above, but the BBC predicted a day almost like yesterday's dull dreariness. However....the BBC weather forecast has changed now to show lots of sunny spells. Obviously someone has just arrived at work there, and hastily given their giant computer a kick up the arse and asked it to recompute the weather ! Both forecasters reckon today should see 25° C this afternoon. Tomorrow could reach 26° C, and there could be a fair amount of sunny spells, or a lot of hours of full sunshine depending on which forecaster comes closer to predicting reality.

   Yesterday was a terrible day. I was suffering from poor sleep, and the dull dreary weather was very depressing. I felt very listless, and it was hard to enthuse myself to do anything at all except eat. The eating was the worst part of yesterday. Everything I ate would have been fine for me by itself, but a whole lot of little things adds up to one big thing. As I write this I haven't checked my blood glucose reading yet. I am preparing myself for a nasty shock ! Fortunately there was more to eating yesterday, and my day, better night, and thoughts this morning are all described in my complete archived page for today.
Friday 22nd July 2022
 08:11 BST
  Contrary to the weather forecast, there were a few sunny spells yesterday. The rest of the day often seemed bright depsite the entire sky being covered by clouds. The afternoon temperature was forecast to be 23° C, but it felt warmer, and maybe it was warmer. I think I can recall seeing 25° C on one thermometer. It was a dry day - which was unfortunate for the garden.
  a possibility
                      of a shower this afternoon
  The latest BBC forecast still predicts as much as 3 hours of light showers starting at 3pm. The Met Office agreed but only to the extent of a single hour of showers at 3pm, but the latest revision says no showers at all, and has added a few more hours of sunny spells at 11am, 1pm and 2pm. The sunny spells at 10am have now gone in the latest revision. Most of today will probably be dull, and with a maximum temperature of 21° C it is going to feel slightly cool compared to the 30+° C weather we have had lately. Last night, and this morning felt particularly cool...although maybe "fresh" is a better description. Tomorrow may see the temperature rise to 26° C, and there could be sunny spells popping up through the whole day.

   I think I can describe yesterday as a fairly good day. The morning was particularly productive with shopping trips to both Tesco, and than a hour or so later, Poundstretcher. At Tesco I topped up my Diet Coke store, and I also bought lots of lettuce, and meats and stuff to go with the lettuce. Poundstretcher was fruitful for bottles of bleach/toilet cleaner, and I also got a few more cans of sugar free Irn Bru. The rest of my day, terrible night, and a slightly depressing start to the morning is described in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 21st July 2022
 07:03 BST
  Yesterday was quite a few degrees cooler than the day before, but the temperature was still very close to 30° C (I saw 29.5° C), and so it was still hot. It did seem to cool down a fair bit in the night. Most of the sun, or sunny spells, were confined to the morning, but the sun popped out a few times in the first half of the afternoon.  As 6pm approached, when both forecasters predicted thunderstorms, it was certainly heavily overcast, but as far as I am aware, the first rain was possibly around 1am this morning, and it was little more than a shower. I heard no thunder at all.
  a generally
                      dull day
  It feels quite fresh this morning. There was some evidence of the rain in the early hours, but apart from a very small puddle on top of the garden wheelie bin, it had all evaporated when I went out to feed the birds a little earlier. Today is still going to be warm enough, 23° C, to wear shorts, but it seems there will be no sign of  the sun. I'm sure an earlier forecast, from a day or two ago, said there could be showers today, but the latest revision to the forecast only gives a 10% chance of rain for most of the day. Tomorrow may not see any sunshine until 6pm, and at just 21° C it will be feeling a bit fresh (hopefully)

  I can't say that yesterday was a productive day, but it was a very pleasant day. The only notable thing I did in the morning was to have the full shave, shampoo, and shower trio so that I felt clean and presentable for the highlight of the day - a drink with Angela at lunchtime. That meant a walk through the park, and I left in plenty of time to walk almost to the Ladywell Road end of the park, and to get in half a pint of Guinness before Angela arrived. The rest of my day is described, and illustrated with some pictures in my complete archived page for today. It also includes my sleep and thougts and observations this morning.
Wednesday 20th July 2022
 08:48 BST
  Maybe yesterday was the hottest day of the year. It was hotter than the previous day. Strong sunshine until about 6pm raised the temperature to about 38° C. From 6pm it clouded over, and I think it was around 8pm when we had a very light shower. It maybe lasted a full minute, and in that time about a dozen drops of rain hit my bedroom window. Ten minutes later those raindrops evaporated in the heat. It cooled off during the evening, and by midnight the outside temperature fell to about 25° C. Meanwhile, in my bedroom, the temperature was around 34° C !
  cooler with
                      rain expected later this afternoon
  This morning it almost felt chilly when I went into the garden to feed the birds. On any other day 19° C would feel quite warm. This morning may see some sunshine or sunny spells, and maybe the temperature may reach 26° C for a lot of the afternoon. From mid afternoon things get a bit uncertain. There are patches of rain floating across the sky, but it seems it is impossible for the forecasters to predict where they are going. The Met Office are confident of rain from 6pm followed by 2 hours of thunderstorms (according to the latest revision). The BBC, who originally said no rain, have now predicted a similar sequence to the Met Office, but starting as early as 4pm. A heavy fall of rain would be very good for my garden. There may be no sunshine at all tomorrow. Half the hours will be lightly overcast, and the other half will be heavily overcast, but I doubt we know which hours will be which. The temperature could be as low as 24° C or as high as 25° C.

  I guess you could call it inspired madness, or anything you fancy, but at just after 10am, a lot earlier than usual, I went out for a moderately lone walk in the blazing sunshine. I almost walked 3.5 miles, and 3.429 miles was not far short of that. Even at that time of the morning it was very hot going. I hoped I might be able to push it a bit further, but as I approached what would be the halfway point (the far end of the Linear Park) I was starting to feel tired.  More of my walk, plus the rest of my day, night, and this morning, are described in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 19th July 2022
 08:30 BST
  I can confirm it was definitely hot yesterday. The temperature just about reached the predicted 36° C. It wasn't always sunny though. There were a few times when the sun disappeared behind an occasional passing cloud. As well as a hot day, it was also a hot night. It was still close to 30° C at midnight.
  red warning
                      for hot weather again
  Today we could see 38° C for a while, but that is still short of the 40° C splashed across the front page of some newspapers. Maybe some will see 40° C, but apparently not in Catford. It was a very warm start to the day. After yesterday's extremes 25° C looked, and almost felt slightly cool, but of course it was abut all we would expect on a typical summers day - in the afternoon ! The most interesting thing about today is how we may start to lose the sunshine as early as 6pm, and it could start to rain at 8pm. 10pm could possibly see some thunder and lightning. It was a feature that appeared and disappeared in earlier predictions, but this morning it has survived one revision (although the BBC still hasn't shown it on their forecast). Tonight should feel cooler, and tomorrow may only reach 25° C. There might even be a few light showers in the early evening.

  I thought yesterday was quite nice until mid afternoon or later. The evening was a bit oppressive. Just before midday I went to Tesco. As I walked there I could feel a nice cooling breeze, and it seemed ideal walking weather (for me). The bulk of my shopping was 4x2 litre bottles of Diet Coke. The rest was nowhere near as heavy as that. It didn't feel quite so fresh walking home again, and as expected, I was feeling rather hot and sticky when I got home. The rest of my day, night, and this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Monday 18th July 2022
 08:51 BST
  The temperature reached about 29° C, and yet most of the time it didn't feel excessively hot. Most of the only featured sunny spells, and there was a period during the afternoon when for several hours the sun would only put in brief appearances.
  red warning
                      for hot weather
  Today we hit the first red warning for extreme heat ! As yet the scare stories of 40° C have yet to come, and maybe won't come in this part of London. It will be non stop sunshine until 9pm, and that will push the temperature up to 36° C (or 38° C if you believe the BBC version of the forecast). It will definitely be hot today, but tomorrow may be hotter. Both the Met Office and the BBC agree on 38° C tomorrow. Once again it will be almost non stop sunshine, but only the Met Office syas there will be a thunderstorm at 10pm, and that will be followed by rain. After tomorrow the weather returns to normal, and there might even be a bit of rain.

  It was quite a good day yesterday, and possibly better than expected. One of the first things I did was to wash a medium big bath towel. That took quite a bit of physical effort - it was very heavy when saturated with water, and wringing out by hand was a struggle. I had to do the wash in two stages because that towel needed 5 rinses before the rinse water was starting to run clear. Ideally it could have done with 7 rinses, but after 5 I did the final soak in fabric conditioner, and after wringing it out I hung it on the line to dry. I would do more laundry a bit later. This and the rest of my day, night, and this morning is described in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 17th July 2022
 08:11 BST
  It was pleasantly warm yesterday with plenty of sunshine and bright blue skies. The temperature probably peaked at around 27° C. By midnight it was feeling a lot fresher, although still about 21° C.
  amber warning
                      for hot weather
  The Met Office have issued an amber alert for hot weather today, and yet the maximum predicted temperature is 29° C. That doesn't sound particularly high to me, although if the humidity is very high it will feel very muggy. That is possible because it may be a a bit cloudy this afternoon. The latest revision to the forecast now shows several hours in the afternoon with no sunshine at all, and also a few as only having sunny spells. On the other hand, the BBC weather forecast shows non stop, full on sunshine with a peak temperature of 30° C. Tomorrow there is a red alert for very high temperatures. Both forecasts show non stop sunshine. The BBC reckon the temperature may hit 37° C, and the Met Office say only 35° C. Tuesday may be even very slightly hotter....and the next day may see rain !

  Yesterday turned out well, although the end wasn't so good. All the pieces seemed to fall into place for a good day out. My blood glucose was stupidly high, and so a day out, to make fasting easier, was essential. Considering I finished off the rest of the previous night's Indian takeaway the day before yesterday, my guts seems to be very calm, and I had no fears about needing a toilet in an emergency. The rest of my day, and the start of this morning, is all described in my complete archived page for today. It includes half a dozen pictures taken while out yesterday, and why changing the batteries in my blood glucose meter can improve the reading - a lot !
Saturday 16th July 2022
 09:19 BST
  Yesterday morning was bright and sunny, but from mid afternoon there was increasing amounts of cloud, although I can't seem to remember any length of time when there as no sunshine at all. It was another dry day, and the temperature only peaked at around 25° C.
  mostly sunny
  It seemed quite fresh this morning, and at 5am I was almost feeling too cool to sleep, but I did sleep - for quite a long time. Today the temperature is currently predicted to reach, and stay at 27° C for at least 3 hours late this afternoon/early evening. There may be a few almost random hours when we will only see sunny spells, but most of the day should feature full on sunshine. Tomorrow will feature almost non stop sunshine, and the temperature should rise to 30, or even 31° C. The day after tomorrow features a RED weather warning of extreme heat. Apparently this is the first time ever the Met Office had had to issue on. There is also one for next Tuesday when the temperature might hit 40° C. Even in my book that is HOT.

  Yesterday was a sort of disaster ! During the course of the morning I made two substantial deposits in the toilet, and I thought I would be fine to go to Bromley to take some photos of Caz and Steve busking. I got myself washed and dressed, checked my camera, and clipped a water bottle, in a holder to the camera bag (it being a small bag for my Nikon P500 "bridge camera", rather than a full sized DSLR camera with extra lenses). I was ready to leave, but my guts still felt a bit odd. What didn't happen next, and what did happen instead is described in my complete archived page for today. It also includes stuff about last night, and my dreams plus some terrible news this morning.
Friday 15th July 2022
 08:52 BST
  It was nice and bright yesterday with lots of either sunshine or sunny spells, but it also felt a lot fresher. The temperature only rose to 24 or 25° C.
  dull for a few
                      hours late afternoon/early evening
  Today's weather is going to be very similar to yesterday - lots of sunshine or sunny spells by 3pm. By 4pm it may be too cloudy for any sunny spells, but they will probably return around 7pm. It was quite a cool morning, and this afternoon the temperature may settle at 25° C from late afternoon. Tomorrow may be a repeat of today, but after tomorrow we go into "Weather Warning" territory with some rather high temperatures predicted. Next Tuesday looks particularly interesting with 37° C predicted !

  I think I can almost classify yesterday as a good and productive day by conveniently forgetting the nice, but disastrous  evening. More about that later.  One of the first things I did was the completion of a job that should have been done weeks or more ago. It was actually back in April last year when I bought my first 4TB (huge !) external USB hard drive. I bought it because it was obvious that my collection of movies and TV programmes was getting to the point of not having enough back up space. That big hard drive solved that problem with lots to spare. The long version of my file back up work, plus a description of the rest of my day, night, and this morning can be read in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 14th July 2022
 08:08 BST
  The promised rain didn't fall yesterday, but the rest of the weather forecast was about right. Despite being a mostly cloudy day it was still usually bright, and the sun did manage to break through the cloud for short periods through the day, although sometimes it was just hazy sunshine shining through thin cloud. It was still very warm - possibly slightly higher than the forecast 27° C. It did seem to cool fairly fast, although not that low, in the night.
  sun or sunny
  This morning felt very fresh compared to recent mornings, just 17° C, but it seems to be warming up fast, although the predicted high today may only be 25° C. There should be sunshine or sunny spells for the whole day. Tomorrow will probably be very similar to today.

  Yesterday was another odd sort of day. I was busy, but did little. In the morning I acted as if I was going to go out, but sadly Angela is still on holiday, and so I couldn't go out and meet her for our usual Wednesday lunchtime drink. I still had shave, shampoo (and conditioner) plus shower. It felt good, but I wasn't feeling all that good because at that point I still hadn't been to the toilet. If I had my day may have been very different. What I did do for the rest of yesterday, and how I slept, plus some bad news this morning, is all described in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 13th July 2022
 08:03 BST
  There was very little sunshine yesterday, but it was still very hot. According to me measurements the temperature reached almost 31° C. It could have been a bit more than that ! The forecast assured us it would stay dry, but there were two quite brief, and very light showers. I only realised they had happened when I saw spots of water on the window pane that hinges out and upwards in my bedroom. It was another hot night with the temperature still 25° C at midnight.
  another dull
                      but hot day
  The BBC weather forecast differs a bit from the screenshot of the Met Office forecast this morning. It shows sunny spells for most of the day, but does admit there is a 6% chance of rain at 10am this morning. The latest revision to the Met Office forecast has removed most sunny spells, and also the rain for 8am and 9am, but retains rain for 10am. It now says there is a 50% chance of light rain at 10am. The temperature may only reach 27° C, but that can still feel sticky under dull skies. I suspect the weather is going to change too fast for the forecasters to keep up with it today. Tomorrow may feature a lot more sunshine, but the afternoon temperature may only reach 25° C.

  Yesterday was an odd sort of day. I did a fair bit, but achieved little, or I achieved a lot but did little - I can't decide which is correct. What I didn't do was to go out on the trains. This was partly because I didn't go to the toilet in the morning, and thought that sooner or later I would have to. It still hasn't happen even this morning, although there are hints something could happen soon ! You can read about the rest of my day, see some pictures of a new feature in Catford, and read about my night and this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 12th July 2022
 08:20 BST
  It was most definitely hot and sunny yesterday. It did start to get a bit cloudy in the early evening, but contrary to the forecast, the sunny spells continued well after they were originally predicted to end. The temperature easily hit 30° C, and I suspect it was even higher at some point on my travels to places like Riskmansworth.
  another hot
  It seems we may not get much sunshine today, but at the moment the cloud is not dense enough to block the sun. It is possible we may see more sunshine than shown in the forecast, although the latest revision seems not to have changed anything. After a very hot night we start the morning with the temperature up at 20° C, and this afternoon should still see 29° C. It looks like another very warm night coming up. Of course the BBC website gives a totally different forecast, and that says sunny spells all day, and a top temperature of 31° C. Tomorrow could be a couple of degrees cooler, and there could be sunny spells for most of the day.

  I finally got back on my quest to visit all the extremes that my Freedom Pass allows free travel to. I think I knew soon after I got up yesterday that it was going to be the day. My guts seemed to be quite stable, and my high blood glucose meant that a day away from the fridge would be beneficial. I was washed and dressed quite early, and I set out to catch the 11.35am train from Catford station. The rest of yesterday is described along with loads of photographs in my complete archived page for today. It also includes my evening, another hot and sticky night, plus thoughts this morning.
Monday 11th July 2022
 07:47 BST
  I think that yesterday could definitely be described as a high summer day. Just the occasional cloud blocked the sun, but the other 95% of the day featured strong sunshine. The forecast temperature was only 28° C, and that was about right.
  very hot sunny
  Today looks like it will be hotter than yesterday, and that seems counter intuitive because by 3pm the clouds will gather to reduce the sunshine to just sunny spells, and from 5pm it will be cloudy. Even worse is that the latest revision the the forecast says we will lose the sunshine even earlier, but it still insists the temperature will peak at 30° C. That sounds like the build up to a thunderstorm, but the forecast insists that the chance of rain will be less than 5% all day. The BBC forecast tells a different story with the sunny spells continuing until sunset, and the temperature reaching 31° C. Tomorrow should be hot with the Met Office showing a single hour at 30° C, and the BBC saying 2 hours at 31° C. The Met Office shows much of tomorrow being dull, and the BBC say sunny spells, or better, for the whole day !

  Yesterday was one of those odd days where not a lot happened, but the day seemed to pass by very quickly. One thing I did do was to go shopping in Tesco, and like sometime last week (was it last week ?) I seemed to almost buy more bird food than human food. I must admit, it felt good going out in the midday sun to get that shopping, although I was a bit soggy by the time I got home again. The rest of my day, night, and the start of this morning is described in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 10th July 2022
 09:10 BST
  The bright start to yesterday only lasted a couple of hours before the sky clouded over. At 11am the clouds started to clear, and maybe from midday the sky was clear, and we had hot sunshine until sunset. There were a few clouds in the sky then, but the west of them were all red, and heralding another summer day today. The temperature probably hit 26° C or maybe a bit more at the hottest part of the day.
  very hot sunny
  The latest update to the weather forecast hasn't changed anything to the early morning screenshot above except reducing the time at 28° C to just two hours instead of three. It still means today is going to be a very hot day, and there is hotter to come !  Tomorrow the full sunshine may only last until 4pm when clouds start to fill the sky. After 5pm there may be no sign of the sun, but the temperature may have reached 30° C. There is no warnings of it, but all that heat trapped under the clouds could trigger a thunderstorm.

  It's hard to describe whether yesterday was a good and productive day, or something else. It was probably something else. Obviously my day was tempered by the terrible night's sleep I had.  I suspect I probably felt that I should have felt more tired than I seemed to be. Initially there was just one thing I wanted to do, and I wondered if it might be the only thing I might do. My day, and yet another terrible night's sleep, plus my thoughts this morning and plans for today are all described in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 9th July 2022
 06:59 BST
  Yesterday was hot and sunny, although by early evening sunny spells replaced non stop sunshine. The temperature reached 28° C, and it was a very sultry night, last night.
  another hot
                      sunny day
  It seems there may be a few dull hours mid morning, but today should be a lot like yesterday with hours and hours of sunshine. Oddly enough it may not be quite so warm. Only 26° C is expected. The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast predicts more sunny spells than sunshine, and only predicts a high of 25° C. It looks like tomorrow could be very similar to yesterday - copious sunshine, and the temperature hitting 28° C.

  I think yesterday could be described as quite productive - even if I did very little of what I had predicted in the morning. Another difference was my health seemed to be a bit better than expected. I think it was the day before yesterday when I reported that I had some toothache, but suggested it was probably only gum damage caused by over vigorous flossing. I then promptly forgot all about it. It seems my suggested cause was quite correct, and within a couple of hours all pain had gone. Quite fair bit happened yesterday, and it is all recounted in my complete archived page for today, or at least all the morning interesting bits of my day, night and the start of this morning.
Friday 8th July 2022
 08:18 BST
  Yesterday started dull and nasty - loads of thick clouds, but still staying dry even if it looked like it could rain at any minute. I think it was earlier than forecast, maybe not long after midday, that the clouds started to break up, and we had the first short sunny spell. From then on the sunny spells got longer and longer until by mid afternoon they had merged into one long period of pure sunshine. It continued until sunset. All that sunshine raised the temperature to 25° C.
  a hot sunny
  The sky is very slightly misty at the moment, but there are no proper clouds, and the sun is shining. At the moment the sunshine is very slightly diffuse, but soon it should be going full strength until the start of the evening. At around 6pm the clouds are predicted to return. For a few hours we should still get sunny spells, but the last hour of daylight may be cloudy enough to hide the sun completely (according to the latest revision of the forecast). The latest prediction says today will only reach 27° C. Most of tomorrow will be sunny, but some of the afternoon may only feature sunny spells, and the maximum temperature may only be 25° C.

   Yesterday was generally good, although it had one bad spot. It was after I had washed and dressed, and was just about to go out shopping in Aldi. My mouth felt a bit dry after brushing my teeth, and I thought I would have a quick mouthful of Diet Coke before going out. I took a gulp and immediately started choking. I thought it was because it had fizzed up, and I was trying to breath the bubbles. I had two choices - spit the drink onto the carpet or my bed, or back into the glass I had just taken the drink from. I chose the glass. I say more about this, and the rest of my day, evening, night, and the start of this morning, in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 7th July 2022
 08:07 BST
  Yesterday was undoubtedly warm with the temperature touching 25° C, but otherwise it was a mixed day. There was some very nice sunshine, but in the afternoon there were times when the sky looked so heavy that I am surprised that there was no rainfall.
  very dull
                      morning, very bright afternoon
  It feel very fresh this morning, but the temperature is almost 19° C. It is rather dull now, but sometime in the afternoon, and around 2pm is the latest estimate by both the Met Office, and The BBC (Meteogroup), when the cloud will break up to give sunny spells followed by pure sunshine. The temperature should rise to at least 24° C, and it might touch 25° C for a short while. The change of weather should continue tomorrow with lots of sunshine, and maybe the temperature will hit 27° C,

   Yesterday was another good, and rather busy day. I'm happy to say my guts were behaving themselves well, and I was close to feeling good. It was almost like I had more energy or something. I had a good shower, and got myself ready to get the 11:49 train from Catford Bridge to London Bridge station. My first "appointment" was to see Carrie and Steve busking on the concourse of London Bridge station. My whole day, night, and the start of this morning, is all described, and illustrated with quite a few pictures, in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 6th July 2022
 08:07 BST
  Despite the weather forecast suggesting much of the day would be dull, it was actually a rather nice day. There were loads of sunny spells through the day, and only a few times when it was dull. It was one of those curious days when the predicted temperature was only for maybe an hour at 21° C, but it seemed to feel a lot warmer at times.
  a dull
                      day...or maybe not
  Like yesterday, the Met Office forecast is adding more sunny spells to later revisions of their forecast. Meanwhile, over on the other channel, the BBC (Meteogroup) forecast continues to say it will be a generally dull day. Their forecast certainly describes the greyness I see outside my window at the moment, and it seems unlikely it will change any time soon. What both forecasters agree on is that today is going to be very warm. Both predict 25° C this afternoon. Another curiosity is that both forecasters divide tomorrow into two halves. The morning could be very dull, and the afternoon featuring plenty of sunny spells. The one difference is that the Met Office sunny afternoon may not start until 3pm. Tomorrow may, or may not, be as warm as today, but it depends on who you believe.

   I am happy to say that yesterday was a good day. It was mainly achieved on a combination of two things - more sunshine than expected, and seeing Angela when I thought I was in for a fortnight's wait until I saw her again. There was also my low blood glucose reading, and the bright sunny morning to set me off on the right foot. All my day, evening, night, and plans this morning are described in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 5th July 2022
 08:00 BST
  Yesterday's weather wasn't really summer-like, but it wasn't a bad day. With afternoon temperature of 22° C, or possibly a bit higher, and periodic sunny spells, it was pleasant enough.
  sunny start
                      and finish - grey in the middle
  Like the last few days, today has started with blue skies and nice sunshine. It will start to cloud over at 10am, and the middle of the day will be cloudy, but probably bright-ish. Sunny spells may resume from 7pm. It is not expected to be very warm. The latest revision shows 21° C for one hour at 4pm, but generally the afternoon will be 20° C. There is a 10%, or unlikely chance of rain this afternoon. Tomorrow may feature less sunshine, but the temperature could reach 25° C.

   I was careful to stress that there was only about a 50% chance that I would get out yesterday. What I wanted to do was to going and visit a few more extremes of rail journeys done for free using my Freedom Pass. To do that I had to feel confident that I would be comfortable for the whole time I was out. I thought that might be possible. After a day or two of mild (and incomplete) constipation I was going freely yesterday morning. Unfortunately I was going too freely. There is more unpleasant detail about that, but much more detail about what I did instead of going out in my complete archived page for today. It all tells of the rotten night I had, and three pleasant surprises this morning.
Monday 4th July 2022
 08:39 BST
  Yesterday was another day featuring complex weather. One thing that definitely didn't happen was rain, although one of the earlier versions of the weather forecast said it might rain at 8pm. There were definitely times when it got a bit gloomy, and at other times there was just white cloud so it was still bright-ish. For all that, I feel sure there were more sunny spells than forecast. It was just about warm at 21° C, although whether warm or cold really depended on if you were sedate or active.
  probably a
                      pleasant day
  It feels like today could be a pleasant day. There may be only a scattering of sunny spells after a sunny morning, but it should feel warm with an afternoon temperature of 22° C. The wind should be no more than a light breeze, and that will help it feel warmer. Incidently, the BBC says all of today will feature sunny spells. Tomorrow may start and end with sunshine or sunny spells, but the middle may be cloudy with the temperature down a degree to 21° C.

   I did not feel good yesterday. Some of it was depression brought on by not feeling good ! In the morning I was still suffering from a few aches and pains brought on by weeding a bit of the garden two days earlier. If more bits ached I might have thought it was the result of 'flu, or even Covid, but every ache was very familiar. The problem was that they were all happening at the same time. It has to be said that each ache was quite minor, but all added together was very annoying rather than very painful. Fortunately the whole day wasn't painful, and not all depressing. I even did a few things. It is all described in my complete archived page for today. It also included the night, dreaming, and possible plans for today.
Sunday 3rd July 2022
 08:51 BST
  As I suspected, there was a bit more sunshine than was originally forecast for yesterday. What I didn't expect was that a few of the cloudy hour were very cloudy. It even seemed to cool down when the sky was filled with dark grey, and rather threatening looking clouds. There was no rain though, and other cloudy hours were fairly bright. The temperature rose past the predicted 21° C, and I am fairly sure it hit 25° C.
  another bright
  Like yesterday morning, there was a lovely blue sky earlier this morning. The blue sky didn't last long, and even now there is quite a pile up of clouds in the eastern half of the sky. The latest revision to the forecast shows grey clouds from 11am to 2pm. After that the clouds may be just white clouds, and by 9pm there might even be a sunny spell ! It's worth adding that the BBC forecasts shows sunny spells almost all day with just a few hours of light cloud in the middle. Both forecasts say it will be dry, and both agree that the afternoon should be 21° C (with a possible brief peak at 22° C). Tomorrow may start with non stop sunshine, but that will give way to just sunny spells, probably more than today, and the temperature could be 22 or 23° C.

   I can't describe yesterday as a good day, although it had it's moment, but a fair chunk was boring and depressing. The day started off OK - sort of. I washed my hair, and had a shower, but I didn't bother to have a shave. Once the bath was free I started off some washing. I had four t-shirts, and a pair of underpants to wash to bring myself up to date. It was a slow morning, but I just managed to get everything on the washing line by midday (with 1.4 seconds to spare !). The rest of my day, night, and the start of this morning is described in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 2nd July 2022
 08:15 BST

  Yesterday didn't feature much sunshine, but it was warm and dry, and great for drying washing on the washing line. The afternoon temperature was only 20° C, and that seemed a bit poor for July.
  clear blue sky
                      this morning
  There was a lovely blue sky earlier this morning, but now some clouds have appeared. The latest revision to the forecast now shows sunny spells all morning, and continuing to 2pm. 6pm may also feature sunny spells. The rest of the day will probably be cloudy, but maybe not gloomy. The afternoon temperature is expected to be 21° C. Tomorrow may be very similar to today, although the BBC reckon there will be sunny spells all day long.

   I had a reasonably productive day yesterday, but I didn't do things like gardening, which would have been a good thing to do. I was going to say "in the morning", but it was more like almost lunchtime when I did a fair load of laundry. I seem to have acquired a fair backlog of laundry, and I will probably do the other half today. It was gone 1pm when I went out to get some shopping in Tesco. The full story of yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Friday 1st July 2022
 09:03 BST

  I feel sure we had some rain yesterday, but I can't seem to remember when it was. I do remember thinking that it would save me watering the garden even if it was quite a light fall of rain. There were some sunny spells, but nothing of any great significance, or at least not enough to raise the temperature any higher than the forecast 19° C (and that only last an hour or two).
  drier and
  The BBC weather forecast said sunny spells all day early this morning, but now admits that 1pm to 4pm will be dull. It agrees with the Met Office forecast that it will be 20° C this afternoon. However the Met Office forecast was much more pessimistic. The latest revision has added full sunshine at 10am, and sunny spells at 1pm and 8pm. It gives hope that even the latest revision may be too pessimistic, and that we will get even more sunshine than that. For instance, it is sunny as I wrote this. Tomorrow may be 21° C, and should feature more sunny spells in the morning, and just a few in the afternoon.

   Yesterday, the last of June, and half the year already over, was not a great day, but it was "satisfactory" (as frequently written on my school reports !). I had a fairly lazy morning. My original intention was to have a shower, and then go to Tesco. I didn't have a shower until almost midday. Instead of doing stuff that I should have done, I started experimenting with the little toys I ordered from Amazon. You can read about my experiments, plus everything else I did yesterday, and about my night and the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today.