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June 2022 July 2022

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Sunday 24th July 2022
 08:29 BST
  Yesterday was probably sunnier than the weather forecast suggested. There was at least a couple of sunny spells in every hour of daylight, and most hours saw more than that. It took the afternoon temperature up to 25, or 26° C.
  a very
                              sunny day forecast
  I think I'll choose the Met Office forecast because while it shows an afternoon temperature one degree less than the BBC weather forecast, it shows much more sunshine. On the other hand maybe the Met Office has got it wrong. The latest revision shows 9am as being cloudy. That is only 25 minutes away, and while the cloud could blip up, block the sun for nearly an hour, and then disperese again, it does seem a bit unlikely. All being well, there should be plenty of sunshine today, and the temperature should hit 26° C, and possibly 27° C. Tomorrow may be 3 or 4 degrees cooler, and feature very little sunshine. There might even be some light rain, but I predict that by tomorrow there will be a revised forecast that looks nothing like today's prediction for tomorrow.

   I've just looked over what I wrote yesterday, and I must have been in a bad way when I consider how many spelling mistakes I made. Sometimes I would only write half the word I intended to use, and occasionally I seemed to leave out a whole word. I don't feel nearly as bad as yesterday as I write this, but I doubt I can finish writing this without at least one balls up, and probably more. Sometimes I just rush what I am typing because I am bored, or sometimes because I am excited !

  Much of yesterday was much better than the day before, but some bits were probably as bad. Yesterday started off with some sunshine, and that enthused me to do much more than I did the day before. In practice that didn't amount to much. I was going to go shopping in Aldi, but somehow I never raised the enthusiasm for that. I had a strong desire to go out in the evening, but that faded away by the early afternoon.

  What I did do was to hand wash two lots of laundry. I still have a couple of things I will probably wash today, but yesterday I cleared a backlog that had built up over the dull days we had recently. I think there were two or even three days when I decided not to do any laundry because there was a threat of rain, and one one of those days it did rain ! The rain lasted about 15 seconds, and only 3 drops fell, but it was definitely rain.

  I didn't really intend to do all the laundry yesterday, but that was because I thought that the first lot, which included a towel, would be too tiring, but in fact it was almost easy. That towel was only a hand towel, and it got me thinking. During the summer, but particularly on very hot days, I could easily dry my whole body after a shower using a hand towel. It would be so easy to wash it compared to a large bath towel.

  During the afternoon I was "saving" myself for going out later. The trouble was that I got so relaxed that I found the idea of going out to be less and less appealing. I had originally planned to go to The Lord Northbrook pub, near Lee station, to see Rough Justice. I later saw that Chain were playing in The Railway in Blackheath. Both pubs are on the same bus route - the 202. I thought that I could watch half an hour or so of Rough Justice, who were supposed to start at 8.30pm, and then go to Blackheath to catch half an hour of Chain.
beers !
  It was sometime after 5pm when a thought popped up in my mind, and it was to wonder why I was going to bother going out when I had lovely beer to drink at home. As far as I can remember, I have never seen Rough Justice before, and so I wouldn't know anyone there. All I would be going there for would be to take a couple of dozen pictures before getting the bus to Blackheath. There would be people I know there, but the band would be performing, and I wouldn't be able to talk to them, and I wouldn't be able to talk over the band to anyone else I might know there.

  It was one of those "what's the point ?" thoughts. I thought there was a better point in trying some beers. I had got bored waiting for Jodie to want to taste the beers in the picture. I must have bought them a good few months ago. Jodie likes her weird beers, but I like the more traditional. Sadly I didn't like the Salcombe or Silver King beers. They just weren't as enjoyable as the other three. The La Goudale IPA, which I think was brewed in France, was particularly nice.

  There was not a lot on TV last night, and so I drunk these beers while watching more episodes of the Granada TV made Sherlock Holmes stories.  I think it was yesterday I mentioned how some of the actresses in their Victorian costumes could look very attractive, but none featured in the three stories I watched last night. I fell back on another interest - the camera work. A lot of skill went into making real London streets and scenes appear like they were in Victorian times. Sometimes the camera angle looked a bit contrived, but it is amazing what they achieved.
road in
  I took the photo above in August 2021. It is road in Greenwich, near The Pelton Arms pubs, and there were a few similar roads in the area. If you removed the cars, the road marking, and the estate agent boards, it would be hard to tell what century it was - maybe doubly so if the there were a lot of horse droppings in the road. One trick I have seen, and almost right outside my own house, was a film company parking a couple of pre-war cars in front of modern cars to hide them. It is all clever stuff, and I like it.

  Last night's temperature was in that area where it was slightly too warm to be comfortable without a fan on, and too cold with a fan on. I went to sleep around 11pm (but it could have been earlier) without the fan on. I woke up at 2am with my face drenched with sweat. It was probably the fault of the beer, but also the hot pepper sauce I had liberally sprinkled over my dinner. I turned the fan on, and managed to get back to sleep again for about a single hour before I woke up feeling too cold.

  Apart from that hour in the night I seemed to sleep quite well. I can't seem to recall when it was - maybe in the early hours of sleep, maybe the later hours of sleep, or somewhere in the middle - when I had a seeming long dream that I have a few memories of. It is easier to explain what I think was going on rather than describe any of quite a lot of scenes that aren't easy to describe. What seemed to be happening was that I was back in college, and maybe doing an apprenticeship. The dream featured my friend Kevin who went through these things with me in real life, except in the dream we weren't employed by BT.

  In the dream there were strong hints, but nothing concrete, that we were doing some sort of apprenticeship with British Rail (or one of it's successors). We seemed to be accumulating a lot of tools and paperwork pertaining to railway lines, and at one point obviously in a training room that featured a 10 foot length of railway track. I don't recall seeing any trains during the dream. The interesting thing is that while Kevin and I started out on the same training, we were being guided in different directions. This mirrored real life when I was steered towards working in telephone exchanges, with better promotion prospects and wages, while Kevin was directed towards an external job working on customer systems.

  I ate a lot more than I should have yesterday - such is the effects of a melange of boredom, frustration, and depression. Fortunately I did choose mostly safe stuff to eat, although the handful of dry roasted peanuts I had late at night were not a good idea. At least two of the beers I had, and I think it was the two nicest beers, were very malty, and malty = sugar ! It is probably a wonder that my blood glucose is still under the red line, although 9.6mmol/l is damn close to it. No breakfast for me this morning.

  Ideally I should try and fast, and also do some excise today, but while I can do something slightly like exercise, I can't completely fast. Unless there is something I have forgotten, Jodie should be over this afternoon for more beer tasting. I think I'll have some grilled bacon as a stomach liner before we drink, and try to have something healthy for dinner tonight - not always easy when drunk !

  The " something slightly like exercise" I am thinking of should be a shopping trip to Tesco, where I will try and only buy sensible stuff, and yet more hand powered laundry. When I have a shower, after finishing this writing, I will try drying myself on a hand towel, and if that works I will wash the big bath towel I have been using. Once dry I will put it away for use in the autumn or winter. I have a few other items to wash, but probably in a separate wash to the big towel.
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