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Wednesday 3rd August 2022
 09:32 BST
  Yesterday was warm and dry. There were occasional sunny periods, and a few time when the sky got very cloudy, but it was the sort of day where nothing really stuck out, or was particularly memorable. Maybe the temperature reaching 26° C was notable, but only in so much that it was a mere 1° higher than recent days.
                              but warm
  It has been dull all morning, but there is hope for a scattering of sunny spells later in the day. It seems the latest revision to the forecast has just moved the hours around when we might get these sunny spells. That strongly suggests to me that they can't do an accurate forecast because the weather is going to be totally random today. The only strong probability is that there will be no rain again today. The temperature should be 26° C. Tomorrow looks to be very similar to today, but it could be 2° cooler.

   Yesterday could almost have been called a day of rest, but I did go out shopping to Tesco. The dull weather until at least 1pm, had sapped any desire to do much more than that. One trouble of it being a day or rest was that I fancied buying something "nice" from Tesco. (Where "nice" usually means something not good for my health). Despite that I managed to control my food/sugar intake quite well.
"fun" day in the local
  Let's get a bit of good news out the way first. I had another look at the flyer than came through my door about the "Food 'N' Fun" day in Ladywell Fields. Until yesterday I was a bit annoyed that it clashed with Petts Wood Calling - my next musical photography outing. When I looked again I saw that it was on Sunday, the day after Petts Wood Calling. It looks like I may get my pictures of the birds of prey display.

  Those birds were a good reason to take a walk in the park, and will probably keep me amused for 15 minutes. It is debatable if anything else there will attract my attention, but maybe there is a thin sliver of hope that someone will play some reasonable music on the live stage. Knowing Lewisham Council it will probably be all reggae bands, and some sort of riot.

  There is always hope that pigs might fly, and that the Birds Nest pub in Deptford will be running a beer tent like they did 8 or more years ago. On that occasion I spent a lot of time there slowly getting very drunk on some excellent beers. I have doubts there will be any alcoholic refreshments there, but we live in hope.

  Back to shopping in Tesco - My special treat of something "nice" was a reduced price pack of a pair of chicken Kyiv - chicken breasts in breadcrumbs stuffed with herbs, including garlic, in butter. They sounded so nice, and I do remember having some which was excellent, but I have no recollection of it's source. I am pretty sure it wouldn't have been Tesco because theirs were rubbish. Maybe it was just me, but I could barely taste the herbs, and I am sure the butter was not actually butter. They smelled nice while cooking, but that is about the best I can say.

  I think the rest of what I bought from Tesco was fairly safe. I used some of it for my dinner. After the chicken Kyiv for lunch I went for a simple dinner of stuff on rice cakes. I started with four rice cakes with wild rocket, a slug of mayonnaise, and topped off with a pre-sliced slice of Emmental cheese. In an ideal world I should have left it there, but I guess I was bored, and wanted more. I also though changing the cheese for ham might be nice.

  There then followed an excellent example of my subconscious knowing more than I did. I decided that three rice cakes might be just right. When I got the already opened pack of ham out of the fridge there were exactly three slices left in it. I'm guess that somehow I remembered that bit of trivia without even realising it.
Trappist beers
  I fancied some beers yesterday evening. I started off with these two strong Trappist beers from Holland. I have to admit they weren't good enough to be described as like nectar, but they were still very nice. The one on the left was 8%, and that on the right was 10% - which is very strong, and set off a chain reaction. At the end of the evening I had drunk my entire beer collection which was of 7 bottles (two of which were actually cans). I think all the beers except one came in half pints. Added together it comes out as around 4 pints of beer - which is not a lot, but with those strong Trappist beers I did end up drunk.
pink unicorn
[picture from wikipedia]
  One thing I found yesterday was a new piece of enlightenment. It is called The Invisible Pink Unicorn Theory. You can read the full explantion by following the link to the wikipedia page. Basically it put forward the same theory for the existence of God, but goes a step further. You can't see the invisible unicorn, and so it is a matter of faith that it exists. Also, because you can't see it you cannot even prove it is pink ! It is, of course, a parody of stuff said by a lot of the more manic God botherers.

  I might have had a good night's sleep last night, but I can't be sure. I did seem to wake up at least 4 times in the night, but each time I can remember marvelling at the amount of hours passed, but I seemed to have difficulty getting back to sleep again. I say I seemed to have difficulty getting back to sleep, but I doubt I was awake for more than 10 minutes. maybe that short time was just to build the excitement of realising that 2 or 3 hours had passed when I woke up from apparently not being able to sleep.

  I think it was in the last hour or two before getting up that I had some quite rich dreams. It seemed like one long sequence edited together from stand alone dreams - and that was almost certainly the case. It was another dream of being at work, but it was a special, and complete fantasy piece. I'm not even sure what the company was, but I was with a manager, another senior member of staff, plus a "media consultant". I was going to be used as still cameraman for some promotional material for the company.

  There seemed to be no special idea of what, and where pictures were to be taken, and I think we were exploring for locations. I can remember using bicycles and a train. The train was an interesting hybrid - sort of like a modern train, but still with slam doors. I think we ended up in Hastings judging by the cliffs I could see. Suddenly the media consultant said what we really needed was a picture of a man sitting at the top of an escalator, and that the best place she knew of for this picture to be taken was in Skegness. It was soon after that when I thought it easier to wake up.

  There were several reasons why my blood glucose could have been very high this morning... The chicken kyiv could easily have loads of sugar in it (although I can't remember bothering to look at the nutritional information. Rice cakes are fine in moderation, but I thought that 7 of them, particularly eaten late in the evening might have been pushing my luck. Then there was all the beer I drunk yesterday. Some beers can contain a lot of sugar, but most don't. The Trappist beers did taste a bit sweet, and the beer felt almost sticky on my fingers. For all that my blood glucose was exactly the same as yesterday, 8.7mmol/l. That is slightly above average but nothing to worry about in itself.

  Today will feature a lot of rest, but only after the highlight of the day - meeting Angela for a drink at lunchtime. I think I feel like using my shorts again today. 25° C is not that warm, and the chances of direct sunlight are slim, but it feels like it could sticky walking through the park. First of all I had better have a shave, shampoo, and shower - and I don't seem to have much time to do it so I had better get cracking. 
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