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My Diary/Blog For the Month of August 2022

Wednesday 31st August 2022
 07:18 BST
  My hope that yesterday might be sunnier, and maybe warmer, that the forecasts predicted was dashed yesterday. My theory that the weather forecast may be wrong was correct. It turned out that the first sunny spells were from about 11am, and continued for a few hours into the afternoon, but by, or soon after 2pm the sky filled with some very dark looking clouds. They were fairly fast moving, and parts of the sky only had white cloud from time to time. The forecast for it being 22° C turned out to be about right. The temperature seems to be the only thing that several forecasters agree on, and is generally correct.
  lots of sunny
                      spells - hopefully
  This morning the forecast has got off to a good start. I can see a bank of cloud to the west, but most of the sky is clear, and the sun is shining. It is still very cool outside though - just 15° C. Judging by the first revision since I took the screenshot above, it seems that the forecast for today is a bit random. The latest revision has juggled the times of the sunny spells around, and maybe added one or two. It is probably safe to say that today will be dry, and the late afternoon temperature should  be 22° C. There is something familiar about the forecast for tomorrow. I am sure it was the forecast for today yesterday. It shows a bright morning, but sunshine will give way to clouds, maybe before mid morning, and the rest of the day will be cloudy. It will also be a degree warmer at 23° C.

   Yesterday was another in a series of strange days. The strangeness was probably just the mood I was in, and that was formed from various inputs. The weather being a significant input. Although there were 3 or 4 hours of sunny spells, the rest of the day was not inspiring. In fact during the sunny spells deep grey, evil looking, clouds could still be seen in the distance. I didn't feel inclined to go out, but I did. Read why I felt so depressed, and where I went out, plus the rest of my day, evening, night, and the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 30th August 2022
 07:16 BST
  Yesterday's weather was pretty manky. The few sunny spells/periods in the morning were the last view of the sun for the day, and contrary to even the worst versions of the weather forecast, the afternoon was often very dull with huge great dark grey clouds in the sky. With a top temperature it can only be described as "mild".
  very dull
  The screenshot above shows white cloud for this time of the morning, but when I look out my window I see a very grey sky. It is almost as if the sun has forgotten to rise this morning. It seems unlikely, but sunny spells are predicted for 9 and 10am, plus 6 and 7pm. The rest of the day is described as "cloudy". That doesn't specify the colour of the clouds. The chart shows them as white, but like this morning they could be a dirty grey colour. Maybe the only slightly good thing today will be the temperature which is predicted to be 22° C. Maybe tomorrow will save us from thinking Autumn is here already. There could be a lot of sunny spells, and even full hours of sunshine, but the temperature will only be 22° C again.

  I didn't mention it yesterday because I didn't expect it to last, but I was suffering from constipation yesterday, and although I didn't feel uncomfortable in any significant way, it did make me not want to go out - just in case ! To my surprise, I still had a fairly productive day, even if it was a bit boring. What I did do is described, along with how my evening and night were, plus thoughts this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Monday 29th August 2022
 09:01 BST
  I don't seem to have any specific memories of yesterday's weather. I think it was either nice or pleasant...sort of middling. Some hours featured sunny spells, and others were cloudy, but still bright. The temperature may have risen a degree or two higher than the forecast 22° C.
  mostly cloudy,
                      but still bright
  The BBC weather forecast started out better than the Met Office forecast in the screenshot above. The BBC said there would be sunny spells, and there were. The sun is now quite dim, but still able to cast a feint shadow. The BBC says sunny intervals (rather than sunny periods) for about half of today, while the Met Office paints a much duller looking forecast. Both agree it will be 21° C this afternoon. For tomorrow the Met Office remain more pessimistic than the BBC. The BBC say some sunny intervals, and the Met Office say it will be dull all day, but both say the temperature will be 22° C.

  After my very late night on Saturday I felt rather tired yesterday, but I still achieved two of the things I wanted to do yesterday. One of which was to go to Tesco where I bought quite a lot of stuff, and none of it was bird food this time ! More of my shopping basket, plus what I did during the day (with the pictures to prove it), plus my evening, night, and the start of this morning can be read in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 28th August 2022
 08:54 BST
  Yesterday was a better day than the forecast predicted. The days started sunny, and there seemed to be either sunshine or sunny spells for most of the day. It was a mildly warm day with the temperature about 1° higher than the forecast 23° C.
  sunny start,
                      but maybe a mostly dull day
  This morning is a lot like yesterday morning. Plenty of blue sky can be seen among the thin streaky clouds high up in the sky, and at the moment there is full sunshine, albeit maybe very slightly hazy. The latest revision to the forecast says 9am should be dull - the sky now has just 24 seconds to cloud over if it wants to follow the forecast. Fortunately it seems reality is kinder. The latest revision says the sky will eventually cloud over for the rest of the day at midday. Here's hoping it will be like yesterday, and most of the day will actually be bright. The highest temperature today, and apparently it will be for just a single hour at 2pm, will be 22° C. For tomorrow the forecast is a pot pouri of a forecast. Some sunny spells in the morning, and a 30 to 40% chance of a shower late in the afternoon.

  In many ways, perhaps all ways, yesterday could be described as a waste of a day, although that wouldn't apply to the evening. The only thing I had actually planned for the day was to go shopping in Tesco. It got to midday, and I realised there was nothing I needed that day. I then decided I just couldn't be bothered to go out. However, I did get out in the evening, and went all the way to Purley. You can read about my whole day, last night, and this morning, and maybe even watch a video on my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 27th August 2022
 08:51 BST
  It was a rather nice day yesterday. There was a mix of sunshine and sunny spells from morning until very early afternoon. From about 2pm there were some times when the sky got very cloudy, and the day seemed a bit dim, but the sun still managed to break through now and then. The afternoon temperature was only 23° C, but in the sunshine it felt very pleasantly warm.
  duller than
  Contrary to what the forecast predicts, it is bright and sunny this morning. There is a fair amount of what looks to be very high thin clouds, and so maybe the sun will be dimmed a bit now and then. The latest revision to the forecast predicts white cloud for 10am, sunny spells for 11am and full sunshine for midday. Then it gets cloudy again, and there is just a 30% chance of light rain at 3 and 4pm followed by white cloud until sunset. Of course the only part of the forecast that will probably turn out right is the temperature. It was just 16° C early this morning, and the highest today should be 23° C. Tomorrow is shown as generally cloudy, but it could stay dry, and the afternoon temperature should reach 22° C. There might be an appearance of the sun in the late morning.

  I think I can say that yesterday was a rather good day. It seemed to take a long time before I was ready to go out, but I eventually made it to the 320 bus stop to go to Bromley. That was quite an unpleasant journey. The bus may have started off with few people on it, and so I could grab my favourite seat (2 back from the front), but we seemed to stop at every stop, and more and more people got on. To find out what I did there, and the rest of my day, my night, with it's gruesome nightmare, and the start of this morning, read my complete archived page for today.
Friday 26th August 2022
 07:56 BST
  Yesterday morning, and afternoon featured completely different weather. The morning featured a lot of rain, and there were several hours with very heavy rain. By contrast, the afternoon was generally bright with some sunny spells. It was a slightly cool day with the temperature only just reaching 21° C.
  sunny and
  Today promises to be a lot nicer than yesterday. The latest revision to the forecast has changed a few of the hours of sunshine, shown in the screenshot above, to just sunny spells, but has extended them to 4pm. It should be a little warmer than yesterday with a maximum of 23° C, although it looks like it could take until 5pm to get there. A lot of tomorrow may be dull, but at the moment the prediction is for a few hours of sunny spells in the afternoon, but also one hour might feature a light shower. Once again the temperature should reach 23° C, but maybe only briefly.

  The main feature yesterday was the rain, and there was a lot of it. The worst, and the thunder and lightning, was over by 7 or 8am, but rain continued to fall, sometimes heavily, until almost midday. It was probably weird, but with little else to do, I decided to go out in the rain. I went to Poundland where I did want a few things, and of course I took my waterproof Fuji Finepix XP71 camera with me. You can see the pictures I took, plus read about my day, night, and the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 25th August 2022
 07:48 BST
  Most of yesterday morning was dull, but the afternoon was fairly sunny with some lone sunny spells, and even a couple of hours of full sunshine. The temperature rose to 27° C, and didn't drop that much during the evening. That was the classic ingredients to what would come later - a thunderstorm, but not until the next morning.
  very wet
                      start, but maybe a bright afternoon
  The first very heavy rain fell at about 2am this morning. It wasn't long before it became much lighter rain. There was another heavy downpour about 2 hours later - heavy enough to wake me up again. I'm not sure when I heard the first peel of thunder, but it seemed to be rather distant. I don't think the thunderstorm passed overhead despite the very heavy rain, but it possibly passed closest just before 6am (although it may have been 5am - I was doing my best to sleep, and time was a bit vague). The latest revision to the forecast doesn't change a lot from that shown in the screenshot above. The main change is that from 1pm it should be dry, with white clouds except for a light shower at 2pm. It will be a cool day with the temperature only reaching 21° C. Clear skies tonight will mean a cool start to tomorrow, but also a lot of sunshine for the morning. The second half of the afternoon may feature white clouds, and the temperature may be back to 23° C.

  I started yesterday morning with a few visits to the toilet, and at the time it seemed my food poisoning was still active. That may have been a bit pessimistic, because apart from an odd rumble in my gut during the day, nothing else happened. I still didn't feel inclined to do much, but I did wash my hair, and have a shower in case I went to meet Angela at lunchtime. I never did go out to meet Angela. You can read how my day, night, and the start of this morning went in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 24th August 2022
 08:30 BST
  The forecasters had a valiant go at predicting when rain might fall yesterday. The early Met Office forecast came closest to when it actually rained. They said 3pm, and the rain actually fell at about 1.45pm. Later revisions of the forecast said it would stay dry with just light cloud for the entire afternoon, but that was obviously complete nonsense. I think they got the temperature about right at 25° C, but almost everything else was wrong  except maybe he sun did break through again just before sunset, although I will admit I wasn't paying much attention to the weather for a lot of the day.
  dull start,
                      maybe a sunny spell later
  The latest revision to the forecast has correctly changed 9am to dark clouds, but still insists there will be sunny spells, and even a few hours of sunshine later. It seems that the weather is, once again, in a state of flux, and the forecasts will change every hour to try and get some sort of match with reality. The prediction of a top temperature today of 27° C is most probably correct. For tomorrow it is easiest to copy what the forecast headline says "heavy showers changing to overcast by lunchtime". It will probably be cooler with the temperature only reaching 23° C.

  It seems I was definitely ill yesterday - and I'm still not over it. My one achievement yesterday was to was wash a few items of clothing. I would have liked to leave it until another day, but one item demanded quick attention. My bigger achievement for yesterday was to take laziness to a whole new level ! This is all described in more gruesome details (sort of) in my complete archived page for today. It also includes how I slept, and how this morning has started.
Tuesday 23rd August 2022
 08:41 BST
  After a sunny start to yesterday the clouds gathered, and the sun was no more. There were many times when it looked like it might rain, and the forecast did say rain with several possible times for it, but there was no rain during daylight hours. It did look like there might have been a shower in the night. It was forecast to be a cool day, but I feel sure the temperature went a little higher than the forecast 22° C.
  a bit like
  The latest revision to the forecast adds a few more sunny spells to the early morning version shown above. The reality is that there are a still a lot of clouds in the sky, and the sun only finds a gap through them now and then (we just had a 47 second sunny spell !). In the latest revision it is shown as white clouds from midday until the end of the day except for a possible sunny spell at 8pm, just before the sun sets. The temperature is now shown as reaching to 24° C today. Tomorrow is currently shown as having lots of sunny spells, or even sunny periods, and the temperature could reach 27° C.

  Yesterday morning was a productive time, but from then on not a lot happened until 4am this morning - and then a lot happened ! My morning plans included going along to the surgery, and then go to Aldi to buy some stuff that is either cheaper, or not available from Tesco. Alternatively it is just that I prefer the Aldi version - mainly through ignorance of the Tesco equivalents. The rest of my day is described in my complete archived page for today, although much of it is about unpleasant events in the early hours of this morning !
Monday 22nd August 2022
 07:42 BST
  Yesterday's forecast was back to front. It said sunny in the morning, and dull in the afternoon. It was the other way round. The morning was dull, and from about 2pm there was glorious sunshine. Admittedly it was mostly sunny spells, but they continued until sunset. The temperature was possibly a bit higher than the forecast 23° C.
  sunny morning,
                      a chance of rain later
  This morning it is cool but sunny, but it seems it will cloud over around 11am, and the afternoon could be very dull. There is even a 40% chance of rain from 6pm. It is going to feel slightly cool with maybe only a single hour when the temperature reaches 22° C. Tomorrow could reach 25° C, and there could be a few hours of sunny spells during the morning, and a few more later in the afternoon.

  Yesterday didn't work out as expected, but I did get a few sort of useful things done. In the morning I went to Tesco again, and this time I did remember the bird food, and the Marmite rice cakes that I wanted. Of course I also bought other food for myself, and that included some sort of nice, sort of crap, sausage meat burger patties. I had those for my dinner last night. The rest of my day, night, and this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 21st August 2022
 07:25 BST
  Yesterday had a cool and sunny start, but by midday it had clouded over. A few hours later and the temperature hit it's maximum of 23° C, and it is probably then that the sun broke through the clouds again to give a sunny (late) afternoon. During the night the temperature dropped to chilly again.
  fairly dull
                      for a lot of the day
  I suppose it is possibly that the sky may clear in the next 30 minutes, but there is enough cloud to block the sun at the moment. Both the BBC and the Met Office say a sunny start, and so maybe it is just too early now, and it will happen later. Both got the temperature about right, a very fresh feeling 16° C. If we do get some sunny spells they may only last until midday, and then the rest of the day will be dull - unless the BBC are right, and there will be sunny spells from about 5pm. Once again the afternoon temperature will only reach 23° C. Most of tomorrow will be dull with a small chance of a shower in the morning. Maybe just a single hour tomorrow afternoon will see 23° C.

  I think I started the day as if I was planning to be OK to go out in the evening to a gig. I guess that got boring, or perhaps I just wasn't in the right sort of mood, because I didn't go out. Today it doesn't feel like yesterday was boring, and I'm not sure I found it that boring yesterday. The fact is that I did very little of note yesterday. As usual, you can read what I did yesterday, how my night was, and thoughts this morning, in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 20th August 2022
 07:51 BST
  There were a few sunny spells yesterday morning, and a lot more from mid afternoon. Between them it was a bit dull. It was a dry day. There was often a fair bit of wind that made the maximum 23° C feel slightly cool.
  some sunny
  Today is probably going to end up very similar to yesterday, but one difference is that after a clear night it was a chilly morning with the temperature down to just 14° C. The sky is still mostly clear and the sun is shining. The latest revision shows the full sunshine may last until 9am, and then there may be a couple of hours of sunny spells before the clouds rule the sky until a few sunny spells at 4pm, and more at 6pm until sunset. Once again the maximum temperature will be 23° C. Tomorrow may feature more clouds, and less sunshine, but the temperature is predicted to be 23° C again.

  I seemed to have another day when it seems I couldn't be bothered to make things happen. I did have an idea that it might have been nice to go out for another exploration on the trains, but while there wasn't a train strike on National Rail, there was still some disruption. My probable route would have needed to use London Overground, and possibly the tube, and there was strike action taking place on those. What I did do yesterday is described on my complete archived page for today. As usual it includes last night and the start of this morning.
Friday 19th August 2022
 08:19 BST
  Yesterday was one of those days when the weather forecast kept changing, sometimes a fair bit, every hour. After a dull and murky start, which was forecast, the afternoon became very sunny, which was not forecast in the early versions. Temperature wise it was always summer, with an afternoon high of over 25° C, but morning and afternoon was like spring and summer.
  dry with
  Like yesterday, the first revision to the forecast has added a few more hours of sunny spells to that shown above, and I would not be surprised in later revisions add even more sunny spells, or even sunshine. On the other hand it could go the other way.... Today seems like it will be a bit cooler than yesterday with only 23° C forecast. At the moment the forecast for tomorrow is looking a lot like today - which is always a good bet at being right.

  Yesterday was another day when very little happened. The rail strike meant no train based adventures, and to be honest I just didn't feel like going out for a walk. The reason for that was probably because by the time I could have gone for a walk I seemed settled down in a different rut. Read what I did do in my complete archived page for today which also includes notes about last night, and the start of this morning.
Thursday 18th August 2022
 08:22 BST
  Yesterday was yet another date when much rain was promised, but rather less rain fell. The original forecast for the day showed mist for 7am followed by three hours of rain. The first two hours were shown as thundery rain. For most of that time there were occasional sunny spells, and not a drop fell. There was a moderately heave fall of rain between about 1.30pm and perhaps 2.30pm. That wasn't in the forecast ! More thundery showers were forecast for 4 to 7pm. I was not aware that there was even any drizzle during those hours. The maximum temperature was initially a fairly fresh feeling 22° C, but after the rain it did feel predictably muggy.
  probably dry,
                      but generally dull
  As usual, today's forecast has been revised in the last couple of hours since the screenshot above was taken. It now shows just a 30% chance of light rain for 10 and 11am. In compensation it has added more sunshine or sunny spells between 4pm and 8pm. The rest of the day will be dull but dry - possibly ! It will feel warmer today with 25° C expected in the afternoon. Most of tomorrow is shown as being sunny, but the temperature may be a couple of degrees cooler than today at just 23° C. It is "interesting" that the BBC website shows a very different picture for today. It shows no rain and no sunshine, but the same 25° C. It basically agrees with the Met Office about tomorrow.

  Yesterday was dominated by two things. The first was my latest beer delivery. The estimated delivery time was between 11:43 and 13:43. If the delivery was in the middle of those two times, 12:43, I would still have time to get to the pub to meet Angela for a drink. It was, and you can read about my extended drink, he rest of the day, the night, and what I have already done this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 17th August 2022
 07:48 BST
  There was less rain than forecast yesterday, and certainly no thunderstorms (although I did hear there were a few claps of thunder in other parts of London). Rain did start to fall a little after 11am, and occasionally it would be semi heavy for a short time. It finished at around 1pm, and as far as I can recall it stayed dry for the rest of the day. I even recall a few seconds of sunshine at some point. It was a generally cool day by recent standards with the temperature only reaching around 22° C.
  lots of rain,
                      maybe a thunderstorm
  This morning's forecast paints a pretty grim pictures, but so far it is wrong, and of course it has now been heavily revised. 8am is now shown as sunny rather than a thunderstorm. A few sunny spells follow, and the first rain is now shown to fall at 2pm, and it could be as a thunderstorm. There is a high chance of rain and thunderstorms until 7pm, and then maybe some lighter rain in the late evening. I strongly suspect the forecast will have several more major revisions before the day is over. The one constant may be the 22° C temperature this afternoon. Tomorrow may be dry, and even feature some sunshine. It will also probably be warmer with 25° C currently predicted.

  Yesterday was another day when not a lot happened. The poor weather, particularly the grey light, but then actual rain dampened my spirits. It was certainly not a day to go out with a camera. However, in what seemed to be a break in the rain, but actually was the end of the rain for the day, I did go out shopping. To find out what I bought, and what I did with the rest of the day, read my complete archived page for today. It included my night and this morning.
Tuesday 16th August 2022
 08:12 BST
  Later forecast for yesterday came up with a complete fantasy about heavy rain and thunderstorms. The reality was a brief sprinkle of light rain at about 6pm. The day started dull, but in the end there were quite a few hours of sunshine or sunny spells before it clouded over. There were plenty of time when it looked as if it was about to rain, but there was just that one brief shower. The idea of a thunderstorm did have some validity because by the end of the afternoon the temperature had risen to 30° C according to my thermometers. It was a fairly sticky evening.
  rain seems
                      possible today
  The latest revision to the forecast makes some important changes to the screenshot above. The 30% chance of rain for 3 to 5pm now shows just mod grey cloud with an unlikely 10% chance of rain. The biggest change is around midday. 10am is now shown as light rain, 11am as heavy rain, and midday as thunderstorms, and finally 1pm back to light rain. After that it will be dry, but dull. When I look at the sky I feel this revision to the forecast could turn out to be reality, but like this revision it could all change again. The chances are that that an afternoon temperature of 22° C is probably right, although having said that it seems all three of my thermometers agree it is already 23° C. Maybe the rain, if it falls, will cool things down again. Tomorrow is shown as just 21° C, and rain all day long - some light rain, but maybe a few thunderstorms thrown in as well.

  Very little happened yesterday ! In fact no big things happened, but there were some small things. Although in a way two of those small things were big things. Confused ? You ought to be ! I would define big things as a walk in the park, or a railway station spotting expedition, and maybe even doing a load of laundry, or some hoovering. None of that happened. What did happen is recorded in my complete archived page for today. It includes my night, and some of this morning.
Monday 15th August 2022
 07:21 BST
  Sometime yesterday afternoon we lost the sun, but the temperature still rose to a very sultry 32° C. The clouds in the evening were a hint of what might be coming - rain !
  I must admit that I don't even see signs of any rain on today's forecast, and yet there is a yellow warning for thunderstorms. There are similar warnings for tomorrow and the day after. At least the headline icon for tomorrow shows a bolt of lightning. The latest revision to the forecast now shows light rain from 5pm to 8pm. Today is probably going to be one of those days where the weather changes a lot during the day. That is further indicated by the fact that this morning started quite dull, and only now are there signs the sun might possibly push it's way through the clouds. It is still going to be a warm day with 27° C expected this afternoon. The headline icon for tomorrow may show a lightning bolt, but only a 40% chance of light rain is shown for a handful of random hours in the afternoon. With an afternoon temperature of 24° C it might feel almost cool tomorrow.

  Yesterday was another strange day. Again it felt like everything was in slow motion, but it still proved to be productive in several ways. I thought I should take advantage of the last hot and sunny day to do a bit more laundry. Yesterday it was only 4 items - two white t-shirts, a pair of shorts, and a pair of underpants. The rest of my day, night, and the start of this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 14th August 2022
 08:13 BST
  Yesterday was another very sunny day, and the temperature rose to about 32° C by my reckoning, although the forecast said 33° C.
  another amber
                      warning of extreme heat
  Today's forecast shows a big change compared to recent days. The sunshine will only last until just after midday, and the afternoon will be cloudy. There is still an amber warning for extreme heat, and 32° C is predicted. One change in the latest revision to the forecast is that 2pm is now shown with full sunshine, but at the moment it is predicted to by cloudy after 2pm. Another change to note is the yellow triangle for tomorrow instead of an amber triangle. That is a yellow warning for thunderstorms, and in the latest revision the icon for Monday has changed to falling rain. The temperature tomorrow will be a cooler 28° C, and the rain might start late in the afternoon. No actual times for a thunderstorm are shown.

  Yesterday was a strange day. It was like everything was in slow motion. I guess one factor for this was that I had a lot to say yesterday, including describing all the photos, and after a late start, I didn't finish writing until almost midday. From then on all my plans for the day were carried out late, and I suppose you could say in a leisurely way. The few things that did happen yesterday are described in my complete archived page for today, that also includes the night, and the start of this morning.
Saturday 13th August 2022
 08:56 BST
  Last night was very hot and sticky, but during the day it didn't feel as bad as the "Amber weather warning for extreme heat" suggested it would be yesterday. The temperature did reach the predicted 31° C, but that was mild compared to the 38° C that was reached back in July (or was it June ?).
  another amber
                      warning of extreme heat
  Today may feel a bit hot. The forecast predicts 33° C today, and maybe the amber warning is deserved. I think that a yellow warning would have been good enough for yesterday ! Tomorrow may be the last day of "extreme heat", but only 32° C is predicted. From Monday we can look forward to a sprinkle of rain - maybe on Monday, but more likely on Tuesday or Wednesday.

   I very nearly didn't get out yesterday. It was one of those morning when I didn't seem to stop making visits to the toilet every 30 to 90 minutes to pass yet more poo. I didn't feel confident until I had just missed the train I wanted to get from Catford Bridge to Lewisham. Rather than wait half an hour for the next train that called at Lewisham I opted to get a bus to Lewisham. The rest of my day, with quite a few pictures, can be read about in my complete archived page for today. It includes tales of a hot sweaty night, and my first thoughts this morning.
Friday 12th August 2022
 08:28 BST
  Yesterday definitely felt very warm, or hot if in the sun, but it didn't seem to reach the predicted 31° C. It only managed to reach 30° C in my bedroom after the sun had been shining through the window for most of the afternoon. I don't think it got any higher than 29° C outside in the shade, and possibly as little as 28° C. It didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, and I am not sure if it earned it's amber warning for extreme heat.
  another day of
                      possible extreme heat
  Maybe today the weather will earn it's amber extreme heat medal. This morning did start out a good degree higher than yesterday, and so there is more for the sun to build on. If the forecast is correct there will be three hours this afternoon at 31° C.  Tomorrow may see the temperature touch 33° C for possibly as little as a single hour. The day after will be the last day of amber warnings of extreme heat, and it is possible it will start to cool down before sunset with the clouds blocked by clouds from as early as 4pm. The day after that could feature a few hours of rain, or thunderstorms according to the more pessimistic BBC weather forecast.

   I think yesterday can be filed as a quite good day. It was a close run thing, but I think before midday I had finished two important tasks. I had washed two hand towel sized towels, and hung them on the line to dry. I also finished the selecting and editing of the final pictures taken at Petts Wood Calling. Later in the afternoon there was a beer tasting session, all that, plus other stuff is described in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 11th August 2022
 09:15 BST
  Yesterday was the real build up to today's heatwave. There was loads of hot sunshine all day, the temperature reached 28° C.
                      warning issued for high temperature
  Today is the first day of a run of 4 days where the temperature will rise to above 30° C, although only by a degree or two, and not as hot as the few very hot days we had in June (or was it July ?) when we almost reached 38° C. There was a little bit of hazy early this morning, but now it is full on sunshine for the next couple of days. This coming Sunday will be the changeover point when the sun will be mostly hidden by cloud, and the temperature starts to drop. Monday 15th August might even feature some rain, or a lot of rain, with thunderstorms if the BBC forecast turns out to be correct.

   Most of yesterday seems to be a blur. I washed yet more clothes, and hung them out on the line, in hot sunshine, to dry. I brought them in feeling hot to the touch 5 or so hours later. Of course there was a highlight to the day when I met Angela in the pub during her lunchbreak. Maybe it is because it was hot, or maybe something else, but just recently we don't seem to be so close. There is no magic spark, but it was still very good to see her, and have a couple of pints of refreshing Guinness. The rest of my day, night, and this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 10th August 2022
 08:01 BST
  Yesterday was warm and sunny. The forecast temperature was 26° C, but I think it reached 27° C.
  hot and sunny
  The sun was a bit hazy before 8am, and there are a few thin clouds in the sky. I suppose it is possible that this hour could degenerate to sunny spells, but it doesn't seem that likely. The latest revision to the forecast, which starts at 9am, shows non stop sunshine until sunset, and an afternoon high of 27° C. Tomorrow could be same but even hotter. From tomorrow, for the next 4 days. there are weather warnings for extreme heat. Tomorrow and the day after could see the temperature reach 31° C, and the two after that could reach 32° C. Maybe the day after that could feature a splash of rain, but any forecast so far into the future could be very wrong.

   I was, or thought I was, too tired to be very productive. I expect I believed that more than was the actual case. For instance I didn't seem to lack any energy when I went to Tesco in the morning. Before going to Tesco I put some laundry in to soak, and it was still there this morning because I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to finish it. What I did do yesterday is explained more in my complete archived page for today, which also includes my night and this morning.
Tuesday 9th August 2022
 09:34 BST
  Yesterday was not quite as forecast. We started getting dull times, as clouds passed in front of the sun, as early as midday, and the afternoon offered nothing more than sunny spells. It was still warm though. The temperature hit 28° C, and the cloudy sky only allowed it to fall a little during the night.
  sunnier, but
                      maybe not as warm as yesterday
  I think it was at least a degree warmer than 17° C at 8am, and it definitely wasn't sunny.  At that time the whole sky was a milky colour. That high cloud/mist has dispersed now, and it is bright and sunny. The latest revision to the forecast now shows 4pm as sunny spells, but full sunshine is still expected for the rest of the time up to sunset. For all that only 26° C is expected. It seems that the expected heat wave has been put back a bit. Curiously enough, the forecast for tomorrow shows only sunny spells for a few hours, and somehow seems closer to today's reality. By mid morning the sun should be on full power for the rest of the day, but only 27° C is expected. Maybe the day after will see 30° C.

   Yesterday was another slow day, and it wasn't a lot different to the day before. I did manage to get some washing on the line earlier than the day before. By 5 or 6pm it was hot and dry after being dried by the admittedly intermittent sunshine. I think I brought it all in during one of the longer spells of sunshine, and that was why it felt quite hot as I gathered it in off the washing line. It is how I like it to dry. The rest of my day, night, and this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Monday 8th August 2022
 09:01 BST
  Yesterday was another nice sunny day, and it was a degree or two warmer than the day before. The forecast said to expect 26° C, and I think that was about right.
  sunny and
                      warmer than yesterday
  The latest revision to the forecast shows only 5pm as being without sunshine, and from 6pm it could be back to full sunshine. Of course this is mostly nonsense. The forecasters know there will be one big cloud passing through, but can't say it's arrival time, or if it will pass overhead, or towards the north or south of Catford. The temperatures continue to rise as we head into another heatwave. 28° C is expected today. Tomorrow may feature non stop sunshine all day, but surprisingly the temperature may be a degree less than today.

   I don't know if it was a self fulfilling prophecy, but yesterday I was as knackered as I expected to be after my long stint at Petts Wood Calling on Saturday. That's not to say I didn't manage to do anything. I did do a few things, and it seemed like hard work ! Read all about what I did do yesterday, plus how well I slept, and about the start of this morning, in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 7th August 2022
 09:46 BST
  Yesterday featured some very nice weather. It was sunny for most of the day, and the temperature was a fairly mild 24° C.
  sunny and a
                      bit warmer than yesterday
  This morning was less fresh than yesterday, and it is warming up fast. After a day of non stop sunshine 26° C is expected. It might even get hotter. Tomorrow is currently forecast to be another sunny day with the temperature reaching 27° C.

   If the day before yesterday was the calm before the storm, then yesterday was the storm ! The storm being Petts Wood Calling 2022. It was a great day, but got off to a bad start when I had to wait on Catford station for over half an hour because the train I wanted had been cancelled because no driver was available. The story continues, with quite a few example pictures, on my complete archived page for today, and it covers the whole day, night, and this morning.
Saturday 6th August 2022
 07:32 BST
  Yesterday started out bright and sunny, and it seemed like the start of a nice day, but just as the forecast predicted, the sky started getting cloudy even before midday, and the afternoon was mostly dull. There were still occasional short sunny spells, but they did little to lift the temperature beyond 22° C. With so little sun to warm the place up, the temperature went down to rather chilly overnight.
  The forecast for this morning's temperature is spot on - it was a very chilly feeling 13° C, and hasn't risen much so far, but it should reach 24° C by late afternoon. The latest revision to the forecast shows the full sunshine giving way to sunny spells at 6pm, but they should continue until sunset. The lack of rain may continue to the end of the month ! We seem to be building up to another heatwave at the moment. Tomorrow may feature continuous sunshine, and that may push the temperature up to 26° C. Following days should see small increments until we hit 31° C for maybe 4 days in a row.

   Yesterday could be described as the calm before the storm. I mostly, but not completely, relaxed in an attempt to gather my strength for today - a particularly hectic day that I shall explain further down the page. The one less than relaxing thing I did was to go shopping in Tesco.  I won't get a chance to do any shopping today, and there was stuff I particularly wanted for this evening, and tomorrow. My whole day, or at least the pertinent bits of it, plus my sleep, and the start of this morning, is all recorded in my complete archive page for today.
Friday 5th August 2022
 08:21 BST
  Yesterday started out bright and sunny, but by early afternoon the sky clouded over. There was still an occasional, and short sunny spell later, but generally the afternoon was dull. From a fairly fresh feeling start to the day the temperature rose to about 24 or maybe 25° C by the middle of the afternoon.
  This morning felt particularly fresh with the temperature as low as 15° C, and today it will only rise to 22° C. As I write this the sky is very clear, and we are getting a very long sunny spells - I would call it sunny ! The latest revision to the forecast has a few extra sunny spells compared to the earlier revision seen in the screenshot above. The distribution of them seems a bit random, and I feel sure the forecast is only approximating reality. It is entirely possible that today may feel sunnier than the forecast predicts. On the other hand it might go the other way and one of the clouds might rain on us. Tomorrow may feature clear skies, and non stop sunshine, but it may only be 23° C.

   Yesterday my day was planned around an afternoon beer tasting session with Jodie, but that didn't happen. It is probable the she warned me she would not be coming here yesterday the last time I saw her, a week ago. It was possible it was when I had drunk enough beer to blur my memory. I was still expecting her until almost 4.30pm - that being about the latest she would arrive if there were trouble on the trains for instance. What I did end up doing yesterday, plus another terrible night, and a bit of good-ish news this morning, is all described in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 4th August 2022
 08:29 BST
  It is hard to describe yesterday's weather....Maybe that it was very warm is a good start. The forecast predicted 26° C, but I saw 30° C on two of my outdoor thermometers. The sunshine was rather intermittent, and the day was generally dull, so it is unlikely those thermometers were hot by any stray sunbeams. It was also another dry day. We seem to be in a prolonged drought now.
  very sunny
  This morning has certainly started with a lot of sunshine, and yet there are quite a few, mostly thin, clouds to be seen in the sky. The only change in the latest revision to the forecast is that now 2pm, which was shown as sunny spells in the screenshot shown above, is now shown as cloudy. Today may be cooler than yesterday with a predicted high of just 24° C this afternoon. It is interesting to note that the BBC weather forecast says sunny spells, and only sunny spells for nearly the whole day. Their temperature forecast is also for 24° C. Tomorrow may feature a bit more sunshine or sunny spells, but it could be a degree cooler than today. Like today, and maybe for the next fortnight, it will be dry.

   I guess yesterday could be said to have been a good day. Certainly seeing Angela at lunchtime was good, but the rest of the day was a bit more neutral. I carried on resting like I was doing the day before. I find there is not a lot to say about yesterday, but maybe there are a few things worth recording. Hmm, it seemed I had quite a bit to say about yesterday, last night, and this morning, and it can all be read in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 3rd August 2022
 09:32 BST
  Yesterday was warm and dry. There were occasional sunny periods, and a few time when the sky got very cloudy, but it was the sort of day where nothing really stuck out, or was particularly memorable. Maybe the temperature reaching 26° C was notable, but only in so much that it was a mere 1° higher than recent days.
  dull but warm
  It has been dull all morning, but there is hope for a scattering of sunny spells later in the day. It seems the latest revision to the forecast has just moved the hours around when we might get these sunny spells. That strongly suggests to me that they can't do an accurate forecast because the weather is going to be totally random today. The only strong probability is that there will be no rain again today. The temperature should be 26° C. Tomorrow looks to be very similar to today, but it could be 2° cooler.

   Yesterday could almost have been called a day of rest, but I did go out shopping to Tesco. The dull weather until at least 1pm, had sapped any desire to do much more than that. One trouble of it being a day or rest was that I fancied buying something "nice" from Tesco. (Where "nice" usually means something not good for my health). Despite that I managed to control my food/sugar intake quite well. My full day, night, and this morning, are described in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 2nd August 2022
 09:04 BST
  Yesterday was generally dull until late afternoon when there were some nice, but not too frequent sunny spells. It was a warm day, and possibly a low humidity day because 25° C didn't feel hot.
  probably a bit
                      like yesterday
  Apart from a few spells of hazy sunshine this morning, today is probably going to be a slightly better version of yesterday. Today the forecast says the sunny spells may start earlier at 3pm, and maybe the clouds will clear enough to give full sunshine by 5pm. The highest temperature this afternoon should be 26° C. It's funny that after those couple of days we had earlier, where the temperature reached 38° C, 26° C doesn't seem much at all.

   I'm not sure why I was looking forward to a good rest yesterday. After 2 days of Chattfest I was feeling it, although maybe not as much as I could have done if I had stayed for the full set of bands on both days. That would probably have knocked me out. Anyway, yesterday was actually a busy day, and far from a day or rest. As usual, yesterday is more fully described in my complete archive page for today, which also includes last night, and the start of this morning.
Monday 1st August 2022
 08:26 BST
  Yesterday featured a couple of inconsequential light showers. One was just after 1pm, and the other possibly around 7pm. There was also some sunny periods, but much of the day was cloudy. It was still warm, and the temperature reached 24° C, and possibly a bit higher. It felt sticky most of the time, but there was a cooling breeze now and then.
  mostly dull
  I'm sure weather forecasts from a few days ago suggested today could be bright and sunny, but that seems like fantasy. Most the day will be grey, but the clouds may break up late in the afternoon. The latest revision shows the first sunny spells an hour earlier at 3pm compared to the earlier version as seen above. I expect reality to be different, and maybe an improvement on the forecast, although the temperature may still be the forecast 25° C. Tomorrow may feature thinner cloud than today, but once again it may be late afternoon when the sun finally breaks through. It should be very warm with 27° C predicted.

   I had a good time yesterday. However there were a few annoyances. One of the good things is that the buses were not packed when I went to Chattfest for the second and final day. One of the bad things about the bus, and maybe the only bad thing beyond the usual tedium of a long bus ride, was that we had to stop for a very long feeling 5 minutes to "regulate the service". The rest of my day, with pictures and maybe a video if you can play it, plus my night, and the start to this morning are all described in my complete archived page for today.