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Saturday 29th February 2020
08:47 GMT
  Yesterday was one of those rare days when the weather forecast was correct, or very close to it.  After a dry start it was raining by 9am, and the mostly light rain then stopped at around sunset. By sunset the temperature had risen from 5°C in the morning to 11° C - a temperature that was maintained until sometime in the small hours of this morning.
another dreary day
  This morning I almost agree with the 8° C start, although the average of my thermometers make it almost 9° C. At the moment it is dull, dreary and wet. The latest revision to the forecast says that some of the rain this morning may be heavy, but still says that the rain should dry up after 1pm. From then onwards, until sunset, it would seem there is a small chance of an occasional sunny spell. By mid afternoon the temperature will have dropped a degree to 7° C.It is supposed to drop another degree by 7pm, and could be down to 5° C by midnight. Tomorrow could be dry and sunny with an afternoon temperature of 10° C. If the wind is very light, that could almost feel OK.

  Yesterday was a very uneventful day. In the morning I went out into the rain to drop off a double CD of The Shadows greatest hits to my neighbour and friend Michael. To keep it dry I had wrapped it in a carrier bag, and I doubt he could see what it was until he had taken it indoors. Since then I have heard nothing. The grumpy old git hasn't said thanks, or even that he has no use for it. While out I also popped into the corner shop to buy two magazines, two bottles of Diet Coke, and some crisps. It was one of those occasions where they misery of grey skies and rain overrode any desire to avoid such unhealthy food.

  After that it is hard to describe how my day went. With two new magazines I was often distracted to just lay on my bed quietly reading, but I guess I did a few other things too. One little task, that took all of 10 minutes (maybe more....) was searching for the power supply/charger for my portable Sony Mini Disc recorder/player. I do have one that I have labelled for use with the Kenwood Mini Disc player/recorder. At the moment it seems like it will have to serve both units.

  Like on previous days, I would occasionally stop for 5 or 10 minutes when going through my back room, and do a bit of tidying/clearing. That room is now looking double the size it was a few months ago, and there is still lots to do in there. It is getting to the point where I am having to make a lot of hard decisions about what to throw out, and what to keep - and that is always tempered by how much space there is in the wheelie bin. Fortunately some of the old paperwork can go in the recycling bin.

  For lunch I had more cup-a-soups. I always seem to make the equivalent of four portions, or probably a bit over a pint of soup. The "standard" portion is one cup, or probably about a quarter of a pint (one gulp and it is gone !). I'm still not sure how much all that soup is increasing my blood glucose level, but I think I'll be glad when the weather is brighter and hotter, and I take soup off the menu. One thing is for sure, I was feeling pretty hungry as dinner time approached.

  Dinner was a takeaway. It was a case of being very lazy - a habit I should be getting out of now that my savings are starting to dwindle enough to slightly worry me. That is despite them being on target, or better, than my back of a fag packet calculations predicted when I was considering retiring. If I take more and more care of my spending there is a chance that I could have a reasonable surplus when I start receiving my old age pension.

  As is now usual, my takeaway was shish kebab - grilled meat with salad. It is usually a healthy option (when the pitta bread is discarded). Yesterday's takeaway included a special shish kebab that included grilled tomato, mushroom, and courgette. I am not so sure if that was so healthy. I can imagine the mushroom and courgette soaking up a lot of the fat coming off the meat as it grills.

  Just as my takeaway arrived, and I was about to tuck into it, I was disturbed by a phone call from my friend Lee. I can't even remember what he wanted. I suspect he mainly just wanted to talk. That was mildly annoying, but we managed to keep the call short, perhaps 10 - 12 minutes, and I was able to start wolfing down my dinner while it was still hot. While eating I watched some Star Trek - The New Generation. After that I watched more Star Trek - this time Voyager.

  The latter programme finished at 8pm. I then watched some QI in a sort of time jumping way. I watched the end of one show on Dave, and then watched the beginning of it on Dave+1. It worked out quite nicely that I caught up to where I had started watching just as a compilation episode came on BBC2. The latter was quite annoying in some respect. There was such a desire, by the producer, to pack so much into a 30 minute show that many gags were not allowed to reach their conclusion before a clip from a different episode was presented.

  I am unsure when I went to bed - initially just to read - but it was not long before I was starting to yawn. I do know that it was about 10.30pm, just as I was about to put the magazine down that I was reading, when Lee called again. This time it became more obvious that he was just suffering verbal diarrhoea, and had nothing constructive to say. I really should have urged him to wrap the conversation up a lot faster than I did. It was close on midnight when I got rid of him.

  It wasn't long after I turned off the light that I fell asleep. I could say I got a good sleep except for two things. The most concrete thing is that I woke up, and started getting up, after less than 7 hours sleep. The other more tentative reason for not thinking I might have slept less well was the vivid dreams. I do remember a fair bit of one rather long seeming dream, and nothing from another dream that I am sure seemed to go on for a long time.

  The dream that I do remember was typically weird. I was at work at a place that was familiar to me in the dream, but seemed to be a sort of mix between maybe half a dozen different workplaces from the past. I had been working in a more remote part of the building, and it was home time. I found that someone had started locking up early, and had locked the only connecting door that lead to the exit of the building. After exploring a bit I found that three other people were in the same situation as me.

  It was good news that one of those three persons was the company secretary/finance department, and most definitely had the ear of the owner of the company. She would do all the complaining for the rest of us. I did find that one fire door leading to the car park was open, but we couldn't use it because it would set off intruder alarms - although it was wide open. Eventually I had to make a very scary exit down a long thin, and wobbly staircase on the side of the building. The fact that the staircase seemed to have no ties to the building to stop it swaying was bad enough, but it passed through some very high voltage (multi kilovolts !) switch gear. One switch was constantly arcing, and the arcs were over a foot long. Passing just a couple of feet from that was very scary !

  It was about 7am when I woke up this morning, and if you subtract a few ten minute breaks in sleep when I woke up for one reason or another, I had less than 7 hours sleep. That is not so bad in summer, but my body is well out of practice at doing so. I tried turning over to go back to sleep, but sleep would just not come - maybe because while it was rather grey light from the overcast sky, it was light outside. It was fully my intention to have a pee, take my morning pills, and try to go back to sleep again, but I didn't seem to try that. Maybe I'll do some extra snoozing today.

  I was happy to see that my blood glucose level has dropped a little again for the fourth consecutive day, and is now closer to what I consider to be an acceptable average. I still don't know whether to blame it on the morning crisps, or the lunchtime soup. In theory I didn't actually eat much yesterday, and apart from the morning crisps I did hardly any (not the same as none unfortunately) snacking. In another theory I might possibly have lost a gram or two of weight yesterday, but I couldn't be bothered to weigh myself this morning.

  Today could be boring. The grey skies and rain have drained away any enthusiasm for any outdoor activities - although I ought to go shopping today. I expect I will do a few odd bit of tidying up now and then, but I have no grand plans. One thing I might do is to transfer a couple of old cassette tapes I found to mp3 files. One is potentially interesting it is a bootleg of a gig I went to in 1994. It was recorded by Jodie, who after I said it would work, used her headphones as microphones. As far as the bouncers were concerned she was just another girl wearing headphones. It will be interesting to hear how well it might have worked, but it is going to be a tedious process to do the copy to my PC in real time, and then try to clean it up, re-equalise the sound, and split it into individual songs.

  I think there was a gig I had a small interest in going to tonight, but it was such a small interest that I can't even remember who it was I was thinking of seeing. The chances are that I will stay in tonight - and enjoy it. I might even get an early night unless some annoyance phones me up just as I am dropping off to sleep.