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Saturday 1st May 2021
Lockdown day 403
Shopping embargo day 88 282

10:35 BST

  No forecaster got yesterday's weather right. The forecasts of The Met Office, and the BBC, when averaged together described the morning quite well, but from then reality was very different. The morning featured several spells of sunshine, and even more of sunny spells. Contrary to the forecasters predictions those sunny spells continued through almost half the afternoon (although that does depend on when you consider half way to be). By 4pm it was looking very cloudy - particularly to the north. By 4.30pm it started to rain - hours earlier than the BBC said it might (6pm) and even more earlier than the Met Office predicted (9pm). It was only light rain, but it continued, with some short breaks, for hours. The other forecast error was that the afternoon temperature seemed to be around 14° C - better than the 11° C for the forecasts.
bright start again
  It is now May, and there is still no sign that we have left very early spring yet ! This morning we were only a few degrees away from a frost, and the outlook for today does not exactly thrill me. At least this morning is sunny, but by midday it will cloud over. The latest revision to the forecast has removed the showers seen from 6pm tonight, and also reduced the maximum temperature to just 11° C (the early forecast showed 12° C for just one hour at 4pm). With luck today will be more like yesterday which up to 4pm was nicer than forecast for today. Maybe tomorrow will see the afternoon temperature rise to 12° C, but otherwise it is predicted to be almost identical to how today is predicted to play out.

   Yesterday was a day when I had fantasies that I might have a more dynamic days. The only dynamic thing I ended up doing was hand washing more laundry. I got it finished and out on the washing line a bit later than I would have liked to. It didn't matter though because it dried far faster than I could have believed. Although there was some sunshine involved, and that obviously helped, there was very little breeze, and the washing barely moved while hanging out to dry.
                                      clouds approaching
  It was about 4pm when I thought the clouds were looking very threatening to the north. It even looked like they were leaking in the distance. I went to bring in my washing at this time. I didn't expect it to be 99.6% dry. I think it was one sleeve of one t-shirt that had a small very slightly damp area. Maybe 20 minutes later it started to rain. It was very light rain, but persistent to make the road look wet. It continued, on and off for hours. I am not sure when it finally finished, but it could have even been around sunset.

  I did have ideas that I might do some more housework yesterday, but the closest I came to that was washing a few items I had left soaking in the sink, and that was only because I wanted the Pyrex dish to cook my dinner in, and the microwave proof saucepan to heat up some soup for lunch. There are plenty of soups that have a high sugar content, and also plenty that have a very low sugar content - even lower than some of Heinz "no added sugar" soups.

 Yesterday I had a can of Highland Broth, and a can of Lentil and Bacon soup. Both were low sugar, and were very satisfying. My dinner was stewed lean diced beef with purple sprouting broccoli. I think it was less satisfying than the soups I had earlier, and I had a few biscuits as a sort of dessert afterwards.

  It was just after the light rain started to fall that three of the fox cubs came out in daylight to play. They are a bit more restrained in daylight, and kept fairly close to the entrance of their earth. After dark they get very active, and run all over the garden. They are now digging holes everywhere, and the lawn is getting very muddy and threadbare in places. I have decided that it is not worth doing anything to my garden until they have moved out.

  I think that the fox cubs will probably be big enough to move on sometime in June. That will give them enough time to explore their territory, and prepare for the mating season ! I realised there is a way to slightly speed up their growth, and that is to feed them from time to time. Unfortunately the 99p shop is no longer with us. That was a good source of cheap dog food that I used to feed to the fox with the injured leg when it was almost immobile. It seemed to thrive on it. The fox cubs could be getting something better(ish). Yesterday I made an order with Star Bargains, and as well as an assortment of stuff for me I ordered 4 cans of quite cheap dog food. It seems I got my order in just in time because I was notified just 10 minutes ago that it has been despatched. I don't know if DPD deliver on Sundays - I suspect not, but my order should be here on Monday. I must remember to put the trail cameras out to video the cubs eating.

  I could have gone to bed, initially just to read, earlier than I did last night, but I noticed there was an edition of Have I Got News For You on BBC1 at 9pm last night. I haven't been following the news/current affairs for over a year now, and I was curious about what was happening in the world. The curious thing is that the only bit of it I remember was some scathing comments about the management of the Post Office in relation to the scandalous prosecution of sub-postmasters because of faulty accounting software. That was one bit of news that was not news to me because I have read a lot about it from the I.T. perspective on

  I don't know what time I turned the light out last night, and when I went to sleep. I think I was probably asleep by 11pm. It is hard to say if I slept well or not last night. I know there were a few times when I woke up, but I don't think I was awake for long. It was definitely another night when I kept being surprised at how much time had passed every time I opened my eyes. I guess it was fairly good sleep because I woke up at 5am, and it felt like time to get up. At least I think it did, but it didn't seem to take much effort to close my eyes again, and open them again 90 minutes later.

  I had a pleasant surprise when I checked my blood glucose this morning. It had dropped to 8.0mmol/l. That was a good drop for just 24 hours, and I didn't expect to get even half that. I almost felt OK this morning. The thing that spoiled that was constipation, or more accurately, not seeming to go enough. It took several hours before I went again, and that time it was far more satisfactory.

  At this point I should explain I have recently finished a very long phone call. This time it wasn't another meandering call from Lee, and nor was it from Sue, who can also talk the hind leg off a donkey. It was from someone else whose phones are always very long, but only happen a few times a year, and so are important enough to not be annoyed about it. It is now almost dinner time, and I have just started cooking a couple of peppered grill steaks, and some normal, aka Heinz extra high sugar baked beans. It is not going to be a healthy meal, but it should be very nice.

  The day is coming to an end in several more hours, and now my only plan is to watch a few hours of TV, assuming I can find anything to watch, and then go to bed with my book. Maybe today might have been different if I hadn't stopped to wash my hair, as well as having a shower this morning, and then, once dried and clothed, gone to the Turkish/Polish/other Eastern European mini supermarket on Catford Bridge. Amongst the stuff I bought, some of which were very naughty, were 4 cans of strong Polish beer. They were to be my treat from late afternoon until bed time. I will still have one or two, and save the other two for another deserving time. At this point in time it looks like I will never finish the laundry I started after my shower. Oh well, I'll finish it in the morning, and hopefully, if tomorrow is like today, which has been fair, it will be able to dry quickly on the line.
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