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Sunday 2nd May 2021
Lockdown day 404
Shopping embargo day 88 283

09:12 BST

  I am struggling to remember what the weather was like yesterday, and by that I mean remember in detail. All I can remember is that the morning was bright with a fair bit of sunshine, and the afternoon was dull, although, and this is the bit I am struggling with, I have vague memories of the sun breaking through one or twice sometime in the afternoon. I just can't remember when, for how long, and how many times. I definitely can't remember any light rain in the early evening, but I think that part of the forecast was changed later yesterday morning to say it would stay dry. It was no better than mild, or about 11° C at best for the afternoon.
yet another bright start
  According to the forecast, and the later revision of it, it shouldn't be sunny yet, and shouldn't have been sunny for the last hour or two, but it was ! Sometimes the sun was hazy, and occasionally it would go behind a cloud, but it has been a bright and cheerful start to the day. The latest revision to the forecast says there will only be sunny spells at 10am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 7pm. All other times will be what I would call overcast but still a bit bright, and the forecast just says a bland "cloudy". It is now predicted to stay dry all day, and it is still thought there could still be a couple of hours this afternoon when the temperature should peak at 12° C (a couple of hours less than in the early prediction shown in the screenshot above). Tomorrow is currently shown to be relentlessly cloudy all day, but with the cloud thickening at around 3pm, and rain falling from about 4pm. It will be light rain at first, but from 6pm it could get heavy, and continue like that until past midnight.

   Yesterday was sort of enjoyable, but what with starting writing quite late,  and then getting a very long phone call, rather made a mess of my usual writing, and although the end was very rushed, but the time I had finished writing I had written about most of the day. My dinner, was as roughly described, grilled peppered grill steaks, They were nice and almost healthy. The ordinary Heinz baked beans I had were definitely not healthy (for me). They are heavily loaded with sugar, and for what reason ? Maybe because they are American ?

  I made things worse by adding quite a few thick sliced of mature cheddar cheese to the beans when I heated them - a lot ! (I prefer my beans to be overcooked and gooey). I have to admit I enjoyed the resulting dinner even if it was probably a killer ! I made things slightly worse by having a couple of small (20gm ?) packets of chipotle chicken wings flavoured cheesy biscuits.

  I watched maybe an hour on TV before going to bed slightly early, and then reading until it was quite late before turning the light out, and going to sleep. I seemed to wake up a lot in the night, and it wasn't always for a wee. On at least one occasion I think I woke myself up before a dream turned into a nightmare. I can't remember what that dream was about apart from a vague hint that involved a war or something. I feel sure it was set on land, but it could have been inspired by the book I am reading about a war in space.

  I think I woke up even before it was fully light, just before 5am, and thought it was time to get up, but fortunately I managed to get back to sleep, possibly twice before getting up at about 7am. The first thing I checked was my blood glucose, and it had shot up to 9.0mmol/l. That was predictable after considering what I had eaten yesterday. Today I must try and eat better, but there is a reason that I shall come to soon as to why I may not eat properly later.
  Going back to yesterday....a couple of the fox cubs came out in broad daylight (although sadly not bright daylight) yesterday. My kitchen window is in need of a good clean and polish - mainly on the outside - if I am going to take more pictures of the foxes through it. These two fox cubs, starting to look almost like adults now, managed to hold this lovely pose long enough for a longer exposure than I would have liked (one fiftieth of a second), and so what with the dirty window, the picture is not as sharp as I would like.

  Late yesterday afternoon I put out my trail cameras, and hopefully I'll find some good video of them using infra red night vision. Hopefully there will be some good footage of an event that took place last night. It seemed that last night was the night to spring clean the earth. This morning I found loads of rubbish outside the entrance to the earth. I would judge most of it is stuff the Vixen has found in rubbish bags around the neighbourhood, and brought back to the cubs. Some of it may have been no more than greasy paper or cardboard for the cubs to lick. All that litter is now on what is supposed to be my lawn !
  Yesterday I saw a picture of myself that obviously someone else had taken, and I estimate it was taken in 1985. I don't think I have a copy of it in my personal collection, or if I do I can't find it. I may have to copy it off the internet. Anyway, it shows me almost clean shaven apart from a moustache and two strips of whiskers either side of my mouth. For some reason I sort of liked it. As a general rule I am either clean shaven or have a full, but trimmed beard.  One thing I have always been too scared to try is a goatee, but maybe I don't care about it enough to stop me trying one now.

   I am not saying I definitely try styling my beard, but I have dug out my old shaving kit. The stuff in the picture above, apart from the packet of razorblades, was probably given to me on my 16th birthday, and sort of in time for when I started work a month or two later. The razor has no obvious make on it, but I think it is probably made by Gillette. The green stuff is genuine Palmolive shaving soap (or what is left of it), and the brush is a genuine badger hair brush. Maybe all this kit will get used again after laying dormant for 30, and maybe more years !

  Two thing will be happening today which will partly limit my options. The first will be a parcel delivery between 10:05am (now !) and 11:05am. That will be my order from Star Bargains arriving a couple of days earlier than expected. Among other stuff, including stuff I will have to really ration myself eating, will be some cans of cheap and cheerful dog food to feed the fox cubs. One potentially interesting thing will be a bag of sugar free muesli. It is, amongst other things, pecan flavoured, and it sounds nice. I may buy some milk and try some sawdust muesli breakfasts for a while and see how they work out.

  Some time later today, probably a lot later, I will be getting a delivery from Amazon of ink cartridges for my printer. They are stupidly expensive, and it would be cheaper, and more fun to order a bottle or two of single malt whiskies - except that I don't usually like single malt whiskies. I prefer mine to be blended by experts so it tastes nice ! Other stuff to do today is to finish some laundry that I left to soak overnight, and that I have half done this morning. One more rinse, then fabric conditioner, and I can hang it on the line to dry.

  I had been considering going for a walk today, but my deliveries put some constraint on that, and it is hard to believe it will still be sunny this afternoon. I think I will probably stay in and do some gardening - even if that garden is little more than litter picking, and trying to get all the mud and stones kicked onto the lawn by the Vixen and/or fox cubs. Hopefully I'll find out soon when I check my trail cameras.
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