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Saturday 8th May 2021
Lockdown day 409

08:21 BST

  There was a lot of sunshine yesterday, but not when it woulod have been nicest, or most useful in the first half of the afternoon. The forecast predicted the sunny spell would start again in the last few hours of daylight, but it seemed more like it would rain. It didn't rain - the rain was waiting for today ! It was a fairly mild day, and feeling almost warm until the sun went behind the clouds, but it still peaked at 14° C.
rain, rain, and even more rain
  The weather is most definitely fulfilling the first part of the forecast. It is very soggy outside, but I don't think I would call it heavy rain. The latest revision to the forecast only makes one small change - it may reach 17° C by 4pm, and hour earlier than in the early version. Oh well. at least the garden won't need watering today, plus there is always the hope that the sunny spells predicted for very late afternoon might happen earlier. There is also hope that tomorrow may be a splendid, but not perfect day. It seem like it will be just tickling the underside of hot with the afternoon temperature predicted to be 19° C. There should also be a lot of sunshine, although once again the early afternoon may miss out on it. Late evening could see a splash of rain.
   Some good things happened yesterday, although on the whole it was another partly lazy day. The first thing to happen was to get a message to say my beer delivery was definitely taking place between 10:06 and 11:06am. It actually arrived not that long after 10am. It was tinged with a tiny bit of disappointment. The free glass I was expecting was not what I thought it would be. It was another ordinary pint "Beer Merchants" glass. I had hoped it would be a brewery style glass. The other disappointment was that one of the beers was a Porter with coffee in it. I don't drink coffee, and so I'll have to find a mug who does, and give it away.

  I managed to do two lots of laundry yesterday. The first lot dried so quickly, partly thanks to the morning sunshine, and a light breeze, that I did a second lot. By the time that was ready to hang on the line I had missed the best drying weather, and I brought it in before it was fully dry. It was at a time, maybe 5pm, when it looked very overcast, and seemed to be getting ready to rain. It didn't rain, and it brightened up a bit later (although not as much as the forecast suggested). Those second items, two pairs of lounge pants and a t-shirt were maybe 90% dry, and I hung them on the clothes horse to dry overnight.

  The other bit of non idleness I did was to go to Poundstretcher. Once again I hoped I would find one of those window washer gizmos I described yesterday (or the day before - a sponge and wiper blade on a 2ft pole). Once again I couldn't find one, but I did buy a simple wiper blade/squeege. Curiously enough it was just £1. I saw the same thing in the Poundshop for more than £1 (I think it was either £1.50 or even £2).

  Of course I bought a lot more than that. I bought a couple of bags of bird feed for my bird table, which still is only used exclusively by pigeons, crows, and magpies. I also bough some cleaning stuff, and some cans of cheap soup which I had for lunch a bit later.  One of the best bargains in there was packs of 30 hay fever tablets. They were £1.49 a pack - which works out a lot cheaper than £1 for 14 tablets.

  I was hoping I might be able to fast for a lot of yesterday, but I just couldn't get in the mood to do it. That is partly why I bought the soup from Poundstretcher, but I would still have had some soup even if I hadn't bought it from Pounstretcher. I made sure that both were very low sugar. They weren't sugar free, but at least they didn't have any added sugar. Both were rather wet and watery, but still pleasant. One was Scotch Broth, and the other was Cock-A-Leekie. It might only have been yesterday that realised Cock-A-Leekie is chicken and leek soup. It is very obviously really, and blatantly obvious when eating it.

  I had a lazy afternoon. This was partly because the sun had gone in...maybe it was completely because the sun had gone on. Whatever reason it was, I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to do anything artistic like designing the DVD cover that I really want to do as soon as I have the patience to sit down and be creative. I spend all afternoon doing, in variable quantities, snoozing, reading a book, and reading stuff on the internet. It passed the time until it was time to think about dinner.

  I thought about dinner earlier than needed, and ended up having a two part dinner. Part one was some "Southern Fried", alleged flavoured chicken goujons. I had bought them last Monday but couldn't think what to do with them. They made a nice pre-dinner snack. Dinner was just cabbage, bean sprouts and a bell pepper cooked in chicken stock with a few spices. I convinced myself it was nice. It was the sort of thing I ought to be eating more often because it was very low calorie, and very low sugar. So low that I had 4 squares of sugar free milk chocolate for dessert.

  I seemed to dream a lot last night. Initially it was one of those nights when it seems to take an age to get to sleep, but in reality was probably as little as 10 minutes. The first dream I remember ended in frustration, or perhaps it is more true to say I felt disappointed when I woke up before the dream should have ended. I can't remember many details about the dream, but I do remember it was set in the back room of my house - a much bigger house than I really live in. We seemed to be having a boozing session but I can't recall seeing any booze. There may have been 5 of us in total, and two of them seemed very boring, but one, a woman, was far more interesting. The last bit of the dream was waiting at the front door as she walked up a long hallway. My idea was to give her a warm friendly hug before she left, but I woke up just before that happened.

  Fortunately I didn't have a long period of being awake like I had the night before (or was it the night before that ?). I was soon asleep again, and it seemed like I was dreaming again, but the dream was most likely just before I woke up again at 6am. In my dream I had gone to visit an old acquaintance in Surrey with a friend. It was easy to get there, but having got there I couldn't work out how to go home again. My friend was more than useless. He didn't know if he was coming or going. I seemed to have a 1" OS map with me, and my acquaintance also produced one, but it was like there was a bit of the map missing - perhaps like someone had folded the map over and glued it together. I was still puzzling about it when I woke up.

  As usual, one of the first things I checked when I woke up was my blood glucose level. The day before it was just in the danger area at 10.0mmol/l. This morning it was down to a much safer, but still too high, 8.8mmol/l. I was hoping it might have been a bit lower, but at least it has moved in the right direction. I dread to think what it will be tomorrow though. Just looking out the window at the grey light, and rain drops on the window pane make me feel hungry ! I can't really see myself doing anything today except to try and fight the desire for comfort food.
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