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Wednesday 12th May 2021
Lockdown day 413

08:00 BST

  Yesterday seemed to feature more sunny spells than predicted in the forecast. Admittedly some of them were when the sun peeped through some quite dark looking clouds. A later revision to the forecast said that the sky would be clear by sunset, but that didn't happen, and about 8pm, although possibly a bit later I became concerned about a strange noise that I thought could be rodent related. It turned out to be unexpected rain hitting the window ! Yesterday was a mild day. The afternoon temperature was around 16° C - not high enough to feel warm, but high enough not to feel cold.
sunny start
  Despite what the forecast might say, I would describe this morning as sunny, but now it is gone 8am, when the forecast says sunny, it seems we may only get sunny spells ! The latest revision to the forecast says we will lose the sunshine at 10am, and there will be some light rain. Midday may see heavier rain. It will then stay cloudy until 6pm when there could be a couple of hours of sunny spells. Once again the afternoon temperature should be 16° C. Tomorrow will probably see the sky in various shades of grey, and occasional showers. The temperature will briefly peak at 14° C, but 13 or even 12° C may be more representative for later morning and early afternoon. The following days are going to be nothing like I think May ought to be. The temperature is going to be no more than mildly mild, and sunshine is going to be in short supply.
   I can't say yesterday felt boring because somehow it didn't, and yet very little happened. I didn't care to go out, and it seems like I spent most of the day reading - sometimes from a book, but more frequently from the internet. Even my dinner was boring, although it was sort of nice. It was no more than sausages. Some of them were actually called hot dogs, but they were very much like sausages in my estimation. The main difference was probably that being American recipes they probably had loads of sugar in them, but I have no proof of that.

  I had been careful about what I ate during the day. I had soup for lunch, but during the afternoon I probably ate too many "sugar free" chocolate sandwich biscuits. My excuse for that was that the packet had been open too long, and the first couple of biscuits at the top were a bit soft. It seemed safer to eat them all before they deteriorated further.

  The only other thing in the food and drink department was a small accident I had. It was late in the evening, and I was distracted by watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I started to top up my glass of coke with Irn Bru. I quickly realised my mistake, and stopped before I had poured much. I then topped up my glass with Diet Coke as intended. I reckon about a fifth, or maybe a sixth of the drink was Irn Bru. To my surprise it didn't taste horrible, and sort of tasted interesting. I don't think I would like to make that "cocktail" again, but it was an interesting diversion.

  I thought I got a good night's sleep the night before last, but I still felt inclined to go to bed semi early last night. It was mostly because there was nothing else to do. I did seem to sleep quite well, but there must have been one moment when I was dreaming while apparently awake. I woke up thinking I felt really chilly, but after a wee I seemed to feel like it was too hot to pull all the duvet over me.

  I feel sure I had plenty of dreams last night, but I can only remember a small part of one with enough detail to describe it. The lead up to the bit I remember seemed to be that I was at work in some place I don't recognise, and that I wanted to go to a cash machine during my lunch hour.  There seemed to be a back entrance to this workplace that lead straight into a multi level shopping mall where many cash machines were located.

  It seemed very busy, and there was a queue for the cash machine I decided to use. While waiting in the queue I realised I had a new bank card that was the same size as a mini SIM card. It had a ring attached to it so it could be attached to a key ring. That meant it couldn't be inserted like a normal bank card, and would have to plug in like a memory card. I wasn't sure if the cash machine supported these new cards.

  Fortunately it did, and I was soon tapping in the amount I wanted to withdraw, but I made an error and somehow added 23p after the whole Pounds. It was correctly advised as an error, and I had to pull out my bank card and start again. At this point things became confusing. It seemed like the machine has remembered my first request, and added the cas it could dispense to what I had requested a second time. My finger my have slipped the second time, and added an extra zero to the amount. What ever happened resulted in a huge wadge of cash being presented to me. The last thing I remember was rolling it up and trying to stuff it into my pocket.

  I woke up early this morning, and it seemed like it was pointless trying to get more sleep. This was at 6am, and so not really that early. That was probably why I decided not to fight it. I found my blood glucose had risen to 9.6mmol/l. I wish I could remember what it was that got it down to close to 8.0mmol/l a little while ago. I would have written about it here, and I should check back on it, but I have this fantasy idea it was after a day of not caring, and eating a few things I thought were a big mistake - including crisps. Maybe I need more crisps...well, at least they would be nice even if they kill me.
another delivery today
  I would have said that I have no idea what I shall be doing today, but now I can modify that to I have no idea what I'll be doing for a lot of today. The weather make look OK now, but it will be deteriorating soon, and it doesn't look like walking weather.

  I expect I will have another sedentary day, but at least I have one small thing to look forward to. I actually ordered four bottles of whisky from Amazon - possibly when slightly drunk last weekend (I think). Three bottles arrived on Monday, and now it seems the fourth will be delivered today. I would hazard a guess that it may be around 5pm - the same time the first three bottles were delivered.

  There is still a lot of time before the very earliest that whisky could get her (maybe 1pm), and when it really will be delivered. I have no idea what I will do in between times.

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