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Thursday 13th May 2021
Lockdown day 414

09:02 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast was not very accurate. The sunny spells that were correctly forecast for early morning continued well into the afternoon when they were originally predicted to finish as early as 10am ! I seem to recall there were a couple of light showers some time during the day, but they were of so little consequence that I didn't really pay them any attention. It was quite late in the afternoon before the temperature hit it's peak of 16° C.
rainy day
  There is a difference of opinion between the BBC and Met Office forecasts for today. The BBC say it will be fairly bright today but with almost non stop light showers through the day. The Met Office says the rain will be more in clumps of heavier rain. The latest Met Office revision now says the rain will be over by 11am except for one light shower at 2pm. The chance of any sunshine today is extremely slim. The highest temperature today could be 12° (BBC) or 13° C (Met Office). Tomorrow may be dry, but it will still be very cloudy. The temperature could be a degree or two higher than today.
   I was predicting another sedentary day yesterday, and a lot of it was, but not all. In the morning I had a mild desire to check my bank balance, and withdraw some money from my Tesco savings account. One place to do that was the cash machine next to the Sainsbury's Local shop by Catford station. That gave me an idea. I could call into that Sainsbury's and buy some of the delicious ready made salads.

  The two ideas seemed a good enough reason to go for it. I couldn't seem to walk at any pace except the fastest I could sustain (as usual), and I arrived at the cash machine feeling slightly short of breath, but I probably wasn't. I have recently concluded that I sometimes think I should be short of breath when in fact I am not. That idea is supported by the fact that I completely forgot to breath deeply as I did my business at the cash machine.

  Yesterday was another morning when I decided I could bear to wear a mask just long enough to buy some bits from Sainsbury's. I bought 3 ready made salads, but I was greatly disappointed they didn't have any of the nice Greek salads, and the only very. very, very slightly exotic one was a "Mediterranean" salad that was as crappy as Tesco salads tend to be. They were possibly made by the same company as supply Tesco because they were full of grated carrot and grated beetroot - neither of which I can remember being in the salads I used to but from Sainsbury's before lockdown.

  I also bought a copy of New Scientist - my first since boycotting all shops when the wearing a mask in shops law came into being last summer. I was hoping to buy some soups, but their selection was very small, and what they did have didn't seem to be that low in sugar. The same was true of their baked beans. The normal version was saturated with sugar, and the low sugar version wasn't that low.

  After I got my shopping home I went out again to "Cash Busters" the pawn broker like shop on the high street. It must have been a good few months ago I noticed they had a Nikon DSLR camera in there, and I wondered if it was still there, and if the priced had dropped (or if they would take an offer - which they have done in the past). When I got there I saw a notice that said the shop was only open by appointment, and so I turned around and came home again.

  I reckon those two walks added up to about 1.5 miles, and that was my exercise for the day. After that I reverted back to being very sedentary....or I tried to. I was quietly reading New Scientist, and almost ready for a snooze when my phone rang. It was Lee, and he was evidently very bored while waiting in the car park of Belmarsh Prison where one of his friends was attending a remand hearing or something. Lee has some very unlikeable friends these days !

  I think Lee kept me on the phone for about 90 minutes saying nothing of interest, and stringing out each and every one of his boring stories by describing every single feature about the events he was describing. Quite why he thought I might be interested in the complete genealogy, for three generations of the persons involved, is anyone's guess. It wouldn't be so bad if he could complete a story without getting sidetracked and starting another. He complains that is father is starting so to suffer from dementia, and I sometimes wonder if Lee is trying to overtake him in the brain deterioration stakes.

  The more exciting event of the day was the arrival of the fourth, and last bottle of whisky from the order I made on Amazon a week ago. It was just after 4.30pm when it arrived. That was earlier than expected, and when that happens it always seems to be a woman who does the delivery. The whisky was J&B, and while I am sure I would have had it in a pub at some time in my life, I have never tried it at home before. I found it was a nice whisky suitable for drinking neat.

  Earlier in the day I had stuffed my face with salad, and even earlier than that, I had a big thick sandwich that I also bought from Sainsbury's. It was a bacon and cheese with chilli sauce sandwich. It was very nice, but I have a strong feeling the chilli sauce was probably chilli jam - made with loads of sugar. My dinner was more well grilled pork belly slices served with bean sprouts.

  Later on I started to have a small snack that turned into a big snack. It was cheese on rice crackers. Having said that, I am now reminded that I had a second order from Amazon delivered yesterday. It was the box of lightly salted, and box of BBQ rice crackers I had ordered a fortnight ago. Those rice crackers are very low in sugar - unless you eat far to many - which I guess I did last night.

  Apart from one thing I seemed to have a nice sleep last night. That one thing was when I woke up feeling cold at something like 2am. That was because I had kicked the duvet off while sleeping (I think). Within a minute of pulling the duvet over me I began to feel far too hot. At that point I turned the heater on (set to low). It got my bedroom just warm enough to not feel too cold when partly uncovered. At this point I would try and recount a dream I had, but the details from one dream I had that seemed worth recounting have evaporated away already.

  I didn't feel good when I woke up. I think the change of atmospheric pressure, or maybe just the fact that it was raining, was enough to make me feel extra stiff and creaky. It probably wasn't anything to do with my blood glucose being dangerously high (10.6mmol/l). That just tends to be a stealth assassin. I don't know if I should blame the sandwich or the rice crackers for this huge increase in blood glucose. Oh well, insulin injections will sort it out one day.

  Today the weather is foul enough to put me off even thinking about any exercise. If I had felt like doing any it would have to be this morning because, it being Thursday, it is boozing day ! I am hoping that maybe Michael might feel OK to join Jodie and myself for some beers. It was nice having an adult to talk to who wasn't glued to a phone when Mark joined us last week. It would be really good if Mark and Michael joined us this week, but that is probably being well over optimistic.
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