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Friday 14th May 2021
Lockdown day 415

08:07 BST

  There was a lot of rain yesterday morning, and up to 1pm, but after that there was an hour or two (maybe 3 ?) of nice sunny spells. It felt quite nice standing in the sunshine even though the afternoon temperature only reached about 13° C.
maybe it will be dry
  Maybe it will be dry today, but the cloud cover for much of the day is going to make it look like it could rain at any minute. In the latest revision to the forecast it shows the dark grey clouds finishing at 3pm instead of 4pm in the early version. Maybe the the clouds will thin even earlier still in real life. The trouble is that even though they may thin, there will still be enough cloud to block any sunshine. Nevertheless, the temperature may still rise to 14° C today - or maybe 6° less than what I think it ought to be in mid main. Tomorrow may see a similar temperature, but it seems it will come with a lot of rain. The next two days after tomorrow may be similar. Anyone might think it was April with it's well known showers.
   Yesterday was another very uninspiring day. The morning rain sapped any enthusiasm I had to do anything, and so I did bugger all. Maybe the highlight of the day was when Michael popped round to deliver some bottles of Diet Coke he had bought for me from Tesco. It is most kind of him to do this for me, and I only allow him to do it because he drives to the store, and can unload a shopping trolley straight into the back of his car.

  After horrible wet and grey morning it was nice to stand in some sunshine and chat to Michael. He had a lot to say, and I had a fair amount to say to him. It is a shame he once again declined to join Jodie and I for some beers in the afternoon. He and I could have said a lot more over a glass of beer. As I mentioned last week when Mark joined us for a while, it was nice to have an adult conversation with somebody. Jodie is, and can act like an adult (she is nearly 50 !) when she chooses, but mostly she doesn't, and like a teenager she is always glued to her phone.

  At least yesterday she brought some more beer like beers with her to go with the beers I offered. I have been offering the worst beers first, and now my beer stock is mostly good stuff - stuff like strong Belgium beers. The next session could potentially be a good session. Mind you, with a top up of a few shots of whisky at the end, I was fairly drunk when Jodie finally left at gone 7pm. It seems to get later and later, and I allowed it yesterday because she arrived late because of some errands she had to run.

  Being drunk, with no dinner cooked, and not really even planned, was not a good idea. I threw caution to the wind, and ordered a big Indian takeaway. I have to admit it was very nice even if it was bad for my health in many ways. One way was that it seemed to be leading to indigestion, and probably a bit of heartburn when it came to bed time. I nipped that in the bud by taking a couple of antacid tablets before going to bed.

  I still didn't sleep that well. I did feel rather full and uncomfortable, and that was bad enough, but there was also the effect of the spices. They made me feel warm when it wasn't really warm, and I went through that whole thing of kicking off the duvet, and then having to put the heater on low again to try and get a balance of temperature.  That reminds me of something I read in New Scientist in relation to long term side effects of the Covid vaccines (or maybe just one of them).

   Apparently some people, and it seems I am among them, feel chilly, like when you have a fever, but without having a fever. There have been quite a few times when I have felt far colder then the ambient temperature says it should feel, but upon checking my body temperature I have found it is actually my normal low, and a long way from fever temperatures. Apparently the medical term for this is the rather boring "chills".

  I don't feel all that good this morning, but it is mostly weather related depression, and also some depression about my blood glucose. This morning it is 10.6mmol/l for the second morning running. This is in the danger zone. I knew it was going to be high after that beer and Indian takeaway, and I really should have known better to have all that yesterday. Probably the biggest reason for depression is the thought that I ought to fast until dinner time today, and ideally I ought to be very careful about what I eat for dinner.

  If the world was normal it would be a nice day, and I would be able to jump on a train to somewhere like Folkestone (somewhere I really want to explore a bit better than the last time I went there - I felt so crap I caught the first train home after spending about 15 minutes there !). Being out for most of the day would be the best distraction from the pains of fasting, and a bit of exercise would help to burn off some of that excess glucose. Instead I have to sit here looking at a filthy grey sky, doing bugger all, and trying to not feel starving hungry all day.
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