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Sunday 16th May 2021
Lockdown day 417

09:18 BST

  There was a lot of rain yesterday, but there were some bright spells between showers in the afternoon. I'm sure that I saw 15° C on one of my thermometers, but the forecast said the maximum temperature would only be 13° C.
maybe less wet than this forecast
  I wasn't sure whether to shows a screenshot of the BBC or Met Office forecast this morning. Neither reflects the reality so far today. There has been a light shower this morning, but also quite a few sunny spells. One has only just finished as I write this. The sky is very cloudy, and maybe there will be no more sunny spells today. At the moment the latest revision to the BBC forecast says light shows all day long, and maybe not even finishing until after midnight. On the other hand the Met Office says the next rain will not be until midday, and it could be heavy rain. It will be followed by light rain alternating with heavy rain, an hour at a time, until sometime after midnight. It seems the Met Office forecast may be closer to reality, apart from the cloud being very light grey instead of mid to dark grey before it gets really dark and the rain falls in torrents (maybe) after midday. Today will be a bit cool at just 12° C, but tomorrow may reach 15° C, but it is going to be another wet day.
  Not a lot, and by that I mean nothing, happened yesterday morning. I didn't go out to buy and dog food for the foxes, and I think I mostly spent the morning quietly reading. I did take a break for some lunch. it was some oven cooked "southern fried" flavoured chicken goujons. I think they were mostly innocent. It was probably around that time that I saw my first new wildlife in the garden.
  I couldn't get a clear picture, but this is a rat taking some grains of cooked rice that I put out for the fox cubs the previous day. They scattered most of it, and the rat took advantage of it. Now the very strange thing is that the rat appeared to be co-habiting the foxes earth. The feels very unlikely because I am sure foxes will eat rats. Maybe the rat has a tunnel that comes out by the entrance to the earth. Maybe that rat may not live long if it keeps this scavenging up there.

  Jodie almost arrived early for out Sunday (temporarily moved to Saturday) beer drinking session yesterday. She phone me up to say she was on the early train, but if it was still raining when the train got to Catford Bridge she would stay on the train to London Bridge, and then get the next train back when her weather forecast (Accu-fast or something) said it would definitely have stopped raining. I was taking some stuff out to the wheelie bin when Jodie's train arrived, and there was some light rain. It wouldn't have bother me, but Jodie stayed on the train.  Twenty or thirty minutes later when she arrived back at Catford Bridge the rain had stopped, and there were even some sunny spells.

  Jodie was not feeling good yesterday, and blamed it on her 2nd Covid jab that she had on Friday. One outcome of that was that she didn't fancy any strong beers, or any of the horribly sour beers she has been drinking a lot of. We actually had some sensible beers, and some of them were even nice ! Jodie slowed right down at one point, and I was feeling thirsty. I opened a bottle of 9% Belgium beer, and had most of it myself, although I think Jodie had a shot glass full just so she could say she had tasted it, and could report on it on the Untapped website that she is now a slave to.
                                      on bird table
  One animal I haven't seen in or near my garden for years and years, and even then only fleetingly, is a squirrel. We saw this one come exploring over the roofs of the sheds - the same way the mother fox usually comes to visit her cubs. After several circuits of the fence tops I finally did a 4, almost 4 foot leap from the fence top to my bird table to help itself to nuts.
  The sight of a squirrel got Jodie, the mad squirrel woman of Beckenham Green, quite excited. The squirrel hung around for a bit, but when I went to top up the nuts it decided it was full enough, and went to explore elsewhere, but I suspect it will be back. There was one more visitor I wasn't able to get a photo of. For the first time (that I have noticed) a blue tit, or some similar small bird stopped by to cling to the wire mesh of the peanut filled small bird feeder. Prior to that I had noticed it do a quick fly by a day or two ago. It visited the peanut feeder twice yesterday.

  More amazing than almost arriving early, Jodie also left early. That was a first ! I think she got the 6:18pm train. I would usually be trying to hurry her up to finish her last beer by then, and then we would usually have a short. Just recently Jodie has been getting the train after 7pm. Yesterday I almost managed to have my dinner on time. It was a couple of grilled lamb leg steaks with half a can of peas. It was rather nice, and the first lamb I've had for a few weeks now.

  During, and after dinner I watched some short (30 minute) programmes about nuclear weapons - historic footage from when America was testing it's early A and H bombs. Then I went to bed to do some reading. I reckon I was probably asleep by 10pm. It was a mostly uneventful sleep, and should have been good, but I couldn't stop yawning for almost an hour after getting up.

  The only dream I had seemed to be a long dream, and it was about a visit from Jeremy Clarkeson (ex-Top Gear Presenter). I have no idea why he visited me, and I have no idea why my house didn't look like my house. Peraps it wasn't my house after all, but I have no idea where else it could have been. Highlights, if indeed you can call them that, were Jeremy continually losing his glasses, and apparently smashing the bathroom because he was very drunk, but somehow repairing it better than new when I went to see what was happening. One other curiosity was looking out the front room windows onto a cobbled street outside.

  This morning I felt a bit creaky, and tired/sleepy, but otherwise no better or worse than most mornings.  Mind you most morning recently have no been that good. The better news, but only by a hairs breadth, is that my blood glucose is out of the danger zone, although at 9.6mmol/l it is still a lot higher than it should be.

  Now I have to think about what I might do today. It may be bright-ish at the moment, but I can see some new raindrops on the window. I think it is unlikely that I will be going out to buy some dog food for the foxes this morning, but that does make me feel a bit guilty, and maybe I will go after all. I won't feel very guilty about not going out for any walking exercise. I will feel guilty if I don't have a clean up in the kitchen today, preferably this morning. There is a lot of washing up to do, and the rubbish bin is getting very whiffy. Maybe doing the kitchen will be my only achievement today, but we'll see......

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