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Sunday 3rd July 2022
 08:51 BST
  As I suspected, there was a bit more sunshine than was originally forecast for yesterday. What I didn't expect was that a few of the cloudy hour were very cloudy. It even seemed to cool down when the sky was filled with dark grey, and rather threatening looking clouds. There was no rain though, and other cloudy hours were fairly bright. The temperature rose past the predicted 21° C, and I am fairly sure it hit 25° C.
  another bright morning
  Like yesterday morning, there was a lovely blue sky earlier this morning. The blue sky didn't last long, and even now there is quite a pile up of clouds in the eastern half of the sky. The latest revision to the forecast shows grey clouds from 11am to 2pm. After that the clouds may be just white clouds, and by 9pm there might even be a sunny spell ! It's worth adding that the BBC forecasts shows sunny spells almost all day with just a few hours of light cloud in the middle. Both forecasts say it will be dry, and both agree that the afternoon should be 21° C (with a possible brief peak at 22° C). Tomorrow may start with non stop sunshine, but that will give way to just sunny spells, probably more than today, and the temperature could be 22 or 23° C.

   I can't describe yesterday as a good day, although it had it's moment, but a fair chunk was boring and depressing. The day started off OK - sort of. I washed my hair, and had a shower, but I didn't bother to have a shave. Once the bath was free I started off some washing. I had four t-shirts, and a pair of underpants to wash to bring myself up to date. It was a slow morning, but I just managed to get everything on the washing line by midday (with 1.4 seconds to spare !).

  One problem with yesterday was that I was effectively constipated, although I did make a small deposit in the toilet in the morning, but it was not enough....or at least I didn't think it was enough. It left me in a state of feeling uncomfortable from time to time. I did start to do some weeding after dealing with the washing. I pulled, or cut down a fair few weeds. I think I spent no more than 20 minutes doing that weeding, but I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable - particularly when bending over. If I could do the same every day (ideally when not uncomfortable) my garden would soon be quite well managed.

  I was feeling pretty rotten after that weeding. As well as the bunged up feeling, I think I pulled a muscle, or something in my chest. Both these things would reverberate through the day, and through the night. About the only thing I did in the afternoon was some work on one of my PCs. I copied the files I had recovered from the faulty memory stick the day before yesterday, to three different places as well as back to the memory stick they came from. I think they should be safe now from further Jodie mishaps.

  I was doing that work on the PC in the dining room because it didn't need a powerful machine. While it was all set up I spent some time, usually in 10 or 15 minute lumps, making a new gigantic playlist that I have called "Psuedo Radio - Vol 4". When it is finished there should be a minimum of a 1000 songs that can be played on random, and sound like a radio without a DJ. All the songs so far (and I only got the first 72 done) came from the memory stick where I had to find and extract the videos that came from Jodie's phone, and had effectively deleted. There were quite a few hundred albums on the memory stick.

  Although making the start of a new playlist was useful, it felt very much like an attempt to distract me from a boring afternoon. For brief moments it worked, but at other times it seemed to make things worse. During the course of the afternoon I had a few snacks, or lunch, but everything seemed a bit bland - a bit like the weather - neither good nor bad. It was while reading something on the internet that I was triggered by the word "Vindaloo".

  I came very close to ordering another takeaway, but I managed to stop myself before I wasted money that could be better spent on other things. Curry still featured in my dinner. I opened a can of Aldi chicken curry, and gave it a bit more kick with a generous dosing of hot pepper sauce. I followed that can of curry with a can of lentil soup. A Vindaloo may well have cured any constipation in an explosive way. I don't think the canned curry could do the same, but the lentil soup would add some maybe needed fibre to my diet.

   There was one other bit of my dinner, and it was to finish up a small pot of potato salad. I had eaten most of it earlier in the day. Despite the canned curry, and lentil soup, whenever I burped, even late in the night, I could taste that bloody potato salad ! My evening was not very exciting. I watched something on TV, and I watched another recorded episode or two of Sherlock Holmes (the Granada TV, Jeremy Brett version). Then I went to bed at around 9 or 10pm.

  I had a lot of trouble getting comfortable in bed. If I lay on my right my chest ached, and that was made worse by a bit of potato salad acid reflux. A couple of antacid tablets helped the heart burn, but not the pulled muscle and/or aching scar tissue. It was better to lay on my left side, but that made the bloat feeling more prominent. It was, but didn't feel like constipation...or at least not the lower bowel feeling of constipation.

  Eventually I managed to fall asleep, and although I can't say it was a comfortable night, I did seem to get a fair night's sleep. It was no surprise that the later hours of my sleep seemed to consist on another variant of a "favourite" nightmare - trying to find a working toilet in a big building.  All of them seemed to be broken or too disgustingly filthy to even contemplate using.

  After that it would be easy to assume that as soon as I got up I would rush to the toilet in some desperation. I didn't ! I went to the toilet, and as happens about 50% of the time I just had a pee. Afterwards I gave my hand a good scrub, to remove any traces of some hand cream I had put on last night, and then checked my blood glucose. It was higher than expected, but not by much, 8.9mmol/l. I knew that some of the stuff I ate yesterday was not that good for me, and that was another very good reason to resist the idea of a takeaway last night.

  I am happy to say that since then I have had a poo, but I am not happy in as much as it was not very much, and maybe only half of what seemed missing yesterday morning. I am still probably carrying at least a day's worth inside me. It is likely that I will be paying more visits to the toilet before the day is out - although that is what I thought yesterday. I think the situation means a second reason for setting aside a plan I had for today.

  My plan was to go to The South Norwood Recreation Ground where a "family fun day" is taking place. It includes a live stage, and there was one band that I thought it was worth the journey there. They are not great, but do play the right sort of music, and it is hard to resist the lure of outdoor photography. There is probably a second reason not go, and that is the possibility of Jodie coming over for a traditional Sunday afternoon beer tasting session. I think I will go out today, but only to the little supermarket on Catford Bridge to stock up on Polish instant noodles (and anything else that looks good). I think I might even buy a couple of oranges. For some reason the idea of an orange seems a good one even if a big sweet orange makes my blood glucose even higher !
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