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June 2022 July 2022

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Saturday 9th July 2022
 06:59 BST
  Yesterday was hot and sunny, although by early evening sunny spells replaced non stop sunshine. The temperature reached 28° C, and it was a very sultry night, last night.
  another hot sunny day
  It seems there may be a few dull hours mid morning, but today should be a lot like yesterday with hours and hours of sunshine. Oddly enough it may not be quite so warm. Only 26° C is expected. The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast predicts more sunny spells than sunshine, and only predicts a high of 25° C. It looks like tomorrow could be very similar to yesterday - copious sunshine, and the temperature hitting 28° C.

  I think yesterday could be described as quite productive - even if I did very little of what I had predicted in the morning. Another difference was my health seemed to be a bit better than expected. I think it was the day before yesterday when I reported that I had some toothache, but suggested it was probably only gum damage caused by over vigorous flossing. I then promptly forgot all about it. It seems my suggested cause was quite correct, and within a couple of hours all pain had gone. It remains so this morning.

  One of my concerns yesterday morning was that I had a bit of a tickly cough, and it seemed to be a legacy of when I had choked the day before after trying to breathe Diet Coke (obviously by accident !). I said it would not be prudent to go on trains when coughing. Saying that seemed to be the trigger for 99% of the coughing to stop with an hour or two ! I could still have gone out later, but by then I had planned other stuff that I still didn't really do.
a bit of washing
                              on the line
  What I did do was one thing I did correctly predict I would do - some laundry.  As the picture shows, I washed a hand towel, a face flannel, and three t-shirts. Apart from a large bath towel, that is for the spare room, and which Patricia uses, the five items shown on the line cleared any backlog of washing to do, but there was one other item I did later. Sometime later after doing the first lot of washing I was looking at one of my pairs of shorts, and thinking they looked a bit grubby.
shorts drying on
                              the line
  Those shorts had some very faded areas, and worst of all there was a large sweat stain on the back of them near the waistband. I thought that washing them by hand was going to be a challenge, but it was not as bad as I feared. While hanging on the line, still wet, the faded areas didn't look so bad, but of course now they are dry the faded areas are almost just as bad as they were before washing. Maybe washing has evened up the colours of those areas a bit.

  There was one more bit of physical work I did yesterday, and it was, loosely speaking, gardening. I pulled up a load more weeds. The last time I did that I ended up with a few aches and pains the following morning. This time I must have been a bit more careful because I didn't seem to damage myself in any way - although I was sweating like a pig working under the fierce sun - but that was sort of enjoyable.

  I guess that I could be about halfway through all the weeding that needs to be done when yesterday, and last weeks effort are totalled up. That doesn't include clearing the so called lawn of a lot of weeds and other stuff. The other stuff would include large pebbles and other stuff you don't want in a lawn. I did one other thing before watering the garden. It was to very thickly sow, by scattering seeds straight from the box, the last of my "bee and butterfly friendly" seeds on the two areas I had most cleared of weeds. The ironic thing is that the seeds I sowed include some plants that may be considered as weeds.

  Despite doing just three physical jobs, I had little time to rest yesterday. I would grab the odd half hour to lay back and read, and I think I may have had a short snooze at one time. It was my PC that kept me busy. My friend Kevin had sent me a link to You Tube about a film made in 1991 of a journey from East Croydon to Farringdon station from the viewpoint of the train driver. It was rather interesting seeing how it once looked before so many changes to the railway infrastructure, and also the views either side of the track.

  For instance, it now seems that the railway from London Bridge to Lewisham, and a little beyond, is now almost through a tunnel formed by high rise building either side of the track. Once upon a time the view had expansive views across London. Kevin had only sent me the link for one of four sections of the film. I managed to track down the other three parts, downloaded them, and finally stitched them together to recreate the full 60 minute film.

   It took quite a long time to do that, and there were periods of 10 to 15 minutes where I was just waiting for things to finish. Each was an excuse to do a bit more reading. f course, even with a bit of reading, it was a bit boring - not the terrible boredom of absolutely nothing to do, but enough to make me feel a bit peckish. Yesterday I conducted an experiment to confirm what I was already sure of, and it was to try and get the worst eating over before mid afternoon.

  It was hard to try and stick with that idea, but I did it. I ate all the carbohydrates I thought I would eat by mid afternoon. It includes things like Mini Cheddars, and other crunchy stuff. I did eat healthier stuff too - like a ham salad for lunch. My dinner was a quite big meal. That was mainly because the base of it was a whole Romaine lettuce with a pack of well past it's use by date, "tikka" flavoured chicken breast chunks, and also a big helping of coleslaw.

  I was worried about that chicken. The packet said best before 1st July, and I was eating it a week after that. It seemed to smell OK, and taste OK, but there was one brief time when I thought I was developing a stomach ache. It was a big meal, but only on account of all the lettuce, and there was a strong temptation to eat more, but somehow I did resist that. I didn't resist the idea of a couple of beers to wash it all down though.

  I'll skip over the evening because nothing significant happened, and go straight to my sleep - or lack of it. It was weird. After the hard work I had done earlier, I expected to feel really tired, but I didn't seem to feel tired when I turned the light out, and it took ages to fall asleep. A lot of the delay was because it was really hot and sticky in my bedroom. It felt too hot to lie in one position for too long. I did have the fan on, but I was wary about falling asleep, and getting some bit of me chilled in the night.

  I did fall asleep with the fan on me eventually, but I probably woke up again an hour later. I don't know if it was quite as bad as it seemed at the time, but it seemed like I would sleep for an hour, wake up, and spend the next hour trying to get back to sleep. I can't be sure, but I doubt I got much more than 4 hours sleep last night. I feel I should be sleeping now rather than writing this, but I don't seem to feel too bad so far this morning.

  My experiment yesterday confirmed my theory that eating the worst things as early in the day as possible, gives much better blood glucose readings in the morning. It is actually pretty obvious. This morning the confirmation is in. My blood glucose reading was a nice, below typical average, but still higher than my rarely reached target. It was just 8.0mmol/l, and that is good !

  I think I have worked out a plan for today. The first thing I'll will do once I've finished this writing is to go back to bed. I will give myself as long as an hour to get a back to sleep, and then sleep for as long as I can. When I get back up I shall feed the birds, and then have a long overdue shower and wash my hair. Provided that by than I have been to the toilet by then (nothing has happened so far) I will have another go at my quest to visit the four northern limits of the Metropolitan Line. If I don't feel like long distance travelling I might still go for a walk locally. If not that, then.........
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