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Saturday 16th July 2022
 09:19 BST
  Yesterday morning was bright and sunny, but from mid afternoon there was increasing amounts of cloud, although I can't seem to remember any length of time when there as no sunshine at all. It was another dry day, and the temperature only peaked at around 25° C.
  It seemed quite fresh this morning, and at 5am I was almost feeling too cool to sleep, but I did sleep - for quite a long time. Today the temperature is currently predicted to reach, and stay at 27° C for at least 3 hours late this afternoon/early evening. There may be a few almost random hours when we will only see sunny spells, but most of the day should feature full on sunshine. Tomorrow will feature almost non stop sunshine, and the temperature should rise to 30, or even 31° C. The day after tomorrow features a RED weather warning of extreme heat. Apparently this is the first time ever the Met Office had had to issue on. There is also one for next Tuesday when the temperature might hit 40° C. Even in my book that is HOT.

  Yesterday was a sort of disaster ! During the course of the morning I made two substantial deposits in the toilet, and I thought I would be fine to go to Bromley to take some photos of Caz and Steve busking. I got myself washed and dressed, checked my camera, and clipped a water bottle, in a holder to the camera bag (it being a small bag for my Nikon P500 "bridge camera", rather than a full sized DSLR camera with extra lenses). I was ready to leave, but my guts still felt a bit odd.Secrets Of The London Underground

   It turned out to be no more than wind, but there was a lot of it, and because I had eaten a curry the night before, each fart seemed particularly disgusting. There was no way I dared travelling on public transport like that, and I was still thinking I might need the toilet before the afternoon was out. There was nothing for it but to abandon the idea of going out. I did consider just going for a walk in the park, and trying to steer clear of everybody, but I just couldn't get in the right mood for that.

  It had gone midday when I was about to go out, and 1pm seemed to arrive in too much haste. It seemed like a good time to eat a bit more of my left over Indian takeaway. I particularly wanted to eat the naan bread as early in the day as possible, and I would have had it for breakfast had I known I wasn't going out. The idea was that the earlier I ate it, the longer my digestive and pancreatic system would have to deal with any sugars involved.

  I put some thin sliced cheese on the naan bread before giving it a couple of minutes in the microwave. What came out bore a feint resemblance to a pizza. I added some of the salad that came with the takeaway, folded the naan bread over, and ate it like a sandwich. I have to say it was delicious. In fact it was too delicious because it made me feel even hungrier - not real hunger, but a strong desire to experience more nice tastes. I ate quite a few Mini Cheddar biscuits, and while they were not wonderful, they were nice, and I ate enough for a strong sense of guilt !

  I did, and didn't have quite a productive afternoon. I did a few jobs I had been putting off for some time. One was a job I mentioned in the last 3 or 4 days. It was to move any files that were not already on my very big (4TB) external hard drives where I now keep all my video based files. It is a good job I did it because I found most of the Dr Who collection was on the small external hard disk I was about to clear for some other use some day. It was a long process, or maybe it just seemed that way.

  I also went through a pile of old CDR/DVDR optical disks dating back to 2005, or earlier, when I used to back up all my files to optical disks. Back in those days video was mostly in Standard Definition, and the files were a lot smaller, and my collection of assorted files was a lot smaller. It was tedious checking they all appeared on on more modern media - particularly picture files. I have often suspected that I am missing some early photos, but it seems not. I am probably confusing stuff taken on camcorder with photographs.

  As I said, it was stuff that had to be done some day, but it didn't make for a very exciting afternoon, and I missed being out in the sunshine. Probably the worst thing is that in terms of the CDR/DVDR disks, I have only taken a small bite out of hundreds of the bloody things. Many are close duplicates, but it is the little changes that are potentially the most interesting. For instance I found a collection of skins that can make the Linux audio player, Audacious (a replacement for xmms) look like various fantasies. At the moment Audacious, playing the music I am listening to as I type, look like it was a version of Winamp for a Mac OSX computer. It's pointless, but a short lived novelty.

  I finished off the rest of my Indian takeaway from the night before, for my dinner last night. I had a chicken tikka starter, and then a tandoori mixed grill with a rather nice "morroba" rice. I had never heard of it before, but it turned out to be like pilau rice with sultanas and coconut. It was rather nice, but the whole meal seemed like to contain a fair amount of added sugar. I have a theory that sugar is often used in some sorts of cooking to make grilled/roasted stuff look nice and brown and shiny.

  I watched a couple of rail themed programmes on TV last night - both featuring Tim whatever-his-surname-is - the man who I find irritating to watch when he is co-presenter of Secrets Of The London Underground - which was the second programme I watched. The first programme, where he in the sole presenter, was about Charing Cross station. That was interesting despite his badly acted "astonishment" at this, that or the other. The second programme, Secrets Of The London Underground, was mostly about the no longer used Holborn to Aldwych branch of the Piccadilly line.

  TV finished at 10pm, and I went straight to bed to read for a bit. I had had several long (or so I thought) snoozes in the afternoon, and so I was expecting some difficulty in sleeping, but I had no trouble at all, and I think I probably got 8 hours of pretty good sleep. It seemed (relatively speaking) cool enough last night to leave the fan off after 1am (or sometime after midnight). As I mentioned when talking about the weather, at the top of the page, it almost felt a little too cool to sleep fully uncovered this morning.

  I never know if remembering dreams is actually a sign of not good sleep, and this morning I can certainly remember a few pertinent points about last nights dream. In the early part of my sleep I had a dream that seemed to start with the idea that I could buy a very small plot of land quite cheaply. The first bit I remember was chatting about it to some old workmates. They said go for it, but at that point I didn't even know where this plot of land was.

  In the next stage of the dream I did know, it was almost outside my front door. I seemed to live in a very wide, and very short cul-de-sac. In the middle, right on the junction with a road passing at right angles, was a patch of grass. It was about a good size to park a car on. I can't remember actually trying to buy it, but I did seem to have lots of short dreams about how I could convert it into a personal parking space. That was a bit strange considering I can't drive, and have never owned a car.

  Some dreams later in the morning were a bit confused, and confusing to try and describe. In one bit of dream I was going to bed at 9pm, but my bed was in the corner of a pub, and the pub was starting to get busy. The pub theme continued when I was in a pub somewhere with an old girlfriend. She was annoying me, or at least I was getting bored with her company. I remember suggesting we go to the off license and get a bottle of vodka, and some lemonade to take back to my place so I could get drunk.

  At one point in the dream the old girlfriend seemed to disappear, and I was accosted by the old (pre-millenium) governor of The Catford Ram. He was looking younger than when he retired all those years ago, and going on about how he made a fortune running The Catford Ram. He pulled out a thick wodge of £20 pounds to show off to me. He was quite irritating !

  Once again I was awake earlier than I wanted to be - but not by much - and despite it feeling a bit cool, I turned over and tried for sleep. Evidently I was more tired than I thought, or had had a worse sleep than I thought, because I didn't get just another 10 minutes sleep, but more like 90 minutes ! I knew my blood glucose would be bad this morning after all I ate yesterday, and so I deferred checking it until I had drunk a fair bit of water in case I was a bit dehydrated.

  The odd thing is that I didn't seem to pee much in the night (or this morning), and apart from a usual dry mouth, probably from snoring in the night, I didn't feel thirsty at all. I had to force down the water I drank. All this suggests my blood glucose couldn't be too bad, but it was absolutely terrible. I got a reading of 11.1mmol/l, and that is well into the danger zone. I guess I have to trust the reading, and so I have to try and fast for most of the day. It feels like that with a reading that high I should fast for the whole day !

  I think I am going to try and go out to do some rail photography today. I have had one fairly good visit to the toilet this morning, and I don't seem to be farting. I guess I have few excuses not to go out today, but I may find something anyway. All will be revealed tomorrow.
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