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Friday 29th July 2022
 09:50 BST
  Yesterday felt quite warm even though the temperature only reached about 24° C during the afternoon. It was bright in the morning with both some full sunshine, and then sunny periods of sometimes hazy sunshine. Late morning, all afternoon, and into the evening were forecast to be cloudy, but the sun put in quite a few appearances during the afternoon, and even when cloudy it was still fairly bright.
                              and sunny spells
  I'm sure that the forecast for today as made a few days ago, predicted some rain today, but it is sunny now, and the latest revision of the forecast shows that today will mostly feature strong sunshine, and sunny intervals. Only 4 to 6pm may be a bit dull. The temperature is expected to rise to 26° C, and there is a less than 5% chance of rain at any time today - i.e. another dry day. Apart from a few hours in the late morning, when there could be sunny spells, tomorrow is forecast to be dull, but the temperature should still reach 26° C.

   Like the day before, yesterday was generally a good day. I spent a fair bit of the morning doing some more intensive cleaning up in my bedroom. The day before yesterday I had only got as far as pulling a blue plastic tote box from out under my computer desk. As I mentioned yesterday. I ended up throwing most of the contents of that box away because many things in it were boxes that originally had computer bits, or mobile phones in them.

  Yesterday's job was to pull out all the other stuff from under the desk. Once again, a fair bit of it ended up being thrown away. It was then time to get the hoover out, and like when I got everything out of the way in the bay window recess, there were plenty of places that hadn't seen the hoover for many years.  I even had the plastic drawers on wheels out and hoovered under there. I may have missed the odd bit of dust, but I am very certain there wasn't a single crumb of food under the desk.
under my desk
  After taking this picture, and looking at the full size version of it, I ran the hoover over the bits I realised I had missed - missed because I was concentrating on trying to spot any food remnants. One thing to note on this picture is the grey metal sheet with square holes punched in it. It was off an old equipment rack, and it was ideal for adding some stability to the sides of the desk when I hand built it. It has a raised lip next to the skirting board, and no mouse is going to chew through it to start making holes in the skirting board.

  It doesn't stand out, being black on grey, but I have set a mousetrap, baited with a couple of peanuts, by the skirting board. Those two peanuts are the only thing that could feed a hungry mouse in my bedroom - as far as I am aware. I would hope any mouse in my bedroom, and I know there is one still, will take the bait, and will have it's neck broken my the mouse trap.

  It was hot work doing all the cleaning and moving stuff around. Once again I was wearing rubber gloves, and at the end, after the final hoovering, those gloves were wet with sweat inside. It's weird that this only seems to happen when using those gloves with the hoover, and not, for instance the rubber gloves I use when doing my laundry by hand.

  It was nice to relax and cool off after finishing that stage of a job that could go on, by useful increments for some time yet. There seemed to be enough time for a short snooze, but I don't think I had one, but I did read several pages from the book I am currently reading. One reason for not being able to relax completely was because I was expecting a possible two deliveries yesterday. Fortunately both had tracking information available, and I found one would not be deleivered until today. The other looked like it might arrive at around 3pm, and indeed it was.
beer delivery
  That deliver was of the bottles and cans in the picture above. I had ordered 22 beers, but if you count the bottles and cans you will see 23. It looks like it was my lucky day because I found two identical bottles of what is hopefully a nice Trappist beers. Oddly enough, for a Trappist beer it is not very strong - just 4.2% if I recall correctly.

  When Jodie arrived we had to go through all the beers to find which ones she had already had, and so were of no use to her. There were about 6 bottles/cans that didn't interest her, and I will be able to drink my own beers, paid for by me, "unsupervised" ! We didn't drink any of these beers yesterday because some need to settle after transportation, and all will probably benefit from being chilled.

  We did drink other beers, but less than usual because Jodie wanted to meet some mates at The Beckenham Beer Festival being held in the Beckenham Rugby Club. She left a little over half an hour earlier than usual. I felt unusually sober at the end, but I still gave in to a stupid desire - a takeaway dinner. I have no idea why I wanted such a dinner, and even less idea why I thought some Vietnamese food might be interesting.

  It all turned out to be a very expensive mistake. The restaurant only seemed to do main courses, or at least nearly all items on the menu were similarly priced. I wanted a variety of things to try, and there was always the possibility of having the leftovers as a meal today. I ordered four different things, and paid £38 for the privilege. One good thing was that the delivery time was very quick.

  That was about the only good thing. I didn't really like anything I ordered - or at least not in it's entirety. I thought the portions were very small because each thing came in a small container, and 2/3rds of it was just cheap as chips noodles. One pot, that I didn't open, was some sort of soup that was probably supposed to be poured over the noodles of one or more of the dishes. That might have made it all a bit bigger.

  I tasted each dish, and so consumes the entire order, except for a lot of noodles and rice that I donated to the bird table. Oh well, it was an experiment that had to be done, and I have to accept that it was a hard lesson well learned. The ultimate worst thing was that it seemed to have a very negative effect on my blood glucose this morning. There is a possibility that there is an alternate reason for that rather than just sugar. It is something I will be checking later.

  It is probably good that I was able to get to sleep by, or before 10pm last night. All seemed quiet. I had heard nothing of the mouse that I thought must still be hiding somewhere, in some dusty corner of my bedroom - probably behind the very hard to move bookcase/shelves of crap. I had left a LED lamp on, shining behind the filing cabinet - another hiding place next to the bookcase. All remained quiet until 3am.

  I was woken up by gnawing sounds seeming to come from under my PC desk. I knew there was nothing under it for a mouse to eat, and the metal strip by the skirting board would mean there was no chance of the mouse gnawing that. I initially used a torch to see if I could see anything. When I turned it on it all went silent for a minute or so. I just couldn't work out where the mouse could be. At one point I thought it could even be on the underside of the desk, but I was equally sure that was impossible.

  After 10 or 15 minutes of the gnawing starting and stopping as I waved a torch around here and there, the noise stopped completely, or at least seemed to. It took me a long time before I was relaxed enough to go back to sleep. I guess my sleep was light enough to remember some of a dream. It was a slightly unpleasant dream. In the dream I had been to some sort of works dinner in a long, thin dinning room - almost as if it were on a train.

  I did not enjoy the dinner (maybe it was Vietnamese), and couldn't wait until I could escape. I seemed to exit the place in what looked like central London, but I only walked a little way before I seemed to be in the suburbs. There was a railway station there that had a name very similar to Crouch Hill. It was indeed on a hill, but had a name something like Raven Hill. I knew that at certain times of the day there were through trains to Catford that avoided having to change trains twice somewhere. Things got very frustrating when the National Rail app on my phone wouldn't show the times of any trains.

  Things got worse when it seemed the only way to get into the station was to take a shuttle bus. That went into the station about 30ft above the platforms, and the only way down was a sort of cross between a chair lift and a cherry picker. It deposited you at the back of a queue to a shop on the station, and you had to go through the shop to get to the platforms. At this point I still had no idea of the times or destinations of the trains. I got on the first train, and it turned into a tram. I got off after a couple of stops because I expected the bus shelter like stop had a destination board on it. It didn't, and I had no idea where I was any more. I think I woke up then.

  I managed to get back to sleep, and wanted to sleep a lot longer, but like the night before I found my legs were aching. I got up at just gone 7am. It might have been a mistake to check my blood glucose at that time because I might possibly have been a bit dehydrated. I did seem to have had quite a few pees in the night, and I have suspicions that the Vietnamese food may have had a lot of salt, or MSG in it. One thing is for sure - my blood glucose was mega high this morning - well over the red line at 11.0mmol/l.

  I am now obviously fasting for as much of the day as I can manage. I think I will start on the chilled water soon, and went I've had a pint or preferably 2 pints, I'll check my blood glucose again. If it has dropped a lot I will blame it on dehydration. If not I will continue my fast.

  I have already done a few things this morning, and the most important was to search for what the mouse was gnawing last night. I have searched high and low, but admittedly without pulling too much out, and I can find a single place where that mouse might have been gnawing. It very much sounded like wood, and I wonder how long a mouse can survive on just wood for dinner. I suspect not that long at all. My problem could be over soon, albeit at the cost of a dead mouse - hopefully in a very dry and dusty corner where it will mummify rather than rot.

  One event has happened already this morning. It was barely 7.30am when there was a ring at the doorbell. It was my other order being delivered by Royal Mail. I had to hastily pull on some trousers to answer the door.  My order was for two sets of plastic drawers. Several reviews said they were smaller than expected, and indeed they are. They appeared to be floor standing, but the reality is, as several reviewers mentioned, they are a good size for on top of a desk for keeping knick-knacks in. I was hoping they would be floor standing, but the given measurements were evidently in mm and not cm. I have already put one into use to store all sorts of crap that I keep on my computer desk. Hopefully leaving more free, uncluttered, space will be another deterrent to that bloody mouse.

  There is only one definite thing I shall be doing soon, and that is to hand wash a couple of small towels, and maybe some t-shirts and underwear in a separate wash. I will probably go to Poundstretcher some time today to buy a couple of floor standing plastic drawers - as I should probably have done in the first place. The only thing I must remember is to take some leather gloves with me. The last time I bought some of those drawers the strap that holds them together while being transported cut into one of my fingers and I got blood everywhere !
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