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Saturday 30th July 2022
 09:31 BST
  There was quite a bit of sunshine yesterday, but at 6pm it came across really dark and possibly stormy looking. The recently revised forecast did show light rain for 6pm, but it actually stayed dry. It was quite a warm feeling day with the temperature easily reaching the forecast 26° C, and I'm sure it hit 27° C.
                              spells until early afternoon
  The latest revision to the forecast doesn't change much to the early forecast shown above. 10am is now shown as cloudy. It doesn't show reality though. At the moment the sun is nearly hidden by clouds, and although it is bright, the sun is not clear enough to cast anything but the very faintest shadow. No sun at all is forecast for after 2pm, but it should be almost as warm as yesterday at 25° C for nearly all afternoon, and into the evening. Tomorrow may start with much heavier clouds, but the sun may break through at 6pm. Once again the afternoon should be 25° C.

   I think I had another fairly satisfying day yesterday. I did some useful stuff, but didn't achieve all I wanted because the poor sleep I've had lately has left me feeling tired. The very best thing I did yesterday was to fast until dinner time. As I reported yesterday, I had started the day with my blood glucose dangerously high. By lunchtime it has come down from 11.0mmol/l to 9.0mmol/l. Just before I ate for the first time yesterday, at 7pm, my blood glucose had dropped to 7.0mmol/l. That was very pleasing, and I think I deserved a fairly safe dinner.

  I did two lots of laundry yesterday. The first lot was two hand towels. I got them out in the sunshine in time for them to be baked dry, and still hot when I brought them in off the washing line. The second lot of washing I did much later in the day, and it might have been almost 4pm before it was hanging on the line. It was a single t-shirt, and 6 pairs of underwear. I brought that all in, still slightly damp, when the sky almost turned black, and rain seemed very possible. It stayed dry, and the sun came out again an hour or two later. I finished the drying on a clotheshorse indoors.

  I've been breaking down my bedroom cleaning, hoovering, and general tidying in easy to manage sessions. On most days that has been subdivided to do everything in smaller chunks during the day. Yesterday I probably did it in even smaller increments, and somehow I have this mad idea that I achieved quite a lot. I was basically tidying and clearing my desktop. There was all sorts of detritus all over it - some definitely wanted, and some ended up in the waste bin. Much of it ended up in my new, rather smaller than hoped for, plastic drawers.
clean desktop
                              last night
  You can see those new plastic drawers in this picture where they sit on the shelf about the PC speakers, and either side of the monitor. They are quite handy for small stuff, but I still want to invest in some big, floor standing versions of basically the same design. I cleaned the top of the desk with Domestos (or was it Dettol ?) spray bleach. I think it loses all it's smell when dry, but maybe to a sensitive mouse nose it still smells unpleasant.

  Cleaning the desk was the latest stage in my mouse prevention scheme. The worst could be yet to come - mostly the bookshelves which are crammed with all sorts of stuff (and very few books). Sorting that out will be a nightmare, but I will do it even though there is hope that it might not need to be done. Last night I was only aware of one brief noise that might possibly have been the mouse. I can imagine it is getting very hungry now after I hoovered up every last crumb it might heave eaten. It may even be dead now. If so I hope that it is in a very dry dusty corner where it will dry out and mummify rather than rot.

  I found it very easy to fast right up until about 5pm last night when the first desires to eat started to assert themselves. I held out, and almost made it to 7pm, but I think by then I had just finished my dinner. It was supposed to be very safe. It was a couple of well grilled burger patties served on wild rocket lettuce, dressed with some balsamic salad dressing, and also squirt of mayo (which wasn't really needed).

  I did have two very little snacks while watching some TV. One snack was a chunk of cheese no bigger than two Oxo cubes side by side. The other snack was a handful of peanuts. Nothing in all that lot should have contained any meaningful amounts of sugar. I seemed to have watched several hours of TV last night. It started with The Simpsons, and then on Talking Pictures TV channel I started watching what was just the end of an old black and white film called Jigsaw.

  What caught my eye about that film was the start of it - the actor Jack Warner. He was famous as George Dixon of Dixon Of Dock Green the TV series. In Dixon Of Dock Green he played a senior uniformed Police Sargent. That role was based on his part in the film The Blue Lamp. He started his "Police career" in The Blue Lamp in 1950 where he played am ordinary PC. He was promoted to a Police Sargent in Dixon Of Dock Green which ran from 1955 to 1976. In 1962, and the film Jigsaw he had a different character name, and had been promoted to Police Superintendent. I only started watching the last 20 or 25 minutes of Jigsaw when I instantly recognised him. He may have had a different character name, and different police rank, but he was exactly the same person !

  The last thing I watched last night was an episode of QI on Dave. That finished at 10pm, and I went to bed to read for a bit before turning out the light. It was hard to relax after all the mouse related disturbed sleep the previous few nights. I'm not sure when it was. It might have been before I fell asleep, or one of the early times I woke up, and was laying there trying to get back to sleep, when I thought I heard a single noise, a sort of soft rustling thump. I thought it was a prelude to more mouse noises, but apart from that I didn't hear a thing all night.

  I was still on edge, and woke up more frequently than normal, and had a hard time getting back to sleep. One good thing is that I must have been a little less tense last night because I ached less this morning. After waking up at just gone 6am, and apparently unable to get back to sleep again, I wasted some time doing this and that while drinking a pint of chilled water. I needed that water before I checked my blood glucose. It was a warm night, and the towel on my pillow was damp from sweat.

   I was probably too keen to check my blood glucose, and should have left it a bit longer for that chilled water to percolate through my system before checking my blood glucose. I did it anyway, and the reading I got, 8.5mmol/l was very average, I had hoped it to be a bit lower after my relatively light dinner last night. Maybe I was still a bit dehydrated. In that respect it was probably a mistake to have a couple of large neat whiskies last night.

  Today my plan is to go out. This weekend The Chatterton Arms in Bromley hosts Chatfest, and there are some good bands on in the afternoon. I plan to get there about 2.30pm, and maybe stay for just a couple of hours. I hope I might be able to barge my way past the usual idiot who hogs the best camera position, and get a few good photos. It is possible I might do the same tomorrow !
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