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Saturday 22nd February 2020
08:10 GMT
  Yesterday's weather followed the forecast quite well. The morning featured some sunny spells, and the afternoon was overcast, but dry. The afternoon temperature was around 11° C, but dropped to 10° C after dark. It stayed there all night.
overcast, but mild when the wind drops

  There was no sign of any rain at 7am, and the temperature may have only been 10° C instead of 11° C. The temperature for a lot of the afternoon should be around 13° C, but the whole day is going to be overcast to some degree or another, and so no sunshine today ! There is a small chance of rain at any time, but the forecast doesn't even speculate when any rain might fall. With luck it will be a dry day. One feature that has been added in the last revision is for gale force winds at midday, but the rest of the day should see much more moderate wind. Tomorrow could start almost warm, and very likely wet. As the rain dries up there could be a few hours of strong winds, but the afternoon may be calmer. No sunshine is predicted for tomorrow.
a 2 mile walk (after error subtracted)

I thought I would try another pair of old boots yesterday. They were proper Regatta walking boots that I tried for a time maybe 10 years ago. At that time I used to try and wear thick woollen sock, allegedly designed for hiking, but they always seemed to ruck up inside the boot, and made walking very uncomfortable. Since discovering that thin cotton socks are far more comfortable, I gave those boots another chance - with mixed results.

  I ended up walking about 2 miles in them - and not the 2.17 miles shown in the picture on the left. Look carefully and you'll see a big spike to the left at the top of the rightmost track. This happened while I momentarily  took the tracker off pause while in the pub. The distance covered suddenly flicked from 1.33 miles to 1.53 miles (I am a little unsure about the first mileage, but it was in the region of 1.33 miles). To avoid quibbling about hundredths of a mile, I am going to claim it was a 2 mile walk.

  It was good to see Angela in the pub, as it always is, but yesterday was a bit more special. I knew she was down in the dumps, and took her a couple of gifts to help cheer her up. For a while they did, because of course they were only a distraction from some problems Angela has that I can't do anything about except extend sympathy, and try and offer some advice.

  It felt good to be able to help, and from the hug I got when we parted I knew that I had done some good.
big purple fungus
  I checked the purple fungus again yesterday. It doesn't seem to have changed to a deeper purple colour yet, but I am still hoping. I thought I would snap this unusually big, and sort of floppy looking, head of the fungus, rather than the small, more toadstool shaped heads. I remembered yesterday that this fungus is sometimes called "witches butter" fungus.
Regatta walking
  These are the boots I took for a test drive yesterday. I think I have funny feet because they were both uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time !  They started out feeling a bit tight in places, and yet they didn't seem to rub. What I thought was odd is that they didn't become more uncomfortable as I walked, but then again they didn't get more comfortable either. On the whole I thought that they were probably marginally more comfortable than the brand new boots I bought the day before. Maybe those new boots were a waste of money....but maybe not.

  Sometimes it can take a long time before I find that some boots and shoes turn out to be very comfortable. Maybe it takes until they are in the last third, or even quarter of their life. I'm sure that is the case with my most comfortable boots. They were once uncomfortable, and it was not until I tried them with thin cotton socks that they became not just comfortable, but very comfortable. Sadly they are near the end of their life, and all this boot testing is to try and select a replacement for when my current favourite becomes to the end of their life.

  Maybe it was encouraging that I walked two miles in those boots without any detriment to my feet. It was also the case that I felt in no hurry to take them off once I got home again - like the day before, with the brand new boots, I kept them on while I did a bit of cookery in the kitchen. When I did take them off yesterday I noticed no abrasions or reddening. I will probably just have to persevere with them until either they mould themselves to my feet, or my feet mould themselves to the boot.

  Yesterday's walk was the most significant thing I did yesterday. There was one other little job that maybe wasn't so little. I hand washed a bath towel. That towel had been in use for far too long, and while it still wasn't smelly (as far as my nose can detect) it had picked up a lot of old soap and dead skin after all the towelling it had done. It meant that I had to give it six rinses before the rinse water was clear enough. Manhandling a very heavy towel takes quite a bit of energy, and I found I didn't have enough to do it in one go - at least not without really exhausting myself. I ended up taking a 15 minute breather halfway through. It was good to finally hang it up to dry.

  I'm not sure why, but I didn't feel that good late yesterday afternoon, and into the evening. I wasn't even sure if it was physical or mental, but I couldn't be bothered to cook myself any dinner, and decided to order a takeaway to cheer myself up. I had been hoping to cut down on such luxuries as my budget tightens, but I'll just have to cut down on something else instead. As is now usual, my takeaway was grilled meat and salad. On this occasion I had a "special" lamb shish which included grilled peppers and mushrooms as well as the lamb. It was very nice, although once again I thought the chilli sauce was very mild. I am beginning to think that I was spoiled by the Kebab shop on Catford Broadway (that has since changed hands, and has gone down a posher, and expensive route). The old kebab shop used to have a very tasty chilli sauce with a bit of fire to it.

  Although I didn't seem to feel sleepy, I was keen to get to bed last night. Initially I read in bed for maybe an hour before turning out the light. I have no idea what time I went to sleep - it was probably later than 9.30pm, and probably earlier than 11pm.  I guess it may have been closer to the earlier time because I did get up earlier than usual this morning. I had slept mostly OK, but this morning I had, and still have, a selection of aches plus a sort of headache. It feels a lot like a hangover, but I don't think one large whisky has ever caused anything like this before.

  It currently feels like I need some strong sunshine to clear all these negative feelings - both physical and mental. It actually feels worse because I can't really say where it hurts, and "hurts" doesn't seem the right word for this almost all over aching. Oh well, there is nothing physical I need to do this morning, and probably not in the afternoon either, but it would be nice to feel OK to go to a gig this evening.

  The band "Something Else", who I don't think I have seen before, although I do seem to know a couple of their members, are playing in The Railway pub next door to Blackheath station. I have never been in that pub before for any reason, and so there is a double novelty value to going - new band and new pub. Plus it is very easy to get to. The 54 bus, which I can get from the end of my road, stops outside the pub.

  While I may not be doing anything physical, unless you include snoozing (if I can) this morning, and maybe into the afternoon, I will, or should be quite busy. I have to edit all my past daily archive pages to include some navigation buttons. I started these archive pages at the start of January, and so I have a fair bit of editing to do. It doesn't sound much, but as well as adding two icons I have to type in the links to the pages they point to. Those new icons look like this.
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Of course these demo icons don't point to anything, but having now seen them on the page for the first time I can see I'll have to shrink them down a bit. They are a lot bigger than I imagined.