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Monday 24th February 2020
09:09 GMT
  Yesterday turned out better than the forecast predicted. After a splash of rain at sunrise (plus or minus a bit) There were some unscheduled sunny periods. Sometimes the sun was a bit hazy, but even that is better than a fully overcast day. There were one or light showers, and a few times when the sky became very dark, but overall it wasn't anywhere near an awful day. One other thing I almost remember is that the forecast gale force winds in the morning were not as strong as I thought they would be, and that the wind later in the day often seemed to be almost as strong as the morning wind.
a very wet day...or maybe not

  Every revision of the forecast shows less and less rain for today. Even the latest revision doesn't say that there will be any sunshine this morning, and yet the sun was out for a few moments just now. The headline forecast now says Light Rain instead of Heavy Rain. That heavy rain was forecast to be right in the middle of my walk through the park to (hopefully) meet Angela at lunchtime. It has now changed to light rain, and there is only a 59% chance of even that. The way things are developing it might be the case that most of my walk will be in the dry ! Today should see the temperature at around 12° C this afternoon, but tomorrow may be much colder - just 8° C. Tomorrow may also feature some extremes - a sunny morning, thunder and lightning in the afternoon, and hail at sunset !

   I felt pretty dreadful yesterday morning. I was aching in many places again. It was almost like 'flu. I can't remember if it was yesterday, or the day before, that I made myself feel better by doing some vigorous housework. Even if I can't remember what day it was, I definitely remember working up a bit of sweat, and feeling much better for it. That is not to say I felt wonderful after doing it, although there was a certain amount of satisfaction at having done it, but some of the aches became justified by he work I had done. An ache without reason is far worse than one with a good reason for it.

  Much of my day yesterday was spent doing multimedia stuff. That is to say going through my photos and video from Saturday night, and selecting the best (and in the case of the video trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear).  I got all the photos done by mid afternoon, and showed a couple in my rather late posting yesterday. From about 6pm I had nothing much to do, and I could have become bored. There was nothing on TV, and so at 7.30pm I went to bed.

  I suppose it would be more correct to say that I prepared for bed. I didn't intend to go to sleep then, but I did want to spend as much time as was needed to finish the book I was reading. In some ways I almost didn't want to try to go to sleep in case I had another painful night. In preparation of this I took a couple of Paracetamol, and a couple of Ibuprofen tablets - more of "in case" rather than actually needing them at the time. Maybe they worked, because once I managed to get to sleep, which was probably around 9pm, but might have been later, I actually had a fairly comfortable night.

  This morning I might feel a bit creaky, but I am not in much discomfort. The only negative thing is that my blood glucose is a fair bit higher than I expected. I actually expected it to be fairly low this morning because I was quite careful about what I ate yesterday - a fact that is proved by my weight being a little lower than expected. I am at a loss to think what I might have eaten with a lot of sugar in it. I am sure it wasn't the two bowls of soup I had for dinner last night. As strange as it might seem, the only unknown were some almost fat free sausages I ate for lunch. Quite why they would have had sugar in them is a mystery unless it was to try and give them some flavour - they were almost unpleasant, and I will avoid them in future.

  I have already started doing stuff today - although taking the three boxes that I have been forcing some seeds to grow in, and putting them on the windowsill of the front room, is hardly back breaking work ! All three boxes have plenty of strong seedlings in them, and while only about half an inch high, they were all pointing to the window. Whether I will spoil things by putting them out in the open air remains to be seen. Had I known we might get hail tomorrow I might have chosen to keep them inside - although I guess I could easily bring them in again later this evening before it gets too cold.

  About the only thing I am planning on doing today is to go for a walk through the park, and be in the pub on time to hopefully spend an hour with Angela. I was intending to do, probably by the most direct route, even if it was heavy rain, but I will probably extend the route a bit if it is light rain. In the unlikely even that it is dry, I may choose an even longer route, but that is unlikely - we have already had a light shower just a few minutes ago.

Lord Algea in The Morden Arms
  I feel quite good that I seem to have almost got over some sort of bug. One thing I should have mentioned earlier is that I was dreading going out to an afternoon gig yesterday. I really wanted to go, and might have forced myself, but I didn't feel up to it. Imagine my relief when I double checked and found out the gig is next Sunday - hope I feel good then !

  Incidently, one reason why I have been wanting to see Lord Algea for quite some time now, and why I am so determined to see them in Greenwich, apart from it being one of their rare gigs I can get to easily, is that they are still using pictures I took of them when they played a couple of gigs in The Black Cat. It is nice to see my photos put to good use. I hope I can take some goos shots next Sunday.