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Wednesday 13th July 2022
 08:03 BST
  There was very little sunshine yesterday, but it was still very hot. According to me measurements the temperature reached almost 31° C. It could have been a bit more than that ! The forecast assured us it would stay dry, but there were two quite brief, and very light showers. I only realised they had happened when I saw spots of water on the window pane that hinges out and upwards in my bedroom. It was another hot night with the temperature still 25° C at midnight.
  another dull but hot day
  The BBC weather forecast differs a bit from the screenshot of the Met Office forecast this morning. It shows sunny spells for most of the day, but does admit there is a 6% chance of rain at 10am this morning. The latest revision to the Met Office forecast has removed most sunny spells, and also the rain for 8am and 9am, but retains rain for 10am. It now says there is a 50% chance of light rain at 10am. The temperature may only reach 27° C, but that can still feel sticky under dull skies. I suspect the weather is going to change too fast for the forecasters to keep up with it today. Tomorrow may feature a lot more sunshine, but the afternoon temperature may only reach 25° C.

  Yesterday was an odd sort of day. I did a fair bit, but achieved little, or I achieved a lot but did little - I can't decide which is correct. What I didn't do was to go out on the trains. This was partly because I didn't go to the toilet in the morning, and thought that sooner or later I would have to. It still hasn't happened even this morning, although there are hints something could happen soon !

  The most important thing yesterday was to order my next 2 months worth of drugs by way of another repeat prescription. I decided that instead of mucking about on the phone I would walk to the pharmacy and do it in person. That fitted in with some shopping I planned to do as well. I was lucky that the young lady I saw at the pharmacy has an excellent memory, and always remembers my name. She checked the computer, and it said I was about to run out of all my drugs, and so printed off the prescription. She said it would be ready to pick up on Thursday (tomorrow).

  After the pharmacy I walked to Poundland to buy an assortment of stuff. Among the diverse things I bought was Ibuprofen tablets, and bird food. The birds tell me their mixed bags of grains are pretty poor quality, but the peanuts, and mealworms go down a treat. I also bought some soap and other similar stuff. It was amazing that they had both shampoo and matching conditioner at the same time. It is often the case that they only have one at a time.

  I continued my walk by heading to Poundstretcher, but while on my way there I had a look at the new rooftop bar that Antic pubs have opened on the roof of the building last used by Argos before that branch closed. I never did find the entrance to the bar. Of course it was still closed while I was looking for it. I suspect it is through a pigeon crap encrusted gate into a seedy looking alley, and at the end must be the three flights of stairs that some have reported.
                              "garden" in Catford
  I have no idea when the work was done, but I'd guess it was very recently when all the scummy remains of a 30 year old attempt to beautify a closed off road were removed, and new gardens installed. This is at the end of Holbeach Road, and is between the old Citizens Advice Bureau building, and the seedy looking slot machine/gambling place. I don't think I like the look of the unfinished cat. It would be nice to think it will be properly finished, but I have a depressing idea that this is how it will always look until cover by graffiti, and kicked around.
new gardens part
  The other side of the road looks less controversial, and the vandals will have a hard time moving those boulders (but I expect they will try). On the right of the picture above this one can be seen part of a chair. There is nothing to easily show it, but I hope it, and 2 or 3 others like it, are firmly bolted down, or that are likely to end up as someone's garden furniture.

  My final shop on an almost circular tour of Catford was Poundstretcher. Once again I bought more Ibuprofen, and more bird feed. They do a good line of dried insects in there, and usually the birds, particularly the small birds, love them, but none seem to think much of dried silk worm larvae. I also bought some sugar free drinks in there. It is a good place to buy cheap cans of sugar free Irn Bru, but they also have weird stuff. I also bought two cans of sugar free "birthday cake" favour drink. It is more or less cherry and vanilla flavoured water.

  I ended up with a full rucksack, and a half full shopping bag to lug home. Once I was home I had a cold drink, and put my feet up for a while. I think it was around 2pm when I went out again, and this time it was to Tesco. I particularly wanted some bottles of Diet Coke. I bought four 2 litre bottles of it. I also bought a 6 pack of 500ml bottles of water. I once laughed at people who bought bottled water, but this summer it seems like the chlorine content of my tap water has increased. There is also some other unidentified flavour in the water, and it doesn't seem pleasant to drink it now.
tasty stuff
  I also bought some food in Tesco. It was mostly just ham and lettuce, but I did buy two pots of the stuff in the picture above. I am not normally attracted by stuff like this, but it was reduced from over £2 to just 79p, and for that price it was worth testing. It is rather nice, but for all it's suggestions that it might be healthy, it isn't. It's sugar content is rather high. That was not ideal on a day when I was deliberately trying to fast to get my blood glucose a lot lower. At least I ate one of the pot just before 3pm, and that gave some time for the sugar to be dispersed before I checked my blood glucose this morning.

  Other than those two shopping outings, I didn't do much else yesterday. I guess it seemed quite pleasant, and not even boring, to do some relaxing after my long day out the day before. It was nice to lay on my bed reading, and even a bit of snoozing, while the fan played over me to make me feel a bit cooler.  Once upon a time I used to dread hot days, but somewhere back in time I learned to enjoy them.

  Admittedly it is not nice when getting too sticky, but in moving air, such as when walking, I seem to dry as fast as I sweat. I do like walking in extremes of heat. It is coming home again which is not nice, and yet it can be nice as well as nasty. It can feel good to get out of the sun, but once indoors that is when I can get so sweaty it is hard to pull my t-shirt off. It was only for a little while after getting back from shopping, carrying quite heavy loads home, that I would feel far too hot.

  The rest of yesterday didn't feel too bad, but there was a another problem. I checked my blood glucose a couple of time yesterday while still fasting, and the reading hardly changed from the high reading in the morning. It is a thing I have noticed many times in the past, and I feel certain it is dehydration. This morning I took steps to not be dehydrated, but more on that later.

  I had two dinners last night, or maybe they were dinner part 1 and dinner part 2. There were two reasons for this. One is that dinner part 1, no more than ham and salad leaves, plus a splash of balsamic dressing, seemed very insubstantial, but also because when putting the bag of salad leaves back in the fridge I noticed the open pack of beef burgers that I had opened the day before. I didn't fancy leaving that pack open too long, and so I gave the last two burgers a good grilling, and served them with the rest of the salad leaves. Those leaves were wild rocket, and they went well with the burgers.

  The heat seemed to be slightly less oppressive last night, but my bedroom temperature was still 28° C. At least that is a bit lower than the almost 31° C the previous night. I still slept with no covering, and with the fan on full blowing air over my body. It was another night when it didn't seem I would fall asleep, and then suddenly 2 or 3 hours had passed. I think it was at about 3am when I definitely stayed awake for some time. There seemed to be a fox serenading me outside my window ! One curious thing about last night was that I can't remember anything more than a faint hint that I had any dreams at all.

  This morning I took special precautions. I guzzled a full 500ml bottle of chilled water (but not in one go), and fed the birds before I measured my blood glucose. I think the extra hydration helped a lot because this morning my measurement was just 8.0mmol/l - a rather good reading. I then had the second Gunpowder Potato And Yoghurt pot for breakfast to get it out of the way early. Despite the low/safe reading, I think I am going to partly fast again today, and try and survive off more lettuce, and maybe more ham, although I am considering something like a lettuce and mixed beans salad. I think some extra fibre in my diet would be beneficial.

  As yet I still haven't passed any more than a lot of wind when going to the toilet. I am now getting some discomfort, and the feeling that sometime today something is going to "blow". Until that happens I think I will rule out going anywhere, but there are several things I could be doing today. Actually there are many things I could be doing, but I don't fancy painting any doors today. It is probably time I took some steps towards getting my (hopefully) slightly faster PC closer to coming into use.
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