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Thursday 14th July 2022
 08:08 BST
  The promised rain didn't fall yesterday, but the rest of the weather forecast was about right. Despite being a mostly cloudy day it was still usually bright, and the sun did manage to break through the cloud for short periods through the day, although sometimes it was just hazy sunshine shining through thin cloud. It was still very warm - possibly slightly higher than the forecast 27° C. It did seem to cool fairly fast, although not that low, in the night.
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  This morning felt very fresh compared to recent mornings, just 17° C, but it seems to be warming up fast, although the predicted high today may only be 25° C. There should be sunshine or sunny spells for the whole day. Tomorrow will probably be very similar to today.

  Yesterday was another odd sort of day. I was busy, but did little. In the morning I acted as if I was going to go out, but sadly Angela is still on holiday, and so I couldn't go out and meet her for our usual Wednesday lunchtime drink. I still had shave, shampoo (and conditioner) plus shower. It felt good, but I wasn't feeling all that good because at that point I still hadn't been to the toilet. If I had my day may have been very different.

  I did very little until lunchtime when I had some lunch. It may seem an odd thing to have hot soup in the middle of a hot day, but that is what I did, and it didn't seem to make me feel hotter, although the added chilli sauce did bring on a bit of extra sweat. I had a can of bacon and lentil soup, plus a can of pea and ham soup. I thought all that extra fibre would be good for my digestive track. Just the heat of the soup did the trick because half an hour later I finally went to the toilet.

  It felt too late and too warm to go out at that point (probably around 2pm), and it took another hour before I embarked on a job that would ultimately achieve nothing but frustration. It was to install Windows 7 on a small part of the big (3TB) hard disk I had fitted in my spare, ex-office, refurbed, very cheap from Amazon, Dell desktop PC. Installing Windows 7 went smoothly, but ultimately it didn't work

  The network connection, and the USB ports didn't work. I wondered if there was some problem with the hardware, but when I tried booting up a live Linux CD it all worked perfectly. I then tried downloading the official Dell drivers for the PC, but they would not install. Each came up with an error message saying a key Windows file as missing (or something like that). I wondered if it was because the Windows 7 installation disk came from an unknown source.

  I had two other disks, and tried installing them. To cut a long story short, and I probably wasted 4 or 5 hours doing this, I just could not get a fully working installation of Windows 7 on the PC. It could be that a change to some obscure BIOS setting may do something, or maybe I could try Windows XP instead, but at the end of all the mucking about yesterday, I concluded I may as well stick to Linux. Some time in the next few weeks there should be a brand new version of Linux Mint released, and I will try that. I am pretty certain it will work because the live CD worked perfectly.

  I was trying not to eat anything too bad yesterday. I had that gunpowder potato salad for breakfast. That was bad, but having it for breakfast meant the badness should have worn off in 24 hours. My lunch of specially selected soups (low sugar as well as being high fibre) are usually very safe. My dinner did involve a lot of lettuce, and a lot of ham, and as such should also have been safe in terms of sugar content.

  I was in bed, with the lights out, soon after 10pm, and as far as I can recall I had no trouble getting to sleep. I also had little trouble staying asleep. It all feel very vague now, but I think I only woke up a couple of times, and both time were for a pee. I did seem to wake up earlier than wanted at about 5.30am. I was kept awake by some strange noises that I gradually realised was my neighbour, who is always an early riser, doing some gardening in the front garden.

  I deliberately left it a bit later to check my blood glucose. It seemed to work well yesterday when I waited until I had guzzled a 500ml bottle of chilled water before checking my blood glucose. This morning I hope I tried it too early, and only after drinking half the bottle of water. The reading I got just didn't not match my expectations by a long way. It was up in the danger zone at 10.1mmol/l. I will be checking it a bit later after I have definitely drunk enough to hydrate myself.

  I have just two plans for today. One is to go to the pharmacy around lunchtime when I hope to be able to collect my latest repeat prescription. Later this afternoon Jodie should be over for a beer tasting session. I have stocked the big fridge with beers I hope we can drink some of so I can reclaim some space in that fridge for food.
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