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My Diary/Blog For the Month of July 2021
  The links in the calendar above link to archived pages for each date.
The dates coloured green should represent the return to pre-Covid freedoms. If Boris does his usual U-turn, and delays freedom day I will turn them red until freedom day finally arrives.

Friday 30th July 2021

08:42 BST

  As forecast, yesterday was a lovely day. It was generally bright with frequent spells of sunshine. After a cool start to the day the temperature climbed to 21 to 22° C, but from time to time there was quite a breeze that made it feel a bit cooler.
back to grey skies and rain
  It was a cool night, but not as cool as the previous night. Until about 10 minutes ago it was fairly bright, and there was even a bit of sunshine, but it is looking grey now as the weather prepares more rainfall. According to the latest update to the forecast the first rain could fall at 10am. More will fall at midday, and by 1pm it could be heavy rain. More showers, some heavy, can be expected for the rest of the day, but the chances of even the first rain being at the predicted time is very slim, and I suspect it will just be pot luck when more rain falls. The only certainty, but perhaps by a slim margin, is that today will be wet, and with the current high predicted to be just 19° C, and that for maybe only one hour, it is going to feel a bit cool today. Tomorrow may be slightly warmer, but it too may well be a wet day - which is unfortunate because it is the first day of Chattfest (more of which later).

  Yesterday was a good day, except for one minor disappointment. I guess the day started with a walk to Poundstretcher. I wanted to buy more bird food, which I did buy. I also wanted a couple more of the solar powered spot lamps for the garden. I'm guessing other people thought they were good too, and there were none left for me. I did buy some alternate solar powered garden lights. Later I did some laundry, and later still, but still early afternoon, I went for my first "Thursday club" drink in The Shortlands Tavern since lockdown in February 2020. All the details of my day, including a few pictures, plus stuff about eating and sleeping can be read in my full archive page for today. It also includes some good news about this morning, and my thoughts and plans for today.
Thursday 29th July 2021

08:20 BST

  The forecast for yesterday was almost right, but about 5 hours out of sync with reality. Most of the morning was bright, and there were some sunny spells. The afternoon, when really atrocious weather was forecast also featured quite a lot of warm sunny spells, but also a few light showers. It wasn't until the terrible weather was forecast to end that it actually started. I think it was about 6pm, but maybe as early as 5pm, the the sky got really dark, and copious amounts of rain came pouring down. There were distant peals of thunder, but only torrential rain here. I'm not sure how long it lasted in all. There were some times when the rain would become very light, and then suddenly the taps would be turned on full again. The worst of it was probably over by about 8pm. At that point the sky seemed to clear quite quickly, and the temperature started to drop. The afternoon temperature was probably the 18 or 19° C that was forecast.
bright and dry
  A consequence of the clear sky was that the temperature fell a lot during the night. It didn't start very high, and so it was only a mild surprise that at about 5am it was just 11° C according to the radio linked thermometer by my bed. It should eventually warm up to 22° C by 4pm - according to the latest update to the forecast. That update shows a bit less sunshine than the early version in the screenshot above. After 9am there may only be sunny spells on alternate hours, but it should stay dry the whole day, and it will end up feeling warm. Tomorrow sees the rain return. If it ends up like the forecast (which I doubt it will) there will be just light rain almost all day. It will still be around 20° C.

  I must admit that yesterday's grey skies made me very slow getting ready to go out. I did have thoughts of trying to walk a few miles before ending up in the park with Angela. One thing I did attempt to do was to phone the phlebotomy appointments "hotline" to try and book an appointment to give the blood samples for testing that the nurse was hoping I would give in March ! I got through first time, listened to the various announcements, and then hung up when told I was 56th in the queue ! That was obviously disappointing, but meeting Angela in the pub later wasn't ! All the details of my day, plus pictures, can be read in my full archive page along with stuff about my sleep, and how I feel this morning, and what I expect to do today.
Wednesday 28th July 2021

09:34 BST

  The weather for yesterday looked very gloomy, but it was wrong. The morning was fairly bright, and the sun almost broke through the cloud on several occasions. There was a fairly long shower sometime around midday, but the rain forecast for all afternoon turned out to be dry sunny spells. I think there was more rain well after dark, maybe as late as 11pm. The temperature was lower than recently, but 18 or perhaps 19° C was still warm.
potentially an awful day
  The forecast for today paints a nasty picture, but the forecast is ever changing. The latest revision shows sunny spells for 10am. It has been bright, and sometimes sunny for the last couple of hours. The heavy rain shown in the early morning sun rain and lightningscreenshot above has now changed from heavy to light, although thunderstorms are still shown. I must admit I find it hard to interpret the weather symbol on the left. It suggests that there will be sunshine, dark clouds, light rain, and thunderbolts all at the same time !  While all this is going on, or not going on, the temperature should climb to a peak of 20° C today. At the moment the forecast for tomorrow shows loads of sunshine in the morning, but just a few sunny spells in the afternoon. It should stay dry, and the temperature may hit 22° C.

  The one thing I thought I would do yesterday - changing the machine heads on my guitar - I didn't do. For some reason I couldn't raise the enthusiasm. That is odd because it should be an interesting, and educational job. Not getting enough sleep was probably the reason for my lack of enthusiasm. I wasn't actually yawning tired, but I definitely had no sparkle (I don't think I've had any sparkle for a long time now !). The rest of my day is described in my full archive page for today. It also includes the usual stuff like sleeping, dreaming, how I feel this morning, and what I hope to do today.
Tuesday 27th July 2021

09:15 BST

  Yesterday's weather was good enough to dry some washing on the line. There wasn't much sunshine, but it was warm and dry. In fact the later part of the afternoon was close to being hot when it reached 25° C.
maybe wet, and maybe not that wet
  The latest revision to the forecast says it is raining right now, but in reality the sun keeps trying to shine. For a few minutes it was bright enough to cast good shadows, but as I write these words the shadows are now very feint. That may not be the case on the north side of the house. My view through my house only shows a small bit of window, but it looks very bright in that direction. To the south the cloud seems to be quite thin with some small blue bits. It does not make me think of rain, and yet the latest revision to the forecast still insists there will be heavy rain from 1pm for 4 hours, and then lighter rain from 6pm (it's not much different to the early version of the forecast in the screenshot above apart from the rain being upgraded to heavy at 1pm). Tomorrow may start bright, but lots of rain, and maybe a thunderstorm could happen in the afternoon. Like today, the maximum temperature may be no more than 19° C, and 18° C more typical.

  After only getting about 4 hours sleep the night before, I wasn't really interested in doing much yesterday morning. I was still feeling the after effects of the digestive upset from the previous day, although it was fading out during the morning - perhaps helped by the sandwiches I bought in Aldi sort of soaking it up (but what was it soaking up ? - I have no idea, but I couldn't think of a better description on the spur of the moment). I did end up doing some laundry. More of yesterday is described, with pictures, in my full archive page for today. It includes stuff about dinner, sleeping, and thoughts and plans this morning.
Monday 26th July 2021

11:27 BST

  Yesterday's weather was pretty horrible. It featured enough rain to finally give the garden a good watering. During the afternoon there was a thunderstorm raging some miles away. I saw a few flashes, and there were quite a few peals of thunder, but the rain here was fairly light. The temperature was not that high, 21° C, but it sometimes felt quite close.
dull start, maybe brighter later
  As I write this I have not seen the first sunny spell yet, but the latest revision to the forecast still promises sunny spells starting any second now (!), and even an hour or two of solid sunshine. The morning started off cool and damp after yesterday's rain, but by 3pm the temperature should rise to 24° C, but no higher according to the latest revision. Tomorrow (and maybe even the day after) is predicted to be cooler, and will feature a fair bit of rain.

  Yesterday was dull, good and bad. I didn't really do anything all morning, and nothing really happened until Jodie arrived for out afternoon beer drinking session. Even before drinking I was beginning to feel the build up of bloating. The full story of my day, my awful night, and how I feel this morning is told in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 25th July 2021

10:10 BST

  The weather forecast for yesterday predicted a very gloomy day, but it was wrong ! The morning did feature some rain, but it was very light rain, and while it did seem to rain for a couple of hours, it wasn't enough to water the garden properly. The afternoon was often bright, and the sun came out, albeit very briefly before the predicted time of 6pm. From 6pm the sunny spells were very short, but it was a moderately bright evening. The afternoon temperature might have reached the 22° C as predicted in later revisions to the forecast.
                        very dull day
  The latest revision to the forecast looks very different to the screenshot above. The revised forecast shows rain from 11am until gone 8pm. Some of the rain may be light, but some of it may be heavy, and thunderstorms are predicted for midday and 3pm. I have a feeling it won't be quite that bad, but even half that bad is pretty awful ! The afternoon temperature is now thought to be just 20° C. At the moment the forecast for tomorrow shows it may be warmer, 25° C, and feature a lot of sunny spells until it rain after dark.

  Yesterday was quite a dull day - both in terms of the weather, and in terms of it being a very unexciting day. The very grey skies in the morning, and then the rain, sucked any enthusiasm I had for doing anything. I did spend a fair bit of time selecting and editing the photos I showed yesterday (and more), but otherwise I was pretty lazy. I describe it all, along with my eating, my sleeping, and a couple of quite long dreams, in my full archive page for today. It also includes the rather sparse plans I have for today.
Saturday 24th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 484 (this clock is now stopped because last night I went on a train to a pub to watch a gig)

11:50 BST

  The most notable thing about yesterday's weather was how it was cooler than recently, and almost chilly late in the evening. The afternoon temperature only rose to about 22° C, but that was plenty to feel nice and warm in the sunshine. By 10pm the temperature had dropped to 17° C (possibly even 16° C), and there was a fair bit of breeze that made it feel very fresh.
dull and wet
  There was the potential for a lot more rain today according to early versions of the forecast. The reality is that we have had sufficient rain, generally quite light rain, to give the garden a fair watering, but it is possible it could be dry now for the rest of the day. Several hours could still be very dull, but it is possible that the sun could come out at 6pm. It has been a very fresh morning, but the temperature is slowly creeping up to a predicted high of 22° C according to the latest forecast revision. Tomorrow should still the temperature as high as 20° C, but it is likely to be a very dull day with a high chance of rain for the afternoon. Some of it could be heavy rain, and there could even be some thunder and lightning.

  Yesterday was definitely a good day. As I mentioned yesterday morning, the cans of lentil soup I had for dinner the day before yesterday did what was predicted, and made for a slow start in the morning as my intestinal tract purged itself. It did leave my guts with a hollow ache for a while, but by midday I was ready to go for a short walk. That walk ended up at the Transylvania shop, and The Jolly Farmers, where I had a drink with Angela. In the evening I went to my first gig since February last year. All the details, and the pictures, can be seen on my full archive page for today.
Friday 23rd July 2021
Lockdown day 420 484

08:36 BST

  Yesterday was probably the last very warm day for a while. There was plenty of sunshine, and the temperature rose to 27° C in the afternoon. It seemed to cool down a fair bit late in the evening.
                        much fresher day
  By the early hours of this morning it was feeling almost chilly by comparison with recent nights. It seems to be 20° C now. That is higher than the forecast predicts, but the light breeze coming through the window does feel very fresh. The latest revision to the forecast shows less sunshine than in the screenshot above, but it should still be a mostly sunny day. The big change is the maximum temperature. The afternoon maximum may only be 22° C, but that should still feel fine, and perhaps a welcome break from the 28 to 30° C we have been having recently. It also seems like it is going to be typical for most of he week ahead. Tomorrow should see similar temperatures, but it could be a wet day...or maybe a dry day. The forecast shows a 30% chance of rain for a lot of tomorrow, but 30% is less than probable, and more like "possible".

  Yesterday was a good day except for one small thing that I shall get to soon. The first thing of note that I did was to go to Poundstretcher. It was a semi expensive visit. I bought a lot of bird feed. Those birds eat far more than you might think ! I also bought a couple more solar powered garden lights, and some soaps and shower gel. It felt good to be able to go in there without wearing a face mask. From then on it was doing laundry, drinking beer, some live music played on my own guitar (but not by me). a tasty, but reckless dinner, sleeping, and planning for today. All that, with both a picture and a video (if you browser can play it - some can't) can be seen in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 22nd July 2021
Lockdown day 420 483

08:30 BST

  Yesterday was another very warm day with lots of sunshine, or sunny spells, and the forecast rain didn't happen ! The temperature rose to 28° C after a fresh start to the day.
maybe more sunshine today than yesterday
  There is probably going to be more sunshine today than yesterday, and yet it could be a degree cooler - just 27° C. The latest revision to the forecast says that there could be light rain from 6pm (although the BBC says there won't be). Tomorrow is going to start quite fresh, like today did, but it is predicted that it won't warm up as fast as it is this morning, and that the afternoon temperature may be just 22° C despite a fair amount of sunshine and sunny spells.

  I left home a bit late yesterday to do a long walk, but I really wasn't intending to walk too far anyway. I ended up just taking the scenic route to the Jolly Farmers in the hope of having a drink with Angela. Luckily enough that did happen, and Angela seemed quite enthusiastic about it too ! As usual I took a few pictures during my walk, and they can be seen, alongside a description of my walk, my drink with Angela, plus the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, my morning health, and potential plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 21st July 2021
Lockdown day 420 482

08:56 BST

  The weather forecast were almost right yesterday, and indeed were right for a few places, but not here. The terrible predictions for fierce thunderstorms in the afternoon turned out to be some heavy looking clouds, and some distant thunder. It stayed hot and dry here. The morning was very sunny, but the afternoon less so. By early evening the clouds were dispersing rapidly. The temperature peaked at around 28° C.
sunshine or sunny spells, but rain later
  The latest revision to the forecast is little different to that in the screenshot above. We can expect another hot day, 28° C, but the sunshine will be more in the form of sunny spells rather than non stop sunshine. From 6pm there is a small chance of some light rain. Tomorrow maybe cooler still, no more than 27° C, and 26° C being more typical, but there may be more sunshine. Once again there will be a small chance of rain later in the afternoon,

  Apart from one thing, yesterday was quite a successful day. In the morning I washed a large bath towel, and got it on the line to dry by 11am (and maybe a bit earlier). I didn't bring it in again until 3 or 4pm. The sun was mostly behind some threatening looking clouds by then, but the towel still felt sun baked warm. It was probably just a bit later when I heard at least two peals of distant thunder, but nothing happened here. All this, and more, is described in my full archive page for today. It also includes a couple of pictures, and my thoughts and plans for today.
Tuesday 20th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 481

08:55 BST

  Once again both forecasters, The Met Office, and The BBC (Meteogroup), predicted afternoon thunderstorms, and they were both wrong. I guess it might have come close though. It did get cloudy enough to dim or block the sun in the mid to late afternoon, but the cloud just wasn't thick enough for even a bit of drizzle. The temperature was certainly in thunderstorm territory. It reached 31° C by 2pm, and maybe have gone higher after that.
another chance of thunderstorms
  It may be a little bit cooler today. The temperature is predicted to rise to only 28° C. The day has certainly started sunny, but both the forecasters I check say that cloud will bubble up, and that rain could fall, possibly accompanied by some thunder and lightning, from as early as 2pm according to the BBC web page, or 4pm according to the Met Office web page. Both pages have changed very little since the early morning version. Maybe today is going to be the day, but on the other hand thunderstorms have been predicted for the last couple of days, and have come to nothing. The temperature tomorrow could be up to 29° C, and during the afternoon the sunshine could be interrupted by some showers.

  Yesterday was not a good day. After my shopping trip to Aldi I felt like I had done enough for the day. It was like my energy and enthusiasm had drained away. I think I may have thought that I would feel better in the afternoon, and in a limited way I did, but by then it was too late for the one thing that might have drawn me out for a walk, and that would have been to see if Mouse, and her dog Freija were in the park. What little else happened yesterday, and tales of a hot sweaty night, some bad news this morning, and ideas for today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Monday 19th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 480

09:11 BST

  Yesterday was another hot day. By 6pm it seemed to starting cooling off, but then the temperature started to rise again. The Met Office forecast predicted a thunderstorm at 9pm. At first it seemed like it would happen. The temperature and humidity seemed to be getting higher, and more clouds were appearing in the sky. Whether anywhere else in London had a thunderstorm, or just some rain, remains a mystery, but it stayed dry here. The temperature definitely hit 30° C, maybe twice, and it might have even reached 31° C.
definitely hot, but some uncertainty
                        regarding rain
  There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about today's weather. It is definitely going to be hot, and quite probably the predicted figure of 28° C may be correct. On the other hand it seems like it could be 25° C already today. Both the BBC and The Met Office predicted fairly low chances of thunderstorms today, but in the last few hours they have changed their minds. The BBC now says no rain at all. The Met Office say there is just a 30% chance of a light shower this afternoon, and another light shower or two this evening. Both say that the pure sunshine we are getting now will give way to sunny spells from 2pm. There does seem to be enough cloud at the moment to dim the sun now and then. I think today's real weather is going to be a mystery until it reveals itself hour by hour. Tomorrow weather will be hot, loads of sunshine or sunny spells, and once again there might, or might not be a thunderstorm.

  Yesterday was a busy day. It was only in the evening that I had nothing to do, and no energy to do anything anyway. As days usually do, it all started in the morning when I washed my hair and had a shower. That left me feeling really hot because I need to turn the water temperature down on these hot days. I then did some rushing around, and that was followed by a light boozing session. All that is described, along with some notes about my dinner, how the night was very hot and sweaty, and why my health is not as good as hoped, along with my thoughts about the rest of the day in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 18th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 479

10:06 BST

  There can be no doubts about it, yesterday was a hot sunny day. The temperature peaked at around 27° C, although it did take until mid afternoon to get there. It was also quite a warm night.
hot !
  Yesterday was hot, and today is going to be very hot. Finally after cold wet spring, and half of June into halfway into July, being also rather miserable, summer is now going to excel it's self with the temperature predicted to soar to 31° C today. It seems it may not stay that high for long according to the latest revision to the forecast. It would seem that by 4pm ir could get a bit cloudy, and between 5 and 6pm there is a 30% chance of a light shower. Of course it depends on who you believe. Tomorrow could be dry with mostly sunshine, and otherwise sunny spells. The BBC forecast says there could be a thunderstorms in the afternoon ! Both forecasters agree it should be 27 to 28° C tomorrow.

  I took lots of pictures during my first walk in the park for ages. These pictures, and some commentary about my walk, plus stuff about eating, trying to sleep during a very hot sticky night, observations and plans this morning, can be seen and read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 16th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 478

10:24 BST

  Yesterday was just like a summers day is supposed to be. The day started a little hazy, but by mid morning the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the temperature rose to 26° C. The sky remained clear until sunset.
another very warm summers day
  Today is going to be like yesterday with two exceptions. The first being that the sky was blue from the moment the sun rose, and the other is that this afternoon's temperature should rise to 27° C. Tomorrow is likely to be even hotter. The temperature should rise to 30° C, but paradoxically there will be less sunshine, and it seems that there could be some light, and presumably warm, rain during the afternoon.

  Much of yesterday was wasted. With no more information than "your parcel will be delivered before 8pm" I ended up on high alert waiting for that van to pull up, or if I wasn't looking out the window, for the doorbell to ring. It was a lot of effort just for a single bottle of Chivas Regal 12 year old whisky - particularly when I could have possibly bought it for a similar price from Tesco. It finally arrived at about 5pm. The rest of yesterday, particularly stuff like dinner and other eating, along with a description of what seemed like a bad night's sleep, the consequences of eating some ice cream for dessert, and what my plans are for today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 16th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 478

10:24 BST

  There was a lot less sun than the forecast promised for yesterday. The morning was bright, but the afternoon was mostly dull. The only good thing was that the temperature reached 24° and possibly 25° C for a while. The odd thing is that it sometimes felt a bit sticky, but it didn't seem to feel that warm to me.
loads of sunshine - hopefully
  Today should be the first day of summer mk2. There was some haze in the sky earlier, but the sky is now blue, and the latest revision to the forecast promises non stop sunshine from now until sunset. This morning was a bit chilly, but we can expect 26° C today. Tomorrow should be even better with the temperature climbing to 27° C after non stop sunshine from dawn to dusk.

  Today starts with bad news. It is about how TFL are demanding everyone continues to wear face masks when using their buses, tubes, trams, and London Overground trains. Fortunately they don't control National Rail services, and after the 19th of this month they recommend that masks are worn on busy trains, but aren't enforcing it. There is more about this, and stuff about what else I did yesterday, last night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 15th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 477

09:05 BST

  The weather was not as good as forecast yesterday. There were a lot less sunny intervals/periods in the afternoon, but it stayed dry, and with the temperature up to 25° C it was nice and warm, albeit a little sticky feeling.
potentially nice day
  Today could be a very nice day. The forecast has not changed much since I took the screenshot earlier this morning. It seems there is going to be a lot of sunshine today. It is brilliant at the moment - blue sky and bright sunshine. It feels warmer than the forecasts predict for now. I have 4 outside thermometers, 2 electronic, and 2 old style glass thermometers that I rarely consult, and just after 9am they all agreed it was roughly 20° C. The high today is predicted to be 24° C.  Tomorrow may feature strong sunshine almost all day, and that will push the temperature up to 26° C. At long last it may feel like high summer !

  I was unable to do the thing I most wanted to do yesterday, and that was to meet Angela for a quick lunchtime drink. I don't know if she was available or not, but I wasn't...or at least I didn't think I would be, and for a time it almost looked like it might pour with rain when I would have gone out. The reasons for this, and everything else about my day, my night, my sleeping, my morning health, and plans for today can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 14th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 476

08:58 BST

  The weather seems to pay little attention to the forecasts there days. Yesterday was often fairly bright, and there were a scattering of short sunny spells through the afternoon. The evening featured even more sunshine, but with the sun near the horizon it was nice, but not all that useful. The one thing it didn't do was rain, and my seeds didn't get watered ! It was a warm, and slightly sticky day with the temperature up to 23° C.
today should feature a lot more sunshine
  I hope the weather is paying attention to the weather forecast today because if it does we will see a lot of sunny spells today. It may not have got off to a great start though. The latest revision to the forecast says we should be having a sunny spell as I type these words, but it is very cloudy outside, and it even feels like there could be a shower, or thunderstorm ! It already seems warmer than the 18° C in the forecast. By my reckoning it is closer to 20° C. The afternoon temperature is forecast to reach 25° C, and that could feel hot in the sunshine. Hopefully it will feel like dry heat by this afternoon, or it is going to feel unpleasant. Tomorrow morning, and tomorrow evening should feature sunny spells and sunshine, but the afternoon may be a bit dull. It may only be 23° C tomorrow.

  It may be that carrying my very heavy, mostly beer, shopping from Aldi yesterday morning, after the wear and tear of gardening the previous day, proved too much for me. It took a long time to raise the enthusiasm to do anything until almost mid afternoon yesterday. All this is described in greater detail, along with stuff about sausages, reading, eating, sleeping, dreaming, and activities this morning in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 13th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 475

09:30 BST

  The weather forecast got one thing very wrong yesterday. The clouds that gave lots of rain, and torrential rain, and thunder and lightning, passed well to the west of here. There seemed to to have been some light rain late last night, but the majority of yesterday was dry. It was even bright from time to time. There was even some sunshine in the afternoon, and that made the 19° C feel deliciously warm.
dull but brighter later
  Today is one of those days when the forecast keeps pushing back the time when the sun might come out. At 6am they thought there might be sunny spells at 8 and 9am. The latest revision says nothing will happen until 10am when we will get a full hour of sunshine, and and hour of sunny spells at 11am. The rest of the day will be dull, and maybe very dull for an hour here and there. The temperature could rise to 23° C today. If there were hours of blue sky it could almost feel like summer, but it seems it might be more similar to early autumn. Tomorrow may reach 24° C, and there could be sunny spells popping up many times during the day.

  I finished writing yesterday saying I was contemplating the idea of doing some gardening if it stayed dry for long enough. What I actually did first was to lay on my bed reading, and then dozing off. I say dozing, rather than snoozing, because I am not sure if I actually fell asleep. I can definitely remember laying there with my eyes closed, thinking about this, that, or another, and maybe day dreaming. Maybe I slept, but I was too relaxed to notice. Then I actually did some gardening - more than I thought I might. I have described and illustrated it with picture, along with the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, morning health, and plans for today, in my full archive page for today.
Monday 12th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 474

10:07 BST

  The weather did it's best to follow the forecast yesterday. The morning was mostly bright with some sunshine. The afternoon was a bit dull, but it stayed dry until about 7pm when some light rain fell. I must admit that did catch me unaware, and I had to rush out to get my washing in. Of course once I was outside the rain stopped again, but there was much more later. The afternoon temperature reached the predicted 21° C, but with no supporting sunshine it felt a bit cooler than that.
                        wet day
  The BBC weather forecast says it should have been raining all morning, but the Met Office forecast (screenshot above) says that this morning may be rather dull, but it should be dry. So far it has been dry, and the sun is almost trying to come out as I write this. As I look at the sky I think it was probably just a slightly thinner bit of cloud passing in front of the sun. I can't see a single bit of blue anywhere. Meanwhile the BBC still reckons it is raining, and will continue raining until 9pm. They even predict a thunderstorm at 6pm. The Met Office have only changed their forecast to the extent that the first rain, at 3pm, may be lighter than the heavy rain shown above. Other than that, their forecast has hardly changed. Today. maximum temperature will be in the region of 18 to 19° C. Tomorrow could be a couple of degrees warmer, but it will be another rather dull day with maybe just a couple of showers.

  One good thing came out of Lee's annoying phone calls about his proposed garden party. When I contacted Jo about it she said she would pass the request on to Chris (who I assume would feel less guilty about turning Lee down). Jo asked if I was going to Petts Wood Calling (the new name for Petts Woodstock after the original organiser decided he owned the name). I said possibly not, but now I probably will because Jo offered my a photographers pass for the event.

  That was just one bit of my day yesterday. It is described more fully, along with the rest of my day, my night, and what I have been up to this morning in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 11th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 473

10:11 BST

  There was a lot less rain than was forecast for yesterday. There was some rain, but to be honest it didn't affect me enough to make me remember when it was. What I do remember was how dull and depressing it was. The temperature may have been a little higher than the forecast temperature (17 or 18° C). It was an awkward sort of temperature - too low when resting, and feeling too high minutes after putting some heating on.
brighter than yesterday
  The weather forecast has the right ingredients for this morning, but maybe not at the right times. It was bright and sunny at 6am, but since then the clouds have slightly thickened. It is bright most of the time, but the sun only pops out now and then for a few minutes. The current revision to the forecast says the last full sunshine is happening now, except now is probably the dullest it has been so far this morning. The rest of the day is predicted to be cloudy, and sometimes dull. There is also rain forecast for this evening. The maximum temperature could reach 21° C. Tomorrow may be almost as warm as today, but an awful lot of rain is forecast. The BBC weather forecast predicts a lot of it will be thundery showers.

  Yesterday's great achievement was a second shopping trip to Poundstretcher. I bought the solar powered spot lamps I was interested in, plus a few other things. Little happened after that, but I describe those little bits, along with stuff about eating, sleeping, plans and thoughts this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 10th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 472

08:57 BST

  Yesterday morning featured a lot of sunny spells, but the afternoon was far duller. It must have been around 4pm the it became very dull, and I could feel specks of very light rain. I don't think there was any real rain yesterday, but at times it looked, and felt like it was about to rain. It was a slightly warm day with a high of 23° C.
rain expected
  It may not be long before we get some moderately heavy rain. The earliest and latest revision seem very confident that rain is about to fall any minute now ! The latest revision extends the rain to 2pm, but after that it will probably just be rather cloudy and dull. No sunshine is predicted for today, and the temperature may only reach 18° C. The curious thing is that it doesn't seem as cold as the predicted 14° C at the moment (but I haven't checked to see what my thermometers say). Tomorrow could be warmer. At the moment 21° C is predicted. There might even be a few early morning sunny spells, but most of the day is predicted to be dull.

  Yesterday could easily have been another wasted day, but I did do a few useful things. I already wrote about going to Poundstretcher yesterday morning. Later in the day I did some laundry, and got that on the line to dry. After that I read and ate, and snoozed. There is a bit more to it than that, and then there is the night, sleeping, or lack of it, and my thoughts and plans for today all written in my full archive page for today.
Friday 9th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 471

11:16 BST

  The forecast said that there was a 10% chance of rain for most of the day. At least a couple of clouds took advantage of that, and there were a few brief, and very light showers. Most of the day was dull, but the sun did peek through the clouds a few times, for a few minutes. The temperature reached 21° C, and maybe 22° C for a while.
weather changing faster than the forecasts
                        can keep u
  Today is one of those days where the weather forecast revisions can't keep up with all the changes. The base of the forecast is a cloudy day with a 10% chance of rain at almost any time. The great unknown is when it may be sunny. The latest revision says sunny spells now, and sunshine at midday. From 1pm it is back to the clouds. On the BBC channel there should be sunny spells until at least 3pm. For most of this morning it has been very bright, and the sun keeps trying to break through the clouds. I suspect that this will be the actual pattern for much of the day. It feel humid this morning, and that, combined with any sunshine we might have, will make the predicted 23° C feel rather sticky. Tomorrow could feature a lot of rain until the middle of the afternoon, and maybe sunny spells in the evening. It will be cooler than today.

  I had a lazy morning, and I was pretty lazy for the first few hours of the afternoon yesterday. It wasn't until Jodie arrived for the Thursday beer session that I had to sit up and pay attention. All this is described in more detail, along with stuff about my dinner, how I slept, what I have already done this morning, and my rather meagre plans for the rest of today in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 8th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 470

10:01 BST

  Much of yesterday was dull, which suited my eyes after my hospital appointment nicely. It all changed in the evening. I can't put a time on it, but maybe the last 3 or 4 hours of daylight were bright, and sunny with a lot of blue sky. I can't remember if there was any rain yesterday. Maybe it was dry. At 20° C it was merely mild in my estimation.
                        brighter day
  The forecast above doesn't say it, but since sunrise it has been bright, and there has been quite a bit of sunshine - and that sunshine feels very warm (or did when I went out to re-stock the bird table). The latest revision to the forecast merely says it will be cloudy, with a 10% chance of rain until early evening when, like yesterday, the clouds will clear enough for some sunny spells. Today's temperature should reach 21° C. Tomorrow should feature sunny spells, although there could be some showers around lunchtime. It may also be a little bit warmer at 23° C.

  Yesterday was good until it became bad ! There were two important things that happened yesterday. One was my retinopathy scan at the hospital, and the other was meeting Angela in the pub afterwards for a lunchtime pint. I describe both in more detail, and may later hangover in detail too, along with stuff about eating, sleeping, dreaming, thoughts and plans this morning in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 7th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 469

09:11 BST

  It was wet in the morning, and there were a few more showers in the afternoon. Yesterday was not a nice day, although having said that, it was often sunny for the last few hours of daylight. With the temperature no higher than 18° C it felt like it was quite a cool day, and it got almost cold in the night.
definitely dull with unpredictable showers
  At about 2am this morning the temperature had dropped to just 13° C. By 6am it was up to 15° C, and later this afternoon it should reach 20° C, although the latest revision to the forecast says it might only be that for one single hour. There could be sunny spells, and even sunshine after 5pm today, but before that it is going to be rather dull, and there could be some random showers - every revision to the forecast shows them at different strengths, in different amount, and at different times ! At the moment it is looking like tomorrow could be similar to today, but maybe a little warmer.

  Apart from my shopping trip, where I ended up doing no shopping, I didn't really do anything of great note yesterday. It just felt like a cold and grey, depressing sort of day. There were several times when I turned the heater on for a while, because I was feeling cold. The rest of this narrative, including some stuff I did do, plus the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, dreaming, and thoughts and plans this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 6th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 468

10:11 BST

  Once again the day turned out better than the forecast made me think it would. Yesterday often seemed colder than the 20° C, but the afternoon was bright with the occasional short sunny spell. I don't know what time it started, but there was some rain late yesterday evening.
another wet start
  This morning featured another wet start, and even the revised forecast says to expect more rain this morning, and from 4pm this afternoon. What it didn't predict is that the sun has just broken through the clouds. When I look at the sky I doubt this sunny spell will last very long. It is definitely going to be cooler today. The top temperature in the latest revision to the forecast is shown as just 18° C. Tomorrow is currently predicted to be dull, but dry until late afternoon, and then we could get some sunny spells from 5pm onwards. It will also be a couple of degrees warmer.

   I ended up doing just two significant things yesterday. The first was going shopping in Aldi, and I wrote about that yesterday morning. The other thing was hand washing a couple of t-shirts and some other stuff, and hanging it on the line to dry. I was not sure it was drying weather, but it all dried. The long version of this, plus a description of the rest of my day, my night, my morning, and what I have already done this morning, is written in my full archive page for today.
Monday 5th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 467

09:30 BST

  There seems to be a trend now of the day turning out better than the weather says it should be. Yesterday featured a fair bit of rain in the morning, but it didn't seem quite as bad as expected. The afternoon was fairly pleasant with more sunny spells than expected. The afternoon temperature definitely hit the forecast 20° C, and maybe a degree or two more, but a chilly wind sprung up in the early evening, and made it feel cooler than it probably was.
                        wet start, and then....who knows ?
  I was expecting today to be a little grim. Maybe it was some of the later predictions about today that were posted yesterday that made me think today would be mostly dull and wet. Well it was certainly wet at 6am, although I am not sure  the sky was a very dark grey, with torrential rain falling. At 8am, when I went to Aldi for my weekly shopping, it was like a cool summers day - bright sunshine, and just a few fluffy clouds in a mostly blue sky. It is still bright now, and there is a fair bit of blue sky to be seen still, but the clouds are slowly taking over now. The forecast for the rest of the day keeps changing. The best we can say is that a lot of the afternoon, and early evening may feature some random sunny spells, but will be mostly cloudy. It is possible that rain can be expected later this evening. The bit that is usually right is the temperature. 20° C is forecast for today. It seems likely that tomorrow will feature an awful lot of rain, and it will probably be a couple of degrees cooler.

   After a bit of activity in the morning it seems like I did very little until Jodie arrived for our regular Sunday boozing session. It all sounds very decadent, but when I look back I think we only drank about 2 pints each. Yesterday was more marked by what may, or may not be a pulled muscle that is causing a pain similar to a heart attack, but is sufficiently different to no worry me too much (although it is still bothersome). Theories about that pain, tales of drinking, eating, sleeping, and no dreaming this time are all written in my full archive page for today (and this morning's first observations).
Sunday 4th July 2021
Lockdown day 420 466

10:31 BST

  Yesterday started out a bit dull, but it seemed like it might be a passable day, but then, just before midnight, it started to rain is complete defiance of the weather forecast. The rain lasted at least an hour, and although it was mostly light rain, there were a few minutes here and there when it was quite heavy. That put a dampener on the day - which was a shame because some of the afternoon was almost nice. I seem to recall there was even a sunny spell. There were many more as the afternoon ended and the evening was rather pleasant. I have a feeling it might have been very slightly warmer than the forecast 20° C.
English summer - grey skies and rain
  Today's weather is not following the weather forecast, although the forecast is being revised to more closely match reality. The day started quite dull, and then there was a shower. That was followed by the sun trying to come out. The latest revision to the forecast says 10am, or now, should feature heavy rain, and indeed it did start raining again a little while ago, but it looks like it might have just been a passing shower of moderate strength. The latest revision predicts just light cloud for most of the day with the chance of rain dropping to 20% at midday, and then 10% for the rest of the day. I would not be surprised if we didn't have a short sunny spell at some time during the afternoon. The current prediction says today's temperature will be no more than 19° C, but I reckon it is already 20° C ! Tomorrow may see complete cloud cover, but rain is not expected until 9pm, and the temperature could be no more than 19° C.
   I ended up doing very little yesterday. I didn't even have a shower ! I was working up to it though, but it started getting duller outside, and then when the rain started, at 11.45am if I recall correctly, it sapped the last bit of enthusiasm from me.
  There is not a lot to say about most of yesterday, but there were a couple of points that I have included in my full archive page for today. As usual it includes how I feel this morning, and what should be happening today.
Saturday 3rd July 2021
Lockdown day 420 465

09:52 BST

  Yesterday turned out nice again. The morning was a bit dull, despite what the forecast said, but the afternoon was bright, and sometimes sunny. It lead to a nice bright evening. The temperature rose to a very respectable 24° C.
the later revision looks better than this
  The weather forecast has changed for the better since I took this screenshot...at least I hope it has. It does seem to be a bit dull as I write this, and that is in accordance to the latest revision, but very soon, if the revised forecast is correct, it will brighten up, although we will have to wait until possibly 7pm before the sun breaks through. There seems to be almost no chance of rain today, and the temperature should rise to 20° C. It is all change tomorrow when a lot of light rain is expected - on the other hand, the hours with the highest chance of rain (1 and 2pm) is still only shown as a 40% chance. The maximum temperature may only be 19° C.
   The bright afternoon (and I think the last few hours of the morning weren't that dull) seemed to enthuse me to do more than just laying around reading yesterday. Before I could get down to do anything too distracting I had two parcels to be taken in when delivered. Once the parcels, well actually they were boxes, were delivered I could get down to some sweaty manual labour (it was hot working in the sunny spells). This, along with a lot of other stuff, including this morning's observations, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 2nd July 2021
Lockdown day 420 464

10:18 BST

  It was rather nice yesterday. That is "nice" when compared to the previous days. The temperature only reaching 22° C seemed to be a bit of a poor show for the 1st day of July, but at least it was mostly bright with some sunshine, and sunny spells through the afternoon.
dull start - sunny later - hopefully
  Today has started off a bit dull, but it does seem to be getting brighter now. The latest revision to the forecast paints a rather poor picture compared to the early morning version in the screenshot above. Today's temperature may only reach 23° C, but at least that is pleasantly warm, but it seems that sunshine is going to be in short supply this afternoon. In fact there may not be any for most of the afternoon, but maybe there will be sunny spells in the early evening. Most of tomorrow is predicted to be rather dull, and some of it will be wet too. It is worse if you believe the BBC's forecast - they've thrown in some thundery showers too. It will also be also be no more than 20° C.
   Yesterday was a day that started fair, was good in the middle, and ended badly. I described the start of my day yesterday. To recap, I had a shower, and tested my new mini oven/grill by cooking some fish fingers for breakfast. I describe the rest of my day, what went good, what went bad, and what was in between, what happened at night, and why I fell lousy this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 1st July 2021
Lockdown day 420 463

09:27 BST

  Yesterday turned out better than expected. The afternoon was brighter than the gloomy weather forecast predicted, and there was almost some sunshine (it may be my imagination but I think there was a very short period of time that the sun did peek through the clouds). At just 18° C it was still rather cool for the last day of June.
the sun returns for one day only..maybe
  The sun finally returns today. There will be a few hours in the afternoon when the clouds cover the sky, or at least the bit of sky where the sun is, but overall it should be a nice day, and the temperature should reach 22° C. Tomorrow should see some sunshine, but not much, and it will also see some light rain. It will be warmer though. The current prediction is for 24° C tomorrow afternoon.
   Yesterday was one of those days. Until midday, or perhaps a bit after, it was grey and damp outside, and that sapped any enthusiasm from me. Things started moving in the afternoon, and an hour after dinner was I feeling quite happy. All this is explained, together with some commentary on my night, and this morning, in my full archive page for today.