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My Diary/Blog For the Month of June 2021
  The links in the calendar above link to archived pages for each date.

Wednesday 30th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 462

08:33 BST

  The early morning version of yesterday's forecast was not terribly accurate. Later revisions changed some of the periods of dark cloud to light cloud, and other periods of dark cloud were changed to rain. That got a bit closer to the reality that featured more showers, but also a few sunny periods. It was late afternoon when it brightened up, and the sun managed to break through the clouds a few times. The part of the forecast that was, as usual, very close to reality was the temperature. It reached 18° C for a while, but 17° C probably represents the temperature in a more general way.
yet another dull day
  The forecast today is very similar to the early forecast for yesterday. There will be lots of dark clouds, and apart from at 9pm when the sun may peep through the clouds for just long enough to wave goodbye as it sets, the rest of the day will feature light clouds. It is entirely possible that the weather may diverge from this forecast, but that could mean rain or sunshine at some random time. The morning temperature is a definite chilly 14° C. By 5pm it could be 18° C like yesterday. Tomorrow the weather will try to act like summer again. There will be lots of sunshine, but the temperature will only be 23° C. The day after could be warmer, but maybe feature less sunshine.
   I definitely felt bored yesterday. It wasn't intense boredom, and in some ways it was more akin to frustration. It was a day when nothing seemed to be going on to capture my imagination. As usual that doesn't mean I didn't do anything. All I did do during the day, during the evening, overnight, and since getting up this morning, plus my thoughts and plans for today can be seen, and the pictures viewed in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 29th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 461

09:49 BST

  After the early morning drizzle, yesterday turned out better than expected. There was still very little sunshine, but the sky seemed to be fairly bright, and as far as I am aware, it stayed dry until sunset, and probably after. The afternoon temperature reached the predicted 21° C.
dull like yesterday
  The first, and definite negative thing about today is that it will only be 18° C maximum, and then only for 2 hours according the latest revision.  At the moment it seems brighter than the dark cloud icon on the weather chart.  The latest revision to the forecast adds light rain at 11am and 3pm, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually stayed dry, although I wouldn't bet on it ! This unseasonal weather continues tomorrow with a very similar day to day likely, although it could be a degree cooler. It may feel a lot like November.
   I'm trying to think if I did anything of note yesterday, apart from going to Aldi in the morning.  I think the answer is mostly no, but somehow I don't seem to recall feeling bored...or not that much. One thing I did do I must have done on autopilot, and that was to be very careful about what I ate. I describe the rest of my day as best I can, along with the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, plus observations, plans and morning thoughts in my full archive page for today.
Monday 28th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 460

10:11 BST

  Until 8 or 9pm yesterday was dry, but always quite dull. The afternoon temperature was a fair 20° C. I'm not sure when it started, but by 9pm there was torrential rain, and it continued for some time.
another dull day
  I don't think we have sacrificed enough virgins, or something, but this recent, and ongoing weather is just wrong for the middle of summer. I don't know what time the rain stopped in the early hours of the morning, or even if it did. At 8am there was some fine drizzle for a while until it faded away. The rest of today is going to be mid grey with a 10% chance of rain. That probably means it will stay dry. The latest revision to the forecast gives a 0% chance of sunshine, and it also reduced the dark cloud at 1 and 2pm to just the same mid grey as the rest of the day. It should still reach 21° C. Tomorrow will probably be a couple of degrees cooler, and will feature dark grey clouds all day. There could also be light rain at the end of the afternoon. Wednesday is looking very grim too, but that might change (finger crossed).

  I mentioned a few tasks that I might do yesterday. I am happy to say I achieved all of them. One was to wash a couple of t-shirts, and some underwear, and hang them on the line to dry. I say more about that, and report on other stuff I did yesterday day in my full archive for today. It includes thoughts and plans for today, plus some new pictures, and a short video of birds on my bird table.
Sunday 27th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 459

08:54 BST

  Like the last few or more days, the weather was very volatile yesterday with the forecasts showing a lot of variations between revisions. The morning featured the long sunny spells that were forecast, but it was the afternoon that was unpredictable. From time to time some sunny spells were forecast, and then they weren't. In reality there were a few sunny spells, but at some time after 4pm it came over very gloomy. The latest revision to the forecast predicted rain for 5pm, but of course that was the cue for the clouds to disperse again. There was some nice early evening sunshine ! The prediction of an afternoon temperature of 21° C seemed about right.
gloom, rain, or sunshine ??
  I don't remember any drizzle at 6am, and now the forecast has been revised to show light rain at 9am. It certainly looks dull enough for rain, but it remains dry for now. The chance of rain between 10am and 4pm is still shown as just 10%, but that could change in an eyeblink. Both the BBC and Met Office agree that heavy rain could be falling from 4pm, although the BBC reckon it could start with lighter rain a few hours earlier. Just to add to the weather delights today, the BBC also predict not just heavy rain, but thunderstorms from 7pm. The temperature will probably be 21 or 22° C this afternoon. Tomorrow predicts a small-ish chance of light rain now and then through the day, and the temperature will probably be the same as today (and also the previous couple of days).

   Yesterday turned out to be quite a productive day. I ended up doing two major things - hand washing a big heavy double duvet cover, and cutting the grass for the first time in ages. I expand on both these things, and report on other stuff I did yesterday, last night, and this morning in my full archive page for today (with pictures and video [if your browser can play the video]).
Saturday 26th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 458

08:50 BST

  The weather forecast for yesterday was not terribly accurate. Even the later revisions didn't really reflect what was going on in the real world. The morning part of the forecast did predict the rain, but not exactly which hour it would fall, or it's intensity. It was later and lighter then expected. The afternoon was completely dry, and there were a few sunny periods. At 9pm both the latest BBC and Met Office forecasts said there should be sunny spells. There wasn't ! There was torrential rain for at least half an hour, and I read that someone in Catford heard a thunderclap. The part of the forecast that was correct was the temperature, or almost correct. 21° C was forecast, but I think it might have reached 22° C.
maybe dry and bright today
  This morning's forecast for today doesn't look as good as the predictions made yesterday. Originally the afternoon was going to be sunny, but now it looks like even sunny spells will be in very short supply this afternoon. The forecast is right so far - we are having long sunny spells at the moment, but there are banks of white fluffy clouds to be seen in the sky. It looks like it should be dry today, and the afternoon temperature will be a mildly warm 21° C. The very latest revision that I have just seen shows sunny spells for a lot of the afternoon again. Maybe today will be better than the early forecast suggested. Let's hope that tomorrow will improve. The current prediction is for light rain for over half the day tomorrow. The last rains of the day could be quite heavy.

   The hay fever that afflicted me the day before yesterday had died down well before the day was over, and I didn't really notice any problems yesterday (or this morning). Yesterday's main affliction was the after effects of my guts exploding the night before, but that discomfort faded away during the day. Read more about my day, with a couple of pictures, plus the usual stuff about eating, sleeping dreaming, and thoughts 'n' plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Friday 25th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 457

09:18 BST

  I think yesterday's weather would have been more suited to May, possibly even April. It started cold, but sunny. The sun gave way to sunny spells, and by the afternoon there were just a couple of sunny spells. At the end of the afternoon the sky was looking threatening, but it stayed dry. The later forecasts said it would be 21° C in the afternoon, but my thermometers said it was around 23° C for a while.
showers through the day
  Last night the forecast for today said it would be wet this morning, but the afternoon would be dry, with some sunny spells, and maybe 21° C until cloudier skies and rain fell in the early evening. That has all changed, and keeps on changing. The latest revision shows some light rain as I type this, and that has happened, but it seems to be brightening up a bit now. Another shower might be due at midday (40% chance), and a heavier shower at 2pm (60% chance). There might be a dry period, possibly with a sunny spell or two, from 3 to 7pm. At 8pm there is just a 30% chance of a shower. Tomorrow may feature sunshine or sunny spells until mid evening when there could be light rain. The temperature will be like the last day or two, 21° C.

   I read that many people were complaining of vicious hay fever yesterday. Some described it as like snorting white pepper. Mine wasn't quite that bad, but it was the worst I can recall getting it. There is more about this, and other medical matters, plus tales of boozing, eating, sleeping, and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 24th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 456

07:48 BST

  Summer returned for a one day hoorah yesterday. It was almost sunny all day, and while it was only 21° C it felt nice and warm in that sunshine.
half summer, and half not
  Another very chilly morning today ! I describe today as half summer, and half not. It is bright sunshine now, but there are clouds in the sky that will end up giving us just sunny spells for most of this morning, and now, according to the latest revision to the forecast, maybe a couple of sunny spells in the early afternoon. After that it is back to a boring white sky. I expect today's 21° C will not feel as nice as yesterday's sunny 21° C. Tomorrow sees the seasons jump to something like mid autumn - grey skies and rain, but the temperature may still make 19° C.

   Yesterday was both good and bad. The bad was that the highlight of the day, a drink with Angela at lunchtime didn't happen. I sent her a text as I was approaching the pub, and she replied that she couldn't come because of a stinking cold. Also bad was that I didn't record what probably ended up as a 1.5 mile walk/exercise. There are more details about my day, my eating, my sleeping, and thoughts and plans this morning in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 23rd June 2021
Lockdown day 420 455

07:01 BST

  The weather improved a teeny tiny bit yesterday. There was even blue sky, and sunshine in the last hour or two before the sun set. The morning was still pretty rotten. It was grey and wet for a few hours. From then until the last hour sunshine, it was grey, a light grey, but still grey. The temperature just about hit 17° C in the late afternoon.
the return of the sun !
  It was very chilly this morning, and even as I type this the temperature is only a tad over 10° C. Later today, by 4pm, the temperature should climb to 21° C thanks to a lot of sunshine. The sad thing is that the sunshine may be reduced to just sunny spells by 6pm according to the latest revision to the forecast. Tomorrow should start bright and sunny. That should help raise the afternoon temperature to 22° C, but the afternoon loses the sunshine to a light grey sky. Late in the evening may see rain, and that will lead on to a dull and wet day the day after.

   There didn't seem to be a lot to say about it yesterday, but yesterday was my birthday. It is a pretty meaningless thing these days, and nothing special, in a birthday sense, happened. However the lack of rain, once the early morning showers had passed, and the lighter grey sky, did get me feeling a bit active, but only a bit. I more fully describe what I did, what I ate (pictured as well), how I slept, how I feel this morning, and what my plans are for today in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 22nd June 2021
Lockdown day 420 454

07:16 BST

  Just when you thought the weather could not get any less like June weather, yesterday came along and proved it could be done. It was grey. It was wet, and it was cold. The temperature probably didn't make it any higher than 14° C.
                        small improvement on yesterday
  Today may be better than yesterday, but it remains almost like mid February. There seems no chance of seeing the sun today, but at least a lot of the day may only feature white clouds. That is not the case at the moment - even if the forecast shows the same white clouds as expected for much of the rest of the day. At the moment we seem to be heading towards a shower. The latest revision to the forecast says there will be light rain at 8am as well as the heavy rain at 9am. It wouldn't really come as a surprise if later revisions added more rain. Curiously enough my thermometer, which also measure barometric pressure, reckons it will be sunny today ! The only good thing about today is that the temperature should rise to at least 17° C. It needs to rise fast because there is an icy feeling wind blowing into my bathroom ! Tomorrow should be a bit more like June with lots of sunshine, and the temperature above 20° C

   Yesterday was a day of excess ! That doesn't mean I did anything after I went shopping in Aldi early in the morning. The grey skies and rain made me feel hungry. Not only did I have the big pack of sandwiches, and the pasta salad I had bought from Aldi for breakfast, but I had too many snacks as well. I also had three bottles of beer, and one of them definitely had a high sugar content. Apart from that, nothing happened yesterday, and yet I seem to have written a fair bit about yesterday in my full archive page for today. I guess most of the "action" actually took place from about 7pm until when I finish writing this.
Monday 21st June 2021
Lockdown day 420 453

11:50 BST

  Yesterday was half not awful, and half not nice. The morning was rather dull, and the afternoon was a little brighter. There was even a few minutes of sunshine in the early evening, but on the other hand there were some showers in the evening. The only thing that made yesterday moderately OK was that the late afternoon temperature was 18 to 19° C.
dull and rainy
  There was a small period this morning when it was dry, but from 9am it started raining. It is raining now, but the latest revision to the forecast now says the heavy rain won't start until about 4pm this afternoon. It seemed to be a very cool night, cooler than the 13° C that the latest revision to the forecast say will be the temperature from now and past midnight tonight. The forecast for tomorrow shows light cloud all day, and the temperature rising to17° C by mid afternoon. There could even be a few sunny spells in the last 2 hours before the sun sets.

   The grey sky yesterday morning meant I did very little. I didn't do a lot even when the sky started to get a bit lighter. An hour or two after that Jodie arrived and we started the Sunday afternoon boozing session. This story is expanded upon, and details of the rest of the day added, pictures included, in my full archive page for today. It also includes my night, my morning, and what I might do today - which is surprisingly little !
Sunday 20th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 452

09:17 BST

  Yesterday was an improvement over the day before. It was still very dull, but it was nearly dry. There was some very light rain late in the afternoon, and possibly some more after dark, but it was nearly ignorable. It was also a little less cold, or at least that is how it felt to me. The afternoon was predicted to be, and probably was 17° C, but I still found it more comfortable to use a heater now and then.
Another grey day
  It was noticeable how cool it got last night. I found the thin duvet cover was not enough to make me feel warm, and it 3am this morning I turned the heater on low. The temperature had fallen to about 12° C in the early hours this morning, but it is now slowly climbing to give a high of 18° C according to the latest revision to the forecast (and not the 19° C shown above of an earlier prediction). The latest revision also predicts a small chance of a light shower at 10am and 2pm. This mornings medium grey sky could turn a shade lighter this afternoon. Tomorrow is currently predicted to be dark grey, and very wet, and very cool - maybe no more than 13° C.

   Yesterday may have been dull, but with almost no rain it was not so crushingly depressing, and while I was only moderately active, it was better than not active at all. I even did 5 minutes worth of work in the garden, but I forgot to mention that in my full archive page for today. That describes all that is describable about my day yesterday, last night, and my thoughts and plans this morning.
Saturday 19th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 451

07:59 BST

  Yesterday's weather was vile. It was cold, dull, damp, and miserable. There were frequent showers through the day, and some of them were moderately heavy. One or two of them were very heavy. The sky was the colour of mud, and the temperature never went higher than 16° C. I hated it.
still very depressing
  Most of today could be dry, but the latest revision to the forecast predicts showers from 9pm tonight. Even if most of the day will be dry (once yesterday's dampness dries off - if it ever does), today will still be very gloomy, and while today's high of 17° C would seem like luxury a month or two ago, it is going to feel cold on a day like today. Tomorrow may see 19° C, and the sky may be a little lighter now and then, compared with today, but it still feels like it will be a rotten day. It won't be helped by what would seem to be random showers through the day. I have a suspicion it will be another day when the forecast changes quite a lot every revision through the day.

   Yesterday I wrote that the dull weather the previous day was not very inspiring. Yesterday it went beyond not inspiring to something like crushing depression. I felt cold and miserable through much of the day, and I just couldn't be bothered to do much except for reading. In the end I did do at least one useful thing. That is illustrated with pictures, and the rest of my day described in my full archive page for today. It also includes some good news, quite surprising new for me, and my thoughts and plans for today (which don't really amount to much at all).
Friday 18th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 450

09:17 BST

  The weather was not quite as bad as forecast for yesterday, but it was still a rather dull, and rather wet day. The forecast kept changing so really I shouldn't have compared reality with it. It was sometimes bright, but only once did it seem the sun might break through the clouds. There were some showers around midday, and then it was dry for several hours. There was a brief shower just before 6pm, and then at some later hour the rain started again, and may not have stopped all night. At least it was still warm with the temperature around 22° C for a lot of the afternoon, and into early evening.
rain, rain, and more rain
  As yet we have had no thunderstorms, but the BBC weather forecast says we could get some today. Right now it feels a lot like I've overslept into autumn ! It is a cool morning, and it will be cool this afternoon. The best we can hope for today is 16° C. Of course the main feature is the prediction of non stop heavy rain. There has already been one heavy downfall, but as I write this the rain has stopped, or is very light. I expect this will be the pattern for the day - rain on and off. Tomorrow could be a little warmer, 19° C, and it might be mostly dry. Thick clouds are expected, but the current prediction for tomorrow only shows rain, or a 60% chance of it, at 5pm. For the rest of the day the chance of rain is mostly 10%.

   The dull weather was not very inspiring yesterday, and so I didn't do anything of great note, but I did do a few minor things. The full version of yesterday, plus my morning observations and plans, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 17th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 449

09:42 BST

  Yesterday was another hot and fairly sunny day. The day started off very sunny, but the afternoon just had sunny periods...or were they sunny spells ? I've never been that clear about the distinction between the two. Some of the afternoon sunny spells were nearly an hour long. The last revision to the forecast that I saw said light rain would start as early as 6pm, but the first rain I was aware fell at about 9pm. Initially it was medium heavy, but seemed to turn to lighter rain after a while. With the temperature up to 28° C it is lucky we didn't get a thunderstorm.
damp and dreary
  Earlier versions of the forecast said there was a chance of thunderstorms after midnight last night, but there were none that I was aware of, and I don't think the rain was that heavy during the night. The forecasters keep guessing when it might rain today, and the predicted times keep changing. We have just had a shower, and from the look of the sky there could be another at almost any time. The afternoon temperature may only be 22° C today, and that is probably not hot enough to brew up any thunderstorms today. Tomorrow is almost going to feel cold with a maximum temperature of just 16° C, and with heavy rain forecast for most of the day, it is going to be very unpleasant,

   I was just about to write that yesterday was another day when I was busy doing lots of little odd jobs, but on reflection it was just an almost lazy day.  That is not to say I did nothing all day, the "almost" signifies that. As monotonously usual, I have described my day, and included some pictures of beers, in my full archive page for today. It also includes the usual eating, sleeping, and notes about this morning, plus plans for today.
Wednesday 16th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 448

08:56 BST

  Yesterday turned out to be sunnier than early versions of the weather forecast suggested it might be. Mostly it was extra periods of sunny spells rather than full on sunshine, but that still left some hours when it was a bit dull. I think one later revision of the forecast warned of light showers in the evening (but I could be confusing that with today). In any event it stayed dry, and with the temperature possibly a degree or so higher than the forecast 24° C, it was a warm day.
sun and rain - maybe
  The forecast has been revised since I took the screenshot above. Some of the sunny spells have now changed to "sunshine", and from 6pm it is now shown as just dull with a 10% chance of rain. Today promises to be hot. The afternoon temperature could rise to, and stay at 28° C for 4 hours. It is after midnight when things may get lively. What was previously shown as thunderstorms may now just be heavy rain from midnight tonight until 7am. That will be followed by another 4 hours of light rain, and then it may be dry, but still very dry. The chances of that being accurate is rather slim, but I think we can safely say that summer will be taking a break tomorrow, and possibly for a week or so.

   Yesterday was another of those days when I seemed to be busy almost from getting up until dinner time. Like the day before it is difficult to enumerate how much time I spent doing this that or the other, and it is hard to try and describe each and every little thing I did, but it all added up to a busy day. Most of the details of my day, including eating and sleeping, plus plans and thoughts this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 15th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 447

09:59 BST

  The forecast said 28° C, and I think that is what it was yesterday afternoon, but somehow it didn't seem to feel that hot. The morning was bright and sunny, but during the afternoon the clouds gathered, and it seemed it might rain, but it stayed dry.
not much sunshine today
  I've tagged the screenshot above as "not much sunshine today", but I really should have said "not much sunshine until the end of the afternoon when it should be very sunny, and the sunshine should continue until sunset", but that was a bit long. The temperature today should reach 24° C. Tomorrow was originally forecast as being mediocre with a chance of thunderstorms. The latest forecast says it will be hot and sunny all day. That will probably brew up a thunderstorm, but it may not be until the early hours of the day after tomorrow. That could possibly be a very violent day.

   I treated myself to some cod in breadcrumbs for breakfast yesterday, and maybe it was a good thing. It seemed to reduce my desire for food until dinner time. It helped that yesterday was a busy day, although it is hard to list everything that made it busy. I do my best to describe it in my full archive page for today. That also includes last night, sleeping, activities this morning, very loose plans for today, and some good news.
Monday 14th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 446

09:05 BST

  Yesterday was another warm and sunny day. The afternoon temperature may have hit 28° C, although the forecast said a max of 27° C. 
another day of very warm sunshine
  In the latest revision to the forecast there are less hours of sunshine, more hours of just sunny spells, and even an hour of dark cloud possible. It is going to be nice hot today, 28° C, but I suspect it might be rather humid. The weather for the coming week seems very variable. It will start getting cooler after Wednesday, and the cooling may be helped by maybe 3 days featuring thunderstorms. Tomorrow may only feature sunny spells instead of sunshine, and be cooler at just 24° C.

   I finally pulled my finger out yesterday morning, and repaired the leaking joint where the bath waste pipe joins the main soil stack. The afternoon featured a limited boozing session, and they were the two main things that happened yesterday. I expand on these things, plus add a few words about the rest of my day, my night, my sleep, plus observations and plans and stuff from this morning in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 13th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 445

08:28 BST

  Yesterday was nice and sunny, and I am wondering if the temperature rose even higher than the predicted 24° C.
hot today
  Today should feature a lot of pure sunshine, but it seems there is a chance of a few clouds bubbling up for a while later this afternoon - and then thy may go away again before the day has finished. It looks like it is going to be hot today ! 27° C. Tomorrow may see a bit less sunshine - once again in the afternoon - but the temperature should rise another degree to 28° C, and maybe more if the cloud is thinner than predicted.
  I don't think I did anything except shower and wash my hair yesterday morning. I was saving my strength for the afternoon, and with hindsight I am rather glad I did. The main part of the afternoon was another street gig by The Coxymorons (as they dub themselves). It was a really taxing walk getting there, and I extended the walk by taking a wander to Manor House Gardens after the first set finished. There are some pictures taken in the park, plus a video of one song the band played (if your browser will play it - some don't) in my full archive page for today. It also includes a longer description of the day with all the usual stuff, plus my probable plans for today.
Saturday 12th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 444

08:16 BST

  The weather has been a bit chaotic recently, and that has made the job of the forecasters more difficult, and through the day they would make revisions to their forecasts, and never quite get it right. Yesterday may have been the start of the weather settling down, and the later revisions, that added more sunny spells, did start to match yesterday's reality. One notable omission was when it got very gloomy, and seemed like it might rain for a while. That didn't last all that long, and yesterday was generally bright with sunny spells. The afternoon temperature seemed to be 1 or 2 degrees higher than the forecast 24° C.
loadsa sunshine
  Yesterday's forecast for today showed almost non stop sunshine for today, but early this morning the forecast changed to show just sunny spells for the whole day. The latest revision has reverted to half the day (in two separated quarters) being back to full sunshine. As I write this the sky has lots of high streaky cloud, and the sunshine comes and goes. At worst today may not be totally sunny, and at best it will be very sunny for most of the time. Whichever it is, it should be dray and quite warm with a maximum temperature of 24° C. Tomorrow is currently shown as being almost, but not 100% sunshine, and getting hot at a possible 27° C.
   It seems I devoted most of yesterday to playing with, and then actually using my new laptop computer. It was delivered at about 9.40am, or roughly in the middle of the predicted one hour time slot. Once it arrived I couldn't wait to open it, and see how it looked, and it looked nice. It turned out to be better than expected. I write a fair bit about it, and the usual stuff about the rest of my day, my evening, my sleep, good news this morning, plus what my plans are for today (or the expected highlights) in my full archive page for today.
Friday 11th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 443

08:27 BST

  The weather was a bit better than the forecasts suggested it would be, but not that good. It was certainly warm and sometimes rather humid feeling. The afternoon temperature seemed to hit 25° C according to my outside thermometer. The confounding thing was the clouds. For a lot of the time heavy dark clouds, light fluffy clouds, and patches of blue sky could be seen at the same time. That meant that sometimes it was just dull, sometimes bright, and sometimes sunny. It stayed dry, but I think I heard a very distant peal of thunder last night. The conditions did feel right for a summer storm from time to time.
another mostly dull day
  Today is going to be a bit like yesterday. There is a lot of cloud moving around above us. Some of it is thin cloud, and some heavier, and it is all random. The latest revision to the forecast has added a few more hours of sunny spells, but I don't think I am expecting them to be at the quoted times. At the moment it is very dull, and the chance of the first sunny spell happening in 23 minutes seems unlikely. It should stay dry, and the afternoon temperature should stay at 24° C for quite a few hours. Tomorrow should see the return of loads of uninterrupted sunshine, and once again it should be 24° C.
  Yesterday started with me feeling a bit constipated, and that put the crimp on some potential outdoor activities. I did finally "go" a little later in the morning, but it seemed to be only a token effort, and I still felt a bit uncomfortable. After those unpleasantries, things settled down, and I had a mostly reasonable day, that included some boozing, a dinner that wasn't that great, and a very weird sleep. All this, and more, is written in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 10th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 442

07:59 BST

  Yesterday was just like the day before - a proper summer's day ! It was warm, almost hot, and sunny the whole day. The afternoon temperature was around 25° C.
                        rather dull, and cooler day
  Both the weather forecasters I check agree that today will be nothing like the previous two days. The Met Office, as in the screenshot above, gives the most optimistic forecast, but it is going to be one of those days when the weather is changing too fast for a believable forecast. The latest revision predicts 11am and midday may feature sunshine or sunny spells. From 2 to 4pm there is a 30 to 50% chance of light rain. From 6pm the sky might clear to give sunny spells until sunset. It should still be warm with the afternoon temperature reaching 24° C. Tomorrow may reach 25° C, but at the moment the prediction is just a few hours of sunny spells in the early afternoon. At other times it will be grey, but dry.
  I felt very lazy yesterday morning, and kept putting off going out. I spent a lot of the morning laying on my bed reading. One reason for doing that was it felt so good to lay there with the window open, and sunlight streaming through the window. It felt rather magnificent compared to last month when it was generally cold, dull and wet everyday - or at least that is what it seemed to be, and how I will remember it. I did eventually go out, and in time to meet Angela for a really wonderful drink with her. All the details, with a few pictures, are in my full archive page for today. it also includes the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, dreaming, and plans and first results for today.
Wednesday 9th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 441

08:44 BST

  Yesterday was like a proper summer's day ! It was warm, almost hot, and sunny the whole day. The afternoon temperature was around 25° C.
loads of sunshine today
  Today is forecast to be exactly the same as yesterday - sunshine all day, and the temperature reaching 25° C. Tomorrow will be rather different. It could be very dull in the morning with a 10% chance of rain. The afternoon will be brighter, and the sun should finally shine again after 5pm. It should still be warm at 24° C.
  I never did get around to carrying out my first task of yesterday morning. That was to repair the leak where the bath waste pipe joined the main stack to the sewer. I am not really sure why I couldn't be bothered, but not liking working on a ladder was one thing that held me back. The other thing is that the warm sunshine was more a distraction than being nice to work in (although the back of the house is in almost permanent shadow. I couldn't resist going for a walk though, and I did a fairly long walk featuring two big hills ! My walk is illustrated by quite a few pictures, and there is a description of it, and of the rest of my day, night and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 8th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 440

09:06 BST

  It was nice again yesterday, and as I predicted, there were sunny spells during the afternoon when the forecast said none were expected. For a while it seemed warmer than the 23° C predicted, but from late afternoon it seemed to cool down quite fast. It was down to 18° C by 9 or 10pm. It didn't get much lower though.
loads of sunshine today
  Today is going to be like how I think a June day should be - very sunny all day long. The only fly in the ointment is that the maximum temperature has been reduced to 23° C in the latest revision. At the moment, tomorrow is looking like it will be the same as today, but with a maximum temperature of 25° C.
  Yesterday morning was almost a quiet morning. I spent a little time reading, but I also did a tiny bit of work in the back garden. The afternoon included a drinking session with Jodie, and then dinner was yet another healthy salad. There have been some repercussions of eating so much salad recently. I make a vague reference to that, and describe the rest of my day, my night, and some good and bad news this morning in my full archive page for today.
Monday 7th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 439

09:15 BST

  I seem to recall yesterday having better weather than was originally forecast. There was more sunny spells than the meagre amount shown in the early morning forecast, and I'm sure there were more than even later revisions predicted. The predicted afternoon temperature was 21° C, but it sometimes seemed a little warmer than that.
unpredictable weather today
  The weather today would seem to be very hard to predict ! The BBC originally painted a very gloomy picture in their forecast for today. The Met Office were more optimistic. The first revisions are now in, and it seems like the BBC has gone all optimistic with a prediction of sunny spells for much of the day. The Met Office have actually reduced the sunny spells this morning. When I look out the window I see very thin streaky cloud that it offering very little resistance to the sunshine - just dimming it now and then instead of blocking it. I would not be surprised if this was the pattern for the whole day. Everyone agrees that the afternoon temperature will be 23° C. Tomorrow may see almost continuous sunshine, and the afternoon temperature rising to 25° C.
  Yesterday was not a great day, but it was also not a bad day. During the morning I was very happy to lay on my bed quietly reading, and trying to have an occasional snooze to catch up my lost sleep during the night. I'm sure that I may have only managed one brief snooze. It was one of those days when it was quiet outside until you had just dozed off, and then a car door would slam, or some other noise would happen to wake you up again (and by "you" I mean me!). Things were supposed to happen in the afternoon, but didn't, even after I stopped being lazy and prepared for them. You can read about my day, my dinner, my sleep, the first part of this morning, the good stuff and the bad stuff, and anything I have forgotten to include in this little list, in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 6th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 438

09:15 BST

  On the whole, yesterday was a nice day. There was no rain, but there was lots of sunshine, and even when the sky was cloudy it was still bright. The afternoon temperature reached 23° C
                        medium sort of day
  So far today the weather has been a little better than shown in the forecast above. The latest revision shows 9 and 10am as featuring sunny spells. From 11am it could be lightly clouded over until a few more hours of sunny spells start at 6pm. From 9pm until the end of the day there is only a 40% chance of light rain in the latest revision to the forecast. I would not be surprised if reality had more sunny spells popping up during the day. If it is truly cloudy all afternoon then I guess the temperature will only reach the predicted 21° C. The current forecast for tomorrow shows that it will probably be dry with lots of sunny spells through the day, and the temperature in the region of 23° C for at least a few hours in the afternoon.
  One thing I forgot when writing my conclusion yesterday morning was that it was possible that Jodie may have said that she would prefer to have our Sunday boozing session on Saturday (yesterday). It turned out that she had indeed mentioned it when I sent her a message to confirm it. Her initial reply was "she didn't know", and would get back to me. I waited and waited until after midday she confessed she had had quite a session with others the previous night, had mixed her drinks, and was suffering from a bad hangover. She said that today would be better, but as I write this that is not confirmed. Yesterday turned out rather differently than expected, and apart from a hiccup or two, it was a good day with a good result. It is all described in my full archive page for today (which today has a few pictures as well).
Saturday 5th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 437

08:30 BST

  The weather the day before yesterday was very nice. Yesterday it was bloody horrible ! It was grey and overcast all day. There was a lot of rain. None of it was particularly heavy, but it was very, very persistent, and the temperature barely made it to 17° C.
                        return to nice weather
  Not all of today will features sunshine, but when it is not sunny there will be sunny spells. At the moment we are going through a period of sunny spells because there is still a fair amount of cloud around. The latest revision to the forecast has changed some hours of sunny spells to sunshine, and so it should be a very nice day once it warms up. It is rather cool this morning, but the afternoon should see 23° C. Tomorrow should see some sunny spells, but a lot of the day will see white cloud, and probably quite a few showers. The temperature should make 22° C though.
  Yesterday I was suffering from a mild form of the bends. The low atmospheric pressure may have been causing nitrogen bubbles to form inside my joints, and causing some discomfort. Of course that is probably rubbish, but it is the most elegant explanation I can think of to explain why I felt really creaky yesterday. I had a very lazy day, but not a completely lazy day yesterday. It is all fully described in my full archive page for today, and it includes stuff about dreaming, and my potential plans for today.
Friday 4th June 2021
Lockdown day 420 436

10:24 BST

  The weather was still nice yesterday, but not as good as the previous couple of days. There was a fair amount of sunshine, but a lot of it was in the form of sunny spells. It stayed dry, and the temperature was a warm 23° C.
dull and sometimes wet
  Thick cloud has returned today. The whole day is going to be either dull, or very dull. It started a little later than expected, but most of this morning, and a few hours into the afternoon will feature rain. As I write this the road outside looks very wet with puddles, but I have not been aware of any heavy rain. I think it is just very persistent light rain. No sunshine means today will be a bit cool with the temperature rising very slowly from 15° C to a very brief period at 17° C. Tomorrow should see a return to lots of sunshine, and the temperature peaking to 23° C.
  After all the activities of the day before, including my walk over Hilly Fields, yesterday was almost a day of rest. This sorry state of affairs did include a boozing session in the afternoon. All the details, such as they are, I have described in my full archive page for today. It also includes how today has got off to a bad start, and will probably continue to be a very inactive day.
Thursday 3rd June 2021
Lockdown day 420 435

08:14 BST

  Yesterday was almost hot ! The afternoon temperature reach 25° C, but after a really nice sunny morning, it became quite dull by mid afternoon. It looked almost like a storm was brewing. The early version of the weather forecast did predict light rain from as early as 2pm, but later revisions said it would be dry. It did rain around 8pm, but it seemed to be just a passing shower.
still bright, but not as warm as yesterday
  The weather will be winding down today in advance of a cooler and wetter day tomorrow. In the latest revision to the forecast a few sunny spells have been swapped with sunshine, and vice version, but it still says it will be dull towards the end of the afternoon. It should still stay dry, but the temperature may only reach 23° C - which of course is still very pleasant. Tomorrow may see rain showers starting at 4am, and continuing until 1pm. The afternoon may be dull, but dry, and the afternoon temperature may only reach 18° C.
  The big plan yesterday was to hopefully meet Angela for a drink yesterday lunchtime. For some insane reason I decided to do what I was going to do the last time I saw Angela a fortnight ago. That was to walk to the top of Hilly Fields, and down the other side. I gave myself plenty of time to do this walk, and it turned out to be rather too much time. The rest of the story, along with everything else of any slightly possible interest, plus some photos and a video, and the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, plans for today, etc, can be seen in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 2nd June 2021
Lockdown day 420 434

07:46 BST

  Yesterday was almost perfect. There was blue sky from dawn to dusk, and of course that meant warm sunshine all day too.  The afternoon temperature was forecast to be 24° C, and that is about what it was.
sunny and possibly rain later in the
  Today could be even warmer than yesterday, but there could be periods with no sunshine, and there is a 30% chance of light rain later this afternoon.....well that was the case in the first forecast, but it has been revised now to show it will be dry, but there will still be a few hours when there is no sun at all, and a few hours with just sunny spells. The temperature should reach 25° C (the BBC forecast says 26° C !). Much of tomorrow will only see sunny spells, and the temperature will be a few degrees lower.
  Yesterday morning I said I would be happy if I managed to walk 3 miles. I actually walked 3.274 miles. I did my most familiar walk - from here, through the Linear Park as far as the Bow String bridge, and back again. That might have been boring, but after not walking that way since 9th May there was loads more vegetation to see, and even a fallen tree. A fuller description of my walk, with pictures, can be seen in my full archive page for today. It also includes the usual stuff of eating, sleeping, dreaming, and my plans for today.
Tuesday 1st June 2021
Lockdown day 420 433

08:36 BST

  Once again it took a while for the sun to burn off the clouds, but it managed it a bit earlier then the day before. Once the sun did breakthrough it's rays felt wonderfully warm, and the afternoon temperature easily reached the forecast 23° C.
sunny day
  Unlike the previous couple of days, the sky was blue and the sun was shining when I got up. It should shine all day, and that will raise the temperature to 24° C - rather more appropriate for "Flaming June". Tomorrow will start the same as today, but by 11am, or thereabouts, the sunshine may give way to sunny spells. From 3pm there could be a few hours of light rain, but the temperature is still predicted to rise to 25° C.

   There were three main things I did yesterday. The first I mentioned yesterday. It was doing my weekly, early Monday morning, shop in Aldi. The second was some laundry - done by hand, and dried, and baked in the hot sunshine. The third thing was to eat quite a lot. All these things, or nearly all, plus lots of other stuff, more about eating, sleeping, dreaming, plus what I hope to do today, can be read in my full archive page for today.