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My Diary/Blog For the Month of August 2021

Tuesday 31st August 2021

10:22 BST

  Yesterday wasn't quite as awful as the forecast suggested it would be. I'm sure I remember a couple of very brief sunny spells in the morning. Later on the 10% chance of rain, forecast from the beginning to end of the day, did actually produce at least one fine sprinkle of rain during the afternoon. With so little sun it was no surprise that the temperature didn't rise above the forecast 18° C.
another very grey day
  It is probable that today will be no better than today. Most of the day will be dull (even the sunny spells at 6pm have been removed in the latest revision), and sometimes very dull. There was none shown, but there was a light sprinkle of rain at around 9am, but oddly enough it was accompanied by a few short, slightly diffused, sunny spells ! The early version of the forecast, in the screenshot above, was optimistic about the temperature. The latest revision is more pessimistic with just 18° C forecast. Tomorrow looks like it will come out of the same mold as today and yesterday.

   It would be easy to say that yesterday was another day when I did nothing. That is only true if only physical exercise/work is considered. The end product of hours and hours of sitting at my PC all day is a still only 20% completed spreadsheet listing all the pictures of trains I have photographed over the years. I write more about this and other stuff, but sadly there are no pictures in my full archive page for today, but it does include stuff about eating, sleeping, dreaming, plus thoughts and activities this morning.
Monday 30th August 2021

09:06 BST

  Yesterday didn't seem to be quite as good as the forecast suggested it would be. To some degree it got the sunny spells in the morning right, but they seemed to finish earlier than expected. The sun did put in an occasional appearance in the afternoon, but maybe for only the odd minute here and there, and the forecast sunny spells were not really noticeable in the evening. In fact I doubt there were any. Oh well, at least it was dry, and at 20° C it wasn't cold.
                        very grey day
  The latest update to the weather forecast for today has made no improvements over what can be seen in the earlier screenshot above. In short, it is going to be a grey and miserable day, and it is going to be quite cool. One change to the forecast in the latest update is that the maximum temperature is now predicted to be  just 18° C. There is only a 10% chance of rain, and that usually means it will stay dry. Apart from a possible temperature of 20° C, tomorrow isn't looking to be any better than today.

    Yesterday was another successful day. I can only boast of doing two important things. One of them was to do enough laundry to fill the main length of the washing line. With no afternoon forecast I wasn't expecting it to dry properly, and I was right. I brought it all in at about 6.30pm, and is was all slightly damp. The highlight of the day (sort of) was going to am afternoon Whitestar gig in Beckenham. This is all described in much more detail, with pictures and video, plus all the usual stuff about the evening, sleeping, and thoughts and plans this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 29th August 2021

10:16 BST

  It is difficult to describe yesterday's weather in Catford because I wasn't in Catford for a fair chunk of yesterday. During the morning there were a couple of sunny spells, but it was close to gloomy when I went to the station at midday. During the long journey to Herne Bay we passed through a couple of showers. At Herne Bay it was generally pretty dull, but I could see some sunshine on the sea some miles away. It was around 4pm when I thought I felt some very light rain, but it only seemed to last a minute or two. On the train home we, once again, passed through a couple of showers. It was dry when I got back to Catford, and as far as I am aware it stayed dry for the rest of the day. I think the temperature was probably around 19° C both here and in Herne Bay.
starting with some sunny spells
  The forecast has changed little since I took the screenshot above. I would challenge the idea that the first few hours featured solid sunshine, but we have been having sunny spells for some time now as I write this. They do look like they could continue until 2pm, but then it seems we will get 3 or 4 hours of just white cloud. Maybe there will be a few sunny spells in the last hour or two of daaylight. There seems little chance of any rain, and the afternoon temperature, according to the latest forecast revision, will be 20° C. Tomorrow will feature a lot of grey sky, but there is only a 10% chance of rain. The temperature will be similar to today.

    It seemed to take a bit longer to get ready to go out yesterday, but I still managed to get to the station in time to buy my tickets, and catch the 12:10 train. It was a close run thing though, and if there had been someone before me, buying some weird combination of tickets, I would have missed my train. I did wonder if I was doing the right thing because the sky looked dull an threatening. The entire story of yesterday, with loads of pictures and a video, plus the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, and plans for today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 28th August 2021

10:02 BST

  The weather forecast refused to admit it, but yesterday was close to a sunny day.  There were many sunny spells when the forecast said grey clouds. I really should have made notes so I could write a truthful account of the weather, but I think that at 4pm, when the first sunny spells were predicted, the sky turned extra grey. It was that sort of day ! At least it was almost warm at 21° C. Of course that is warm, or even very warm if doing some sort of physical activity, but once the sun disappeared behind clouds it felt rather cool in my bedroom where I was snoozing.
not much sunshine today
  The latest revision of the forecast for today shows no sunny spells until 7pm, and that ends at 8pm ! The morning sunny spells have disappeared from the forecast, but the sun is doing it's best to fulfil the earlier forecast, and is actually shining as I write this. I can see lots of blue patches of sky, and maybe the sunny spells could continue if those blue patches get in the right place for the sun to shine through. The latest temperature prediction says the afternoon will only reach 19° C. Tomorrow may have a sunny morning, and sunny evening, but no sunshine is forecast for the afternoon, but it could be a bit warmer than today at 21° C.

    I should have done something yesterday, but I couldn't raise the enthusiasm. Maybe my breakfast of mixed vegetable curry on naan bread sapped all my energy. That is indeed a possibility because I tend to do a lot more, walk longer distances, etc, when I feel lean and hungry (so to speak). There was also the problem of waiting for a delivery of the beers I ordered. In the end I did do something that may turn out to be important. All the details of my day that are worth commenting on, plus details of eating sleeping, dreaming and plans for today can be read in my archive page for today.
Friday 27th August 2021

08:13 BST

  I made one particular mistake when writing about the weather forecast yesterday, but it was no worse than the mistake the weather forecast made. After a dull day I said that 7pm would not be sunny. What I meant was that like 6pm, it would be better than sunny spells, and actually sunny. In a way I was right. I don't think I can recall any sunshine lasting more than a few seconds (and that may be an exaggeration) all afternoon and all evening ! In short, it was a mostly gloomy day, and it was also a fairly cool feeling day at just 19° C at it's warmest.
another cool and cloudy day
  Once again I have checked the latest revision to the forecast hoping for good news, and there was none ! Until 4pm it is going to range from a 100% cover of light, or dirty grey clouds. From 4pm to close to sunset there may be some sunny spells, but I find it hard to be optimistic that this will happen. The only good thing about today is that it is going to be a little warmer - but only just ! The temperature may now hit 21° C, but only for one single hour according to the latest revision. 20° C will probably be more representative of the afternoon. Tomorrow may see 21° C for more of the afternoon than today. There may be sunny spells in the morning and late afternoon, but the main part of the afternoon may be rather dull.

  A short postscript about today's weather. As I ended the previous paragraph the sun came out for a minute or so. Looking around I can see a few very small patches of blue sky among the suffocating clouds.

  As I mentioned yesterday, the start of yesterday morning was all about collecting pee and poo samples. Getting a pee sample is easy enough, and I managed that without spilling a drop, or at least I kept my hand dry ! Getting the poo sample was not so easy. The important thing is that the tiny amount wanted, scraped onto a special little stick, had to be taken before the poo got wet. Intercepting it before it fell into the toilet bowl was an interesting test of ingenuity, and muscle control. I'll say no more apart from the fact I succeeded. I don't add any more information to that in my full archive page for today, but I do describe the rest of my day, including dinner and going to bed, and sleeping. I also describe my thoughts and plans this morning, plus some unexpected good news in it too.
Thursday 26th August 2021

08:33 BST

  Yesterday ended up sunny, but the morning was very dull and grey. I don't think the sunny spells started until gone 1pm. Once they did start it was like flicking the switch between autumn and summer, or perhaps to be a bit more correctly chronological, early spring changing to mid summer. I don't think the temperature rose much above the predicted 21° C, but that sunshine felt very hot.
cold and dull
  I was really hoping that the latest revision to the forecast would bring good news - and it has ! 7pm is not forecast to be sunny like 6pm. However, before that wonder happens it is going to be dull, or very dull, and rather cool with the temperature only rising to 19° C. The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast is even more pessimistic. It predicts not a single ray of sunshine, and apart from one hour when it might be 18° C, the temperature will only be 17° C or less ! Tomorrow may be a few degrees warmer, and the clouds lighter in colour, but it still looks like it could be another depressing day.

  I find it very hard to recover from a cool and grey morning like yesterday. Once my enthusiasm is drained it seems to stay drained. Maybe if I had any confidence that the afternoon would turn out nice I could have convinced myself to be ready to jump on a train to somewhere, and just gone for a walk in the park. I did eventually make use of the sunny afternoon in a minor way. The full account of my day yesterday, plus the usual other stuff about sleeping, plans and thoughts this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 25th August 2021

08:46 BST

  After a sunny start to the day it clouded over until almost mid afternoon when the sun finally broke through the clouds. Even then I don't remember it as being very sunny. It was probably sunny spells and cloudy spells in equal amounts until sunset. The temperature rose to the expected 22° C but it still felt a bit cool when resting indoors.
will it be sunny or not ?
  The sky looked very clear when the sky first lit up, but since then it has clouded over, and the clouds look worryingly grey. The latest revision to the forecast acknowledges that it is dull grey right now, but optimistically suggests the sun will break through to give some sunny spells soon. I have my doubts. The latest revision has extended the dull period at 3pm from just one hour, shown in the early forecast above, to three hours, and the last hour at 5pm is predicted to be dark grey. The last two hours before the sun sets may feature sunny spells. Of course with the forecast changing like this it is obvious that the true story of today's weather may seem very different tomorrow. I suspect the forecasters are hedging their bets for tomorrow. The prediction for tomorrow is just a random jumble of cloudy spells, and sunny spells through the day. Like today, it should stay dry, but it may be one degree cooler than today's 21° C. 

  Just like the morning, a week and a half ago, when I gave my blood samples, my appointment with the nurse yesterday morning seemed to be important enough to influence the rest of the day. In other words, I felt I had almost done enough for one day. It was actually a bit more complex than that. As I mentioned yesterday morning, I didn't sleep well during the night, and then I had to get up early. Being able to be lazy allowed me to be lazy, and grab a few snoozes. As usual, the rest of my day is described on my full archive page for today. Also as usual, it includes my sleep, this morning, and what I might, or might not do today.
Tuesday 24th August 2021

10:08 BST

  I don't think yesterday afternoon featured as much sunshine as expected, but then again there is no rule that a sunny spells needs to last 10 minutes or 50 minutes. Maybe it was just that the sunny spells were short even though they lasted from early afternoon to sunset. It was moderately warm, 23° C at the peak, and apart from some light rain in the morning, it was a dry day.
sunny afternoon
  This morning has started with sunshine and long sunny spells. The latest revision to the forecast has changed some hours this afternoon from sunny spells to sunshine. That hasn't changed the afternoon temperature, and it is still predicted to be 22° C.  The temperature should be the same tomorrow, and although most hours may only feature sunny spells, they should last all day, and maybe a few of those hours will feature full on sunshine.

  One of the things I forgot to mention yesterday morning is that I had already been to Tesco to get some shopping before I started to write. I chose Tesco, instead of Aldi because I had more trust in Tesco to have at least one manned checkout open. Later on I would have some sandwiches, and do quite a lot of washing to hang on the line to dry in the sunny spells. My whole day, evening, sleeping, and what has already happened this, plus what might happen later, is all documented in my full archive page for today.
Monday 23rd August 2021

10:29 BST

  On the whole, yesterday was another grim day. I do remember the sun coming out once or twice, but generally speaking it was another grey day. There was some light rain in the morning, but I think the rest of the day was dry. The afternoon temperature was a fair 21° C - slightly warm, but nothing to get excited about.
sunny afternoon - with luck
  The early (7am) version of today's weather forecast started off wrong. The light cloud was actually rather dark, and I am sure I felt a few light drops of rain just after 9am. The latest revision to the forecast still reckons this afternoon will be nice and sunny, albeit mostly as sunny spells. I have doubts about it, but I'll be assuming it is true for now. The afternoon temperature should peak at 23° C. Tomorrow could feature even more sunshine, but it will be 1° cooler at just 22° C.

  I felt very unmotivated yesterday. It was a mixture of a lack of sleep, and it being so dull and grey outside. It was all made worse by a sort of positive feedback thing. My lack of motivation meant that it became a chore processing the photos I had taken at Chain's gig on Saturday. It being a chore just fed back into the depression process, and I really had to force myself to go through all the photos I took - all 130 of them ! There are another 4 photos to view, along with a description of some of the processes involved, plus a description of my day, night and morning in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 22nd August 2021

09:37 BST

  Once again the forecast didn't match reality. There was far less rain than forecast. There was some light rain early in the afternoon, but it faded away after an hour or two. That rain was not predicted to stop until 7pm, but by then the clouds were breaking up, and there was some nice evening sunshine, and later still a big round moon. Occasionally some clouds would drift across the face of the moon, but it was visible far more than not. I'm guessing there was some high altitude dust that gave the moon a slightly orange tint. The afternoon temperature was only forecast to be 19° C, and it didn't seem to feel much cooler by almost midnight.
another forecast of dubious accuracy
  Just after midnight both the Met Office and BBC weather forecasts were threatening thunderstorms in the early hours of the morning. At 3am, when I woke up to go for a wee, it still looked perfectly dry outside. It did finally rain at 6 or 7am, but the rain was too fine to see when indoors, and it was barely wetting the road. Over a space of a couple of hours it probably was a bare minimum to water the garden. At the moment the cloud cover is complete, but the clouds are very variable, and sometimes a thin bit passes over and it almost seems the sun is coming out. This might continue all day until 7pm when the last couple of hours of daylight might feature sunny spells. It may be a tiny bit warmer today. 21° C is forecast. Tomorrow may reach 23° C, and there may be sunny spells through a lot of the day.

  Yesterday was a day that started sort of slowly, but gradually built up to a grand climax in the evening. I think it was midday before I even bothered to have a wash, but it was a  full on bit of of a job. I shaved, showered, and shampooed ! The highlight of the day was going to see Chain playing in The Pelton Arms. There is more about this, with a picture and video, in my full archive page for today. It also includes what I did when I got home again, how I slept, and my plans and thoughts this morning.
Saturday 21st August 2021

09:56 BST

  Like the previous 2 or 3 days, yesterday was forecast to be very dull. Yesterday came closer to the forecast, but there were still a few unexpected, but much appreciated sunny spells in the afternoon. The temperature was close to the forecast figure of 22° C.
rain forecast for this afternoon
  According to the latest revision to the forecast it should be raining now, but it isn't yet ! In fact it may be a bit dull, but it doesn't look bad enough for rain yet. Once the rain starts, assuming it does, it is now forecast to rain non stop until 7pm. It is going to be a cool day with the temperature only rising to 18° C. Tomorrow is shown as cloudy, but white clouds, for the full 24 hours ! There is also a 10% chance of rain for the whole day, and that is low enough to give some confidence it will stay dry. The cloud may be thin enough that it is possible the sun could cut through it. If it does it could raise the temperature above the predicted 22° C.

  I think the dull weather dampened my enthusiasm to really do anything yesterday. It was instrumental in trashing my plan to fast until dinnertime. It certainly didn't help that it kept the temperature low enough to occasionally feel cold, but that was usually after laying on my bed reading and snoozing for an hour or more. I definitely wanted hot soup after that ! I did manage to do just one important thing. Despite so little happening, I seem to have written a fair bit about it, and even included a relevant picture, in my full archive page for today. It also includes my evening, my sleeping, and my plans for today.
Friday 20th August 2021

10:49 BST

  Like the day before, yesterday was nothing like the forecast weather. The day started rather dull, and the forecast said it would continue like that all day. The reality was that the afternoon was bright and sunny, although only in the form of long sunny spells. There were still a fair few clouds drifting around, but at least 50% was blue in the middle of the afternoon. As far as I am aware, the forecast rain in the evening never happened. Once again the unexpected sunshine probably raised the temperature above the forecast 21° C. It definitely felt like it.
dull all day...maybe
  I did see some of the very early morning sunshine, but it has been dull since then. I have my fingers crossed that today will follow the same pattern as the last two day, and the sun will be out in the afternoon. If not then it is going to be a very dull and depressing day, and the only positive thing is that at 22° C it won't feel cold. Even the latest revision to the forecast is still predicting it will be dull with a 10% chance of rain. The middle of tomorrow may feature a lot of rain, but the evening could see some sunshine until sunset. It may only be 20° C tomorrow.

  After the excitement of going out exploring the previous day, yesterday didn't seem exciting at all. I did manage to do a bit of shopping in the morning, and get drunk in the afternoon. I also ate too much of the wrong stuff. All the details of my day, and it's consequences to my sleeping, and morning health, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 19th August 2021

09:05 BST

  The weather forecast painted yesterday as a very dull and gloomy day, but it was wrong ! From 11am, when it was supposed to rain, blue areas started appearing between the clouds, and we had increasingly long periods of sunny spells. By mid afternoon, or maybe a bit later, it seemed to be like a rather cool summers day. I didn't check, but I feel sure that the temperature was at least a couple of degrees higher than the 20° C forecast.
maybe another dull day, or maybe not ?
  It is currently a bit dull, but not as dull as those dark grey clouds suggest in the weather forecast. Maybe today might turn out like yesterday ? The latest revision to the forecast predicts the other way - the sunny spells for 2pm have been replaced with white cloud. Rain is still predicted from 6pm onwards. The mid afternoon temperature will be 21° C. Tomorrow could start with a few sunny spells, but the rest of the day is predicted to be rather dull, but possibly warmer than today at 22° C.

  It was about 11am, when it was supposed to rain yesterday, that I decided it didn't look completely awful outside, and that maybe it might stay dry. It also didn't seem to be that cold, and that maybe I could go out after all. I will admit that I didn't really want to go, and that I had to force myself to do so.  I had a little mini adventure checking the walks from the nearest railway stations to The Pelton Arms and The Birds Nest pubs. There are gigs at both in the future that I would like to go to without having to put on a face mask to go on a bus. This is all described, with pictures, along with the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 18th August 2021

08:34 BST

  Yesterday was a horrible dirty grey day. The only positive thing I can say, albeit very grudgingly, is that the light showers that occurred at random times, and not when the forecast predicted them, did help to water the garden a bit. It was another cool day (maybe even cold for an August day) with the temperature only reaching 19° C.
yet another very grey day
  The weather forecast for today looks very similar to the forecast for yesterday, even down to the prediction of rain at 11am. Yesterday the rain didn't fall at 11am, but in random very light showers through the afternoon. I think there was some slightly more substantial rain in the early hours of this morning, The chances of seeing any sunshine today seem slim in the extreme, and that means another cold feeling day - just 20° C (I know that would be luxury in January, but this is August, high summer supposedly). The cloud cover tomorrow may be lighter, but still covering 100% of the sky, and maybe that will help the temperature rise to 21° C.

  My plans to fast until dinnertime fell by the wayside as early as midday yesterday. I had two cans of soup, and then a bit later I had two cheese and tomato (and basil) wholemeal rolls. I took it on trust that those wholemeal rolls had no added sugar, but now I am not so sure - particularly when I found that Aldi's wholemeal rolls did seem to have sugar in them. At dinner time I had two fish and chorizo fishcake type things. On the whole it was not a lot for the day, but it wasn't good enough. The rest of my day, with a picture, plus my dreams and thoughts this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 17th August 2021

10:43 BST

  It looked like it would rain at any time from mid morning until about 1pm, and it did in direct contradiction to any version of the weather forecast. Mind you, it was pretty light rain, and even after maybe as much as 30 minutes of it, the garden still looked dry. Sometime after 1pm, maybe at 2pm, when rain was forecast, the sun broke through, and much of the afternoon featured nice sunny spells. They may have raised the temperature a little higher than the 18° C that was forecast, but maybe only a single degree.
                        very grey day
  Some sunny spells were forecast this morning, but I never saw any. It couldn't have been much later than 8.30am when I went out to feed the birds, and noticed it had been raining, and I think that light rain has continued, maybe on an off since then. The latest revision to the forecast admits it's existence but says it should stop by 11am (not start !). From then it it may be dry, but it is going to be very dull. It is also going to be a rather cool day with the temperature only reaching 19° C at best. The morning felt very cool, and even now I have the heater on again. Tomorrow is predicted to be dry, and with an afternoon temperature of 21° C, slightly warmer than today, but it is probably going to be as dull, or maybe even duller than today.

  There is only one thing I did yesterday that is worth a mention...or actually there probably is another...but anyway, it was to do a load of laundry, and hang it on the line to dry - in sunshine ! In theory there is not a lot to add to that, but once again I seem to have written a very full page about yesterday, last night, and this morning. It is my full archive page for today.
Monday 16th August 2021

10:02 BST

  Yesterday morning was sometimes very dull, but yesterday afternoon featured lots of sunny spells, the evening was dull, but only lightly dull. It was a dry day, despite sometimes looking like it might rain, and it was a warm 23° C afternoon.
quite a dull start
  The screenshot above is of the early morning version of the weather forecast. It shows sunshine and sunny spells this morning, but the last bit of sunshine I saw was around 7am, and even then it had only been sunny spells. The latest revision doesn't show those early hours, but what is shown is the same as above until the evening when only sunny spells for 8pm, just before sunset are predicted - 6 and 7pm are now shown as heavy clouds. With the temperature only reaching 18° C, it is going to feel a bit cool today.  Tomorrow may be dry, and at 20° C, a bit warmer, but most of the day may be very dull.

  Two main things happened yesterday, and the second would cause small happenings of it's own. The first thing was that I hand washed a double duvet cover, and dried it in warm sunshine on the washing line. After getting the duvet cover on the washing line I couldn't really think of anything exciting to do, and I was almost prepared for another very boring day, but then I had an idea. That idea, and it's consequences, is described, along with other stuff, with pictures, plus stuff about sleep and dreaming, and plans for today, in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 15th August 2021

10:14 BST

  The sunny spells were more frequent that the various revisions of the weather forecast predicted yesterday. There was a period of time in the early afternoon, or maybe it was before midday, when the sky did get very dull, but the clouds thinned out, and the sunny spells started again as early as 2pm (I think). From then on it seemed quite pleasant, and the temperature rose to 23° C.
sunny afternoon with rain in the evening
  The latest revision to the forecast shows this morning as being rather dull (which it is), but from midday there could be lots of sunny spells, but there is a 30% chance of light rain from 7pm. Once again the temperature should rise to 23° C. One of my thermometers says it is that already, but the breeze blowing in the window feels a fair bit cooler than that. The early hours of tomorrow could see lots of sunny spells, but soon after 9am the clouds will cover the sky, and it will be medium dull, with maybe the odd hour being very dull, until just before sunset when the sky might clear. It may well be a cooler day with a predicted peal temperature of just 20° C.

  Almost nothing happened yesterday. The one thing I did do was to wash a bed sheet and a couple of pillowcases. Thanks to the earlier than expected sunny spells, I was able to bring them in feeling warm and dry some time in the mid afternoon. Other than that I just laid around reading. Even the evening was rather useless. That almost sums up yesterday, but to read a fuller account, plus about my night, and morning thoughts, go to my full archive page for today.
Saturday 14th August 2021

09:20 BST

  Contrary to the weather forecast, there were a few sunny spells in the afternoon - not many, but better than none. Most of the day was rather dull though, but it did stay dry. The afternoon temperature rose to 22° C, and stayed there for some time.
some sunny spells today
  This morning has featured many sunny spells, but maybe they are fading out now, although the latest revision to the forecast says there could be some at 11am. After that things continue pretty much as the screenshot of the early forecast above shows. There will be a few hours when the cloud gets really thick, and the chance of rain rises to 10%. Later on, from 5pm according to the latest revision, there will be more sunny spells, and even solid sunshine is possible just before sunset. It should be a tiny bit warmer today with the afternoon temperature expected to be 23° C. Tomorrow may also briefly peak at 23° C, but there will be very little sunshine, and there is a 30% chance of rain from heavy clouds in the early afternoon.

  Yesterday was, speaking extremely generally, one of those days. As I wrote yesterday, it all started with an early morning appointment to give a couple of blood samples. It was the only important thing of the day, and it seems once it was all done it seemed like I didn't really want to do any more. I felt in a very lazy mood, and because I had got up earlier than usual I felt like I wanted to snooze a lot. I actually snoozed very little, but I was definitely very inactive for a lot of the day. Of course I did end up doing a few things, and these, plus some words about my dinner, a flower growing in my garden (pictured), my sleep, and what is and isn't happening today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 13th August 2021

10:22 BST

  Yesterday started dull, but there were sunny spells during the afternoon. During the morning it was so grey that it looked like it would rain - and it did ! No rain was forecast, and the rain which did fall was almost no rain. It was extremely light, and only lasted for 5 minutes. It wasn't enough to make the road or paths look wet. The afternoon temperature was a slightly muggy feeling 22° C.
warm but dull
  A few rays of sunshine did escape the cloud cover earlier, and maybe some will again soon, but today is likely to be dull. Curiously enough, the latest revision to the forecast says there should be sunny spells this hour and the next, but the sky looks solidly packed with cloud at the moment. It almost looks like it could rain ! With little or no sunshine it will be a degree cooler than yesterday - just 21° C. Tomorrow is predicted to have sunny spells in the morning, and then in the early evening. It should be dry, and the temperature could rise to 23° C.
  Yesterday was only partly a good day. All my plans changed in the morning when I found out that the new lens for my camera would be delivered yesterday instead of today. I could still have potentially gone out provided I was home again by about 1pm, but I felt no desire to go out. That lens arrived at 3pm - just as I would have been arriving at the pub if I had gone out. My full day, including drinking, eating and sleeping, plus what I have been up to this morning,  and what my plans for today might be, are described in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 12th August 2021

08:14 BST

  Yesterday was another very nice day. The morning featured sunny spells, and several hours of non stop sunshine. The sunny spells lasted way beyond the predicted time. I think they extended right through the afternoon, and then into the evening. The afternoon temperature may have been warmer than the 23° C that was forecast. The temperature only dropped to around 18° C by midnight, and that made for the warmest night for well over a week.
warm but dull
  Today has started mild compared to recent days, but it is a bit dull. At the moment I would say the cloud is a lot lighter than the grey clouds depicted in the forecast. The good news is that the latest revision has moved the first sunny spells to 3pm. After that it should be nice, and fairly warm at 22° C. It should be a dry day. Tomorrow may be a lot brighter with quite a lot of sunshine, but the temperature may still only rise to 22° C.
  Yesterday was another satisfactory day. It started with washing a very sweat soaked hand towel that I had left soaking overnight. Just washing the one hand towel was fairly easy going, and it didn't seem long before it was hanging on the line to dry. I was about to say hanging in the sun, but it wasn't for another hour or two before the sun had risen high enough in the sky to shine over the fence. Time passed faster than I thought, and I ended up in a mad dash to get shaved, shampooed, and showered prior to a mad dash to meet Angela in the pub for a lunchtime drink. The fuller version of this, plus what happened between leaving the pub, and writing this, this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 11th August 2021

09:57 BST

  Yesterday was like a fine spring day. Lots of sunshine, and warm feeling. There were some extended periods of sunshine, but most sunshine was from sunny spells...or sunny periods (I have never worked out the difference between the two !). The afternoon temperature rose to 23° C.
more sunshine today
  Today may not be quite as good as yesterday. It is nice and sunny now, but even the latest revision to the weather forecast says the sunshine will give way to sunny spells at 1pm, and from 2pm we will lose the sunshine to light cloud for five hours until some sunny spells resume at 7pm. The afternoon temperature is still predicted to rise to 23° C. Tomorrow could be the last day of sunny spells before some duller days follow it. It might still be warm though. 24° C is the current prediction.
  The good weather automatically raised yesterday into one of the better days. It was also a fairly satisfactory day in other ways. I mentioned my morning shopping trip to Tesco when writing yesterday. It did lead to certain temptations, but I managed to manage those temptations well until something else happened that I will explain further down the page. This, and commentary, with pictures, for the rest of my day, night, and some of this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 10th August 2021

10:00 BST

  Yesterday included some unexpected sunny spells. Now and then it was really rather nice, but rather less so at other times. There were none of the forecast thunderstorms, and most of the rain that did fall was fairly light. The afternoon temperature rose to 20° C.
bright and sunny
  The latest revision of the forecast for today has hardly changed the early version in the screenshot above. It seems that today will be bright and dry with many long periods of sunshine. That should take the afternoon temperature up to 22° C (sadly not the 23° C shown in the earlier forecast). Tomorrow should be very similar to today apart from a few hours when the sun will be hidden behind white clouds. The day should still make 22° C again.
  I have a slightly stressful and/or busy day yesterday. On the other hand, it was a productive day. I never did get to Aldi, but I did pop out to Poundstretcher in the afternoon to buy more bird feed. I completed the bit of laundry I had started early yesterday morning. The full story, with pictures, can be read in my full archive page for today. It also includes some good news this morning, and other stuff.
Monday 9th August 2021

09:39 BST

  Yesterday was another wet day. Maybe it wasn't quite as wet as the forecast predicted, or maybe the items in the forecast were right, but just shown at the wrong times.  The afternoon was when most of the rain fell, and not the morning. The evening had it's fair share of the rain too. On top of all that it was a rather cool day, perhaps even a cold day judged by how August ought to be. For instance one year ago it was 32° C in the late afternoon. This year I used the heater on low for a few hours in the evening because the temperature was no more than 18° C, and falling.
yet more rain today
  Once again the forecast may have been a bit over enthusiastic about the rain this morning. There most certainly has been some rain, but I don't think I would call it very heavy rain, and it seems to have stopped now. The latest revision to the forecast only shows one thunderstorm now at 1pm with light rain either side of it. The chance of rain at 2pm is currently estimated to be as low as 30%, and at 3pm it is 40%. That often means it won't actually rain. There could be light rain for 3 hours from 6pm, but once again there is only a 30 to 40% chance of it. The only positive thing about today is that it might eventually warm up to 20° C after a very cool start to the day. Tomorrow (and Wednesday) could be dry, and may even feature a smattering of sunny spells. Temperatures could rise to 22 or 23° C.
  Yesterday could be described as either good or bad, and in one respect almost disastrous.  My morning was partly taken up with selecting and editing photos. It was a continuation of the work I showed yesterday. I didn't get as far as I wanted because I had to break off to get ready for what turned out to be a boring boozing session with Jodie. All the details, plus a few more pictures taken at Petts Wood Calling, can be read in my full archive page for today. It includes the reasons why yesterday was a sort of self inflicted disaster, and what I will be doing today.
Sunday 8th August 2021

10:55 BST

  Yesterday featured quite a lot of rain, but also some nice sunny periods. The temperature reached a pleasantly warm, or maybe it was a tepid 19° C
more rain today
  The road looks damp outside after some earlier rain, but in the last 20 minutes it has looked like the sun has tried to come out a few times. According to the the latest revision to the forecast there should be very heavy rain right now ! If it ever gets started there could be a couple of hours of heavy rain followed by another 3 or 4 hours of lighter rain. After maybe 3 hours of just light cloud the rain could start again. Oh well, the garden needs it (although it is the weeds that are using it most). Today's high may be no more than 18° C. Tomorrow may be a couple of degrees warmer, but it seems there could be even more rain today, and with some thunder and lightning thrown in for extra entertainment !
  I'm not sure if yesterday should be described as hectic. A lot happened, but it followed a vague plan, and was fairly gentle. The major feature was Petts Wood Calling - an all day (actually midday to late evening) music festival that was previously called Petts Woodstock until the majority of the supporters and committee split away from the original founder of Petts Woodstock. There is a tiny bit more to this story, and whole lot of other stuff, including a selection of pictures taken at the festival on my full archive pages for today. It includes my observations about the night, the morning, and what I will be doing today.
Saturday 7th August 2021

09:20 BST

  Let's just say that I didn't need to get the hose out to water the garden yesterday. I seem t recall there were a few nice sunny spells in the morning, but on the whole it was a rather grey day. I feel sure that rain fell earlier than the last predicted time of 6pm, and some of that rain was medium heavy. The temperature peaked at about 21° C, but it seemed to cool down faster than forecast in the evening. I think it was only a few tenths of degrees higher than 13° C at midnight.
another very wet day
  There has already been some quite heavy rain, but it seems to have stopped as I write this. More rain, including some possibly thundery showers are expected this morning, but the afternoon may only feature a couple of light showers. It is going to be a cool day with the temperature only expected to reach a very un-summer-like 18° C. Tomorrow may be brighter, but a lot of rain is still forecast. It could be a whole degree higher tomorrow - 19° C.

  Yesterday was a deliberately not very productive day, and yet it was more productive than intended. For instance, I spent 10 minutes, maybe even 15 weeding a few select areas of garden. That was the only physical bit of work I did, but it did end up doing a fair bit of stuff that needed almost zero physical effort. The full details can be read in my full archive page for today. It is a bit brief because I am short of time this morning. I explain why in that full archive page.
Friday 6th August 2021

08:28 BST

  The sunshine, albeit mostly just sunny spells, seemed to last a lot longer than the forecasts predicted. I think it was around 1pm until the sunshine ended. It was only three or so hours later before the first rain fell. Much of the rain was just persistent drizzle, but there were heavier bursts. By 7pm I got the impression the rain became intermittent, although I didn't pay much attention to what was happening outside after that. The afternoon temperature probably peaked at the forecast 20° C.
maybe persistent rain
  Having checked the latest revision to the forecast it is looking like we have had a reprieve. It is now predicted to be dry until 6pm when light rain will fall for several hours. There may be sunny spells at 10am and 6pm, but the chances of those timings is very unlikely. Much of the day will be rather dull. The temperature nay hit 21° C for a couple of hours. The weather tomorrow is of great interest to me. Around here it may just be the case of the day being occasionally bright, but with a 40% chance of scattered showers. The temperature may only be 19° C. Some miles away, in Petts Wood, things may be very different, but more about that later.

  Yesterday was another not very productive day. I didn't go out at all, and the predicted rain in the afternoon meant it was pointless doing any laundry. I mostly idled away the day until the afternoon when I had some beers with Jodie, and Michael. There is a fuller description of my day, night and morning, plus some morning observations, and predictions for tomorrow in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 5th August 2021

09:32 BST

  Yesterday was a nice day. It was possibly no warmer than 22° C, but there were lots of sunny spells through the day, and if you caught it right, the sunshine felt as hot as you would expect an August day to be. This was particularly so in my small front porch. It acts as a sun tap, and after walking home from Ladywell it felt like it was 30+° C !
rain later
  The forecast has been revised in a negative direction since I took the screenshot above. It is sunny as I wrote this, but the sun may go in at 10am. It could reappear again for some sunny spells at 11am. After that things get dull, and rain is now predicted to fall from as early as 2pm. From 4pm it is predicted that the rain won't stop until after midnight, and some of it might be heavy rain. The afternoon should be 20° C. At the moment tomorrow is forecast to have random sunny spells and rain showers, but it could be 21° C.

  Yesterday was not a very productive day, but it was enjoyable.I'm not sure how much time passed in the morning before I was ready to go out. I don't really remember doing much in the morning. I guess I was just being very relaxed about it or something. Maybe I was subconsciously making myself too late to go for a longer walk before heading to The Jolly Farmers in the hope of having a drink with Angela. I did see Angela, and we had a very pleasant drink together. I write more about that, plus other stuff that happened yesterday, during the night, and thoughts and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 4th August 2021

09:10 BST

  Yesterday was one of those days that started good, but was bad by the afternoon, and then improved again at the end. The morning was bright and sunny, but the full sunshine predicted for midday in a later revision to the forecast, was completely wrong. It wasn't sunshine but grey shine from dark dreary clouds. Most of the afternoon was very dull, and it made the 19° C feel almost cold. It was certainly lousy for drying washing ! It did seem to brighten up in the early evening, but I have to confess I can't recall seeing any hint of any actual sunshine.
                        mostly bright day
  The latest revision to today's forecast has hardly changed to that in the screenshot above. It should be dry with lots of sunny spells, and at 22° C a little bit warmer than the last couple of days. Tomorrow will be a bit cooler, and a lot of it may be wet. At the moment I am keeping an eye on Saturday, the day of Petts Wood Calling (previously known as Petts Woodstock). A lot can change in the next few days, but at the moment it is looking like it will be a washout !

  Yesterday started well, but by mid afternoon I was feeling quite depressed. As I mentioned yesterday, I paid a visit to Tesco yesterday morning, and did some shopping. It included some wholemeal rolls that I was convinced would do my blood glucose no good this morning. As a result I suffered form guilt as well as boredom, while outside the afternoon was getting to be rather dim and gloomy feeling - not a good recipe for my happiness. Things got better later on, and this morning I had a pleasant news. My day, evening, night, and this morning are more fully described in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 3rd August 2021

10:56 BST

  Later revisions of the weather forecast warned of thunderstorms yesterday. There was an animated map that showed the storm heading our way, but it must have missed by a long way because I didn't hear a single peal of thunder. Yesterday morning was fairly bright with a smattering of sunny spells. The afternoon turned a bit grey, and there was some light rain for a few minutes, but apart from that it was a dry day as far as I am aware. The temperature reached 20° C for a while, and I think I can only describe it as "comfortable" - not hot, nor cold.
another bright morning
  The latest revision to today's forecast has got rid of the dark cloud at 1pm, and changed midday to full sunshine. After that it will lightly cloud over, but it should stay dry. Even after a partly sunny morning, the temperature is predicted to rise to no more than 19° C today. Tomorrow could be described as dry with scattered sunny periods. It may be a little warmer. Maybe 21° C, but like everything else tomorrow, the reality could be very different to the forecast.

  I think I could judge yesterday as a fairly successful day. Despite Aldi doing it's best to piss me off (opening late because of changing most checkouts to self service), I did my shopping, and took it home with very little trouble. That was the first indication that I was less crappy than I thought. After shopping I did the laundry that I described yesterday. What happened later was fairly good. It is all described, such as it was, in my full archive page for today. It includes what I have already done today, and what little I might do later.
Monday 2nd August 2021

10:39 BST

  Yesterday I suggested that the weather was starting to dry up. later revision of yesterday's forecast showed less rain than the early prediction. There was still some rain yesterday afternoon, but the rest of the day was generally rather dull and depressing. With a peak temperature of just 19° C it wasn't all that warm.
sunny spells
  The latest revision to today's forecast has one improvement. Assuming it is accurate, although experience suggests otherwise, the only rain may now be much later, starting at 10pm, and there is only a 30% chance of that. So fat this morning there have been some lengthy sunny spells, but maybe they will finish at 11am instead of midday on the chart above. The afternoon should reach 20° C. There could be some sunny spells in the morning, but maybe a light shower in the middle of the afternoon.

  Yesterday was not a good day. I mentioned I felt rough yesterday morning, and it felt worse after I had finished writing. It is hard to say what it was, or even to fully describe the symptoms. It was like a mix of hay fever, 'flu, depression, the common cold, and bubonic plague. There is a very slightly more rational description of all that, plus details of other stuff I did yesterday (and the pictures to prove it) in my full archive page for today. As usual it includes what I have already done today, and how I may not do anything else today.
Sunday 1st August 2021

10:08 BST

  The day before yesterday was cool and very damp. Yesterday was a degree or two warmer, and sometimes rather damp, but sometimes it was bright, and I think there were a few sunny spells. The worst rain was probably later afternoon and early evening.
more sporadic showers
  It seems like the rain may be drying up. The latest revision to the forecast shows very little rain, and that only in the late evening. This seems to be true in Bickley too - more of which later. There seems very little chance of any sunshine today, and the afternoon temperature is now shown as peaking at just 18° C. (I don't know about global warming, this seems more like we are heading into another ice age - as used to be the prediction 20 or 30 years ago before global warming became the "in" thing). Tomorrow could see some rain at the end of the day, but there may be plenty of sunny spells until mid afternoon, and the afternoon temperature is predicted to reach 21° C.

  I didn't get to write anything for the day before yesterday because yesterday seemed a bit hectic. You can read the two brief paragraphs about the day before yesterday, and read why yesterday was hectic, and see all the pictures I tood during the day  in my full archive page for today. It also includes the news that I still feel knackered (at least I think I mention it), plus what my plans for today - which should be similar to yesterday provided I can raise the energy for a lot of walking,l and even more standing around !