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My Diary/Blog For the Month of February 2022

Monday 28th February 2022
08:15 GMT

  Once again yesterday was a very sunny day, and once again it was still rather cool outside - cooler than the day before. It was only 9° C yesterday. There were a few short times when a cloud would pass in front of the sun, and so it wasn't completely sunny.
nice start to the day but rapidly
                          clouding over
  This morning started with a remarkably pink sunrise, and that heralds poor weather today. It is possible there may be another short periods of sunny spells this morning - the original forecast said 10am, and the latest revision says 9am. Most of the day will feature light coloured clouds, but around sunset they will thicken to give rain tonight (which the garden will like). It is some compensation for losing the sunshine that it will be a little bit less cool today. The afternoon should reach 11° C. Tomorrow could be an awful day. The current forecast says rain continuing from tonight, and then non stop rain until 11pm tomorrow. Most of the rain should be just light rain. It will be cooler with the afternoon only being 8° C.

  I can't recall doing anything but a bit of photo and video editing yesterday morning. At lunchtime I made a very dubious lunch. It was no more than a whole packet of bacon. It had to be the whole packet because it was three weeks after it's use by date, and as I opened it there was a feint whiff of decay. It seemed safest to cook and eat it all before it got worse. Fortunately nothing terribly bad happened after eating that bacon. There is more about it, and the rest of my day, night, and thoughts and observations this morning in my archived page for this day.
Sunday 27th February 2022
08:43 GMT

  It was a very sunny day yesterday, but sadly it was also a rather chilly feeling day. The afternoon did reach 10° C, but there a cold wind, or maybe breeze because it was far from a strong wind. It did feel much warmer behind glass, and where the sun hit the black coloured sensor of one of my outside temperature sensors, dangling just outside my bedroom window, the sun did warm it up to 21.8° C !!
warm in direct
                          sunlight if you wore black clothing
cold but sunny all day - again
  Today will also feature pure sunshine from dawn to dusk, but at only 9° C for the afternoon, it is going to be a cooler day than yesterday. Like yesterday, the temperature at 8am was almost cold enough for a frost. This morning it was 2.5° C plus or minus half a degree - rather lower than the 4° C shown in the forecast. Tomorrow may reach a far better 12° C, but it will come at the cost of a rather dull sky, and the possibility of a shower later in the afternoon.

  I spent a fair bit of yesterday adding more and more data to my ever growing spreadsheet that catalogues my collection of train photos. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it is almost up to date now in so much as I am have been dealing with pictures taken in the last two years. Some of the very newest pictures I added as I processed them, and in the Covid years I did very little train photography. The "exciting" bit of yesterday was the evening, and you can read about that, with pictures, and the rest of my day, night, and this morning in my archived page for today.
Saturday 26th February 2022
08:47 GMT

  Most of yesterday was gloriously sunny, but it still felt rather chilly outside where the temperature only touched 10° C, and that for only a few hours in the afternoon. The ends of the day were a lot cooler, particularly at the end of the day.
cold but sunny all day
  My thermometers tended to agree that at 7am the temperature was less than 1° C. Two of them said 0.6° C, and the frost on all the cars outside rather confirms to was bloody cold ! A day of uninterrupted sunshine will raise the temperature, but only to 10° C, the same as yesterday, and that still felt very chilly in the shade of my garden. The prediction for tomorrow is that it will be the same as today but 1° cooler. It is not until the day after when the temperature might rise to 11° C, but it will be a very dull day, and might even include a splash of rain. A more correct forecast for that day (Monday) will be issued well after the day, and weather, has actually started (and even then may not to 100% correct).

  Not being able to see Angela for another lunchtime drink with her made for the possibility of a bad day, but in fact I had a good way - just in a different way.  It was a day when I did two lots of laundry (by hand), and for the second lot I dared to hang that washing on the washing line to dry in the sunshine - except it was only the towel hung nearest the back fence that saw any sunshine. The rest of what I did yesterday is written up, and illustrated with a few pictures, together with descriptions of eating and sleeping, plus notes and possible plans for today, in my archived page for today.
Friday 25th February 2022
07:27 GMT

  On the whole, yesterday was not a nice day. There was rain, hail, and I'm sure it was a few flakes of sleet I saw at one point. As well as more rain than forecast, I am sure there were a few unscheduled sunny spells in the afternoon as well. What I can't remember is if the sky cleared early enough for any sunshine before sunset. I tend to think not. The sky did clear though, and that lead to a very cold night. The highest temperature was 8° C in the morning, and the afternoon temperature was 5 or 6° C. By 11pm the temperature was below 4° C.
clear sky, loads of sunshine
  The forecast says 4° C, but all my thermometers agree it was 2.5° C, and we only missed a frost by the skin of our teeth this morning. The clear sky today should bring lots of sunshine, and that should help raise the temperature to 10° C. Some cloud may appear from time to time, and change the sunshine to just sunny spells, but I suspect it will be very random, and the forecasters will never put a definite time on it. Tomorrow and to some extent the day after will follow the same pattern as today. It may not be until next Monday before we see the temperature get higher than 10° C, and it will come at the expense of more cloud, and maybe more rain too.

  I think it fair to say that yesterday was a bit of a disaster by some criteria. The day started off OK, albeit in a quiet way. I did very little apart from even more CD ripping. I think I have now caught up with where I left off the last time I did some intensive ripping. Maybe my night and this morning started off as a sort of disaster. The full story of yesterday, last night, and this morning can be read in my archived page for today.
Thursday 24th February 2022
08:51 GMT

  It was a bit of a mixed day yesterday, but there was more appearances of the sun than the weather forecast predicted.  The forecast said sunshine until 11am, but none after then until maybe just before sunset. The reality was that there were sunny spells from 11am until almost 3pm. There were periods when it was almost gloomy between those times. I don't think the predicted sunny spells just before sunset happened. There was enough wind to make 10° C feel cold, but behind glass, or when wearing a black coat with the sun on my back, it did feel very warm.
back to damp weather
  It is certainly raining now, and it doesn't look like it will stop after 9am. In fact the forecast has been revised, and 9am is now shown as featuring hail, and rain, probably just light rain most of the time, will continue until 3pm. The last couple of hours of daylight could feature some sunny spells. It is going to be a cold day. The temperature is at it's highest, 8° C, right now, but will slowly fall through the day until it is just 4° C at 11pm. It shouldn't fall any further during the night, and tomorrow might end up quite mild, maybe 10° C, with a lot of sunshine.

  Yesterday was a good, very good, and very bad day. Actually that should be a very bad night rather than day. All will be explained in due course. It was good that the morning was nice and sunny, and it was good that I would be seeing Angela at lunchtime. The rest of this, including what was good bad and indifferent through the day and night, plus notes and plans this morning, can be read in my archived page for today.
Wednesday 23rd February 2022
08:10 GMT

  There was some nice sunshine yesterday morning, but sadly it didn't last long, although there were quite a few sunny spells later in the afternoon - rather more than the forecast seemed to suggest. Now the winds are far more moderate, even 11° C felt OK when the sun was shining, although maybe a bit cool when the sun went in. For a few hours either side of midday there were very grey skies and showers. Most of the showers were light, or even very light.
another sunny morning
  The sun should be shining from a clear blue sky until 11am this morning, but after that the clouds come back, and the afternoon will start rather grey, and maybe for an hour or so it will be very grey. The latest revision to the forecast now shows 5pm as just another cloudy hour. The afternoon temperature will be 10° C. Tomorrow will probably feature a lot of mostly light rain, but when tomorrow, and when and if there will be some sunny spells late in the afternoon, will likely be very different than what the forecast shows now. One thing that probably won't change is that it will be a very cool day. The day will start at 9° C, and then it will get gradually colder. By 11pm tomorrow it could be down to 4° C, and possibly still falling.

  I think I can describe yesterday as "satisfactory" (but with out the implied sneer when that word was used on school reports). I was particularly impressed with the morning sunshine - maybe more than impressed considering the weather forecast didn't initially say there would be any sunshine at all ! Before the sunshine ended I put on my rucksack and went shopping, and I didn't even feel the need to wear a coat. That was a mistake, and you can read why, plus a description of the rest of my day, my night, and the start of this morning in my archived page for today.
Tuesday 22nd February 2022
08:14 GMT

  Yesterday, the strong winds of Storm Franklin were nothing like those of Storm Eunice last Friday. Most of the time the wind wasn't even noticeable when indoors, although when walking to Aldi at 9am the wind was definitely cutting. After an all too brief spell of sunshine early in the morning, the sun wasn't seen again until 3pm or maybe later. I can't remember the sun making much of an impact on me. It was a dry day, and the temperature rose to 11° C, but the wind, even if lighter than of late, was still enough to make it feel cold.
a damp day
  It is comparatively calm this morning, although the forecast does say there will be 33mph gusts of wind until midday, or perhaps a bit after, but late afternoon, and the evening should see little more than a light breeze. The main feature of today's weather will be dampness. The forecast doesn't show it, but there is some fine drizzle making the road wet as I write this. The latest revision to the forecast shows only one of light rain at 1pm, but it is gloomy enough, and will probably stay gloomy enough for rain at any time this morning, and a little way into the afternoon. The latest revision to the forecast shown not only less rain, but less sunshine than shown in the early forecast in the screenshot above. I suspect that it is one of those days when the cloud is so unpredictable that anything could happen from bright sunshine to heavy rain at any time today. The one thing that is usually right is the temperature, and 12° C is forecast for a couple of hours now. Tomorrow may feature a sunny morning, but overcast afternoon. The temperature may peak at 11° C.

  The only significant thing about yesterday was going shopping in Aldi in the morning, and I have already described that in yesterday's writing. What I didn't, and couldn't write about was the after effects of going out in the cold, and bringing home a lot of heavy shopping. Maybe it was the wind chilling my chest, despite leaving my coat done up the whole time I was out, or maybe it was carrying such a heavy load, but I definitely felt off colour for most of yesterday. There is more about that, and the rest of my day, night, and this morning in my archive page for today.
Monday 21st February 2022
10:08 GMT

  Yesterday's temperature was about the predicted 11° C from sunrise to sunset, but sadly the wind tended to blow any feeling of warmth. I think the forecast quoted the "feel like" temperature as being just 6° C. A lot of rain was forecast for yesterday, and indeed there was a lot, but most of it was light rain. The heaviest rain fell in the evening. Compared to Storm Eunice on Friday, yesterday's wind seemed almost tame, although it was given a name, Storm Franklin, and there were some gusts of over 40 mph.
another windy day
  More strong winds feature in the forecast today, but I think we may be past the peak of them even now. The latest revision of the forecast that I checked showed gusts of 41mph at 11am, and from then on the gusts get less and less.  The steady wind speed is shown as just 22mph, and by 11pm tonight it will be no more than a breeze at 8 mph. With lighter winds the 11° C predicted from 2pm may even start to feel mild, or better. From 3pm there may be a few hours of sunny intervals to make it feel better still. There was a little bit of sunshine at 8am this morning, but it wasn't shown on the forecast. Tomorrow may reach 12° C by 11am, but it will also start to rain. The rain may give way to sunshine at 3pm. Tomorrow afternoon may get pretty windy. Maybe not as bad as today, but gusts of 32mph are predicted.

  I'm finding it hard to decide as to whether yesterday was a good or bad day. I guess when the pros and cons are added up it comes down to it being an average day. Nothing particularly bad happened, and nothing particularly good happened. Of course there were some individual good and bad things. One sort of, in a way, clutching at straws type of thing that might have been good is that I did get some exercise. It was in the nature of going up and down the stairs many times as I alternated working/using two different PCs. I seem to say a lot more about yesterday, and also this morning, in my archive page for today.
Sunday 20th February 2022
08:46 GMT

  It was cold and wet yesterday ! The day started almost cold enough for a frost, but it was clear and sunny. That lasted until a little later than 10am when the sky clouded over. By 11.30am the first rain fell. It was very light at that point, but after midday it got heavier. I think heavy rain is the best description, but "substantial" seems a better fit. It is hard to say when it stopped. The forecast said the last rain would fall around 4pm, but it seemed awfully wet outside as the sun set at 5.22pm. The afternoon temperature was 9° C, and I would have to admit that with little wind it didn't feel too bad.
the return of strong winds
  There are two main, or negative weather features forecast for today. One is that most of the day will feature rain, although half of it will be light or very light. The other half could be heavy. The second feature is for a Yellow warning of strong winds. The peak may be around 6pm when gusts of 47 mph are predicted. The steady speed of the wind will be in the region of 22 mph all day, and maybe all night because the Yellow warning extends into tomorrow. It should be almost warm today with an afternoon temperature of 12° C. That should reduce my heating bill, but outside, in the rain and wind it is still going to feel perishing ! Tomorrow the strongest gusts of wind will be about the same as today, but in the late morning. The temperature may reach 11° C, and it should be a dry day. There might even be a few sunny spells in the last hours before sunset.

  Either I am getting so used to days when nothing really exciting happens, or yesterday seemed like a fairly good day because it actually was. It was a day when I didn't go out at all, and a day when I don't have a lot to show for it. The best I have to show for the day is two clean towels. One was a medium sized bath towel, and the other was a brand new hand towel. The latter had a sort of dusty, musty smell, and it was a mistake to try and use it when brand new without a wash first. The rest of my day is described in my archive page for today. It also includes the rather good result of an eating experiment last night, and it's results this morning.
Saturday 19th February 2022
07:54 GMT

  It was windy yesterday - very windy in the extreme ! There were also many showers that didn't follow any pattern shown in the various revisions of the weather forecast. The most "exciting" shower was at around 6pm when the windows were rattled by hail. Enough hail fell to make it look like it had snowed, but that only lasted 10 or 15 minutes before it melted. There was also some sunshine popping up now and then during the day, but it was the wind that overrode any other feature. There were gust exceeding 60 mph in the middle of the day, and even the steady wind of around 30 - 35 mph made the temperature feel half of what the thermometer said. The morning was around 10° C, but it had fallen to 8° C by mid afternoon (and felt like 4° C !).
sunny start, but rain and wind later
  My thermometers agreed that it was only 2.5° C at 7am, and it hasn't even risen beyond 3° C yet. We came within a degree of a frost this morning thanks to clear skies in the night. The sky is still mostly blue, and the sun is shining, but it seems it won't last beyond 9am. By midday it will be very cloudy, and there is a 90% chance of rain for the next 4 or 5 hours. Maybe as the last drops fall the temperature may have risen to 9° C. The wind isn't over yet. It seems fairly calm at the moment, and I think it was during the night, but the wind could be gusting to over 40mph by 1pm, and it will only start to get calm by 6pm. It won't actually get calm, even through the night, and tomorrow could see gusts of 40 mph or more. Tomorrow is currently predicted to be dull with quite a few showers, but at least the temperature might rise to 12° C.

  Yesterday was an "exciting" day. The excitement being Storm Eunice. It was indeed extremely windy. One of the first things I did after I had finished writing, and had had a shower, was to go to the little supermarket on Catford Bridge. Walking there was hard work because it was straight into the wind. It was both exhilarating, and unpleasant. After making my purchases I was close to blown home with that fierce wind on my back. There is more about the storm, with a few pictures, plus other stuff about my day, night, and this morning in my archive page for today.
Friday 18th February 2022
08:42 GMT

  Like the day before, yesterday started bright and cheerful, but the afternoon started duller, and by 1pm it was raining. The forecast said the rain would only last for an hour or two, but there seemed to be some light drizzle intermittently falling for a bit after that. It was supposed to brighten up an hour or two before sunset, but I seem to recall it still being quite dull. The temperature rose to 10° C from late morning, but I don't think it rose any higher.
lots of wind
  As can be seen from the screenshot above, the major feature today is very strong winds. By midday the wind gusts could hit 65 miles an hour, and a steady speed of 35 miles an hour. The Met Office have issued dire warnings of all sorts associated with these winds. At the moment the wind seems quite mild. The rain that was falling seems to have stopped now, and the sun seems to be trying to squeeze through the clouds - however, the latest revision the the forecast shows heavy rain and sunshine for 9am. Apart from a very grey sky around midday, the rest of the day could feature pure sunshine right up until sunset. Of course with strong winds the clouds could get moved and stirred up enough to make an accurate forecast impossible. One thing seems certain is that the temperature was at it's highest this morning at 10° C, and will probably slowly drop through the day to 4° C by 11pm. There will still be strong winds tomorrow, but not as strong as today, and the middle of the day may feature heavy rain. The temperature may be no more than 8° C - possibly after a frosty start.

  Yesterday was a quiet day compared to the day before. Apart from the beer session in the afternoon, that really ought to be called a beer tasting session, nothing of any great significance happened. I think "beer tasting session" is a more apt description because we didn't have any beer in large enough quantities to really knock it back in the quantities to enjoy it. This is just as well as some of the beers are tending towards the nasty, and a full pint would be too much. I have more to say about the beer tasting, plus several paragraphs about dreams, and why this morning has started with two disappointments in my archive page for today.
Thursday 17th February 2022
09:34 GMT

  It was bright and sunny yesterday morning, but we lost the sun soon after midday. There was the first taste of rain by 2pm. That was in the form of little more than a fine mist, but in anther hour or so we had first light and then heavy rain. The rain continued into the evening, but may have stopped by 8pm. It was very mild according to the thermometer, but it was quite windy, and that made 14 or 15° C still feel chilly.
a sunny morning
  Today has started off nice and bright, and it should stay this way until 1pm. 2pm and 3pm will feature rain, but after that there could be more sunshine. It will be a cool day with the temperature not going above 10° C, although having said that, it seems to be 10° C now, over an hour early. Maybe we will see 11 or even 12° C later. It is rare for the forecast to get the temperature wrong, but it does happen. (Of course the forecasts get everything else wrong quite frequently !).  The main feature tomorrow is an amber warning for strong winds. As well as any damage they may do, they will also blow away any warmth, and make the maximum of 10° C feel very chilly. There will probably be a fair bit of rain in the very early morning, but some of tomorrow could be sunny.

  I guess most of yesterday could be classified as a good day. The morning was bright and cheerful, although I did little more than get myself ready to go out to meet Angela. "Getting ready" involved the full shave, shampoo and shower. The first cracks in the goodness of the day came when I had barely got as far as the entrance to the park when the sun went in, and that was just about the last time it was seen yesterday. The rest of my narrative about yesterday, last night, and this morning, including pictures and a short video, can be seen on my archive page for today.
Wednesday 16th February 2022
07:52 GMT

  I was hoping that the sun might peep through the clouds for a bit yesterday morning, but sadly the weather forecast was correct. It was dull, and got duller still, and then it started to rain at around 10am. The rain continued on and off until gone sunset, and then there was even more from, or maybe even before 10pm. Some of the rain was semi-heavy, but most was only a bit heavier than drizzle. The temperature reached and stayed at 9° C all afternoon, but it still felt very cool.
potentially a warm day, or some of it
  I'm not sure if it has finished raining as I write this. It is certainly looking very damp outside, and the idea that the sun will break through the thick and grey looking clouds seems unlikely, but even the last revision still says that there will be sunny spells from 9am to 1pm. After that the sky gets very grey again, and the next rain may fall from 4pm for at least 4 hours. One more revision to the forecast confirms my gut feeling. It is now thought it will stay gloomy until midday when we will be treated to a couple of hours of sunny spells. In those sunny spells it might feel warm with 14° C expected, and 15° C possible for a single hour at 2pm. Tomorrow is forecast to be like early versions of the forecast for today - sunshine and sunny spells in the morning, and rain from late afternoon, but it will be several degrees cooler.

  Yesterday was one of those days that was good in the morning, and almost bad in the afternoon. Yesterday brought the nice phone call from Angela, and the delivery of my Nikon Coolpix S6300 camera. I have a bit more to say about that camera later. At not long gone 10am, and catching me unawares by being so early, the postman delivered two more of the packages I was expecting. Both were Jimi Hendrix themed t-shirts. The rest of this narrative, describing my day, my night, and the start of this morning, can be read in my archive page for today.
Tuesday 15th February 2022
08:08 GMT

  Yesterday was good for the garden, or to out it another way there was a fair bit of rain. The morning started bright and sunny, but I think the first rain fell before 1pm when it was predicted to start in the latest revision to the forecast. The rain then fell intermittently for most of the afternoon and into the evening. It was generally very light rain so it was hard to see when it started and stopped. The temperature probably reached the predicted 9° C for an hour or so, but an almost cold feeling 8° C was more typical.
dull with rain later
  The latest revision to the forecast puts the time of the first rain back to 11am, and from then on it will rain until sunset, and then again later in the evening. It looks like it will be a really duff day, but on the other hand the temperature may reach 9° C for most of the day. I expect it will still feel cold, but maybe I won't need quite as much heating on. Tomorrow may see rain in the early hours, and then again from late in the afternoon. The important hours from 12:30 to 14:30pm should be dry, and those hours will actually be warm-ish. 14° C, and maybe even a brief period of 15° C.
red sky this
  The red sky at 7:12am heralds a bad day, just as much as the gloomy weather forecast. Another look at the sky now, an hour later, suggests there is s slight possibility of a few rays from the sun wheedling their way through a few cracks in the clouds.

    Yesterday included some good and bad things. The bad thing was what the postman brought at approx 12:30. It wasn't a Valentines card, and nor was it any of the parcels I am waiting for. It was a letter from the taxman. That always brings a shiver of horrors, and this time was no exception. It seems my tax free allowance will be reduced a bit for the tax year starting this April, and presumably it has probably been carefully calculated to mop up the very small "pay rise" I will be getting - the net result being that this stingy government will not have to pay out a penny more. The "pay rise" is 3.1%, or just 5% of the rise in fuel prices. Other stuff happemed yesterday, and this morning. It is all described in my archive page for today.
Monday 14th February 2022
08:14 GMT

  Yesterday may have started off as not too bad, but there was no sunshine. From 1.30pm things got a lot worse. That is when it started to rain, and while the rain would stop occasionally, it was rarely longer than 20 minutes, and the rain continued into the early hours of this morning. The early evening temperature probably did reach to forecast 10° C but it was so grim outside that it made no impact.
bright morning
  This morning has started off nice and bright, and the sun is shining through my window as I write this. Unfortunately it won't last. The latest revision to the forecast shows light rain starting at 1pm, and while there may be an hours respite at 4pm, the rain will not finished until just after it gets dark tonight. The temperature will be mostly 7 or 8° C with possibly a brief rise to 9° C at 1pm (and 1pm only according to the latest revision to the forecast). Tomorrow may see a brief spike to 10° C, but from 8am to 2pm rain is expected, and most of it is predicted to be heavy rain.

    There is not a lot to say about yesterday. Apart from the afternoon beer session with Jodie, not a lot happened. Of course there was the little excitement in the morning, but that was all rather unpleasant, and I have already mentioned it yesterday. Once I had finished writing yesterday I washed my hair, and had a shower. After that I was doing little more than quietly reading, and waiting for Jodie to arrive in the afternoon. The rest of my day, night, and this morning, can be read about in my archive page for today.
Sunday 13th February 2022
09:10 GMT

  There was a lot of nice sunshine yesterday, but it was still bloody cold out. The temperature never went above 8° C, and 7° C was probably more typical. There was also a bit of a breeze that made it feel much cooler.
rain this afternoon
  Today will end up warmer than recently, but it comes at the price of rain, possibly heavy rain starting as early as 2pm, and continuing into early tomorrow morning. This morning it is dry, but quite grey. The morning has started at 7° C (by my thermometers), but could be 8° C by time I am writing this. By 6pm it could be 10° C. The early hours of tomorrow will feature rain, and after a dry period from 5am to midday, it will start to rain again for a few more hours. Of course the actual times when these things happen will probably be very different when tomorrow arrives, but this give a taste of what to expect. 

    I hadn't really intended to be so, but I was very busy yesterday. I did very little in the morning except start to feel a bit depressed. I was waiting for up to two things in the post, and neither came. One was the Nikon S6300 camera I ordered a week ago. It might come as parcel post, and be delivered any time in the morning, and maybe even in the afternoon. The other thing was more hoped for than expected, and it might have been a Valentines card, Today I feel a lot less optimistic about one arriving on Monday. In fact I think I now feel pessimistic about it. It was stupid to build up hope for something like that. The rest of yesterday's "news" can be read in my archive page for today. It contains the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, and dreaming, plus some unpleasant details about this morning, and not unpleasant details about plans for today.
Saturday 12th February 2022
08:50 GMT

  Most of yesterday was bright, but there were only sunny spells in the morning. It was a cold day. The day started with a frost, and then the temperature only managed to rise to 7° C.
mostly sunny
  The weather forecast may be a bit optimistic about the amount of sunshine we can expect today. At the moment we have had a few short sunny spells, and the cloud looks too thick for many, or any more.  The latest update still shows full sunshine for 11am and midday, but I don't feel quite as optimistic as that. 1pm and 2pm now show as just sunny spells. After that it will be just white cloud. It is going to be another very cool day. It was 4 or 5° C when I got up, and maybe we can look forward to a chilly 8° C this afternoon. Tomorrow is predicted to start cloudy, and the cloud will thicken through the day. There is a 60% chance of rain at 1pm, and from then until the end of the day the chance of rain goes up to 90% ! 

    Yesterday was one of those days where time seemed to fly by without the aid of any distractions. I did a few tangible things that passed some times, and the first of these was a shopping trip to Tesco. I seemed to spend a fair bit of money in Tesco, but two thirds of it was just lots of little things. A third of it was on a 3 pack of underpants. The silly thing is that I have loads of perfectly serviceable underpants, but I fancied a change, and I don't know why. The rest of yesterday is described in my archive page for today. It includes eating and sleeping, and dreaming - one of the dreams started getting a bit sexy - just as I woke up ! I also muse on my blood glucose today, and what I might do today.
Friday 11th February 2022
08:26 GMT

  Most of yesterday was brighter than some recent days, but it was only in the afternoon when the sun briefly broke through the clouds. It is somewhat ironic that it was just after sunset that the sky cleared. That allowed the temperature drop from the afternoon 8° C to under 2° C this morning.
blue skies and sunshine
  This morning the sky is a lovely blue colour, and it is well cold enough for frost. All my thermometers said it was a bit under 2° C. There should be sunshine or sunny spells for nearly all day, and that should drag the temperature up to a brief 8° C. Tomorrow may start at 5° C, but it could reach 8° C like today, but there may be hardly any sunshine to help it. Apart from one (unlikely) hour when there could be sunny spells, it will be a day dominated by a complete covering of white cloud. 

As I said yesterday morning, I wasn't really expecting anything to happen until yesterday afternoon. Apart from washing up a few items, sometimes as needed, and having a shower, nothing did happen. I took advantage of all that spare time to read some more from the current book I am reading, Isaac Asimov's "Nemesis". I have to admit it is one of his books that seems to being really slowly, and I am looking forward to when the chapters that set the background finish, and (hopefully) the action starts. I write a another sentence or two about the book, and show a picture of the cover, plus there is brief description of the afternoon's beer session, and the usual stuff about the rest of the day, and this morning - eating, sleeping, blood glucose checking, and ideas for today in my archive page for today.
Thursday 10th February 2022
08:56 GMT

  There were a couple of sunny spells in the morning, and two short ones in the early afternoon, but much of yesterday was rather gloomy. Sometime in the evening, although I suspect it was later than the forecast predicted (7pm) there was some rain.
mostly light cloud with some sunny spells
                          in the afternoon
  It is very cool, and a bit dull as I write this. The latest revision to the forecast shows sunny spells for 2, 3, and 4pm, but the rest of the day will just feature light cloud. The afternoon temperature should rise to a still rather cool 8° C. Tomorrow could start with a frost because of clear skies. Those clear skies could last all day, and give non stop sunshine, but will only raise the temperature to 7° C.

  The prime purpose of yesterday was to meet Angela at lunchtime for a drink, but it was also an opportunity to take my new Canon Ivy camera for another walk in the park. Sadly, my hopes for a bit of sunshine never happened, except just before, and just after being in the park, and in consequence I never got to take any great pictures. I still took half a dozen pictures that you can see on my archived page for today. It also includes a description of the pictures, my day, my disturbing dreams, and thoughts and plans this morning.
Wednesday 9th February 2022
08:58 GMT

  Few of the forecast sunny spells happened yesterday. There were some extended periods of sunshine at the start of the morning, but from 11am, maybe earlier, the sky turned grey, and stayed that way for the rest of the day. That was a pity because 13° C could have felt very nice in sunshine.
mostly grey
  The weather forecast for today describes yesterday quite well. I hope it is as wrong as it was yesterday, but in the opposite direction  - some of those grey hours turning to sunshine. The afternoon temperature should still reach 12° C, and could feel OK if the air is very calm. The latest revision to the forecast brings the evening rain forward to start at 5pm. Tomorrow is predicted to be much cooler, just 8° C in the afternoon, but after light cloud cover for most of the day, the sun could break through for the last few hours of daylight. Clear skies could mean the day after tomorrow will start with a frost.

  The most significant thing (although there were other significant things of almost the same importance) yesterday was that I finally got to do some exercise. I had a loose plan that I would get a train to either Clock House or New Beckenham stations, and then walk home. In the end I chose to go to New Beckenham station. When the walk to the station, was added to the walk from Beckenham Junction to home, the total distance was 4 miles. That was rather good considering I am out of practice, although I definitely felt it when I got home ! My full archive page for today includes the long description of the walk, plus a lot of pictures taken along the way. It also includes how I wrecked a run of low blood glucose readings, and my plans for today.
Tuesday 8th February 2022
08:20 GMT

  Yesterday morning was nice and sunny, but outdoors it still felt very chilly. By the afternoon it had warmed up to 9° C, and it didn't feel so bad. The sunshine/sunny spells continued beyond  the 1pm cut off in the forecasts, and the last sunny spells must have been around 3pm.
a sunny day (with luck)
  There is a mixture of clouds in the sky at the moment, but the sun is managing to squeeze a few rays through a gap as I write this. If the latest revision to the forecast turns out to match reality then there should be sunny spells for every hour of daylight except for 3pm. This morning I reckon it is closer to 9° C than the predicted 10° C. By 2pm it should be 13° C, and that could feel nice in the sunny spells, although the wind may be gusty enough to take the edge off it. Tomorrow could be nearly as warm, 12° C, but it may well be a grey day with rain after sunset.

  Yesterday was a successful day even if I didn't really achieve much. As I mentioned yesterday, one of the things I wanted to do yesterday was to go shopping in Tesco. It was useful on two counts. The most obvious was to buy new supplies of food. The less obvious was that it was a chance to "taste" the weather. It was bright, but it seemed to feel very chilly, and that put me off going for a walk in the park later. The rest of my day is described in my full archive page for today. It includes stuff about eating, and some good news about my blood glucose this morning.
Monday 7th February 2022
08:10 GMT

  After a rainy start to the day there was a lot more sunshine, in the form of sunny spells, than the forecast predicted. Unfortunately they didn't really extend into the afternoon. In early versions of the forecast there were sunny spells predicted for 4pm, and in later revisions to the forecast light showers were shown for 4pm. Neither happened - it was just the same as most of the afternoon - grey. The afternoon temperature reached the predicted 10° C, but any warmth was blown away by a really vicious wind.
a sunny start to today
  There is a clear sky right now, and I think we only missed a frost by the skin of our teeth. That clear sky will soon be giving bright sunshine (it is actually happening right now, but until the sun rises in the sky a bit more it is hidden behind the houses over the road). The latest revision shows the sunny spells (by 10am) to continue until 1pm now, and just like was predicted for yesterday (but they didn't happen) there will be sunny spells again at 4pm. The wind maybe a fair bit less gusty until much later in the evening, and the afternoon temperature of just 9° C may not feel too bad. The current prediction for tomorrow shows sunny spells from late morning, and continuing right through to sunset. The afternoon temperature is predicted to be 12° C. That could be t-shirt weather if the wind is not too bad.

  I didn't seem to have that much to say about the day before yesterday, and I haven't got a lot to say about the morning, and half the afternoon yesterday. Apart from writing yesterday's diary/blog/thing, and having a good scrub under the shower, and washing my hair, I mainly rested until it was time to go out. Going out was a bit touch and go, as I explain in my full archive page for today, but I did get out to a gig, and I took some pretty fair photos. There is even a video if your web browser can play it (some can't).  I also include some other stuff about yesterday, last night and this morning.
Sunday 6th February 2022
09:18 GMT

  Once again the forecast underestimated the amount of sunshine or sunny spells yesterday. The forecast got the morning right, but the sunny spells, quite long sunny spells, continued well past 2pm when they were supposed to finish. The temperature reached 10° C, as forecast, and the rain started around 9pm, also as forecast.
a very wet start
  The morning started with a lot of rain, although in fact it had probably been raining all through the early hours of the morning. It seems to have stopped now, and the sun is shining. The latest revision of the forecast says nothing about any sunshine this morning, and actually shows more light rain for 10am. 11am is shown as very dull, but maybe the early version showing sunny spells will turn out to be correct. The afternoon temperature should be 10° C, and if, as I hope, there is a bit more sunshine than the sunny spells shown for 4pm, it might be a nice afternoon. Tomorrow will probably start almost cold enough for a frost, but it will warm up, and there should be plenty of sunshine, or sunny spells until heavy clouds arrive at sunset.
Update: 10am approaches, and it is raining again.

  I don't seem to have that much to say about yesterday. The one thing I did do was to finish the laundry I had left soaking since the previous morning. I didn't feel ready to do it until gone midday, and maybe it was gone 1pm. A consequence of this was that I couldn't use the bath for a shower until my big buckets of hand worked laundry were out of the bath. It seemed so late when the bath was free that I just couldn't be bothered. That had some impact on my original intention to try and get to a gig last night, but it turned out there was better stuff to do last night. Read all about my day, my night, my eating and sleeping, and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 5th February 2022
10:15 GMT

  On the whole, the weather forecast for yesterday was wrong. The morning rain was generally light rain, and not heavy rain. The rest of the day featured far more sunny spells that the few that were forecast. The forecast did get the temperature about right. In the afternoon it hit 7° C, but there was also a fair bit of wind, and it felt very chilly.
a sunny morning
  The most recent revision to the forecast doesn't really change anything to the earlier version in the screenshot above. As I write this it is cold, but gloriously sunny. At sunrise the temperature was in the region of 3° C, and we probably just escaped a frost. This afternoon the temperature should reach 10° C, and if it is not too windy that may feel OK - particularly if the sunshine or sunny spells continue beyond 1pm. The early hours of tomorrow morning may well feature a lot of rain, but that should finish by 10am. The rest of the day should feature light cloud with a few sunny spells. Like today, the temperature should reach 10° C.

  Yesterday was one of those days where I seemed to be very busy doing nothing. I started to wash some stuff, and left it soaking in detergent. It is still there, all cold and nasty this morning. I seemed to spend nearly all day just reading or on the internet. I have a few dubious downloads to show for it, but nothing else. I say far more about my dreams, and what I ate in my full archive page for today. it also includes a few guesses at what I might do today.
Friday 4th February 2022
09:37 GMT

  The weather forecast painted a very dull picture for yesterday, and it was almost right, but there were a few times when the sun managed to peep out from behind the thick clouds. The temperature reached 11° C, but there was enough wind to make it feel rather chilly outdoors. Oddly enough, it often felt a bit cool indoors too. However the temperature stayed up to 9° C all night.
a rainy start to the day
  It was 10° C when I got up at just gone 7am, but now the temperature is falling, and falling fast. My thermometers agree with the forecast at just 5° C. The garden has definitely had a good watering, but I wouldn't say there were three hours of heavy rain as shown in the forecast above. The latest update still shows the last rain for 10am, but it has only been a bit of light drizzle for the last half hour or so. The temperature should start to rise again soon, but only to 7° C. The latest revision to the forecast now shows sunny spells from 2pm until sunset. The clouds should clear during the night, and tomorrow morning might be cold enough for a light frost. There should be sunny spells for a few hours in the morning, but light cloud will dominate much of the daylight hours tomorrow.

  Yesterday morning I suggested that the only thing happening yesterday would be the traditional Thursday afternoon beer session, but there was something else I was thinking about possibly even while still in bed. It was to give the kitchen surfaces a good clean with bleach, and get rid of the mouse droppings behind stuff on the counter top. That was very successful, and I did it faster than anticipated. I write more about that, and the afternoon beer drinking/tasting session in my full archive page for today. As usual it included stuff about eating, sleeping, plus thoughts and plans this morning.
Thursday 3rd February 2022
09:18 GMT

  The weather was both better and worse than the weather forecast. The forecast under estimated the amount of sun in the morning, and showed the sunny spells finishing by 2pm. In the real world the sun was shining non stop for a few hours after sunrise, and then there was an occasional long spell, maybe 20 minutes, with no sun at all, but almost right up to sunset there were long sunny spells. It was another mild day with the temperature rising to 12° C.
a mix of dull and even duller skies
  The latest revision to the forecast makes no great changes to the earlier version in the screenshot above. It promises to be a very gloomy day, except reality may have a different idea about it. There are currently some dark clouds in the sky, but there are also some small patches of blue to be seen. The sun was just on the periphery of one of them just now, and we had some weak sunshine escaping from it. With luck we may get a few more brief sunny spells today. It is going to be another almost mild day with the temperature reaching 10° C. Tomorrow afternoon could be just 6° C. The morning may be very wet, and the afternoon feature a lot of sunny spells.

  There were two things I did yesterday that were combined into one. The first was to take my Olympus X42 pocket sized camera for a walk in the park, and the walk in the park was to get me to The Jolly Farmers to have a drink with Angela. Both were pleasant, or very pleasant. It has been a long time since I tried that camera out, or at least outside rather than indoors or maybe in the garden. I was quite pleased at how well it worked under some testing conditions. I have included some pictures, along with a fuller description of my day, night and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 2nd February 2022
08:42 GMT

  The weather forecast for yesterday, and each revision of it that I checked up to 3pm, said that it was going to be a cloudy day with no sign of any sunshine. It also said it would be very mild with an afternoon temperature of 12 or even 13° C. They got the temperature right, but it was actually a very sunny day. There were long periods of straight sunshine, and even when it was just sunny spells they were very long ones with short periods of time when the sun ducked behind a small cloud.
the most important hours of the day
                          should feature sunshine
  The temperature should reach 12° C again today, but maybe no more than that. The latest revision to the forecast has changed 9am from dark cloud to light cloud, although what I can see through my window suggests this very long sunny spell will continue for some time yet. Sunny spells are forecast to resume at 10am, and finish again after 2pm, but 11am and midday could feature full sunshine instead of sunny spells. There could be some heavy cloud tonight, and that will help keep the temperature up during the night. Tomorrow could feature mostly dark clouds with a 10% chance of rain at any time, and the temperature will range from 8 to 10° C.

  I can account for all of yesterday morning by just describing two things - both already described yesterday. They were a shopping trip to Poundland, and then writing yesterdays diary (or blog, or whatever you want to call this scribble). I shouldn't need to mention it, but a little time was taken up having a shower, drying myself, and getting dressed to go shopping. The rest of my day, such as it was, is described in my full archive page for today. It also includes eating and sleeping, plus my simple plans for today.
Tuesday 1st February 2022
11:08 GMT

  Yesterday was gloriously sunny again, but there was a strong wind that felt like it was blowing from the Arctic. It made even the brief hour at 8° C feel really chilly.
a grey day, or maybe not
  There are quite a few clouds in the sky, but contrary to the miserable weather forecast, and even the latest revision of it, there have been sunny spells, or sunny periods, or almost not stop sunshine since sunrise. I would think it should continue until at least midday. It wasn't a very cold morning, and by 1pm it may hit 12° C. Much of tomorrow should be 10° C, and the afternoon should reach 12° C. There may be sunshine in the morning, but at the moment it looks like the afternoon will feature a full cover of white clouds.

   I am not sure how yesterday was supposed to work out, but whatever it was, reality was different, and not in a good way. That's not to say any more than a tiny part of the day was awful. Most of it, apart from the "excitement" of shopping in Aldi, and using my Tesco credit card to pay for it for the first time ever, was rather dull. My day, including the awful bit in the evening, is described in my full archive page for today. It also describes a nocturnal incoming phone call, and what I have been doing this morning.