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My Diary/Blog For the Month of January 2022

Monday 31st January 2022
10:40 GMT

  Yesterday was gloriously sunny, and with hardly any wind it didn't feel particularly cold despite an afternoon temperature of only 6° C.
sunny but a very chilly wind
  Today could be as nice as yesterday, or even nicer considering the afternoon temperature could hit 8° C briefly, according to the latest revision, but at least this morning there is a viciously cold wind that gets into, and chills every crevice ! If it is as windy this afternoon it will still feel bloody chilly to anyone who ventures outside in anything less than full Arctic clothing. Tomorrow clouds take over again giving both light and dark clouds at different times, but the temperature could reach 12 or even 13° C.

  The important thing about yesterday was that with hardly any wind there was less wind chill, and in the sunshine even 4° C didn't feel that awful. I was so slow getting ready that it was gone 1pm before I finally went out, and by then the temperature may have been approaching 6° C. Something, maybe some weird supernatural sixth sense, made me think I could get away with a slightly light coat, and I didn't even do the front of it up. I was feeling very comfortable warm before I had even walked a quarter of a mile. I have written more about this walk, and show some of the better pictures I took in my full archive page for today. It also includes stuff about eating, sleeping, and what I have done, and what I might do today.
Sunday 30th January 2022
10:09 GMT

  There was more sunshine than any revision of the forecast said there would be yesterday. There were still odd times when the sun disappeared behind a very dark and threatening sky, but just as it looked as if the heavens would open the sun came out again. It was surprisingly mild yesterday - according to the thermometer, but it didn't seem to feel anything like the 13° C forecast. I have a picture further down the page that shows what the sky looked like just before sunset.
a bright sunny day, although rather cool
  The weather forecast got off to a bad start this morning. The temperature was not 4° C, but 2° C, and it was very frosty. However, the prediction of a sunny morning was spot on, and the latest revision says the sunshine will continue right up to sunset now. It still says that it will only reach 7° C today, although maybe that might not feel too bad in direct sunshine, but it all depends on how the wind feels. Tomorrow may not start so cold, but the afternoon high may be no more than today. It should get off to good sunny start, but the current prediction says the sun will be clouded out by 2pm, but that could change in either direction when tomorrow arrives.

   I guess I will have to admit that I wasted the sunshine and 13° C yesterday. I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to go out, or to do all that much indoors. Maybe the reason for not doing much indoors in the afternoon was the result of going out for a bit of shopping around midday. I guess I had already decided I wouldn't go further than the shops before I went to the shop - the little supermarket on Catford Bridge. You can read how the day developed in my full archive page for today. It also includes some descriptions of dinner, the evening, my sleep, plus thoughts and stuff this morning.
Saturday 29th January 2022
09:03 GMT

  Yesterday morning started dull, but by 11am the sun broke through the clouds to give a day featuring some long spells of sunshine, and some shorter spells. The temperature rose to 9° C, and possibly 10° C. Thicker cloud after sunset "sealed" the warmth in to give an almost warm start to today.
only a sunny start today
  It was good to wake up with the temperature between 10 and 11° C, and there has even been some sunshine, but it is quite cloudy. The latest revision to the forecast has removed the sunny spells shown on the screenshot above. It should still make 13° C today, and although some cloud could look very dark, there is only a 10% chance of any rain. Tomorrow could feature a lot more sunshine, but it will be a very cold day.

  It's lucky I had no special plans for yesterday because the days turned out different to how I might have even imagined. It was not a very dynamic day, but I did do all the piled up washing up. That included cleaning and polishing all the beer and other glasses that I just left on the dining room table after the Thursday beer session. I also hammered in a stake to help keep my new bird feeder upright. While in the garden I also pointed the new solar powered spotlamps down toward the ground so they didn't shine up at the neighbours back upstairs windows. The rest of my day, including stuff about eating and sleeping, plus notes and speculations this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 28th January 2022
08:27 GMT

  The weather forecast insisted there would be sunshine yesterday, and there was. The first sunny spells may have been soon after midday. By 2pm the sky was mostly clear, and the sunshine mostly continuous.  That drove the temperature up to 12° C for a while, and it felt mild enough to leave the kitchen window open to air the room for an hour or two.
another day featuring sunshine
  The latest revision to the forecast says there will be sunny spells, and even non stop sunshine at some random hours today. The first sunny spells should be in the next hour, but the sky looks a bit too cloudy for that, and a pink sunrise predicts bad weather for today. With luck the sunny spells will start before the morning is over. Today will be cooler than yesterday. The best we can hope for is a rather cool feeling 9° C. Tomorrow may be dry, but it will mostly be very murky. In compensation the temperature could rise to 13° C.

   I had a moderately active day yesterday. I wrote yesterday that I was out to collect my latest repeat prescription from the pharmacy. It was all complete when I got there, but it did seem to take a minute or so to find it. After that, and after writing yesterday's stuff, I slipped into lazy mode for a while, but not for all that long. What happened next, and for the rest of the day, night, and this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 27th January 2022
09:53 GMT

  Some sunshine was promised for yesterday, but each revision of the forecast kept showing the sunshine appearing later in the day. The early version said 9am,reality said about 1.30pm ! The sunshine and sunny spells only lasted a couple of hours, but it was very welcome after so many dark and gloomy days. Even the temperature perked up. 7° C was forecast for the afternoon, but it may have briefly hit 8° C. It still felt cold though.
maybe another sunny afternoon
  It is very dull right now, but it is around 8° C. It feels no warmer than yesterday, but it might warm up to 11° C this afternoon. The latest revision to the forecast moves the first sunny spells to 1pm, and from 2pm it will be full sunshine until sunset. It feels encouraging that the latest revision has moved the first sunshine earlier instead of later. With luck it will be mis-timed to the same extent as yesterday, but in the better direction. Tomorrow could start very cold because of clear skies that will bring sunshine from sunrise. There won't be sunshine all day tomorrow, but the current prediction is for a few sunny spells in the afternoon. The temperature may be a little cooler - just  9° C.

   Yesterday was a good day, albeit with a few negative aspects. One strong negative aspect was the gloomy morning, and the long wait until the sun finally broke through. The other negative aspect was that I didn't feel all that great. Too many days of laying on my bed reading left lots of muscles and joints feeling rusty. When I went out it felt like it would be an almost painful walk to the pub. The rest of the story, and other stuff from yesterday, last night, through the night, and this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 26th January 2022
09:14 GMT

  Yesterday can be described quite simply as cold and dull. The sun never appeared, and the temperature was little more than 4° C.
maybe some sunshine today
  The latest revision to the forecast has put back the first sunny spell to 11am, and I have a dark feeling that with subsequent revisions the time will keep being put back later and later until if there is a break in the clouds it will be after sunset. The only very small hope at the moment is that the clouds are currently lighter than yesterday, and while it is still rather dull, at least it is not gloomy like yesterday. Maybe it will rely on the sun breaking through, but today could see the temperature rise to 7° C. That is still cold, but not as cold as yesterday. Tomorrow may start dull, and even gloomy for a while, but the sun may break through by 2pm, and the temperature could rise to 11° C.

   I felt very depressed yesterday, and that made me feel "off colour" physically. If you asked me why I felt off colour all I could say was "assorted aches". No ache was particularly significant, and all were far from painful, but together they added up to not much, but enough to not like. I did do one thing that takes a few short paragraphs to describe in my full archive page for today. It also includes the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, and plans for today.
Tuesday 25th January 2022
08:37 GMT

  I think it was at least a degree warmer than the 4° C forecast for yesterday, but 4 or 5° C is still bloody chilly ! The forecast was 100% correct when it said there wouldn't be a dingle ray of sunshine yesterday. It was very dull all day.
another very grey day
  The forecast for today is uncannily like that for yesterday, and even the day before. It will be very dull and gloomy all day. The latest revision says that 9 and 10am will feature lighter cloud, but there is not a hint of that happening yet. It is currently dull enough outside that it could be called twilight ! There is a 10% chance of rain at any time again. A brief splash of rain might be good for the garden, but I wouldn't really want to make a depressing day even more depressing. The top temperature today should be right now, and it should be 4° C, and that is close to being right. However I suspect there is no wind at the moment, and so the air is not being stirred up. According to my thermometers the air is a while degree warmer about 12 to 15ft off the ground. Tomorrow may see 6° C, but otherwise it will probably be the same as today.

   Apart from doing one thing, that took a little physical effort, I was mostly very sedentary yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday morning, I wasn't feeling all that good yesterday. Some of it was the lack of sleep after a bad night, and some was just the depressing grey sky outside. Maybe there were other things, but basically I just felt like resting a lot. Everything I did yesterday, including eating, plus how I slept, and how I feel this morning, is described on my full archive page for today.
Monday 24th January 2022
09:57 GMT

  The weather forecast was very close to being correct yesterday. It got the gloomy skies all day spot on, but it may have stumbled on the temperature prediction. The forecast said it would be a very constant 6° C almost all day, but three of my outside thermometers said the temperature was between 8 and 9° C in the afternoon.
another very grey day
  As I write this my outside thermometers are reading 5.3, 6.1, 6.8 and 6.9° C. I doubt the calibration on any of them is that good, but they hint very strongly that the forecast 4° C is too low. Some of the discrepancy between the reading can be explained by the placing of the outside sensors. The 6.8 and 6.9° C readings were from sensors that are high up (maybe 12ft off the ground). The 5.3° C is at chest height, and almost in the garden. While the 6.1° C is outside my bedroom window on the south side of the house. It is just possible that some infra red heat radiation is getting through the thick clouds from the sun. Those thick clouds are the more important weather feature today. Like yesterday, it is going to be very dull all day, and there is a small, 10%, chance of rain at any time. Tomorrow is currently predicted to be almost like today, but the morning temperature could be low enough for a frost.

   I don't have a lot to say about most of yesterday. The most exciting thing I did in the morning was to wash my hair. A bit later on I got all my computer stuff off the dining room table. I then cleaned the table top and then washed and polished the glasses for another beer session with Jodie. She was joined by Alan for the last three quarters of an hour. The rest of my day, and the rest of the beer drinking session, plus details of a dream during an awful night's sleep, plus plans and thoughts this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 23rd January 2022
10:04 GMT

  The weather forecast kept being revised yesterday, and each change put the expected sunshine later and later. It would be charitable to say that I remember a few rays of sunshine sometime before the morning ended, but 99% of the day featured the same grey sky. It was a most depressing day. The temperature did seem to reach the predicted 7° C, but it still felt cold.
another very grey day
  The peculiar thing about the early morning weather forecast for today is that the BBC said it would start cooler, and then get warmer than the almost constant 6° C predicted by The Met Office. The BBC predict light cloud, and The Met Office predict mostly mid grey cloud. The latest revisions to these forecast now give the BBC predicting a constant 6° C, but the Met Office say it will be 7° C from now until sunset. Both say no rain, but the Met Office's 10% chance is higher than The BBC who says just 1 or 2%. Tomorrow may be very cold, just 3 or 4° C, and it may be very grey. Both tomorrow and the day after will be very cold, and there will be a lot of heavy cloud. The chances of rain are still shown as just 10%, but if it should rain I think it could fall as sleet or snow.

   Once again I seem to have little to write about yesterday. The very dull weather didn't inspire to do much - either outdoors or indoors. I hardly did anything in the morning, but just before midday I went out to get a bit of shopping in Tesco. I was mainly after topping up my soup stocks, but I also fancied something nice. With my blood glucose so low (or normal) I thought I at least deserved a packet of crisps. I did have some crisps, but much later in the day. On the whole, I didn't enjoy a lot of what I ate yesterday. I write more about it, plus other stuff from the day, the night, and this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 22nd January 2022
08:30 GMT

  Yesterday was supposed to be nice and bright, but it seemed like the last of the sunshine ended around midday, and the afternoon was mostly dull. It was definitely a cold day. The temperature only reached 6° C, and it seemed to be hard to get my bedroom, and dining room up to a comfortable temperature.
cold morning, but not quite cold enough
                          for a frost
  This morning we missed a frost by only a degree or so. At the moment there is supposed to be just light cloud, but the sky still looks very grey, and the chances of the sun breaking through by 9am look slim in the extreme. The latest revision to the forecast has already started retreating from the early forecast. The sun shown for 9am in the screenshot above has been replaced by just sunny spells, and I have a strong suspicion that the sunny spells will be put back to 10am in the next revision when they don't happen at 9am. If we do get the forecast sunshine it will still probably end at midday, and then there may be a few hours of thin cloud until that cloud thickens and darkens at 3pm. No rain is specifically forecast for today, but there remains a 10% chance from 2pm (according to the latest revision. The afternoon temperature could make 7° C. Tomorrow is currently shown as overcast all day. The temperature will be 6° C almost all day except for some of the afternoon when it will be 7° C.

   Yesterday was a very unexciting day, but most of it wasn't boring. I didn't really do much until just after midday when I went out to do some shopping in the little multicultural supermarket on Catford Bridge, and also in Poundstretcher. My principal purchases from the little supermarket were garlic sausage, and more instant noodles. I bought two lots of garlic sausage. One of them was an extra strong version that is for Michael (and I hope he uses it all up before coming round for a beer session on Thursday !). My full archive page for today tells the continuing story of yesterday, plus the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, a pleasant surprise this morning, and my non existent plans for today.
Friday 21st January 2022
08:09 GMT

  Yesterday was another day that featured blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and frost ! The frost took a fair time to melt, and in the shadows it probably didn't melt until at least 10am. The temperature rose to about 5° C by midday, but stuck there until it started to fall around sunset.
very chilly, but bright and sunny
  Sometimes it may be just sunny spells, but once again the day should be nice and bright, and bloody cold. My thermometers agreed it was bloody cold just now. One said minus 0.5° C, and the other said plus 0.3° C. The temperature could rise to 6° C, which is a degree better than yesterday. This evening thick cloud will stop the temperature falling very far. About this time tomorrow morning it may be 4° C, and by 1pm it should make 6° C. It seems unlikely we will see any sunshine tomorrow, and there is a 10% of rain through the whole day. That might mean at least one shower.

   I started writing so late yesterday that I covered all my morning activities yesterday, and I now resume from the afternoon. Only one thing happened in the afternoon, and that was a beer session with Jodie and Michael. Michael was in fine form moaning about this that and the other. He was very much cheered when I plugged in my amplifiers to his mobile phone. He then played us a several songs he really liked, and which had zero impact on Jodie and me ! The rest of the story of yesterday, last night, and this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 20th January 2022
11:52 GMT

  The weather drifted away from the forecast rather sharply yesterday afternoon. The morning, and later in the afternoon featured sunny spells, but between 1pm and 2pm there was quite heavy rain. Fortunately I was under cover, in a pub, and only realised it when I came out to find the road wet with puddles. By 2pm the temperature had slowly risen to 9° C, and while I wouldn't go as far as to say it was mild, it was noticeably not bloody chilly !
very chilly, but bright and sunny
  It was cold enough for a frost that took until 9am to thaw - except where the full power of the sun fell on it. With the sun very low in the sky there were, and still are plenty of dark shadows, but the sky is a brilliant blue, and the sun will shine all day. Sadly the temperature may only reach 5° C today. Tomorrow should also feature sunshine from dawn to dusk, but the morning will start even colder, although the temperature may peak at 6° C for just one hour at 3pm.

  The main thing yesterday was going to meet Angela for a drink at lunchtime. I left home at about 12.30. That was almost as late as I dare leave it in the hope the postman might arrive before then with a small packet for me. Unfortunately he came later, and and that meant some exercise this morning to collect it from the sorting office. However, it was still early enough to not have to rush to the pub, and to go via the cash machine by the hospital, and several squirrels ! The longer version of yesterday, with pictures, plus last night, and this morning, also including pictures, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 19th January 2022
08:52 GMT

  The weather was better than the revised forecast for yesterday. It was actually more like the early morning forecast said it would be. In reality there was plenty of sunshine, sometimes as sunny spells, right up to sunset with just one time, around 2pm, when it did get very gloomy for 30 minutes. It was still a very cool day with the afternoon temperature only reaching 7° C.
a fair bit of
  The latest revision to the forecast has moved the sunny spells for 11am to 10am, and now there is a gap of 3 hours before the sun comes out again at 2pm. With luck it will turn out closer to yesterday which was sunny almost all day.  This afternoon the temperature should reach 9° C - which may feel almost OK when in the sun. Clear skies tomorrow will bring non stop sunshine, but the maximum temperature may only be 4° C !

   Yesterday felt like it was a good day. I was productive enough to believe that, although I will admit I also enjoyed a lot of laziness. The fact that it was mostly a sunny day helped a lot, although being a very cold sunny day it didn't lure me to do anything outdoors except a brief shopping trip. I write more about my shopping trip, plus everything else I did yesterday, my poor sleep, and all that has happened so far this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 18th January 2022
08:22 GMT

  The weather was very good, but also bad yesterday. The good was that it was sunny all day, but the bad was that it was a very cold day. The temperature peaked in the early afternoon at 7° C, but it was just 2 or 3° C at the ends of the day.
a bright and
                        sunny start to the day
  Last nights weather forecast for today warned of freezing fog, but today has dawned bright and clear.  The latest revision to the forecast shows the last sunny spells at 1pm, and after that it will be mostly bright, but no sunshine. It will also be as cold as cold as yesterday with a mid afternoon high of 7° C. As I write this there is a thick frost, and the temperature is minus 1.1° C ! Tomorrow may start at 6° C, but it will be grey until 2pm when there will be sunny spells until sunset. At that time the temperature could be 9° C.

  Yesterday's glorious sunshine should have inspired me to do something or another, but I actually had a mostly lazy day. Maybe going out shopping in Aldi in the morning drained any desire to do anything physical, but there was more to it than that. The problem was that I didn't feel good, and the problem with that is that I think it was just imagination. It's all terribly complicated. I felt fine when I was out shopping, and then one of three things, or possibly a combination of things conspired to reduce my feeling of well being. I do my best to describe these things, and also the rest of my day, my night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Monday 17th January 2022
10:03 GMT

  The weather forecast for yesterday got the temperature about right, 9° C, but the rest of it was quite wrong.  The morning was indeed very dull, but the sun broke through the clouds earlier than midday, and there were sunny spells almost right through to sunset. There was very little wind, and that 9° C felt OK to work in the garden.
sunny but cold
  The latest revision to the forecast doesn't change a thing to the early forecast in the screenshot above. Today started very cold, cold enough for a frost, and the best we can hope for is 7° C this afternoon. However there should be non stop sunshine until sunset, and the sky will stay clear after that leading to the temperature dropping very low by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning will start with a freezing fog ! There may be some sunny spells from late morning, but it will be as cold as today.

   Yesterday turned out to be different to anything I could have imagined. Before doing anything I sent Jodie a text message to ask if she was coming over for a beer in the afternoon. She replied to remind me that she was having a dirty weekend in Brighton, although the words "dirty weekend" are mine, and probably not right.....but you never know ! At that point there was only one thing I thought I might do, and that was to hand wash a large bath towel. I did much more than this, and I describe it, with pictures, in my full archive page for today. It also includes stuff about this morning, and what I might do today.
Sunday 16th January 2022
08:49 GMT

  Yesterday was mostly horrible, but not entirely horrible. As the morning mist and fog lifted the sun broke through for 10 minutes or so. After that the day was horrible ! The cloud cover ranged from light to dark in some random pattern, and I think there may have been a brief bit of drizzle at some point. There was evidence of some rain during the hours of darkness. I think the temperature may have hit the forecast 7° C for a brief time, but 6° C or less is more representative of the day.
dull and damp
  The forecast has been revised since taking the screenshot above. It now admits that the clouds are a dirty grey now, and have been since sunrise. Those clouds should be turning almost white soon, and stay like through the day. However 2 and 3pm are now shows as featuring sunny spells (but none for midday and 1pm now). This morning the temperature is an almost, but not mild 6° C, but it could rise to 9° C for a few hours this afternoon. It looks like it will be an almost mild night, but the temperature may drop to just 3° C by 9am tomorrow morning. From 9am the sun may come out, and stay out all day. That will take the temperature up to 6 or 7° C until it starts to plunge down cold enough for frost, and a freezing fog the morning after.

   It feels like yesterday was a successful day, and yet not a lot happened. Two important things did happen, and I'll describe those soon. I was very lazy for a lot of the day. The big problem was that I wasn't feeling good, and I don't know if it was physical or mental. In all likelihoods it was a mix of both, with each aiding the other in a negative direction. It didn't feel like I had slept well the night before, and yet in all the opportunities I had to have a snooze, I hardly snoozed at all. The long version of this, with lots of added stuff about the day, last night, and this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 15th January 2022
08:51 GMT

  It was gloriously sunny yesterday, but it was still very cold - particularly in the shade, such as my back garden at this time of year. There was still frost on the grass (and weeds) at 1pm ! Behind glass, such as my bedroom windows, that sun was lovely and warm, but outside the air temperature struggled to reach 6° C, and the ends of the day were a lot colder.
misty start
  The day certainly started foggy, but by now I think I could only describe it as mist. The temperature at the moment, based upon an average of my outdoor thermometers is 4° C, and that would seem to be an hour earlier than predicted. A day or two ago the forecasts were saying it might be sunny after the mist or fog had lifted, but this morning, the early and later revision is pretty sure that the mists will be followed by thick dark clouds all day. There is a 10% chance of rain at any time, and I think there may well be some light drizzle now and then to top up all the dripping condensation from the mist and fog. Add the temperature being no more than 6° C, and it seems it is going to be a pretty miserable day. Tomorrow could hardly be worse, and fortunately it won't be. The clouds will still cover the sky all day, but they will probably be much lighter in colour, and the temperature should reach 9° C.

   I achieved two useful things yesterday, although I will admit I had a mostly very lazy day. I wasn't feeling all that good after my bad sleep, and maybe I had a mild touch of Covid, although 3 years ago I would have described it more like man-'flu. I felt tired, unmotivated, and a few joints ached like they would with 'flu, but these days don't need anything more than a cold damp day to ache regardless of anything else. To read what I did do yesterday you can read my full archive page for today. It also includes details pf a dream last night, and what I might do on this grim looking day.
Friday 14th January 2022
10:00 GMT

  The weather continued to be cold and sunny yesterday. I'm not so sure the sunshine made it all the way through to sunset, but on the other hand I do remember that the sky was clear as the sun set. It wasn't a dramatic sunset, or if it was I must have missed the best bit. All I saw was a sort of pinky orange haze just above the horizon. The peak afternoon temperature was forecast to be a brief 8° C, but I have a feeling it didn't quite make 7° C.
very frosty
                        morning, but another day of sunshine
  This run of cold but sunny days continues today. There is still a thick frost outside, and while the forecast says 2° C, my garden thermometer says it is just ½° C right now. The latest revision predicts the temperature should rise to  6° C by 3pm. Soon after that it will start to fall, and tomorrow may start with a frost again, and possibly freezing fog in the early hours of the morning too ! Any fog or mist will probably have gone by sunrise, and then the day will be just cold, and mostly dull, although there could be a couple of sunny spells in the late morning.

   Apart from doing a bit of tidying up, not much happened yesterday until Michael, and then Jodie turned up for our beer drinking session. I worked out a new scheme for these sessions. Michael is really a lager drinker, and doesn't care for some of the exotic beers Jodie likes, and so I now offer him some basic lager, and he just has a small splash of the exotic beers so he can say he has tasted them. That leaves a bit more of the exotic stuff for me and Jodie - which isn't always a good idea. I try to say why in my full archive page for today. It also includes what happened after Jodie and Michael left, and what I bad sleep I had. I also mention a couple of ideas of what I might do for some of today.
Thursday 13th January 2022
08:23 GMT

  It was lovely and sunny yesterday, but it was also very cold. The afternoon temperature may not have quite reached the forecast temperature of 7° C, but it is safe to say it was 6° C. There wasn't much wind so at least there was no wind chill.
sunny, but very
                        frosty morning
  There certainly is a thick frost this morning thanks to a clear sky last night. The sky should remain clear all day, and the resulting sunshine should warm things up to 7° C. It is a shame that the sun is so low in the sky, and carries so little heat at this time of the year. Tomorrow will feature freezing fog before sunrise, and maybe just mist after sunrise. The mist is not expected to lift until later morning, but once it does it should be another cold sunny day.

   Yesterday was a good day. The sunshine made it more cheerful, but I still had to wrap up warm to go out. I achieved my aim to go out early enough to take a very leisurely walk through the park so I could take some photos along the way. The ultimate goal was to have a drink with Angela in the pub. I did indeed meet Angela in the pub, and I took some pictures on the way. You can see the picture, and read more about my day, night, eating. sleeping, and my thoughts and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 12th January 2022
08:49 GMT

  Once again, yesterday was a sunless day, but unlike the day before, it was a rather wet day. I don't think there was any heavy rain, and for a lot of the time, maybe most of the time from early afternoon until 9pm, it was just persistent very light drizzle. The only good thing was the temperature reaching 10° C, but that was only good for using less heating indoors. During the night the temperature fell enough for a frost this morning.
cold but bright
  There was a frost this morning, and that suggests the temperature was even lower than the 3° C shown for 8am above. The good news is that the latest revision to the forecast hasn't changed a thing. There should be glorious sunshine from dawn to dusk. The only catch is that the sun rose nearly an hour ago, but it is has yet to rise high enough to clear the roofs of the houses over the road. The highest temperature predicted for today is 8° C, but that may only be for a single hour. Behind glass, or under a dark coat, it could feel much warmer in the sunshine. Tomorrow could be a re-run of today, but the day after, Friday, could start with a freezing fog.

   I can't really say why, but yesterday almost felt like a busy day, although I was probably busy achieving nothing except eating naughty things. When I think back to yesterday I can't really remember doing anything "solid" until the afternoon, and yet I don't remember feeling bored. I think I spent a lot of the time just reading, and a lot of that was online rather from a book. What there is to describe of my day is described in my full archive page for today. I have also written a fair bit about my sleep and dream, and also about my plans for today.
Tuesday 11th January 2022
10:25 GMT

  There was no sunshine yesterday, but at least the clouds were a very light, almost white colour. The afternoon temperature didn't seem to rise above the forecast 7° C, but at least it was dry.
rain in the
  The weather forecast, shown in the screenshot above, has been revised a little since this morning. The first change is a prediction for mist at 11am. That seems almost possible - the air does seem to have a soft quality about it. The rain has now been pushed back to 1pm. Most of it will be light rain, but once it starts it will probably rain until 8pm, and maybe later. Some of it may be in the form of passing showers. It already feels mild now, and the temperature should reach 10° C for all the afternoon. Tomorrow should see the return of sunshine, but the temperature may only peak at 7° C.

   I didn't really expect it to be, but yesterday was a fairly productive day. The two most tangible things I did were two lots of laundry. The first was the larger amount - some underwear, a hand towel, and t-shirt. The second lot was an experiment that worked quite well. It was to wash two heavily stained tea towels. I say more about this, along with other stuff I did yesterday in my full archive page for today. As usual I also mention what I ate, and my resulting health this morning, plus stuff I have already done this morning.
Monday 10th January 2022
10:07 GMT

  The weather forecast for yesterday was a bit unsure as to when there would be sunshine, or sunny spells, or how long they might last. There were a few hours in the morning that featured non stop sunshine, but otherwise it was long sunny spells. If I remember correctly, they lasted for most of the day. The morning seemed to start 1° C lower than the forecast 4° C, and I tend to think the afternoon was a degree less than the predicted 7° C. It did seem to be a rather cool day. By midnight the temperature had fallen low enough for a frost on the cars outside.
a return to
                        cloudy skies
  After the frost in the night the temperature had risen to about 3° C at sunrise, and apparently it will continue to rise, even after sunset, to 8° C. Today we return to cloudy skies with a 10% chance of rain at most times today, but rising to 20% by 8pm, and rains seems very probable just before midnight. The cloud will be thicker tomorrow, and there could be a fair bit of rain, but it could also be 9° C - which will only be useful to slightly reduce my heating bill.

   Once again I didn't feel inclined to do that much yesterday, and I achieved very little. I did spent a little time doing some housekeeping on my main PC - backing up some files, and tidying the files system up a bit. I also managed to finish part one of the job I was doing in the dining room. All the rest is described in my full archive page for today. It also includes stuff about eating and sleeping, plus what I have done already, and what I may do today.
Sunday 9th January 2022
10:22 GMT

  Yesterday was awful, but it could have been worse. The forecast said heavy rain from morning through to sunset, but the rain didn't seem to be "heavy" at any time, and there were breaks when it was not raining, but the day could still be classified as bloody wet ! The only positive, albeit useless, was the afternoon temperature was 10° C, but it soon fell as the clouds finally started to thin.
a bright and
                        sunny day
  The weather has changed today to a bright sunny day....or maybe that should be morning, and not day. The latest revision has the sun giving up at midday, but it might breakthrough the clouds to give a few sunny spells at 2pm. The temperature dropped a lot once the sky became clear last night. Despite what the forecast may say, I don't think it has actually made it up to 4° C yet. The afternoon may be no more than 7° C. At least it will be dry today. The clouds return tomorrow - light cloud in the morning, and medium grey in the afternoon. The temperature should peak at about 9° C.

   I can't say that yesterday was a very productive day, but I think it was almost enjoyable. Any lack of enjoyment could only be guilt from being mostly lazy.  I am almost forgetting I was briefly busy when I went shopping in Poundstretcher early yesterday morning, but I wrote about that yesterday. There was one other thing I made a start on, and I describe that, and other stuff from the day, evening, night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 8th January 2022
10:16 GMT

  The weather forecast for yesterday was very close to being right. It only failed in a few small details. There was possibly more sunshine, and a few less sunny spells between sunrise and early afternoon. For some reason I think there was a light splash of rain sometime in the early evening that wasn't shown in the forecast. On the other hand, the sky must have been clear to allow the temperature to dip to just 1° C by 11pm. I did notice there was already a rime of frost on the cars outside as early as 9pm. The afternoon temperature was just 6° C - almost forgiveable in the sunshine.
a very wet day !
  The weather forecast doesn't tell the whole truth this morning. It has been raining since the early hours, but I wouldn't describe any of it as heavy rain - so far. It has been more like passing showers with as much as half an gaps in them.  The latest revision to the forecast hasn't changed the above screenshot much, but it has added rain for 6pm. The thick cloud is the result of warmer and wetter air coming out way, and it has made quite a change. At midnight it may have been as low as 0° C, is now 7 or 8° C, and it should reach 10° C by midday - not that it will do any good except lower my heating bill, but going out in it would be stupid unless you have a wet suit and water wings. Much of tomorrow could be sunny, and the temperature back to about 6° C in the afternoon.

   I predicted a few possibilities for yesterday, but also said I had doubts I would do anything (although maybe not using those exact words). My doubts were well founded - I did almost nothing all day (although for this argument I am counting quietly reading, book or online, as nothing). I did do some very light tidying up. I also had a long hard look at what I should do next to make further progress rehabilitating my dining room. I may have ended up doing little, but I seem to have written quite a few words about it, plus stuff about eating, dreams, things I have done this morning, a laughably bland few words about what I might do today, all in my full archive page for today.
Friday 7th January 2022
09:03 GMT

  Yesterday's sunny morning lasted longer than forecast, although it was often just sunny spells. By about 3.30pm the first rain fell, but it was very light. A few more very light passing showers continued until the rain really started in earnest at about 9pm - when it was originally forecast to end. I am sure there was more rain through the night. The morning was very cold - as low as minus 1.5°C at sunrise. From then on the temperature slowly rose until it was a still quite cold feeling 7° C for the rest of the day.
another bright
  Apart from the temperature at sunrise being higher, at about 3° C according to my reckoning, the forecast for today looks a lot like should have been forecast for yesterday - except for one important detail. No rain is forecast for late afternoon, and the sky will/might be clear giving rise to the temperature dropping to 3° C after 9pm. The afternoon high will only be 6° C. The temperature will probably fall to around 2° C in the early hours of tomorrow, but then the temperature will rise to 10° C by midday. This will be at the expense of it being a mostly wet and rainy day.

   I don't think I actually mentioned it yesterday morning, but I did my shopping in Tesco without wearing a face mask, and no one said anything, I didn't get lynched, and I noted that there were many people in there without a face mask - maybe something like 1 in 3. I'm never sure if it would be ethical to say I should be exempt. There are no published targets to say whether you are, or are not. I present several arguments for an against this in my full archive page for today. I also describe the afternoon beer session - which was better than expected (with photographic proof of it). As usual, it also contains some writings about food, digestion, and thoughts and plans this morning.
Thursday 6th January 2022
09:56 GMT

  It was most definitely bright and sunny yesterday, and most of the afternoon seemed to have almost continuous sunshine instead of sunny spells. Unfortunately it was freezing cold, although maybe not literally, but even 6° C feels bitter with a bit of light wind. After dark the temperature started to fall, and I think it got nearer zero by midnight than the forecast 3° C.
bright morning
  I almost agree with the forecast minus 1° C, but two of my thermometers said -1.5° C. There is some lovely sunshine this morning, and the latest revision to the forecast shows full sunshine at 11am, but it seems the clouds will quickly draw in after that, and initially cover the sky with white clouds. By 4pm the clouds will be thicker, and if there was any daylight left they would be medium dark grey. Rain may fall at 5pm, and continue until 9pn. Of course no forecast more than an hour or two ahead, and often not until after the event, can predict the exact timing of these things, although the temperature forecast is often correct even a few days ahead. Today, once the thick frost has gone, the temperature will soar (!) to 7° C. Tomorrow should see thin enough cloud for some more sunshine in the morning, but the highest temperature may be no more than 4° C.

   Yesterday was basically centred around seeing Angela at lunch time. Apart from having a wet shave, washing and conditioning my hair, and having a shower, I didn't really do anything else before or after seeing Angela. I made the wise decision, albeit partly in hindsight, to not go out too early. Even with one of my warmest coats on I still felt cold, but also hot. I'll explain: The sun was feeling hot on my back almost all the way to the pub, but my hands, and face were going numb in the cold. Seeing Angela was a delightful and happy session, but I felt depressed for the rest of the day. You can read why, if I have explained it in a way that makes some sort of sense, in my full archive page for today. It also includes a description of the rest of my day, may crap sleep, and plans and thoughts this morning.
Wednesday 5th January 2022
07:58 GMT

  Yesterday's morning rain was less heavy than the forecast suggested, and the hail,originally forecast for 10am was almost sunshine. For a time the sun was trying to break through, and some of the sky was definitely blue, but then the clouds thickened to make it very over cast again. The afternoon temperature was only 4° C, and clear skies after sunset allowed the temperature to drop even more.
cold, but sunny
  All my thermometers agree that the temperature this morning was just over 1° C, and the car roofs and shed roofs are covered in frost. All being well it should warm up to 6° C this afternoon. The day has started with a clear sky, and once the sun has risen high enough to clear the nearby houses, it should be brilliantly sunny, but from 1pm a few clouds will reduce that to just sunny spells. Once again the temperature will drop down to 3° C by the end of the day. Tomorrow may start with a very cold sunny morning, but clouds will soon intrude. The temperature will rise to about 6° C again, and be accompanied by rain.

   I guess I had a hangover yesterday, and that made it hard to get into any mood to be creative, but I did manage to be a little creative. You might notice the new purple icons on this page. I was hoping for something a lot better than these, and I don't think I really like them. It was soon after finishing them that I came up with a better idea, and I may spend a bit of time and get the ready for next year.....or maybe I might do a switchover in summer or something. The rest of yesterday, and maybe a bit of a couple of previous days, is described, along with stuff about my diet, sleeping and dreams, plus events this morning, and plans for the day in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 4th January 2022
08:56 GMT

  The weather was very uniform yesterday. It was 10° C almost all day, and that was because the heat was trapped by the mid grey cloud cover. There is nothing else to add to that.
a taste of winter
  The forecast rain arrived an hour late this morning, but I wouldn't say it was heavy rain, although having said that, it did make the road outside very wet quite quickly. The hail shown for 10am in the screenshot above has now been replaced by just more heavy rain in the latest revision to the forecast. By my reckoning the temperature was 9° C at about 8.30am, but it is probably dropping now. If it has gone down to a wintry 3° C by midday, then the midday rain could fall as sleet, although the forecasters don't agree with me. The rain is supposed to stop after 1pm. The rest of the afternoon will be cloudy, and the temperature will continue to drop. Clear skies after sunset will allow the temperature to drop to just 2° C. If the forecast turns out to be correct, tomorrow may be a bright and sunny, but also very cold day. The afternoon may see a peak of 6° C, but most of the day will be in the 2° and 3° region.

   The highlight of the day, but also the lowlight, was the beer session in the afternoon. I'll explain that later. Before everything else was a shopping trip to Aldi, but I described that yesterday, including the fact that I bought, and ate for breakfast, some beer battered cod - and it was very nice. The rest of yesterday, including the fact that yesterday I wrote 2075 words in this daily diary, is described, along with other stuff like eating and sleeping (or lack of it), plus thoughts and observations from this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Monday 3rd January 2022
09:58 GMT

  The weather forecast said that yesterday morning would feature sunny spells and even sunshine. That was rather too optimistic. The sun did manage to break through the clouds for a few minutes once or twice, but basically it was a grey morning, and a grey afternoon. Later in the day there was a weather warning for a band of thunderstorms heading this way. That would have tallied with the heavy rain, followed by light rain that was forecast, except there was no thunderstorm, and a lot less rain than expected. There was a fair bit of cold wind that made the afternoon high of 12° C still feel chilly.
overcast with
                        lght cloud all day
  It's looking like the weather will follow the forecast all day today. There was a bit of open sky at sun rise, but it was quickly filled in with light grey cloud, and it seem it will stay like this all day. One change in the latest revision to the forecast is that the afternoon temperature is now predicted to be just 10° C. Tomorrow will see the return to more winter like temperatures. There could be some rain in the morning, but once that has passed the temperature will drop to about 4° C in the afternoon, but there could be an hour or two of sunshine in the middle of the afternoon. Wednesday could start with a frost, and if it doesn't then Thursday will have a go.

  Yesterday was a far more productive day after a very lazy day the day before. It started with the high blood glucose reading I got yesterday morning (10.4mmol/l). I had to do something about that. The first thing was to try and set my mind on the idea of fasting until dinner time. I also had to get my mind set on a walk despite the unpleasant weather. The full story, with picture, about my walk, and everything else I did yesterday, plus stuff about finally breaking my fast, sleeping, and what I have already done this morning, and what I expect to do later, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 2nd January 2022
09:00 GMT

  The weather forecast for yesterday almost got it right. The morning did feature sunshine or sunny spells, but probably more of the latter. They seemed to fade away as 1pm approached. At 2pm, when rain was predicted, the sky did go very dark, but I don't think any rain actually fell. The rest of the afternoon, and then into the evening, just featured light clouds covering the entire sky. There may, or may not have been rain late last night. It was forecast, but I was not watching outside. The early afternoon temperature was 15° C.
it should be a
                        sunny morning, but isn't - yet
  At the moment the sky is a fairly dirty colour, and the idea that the sun will come out looks remote. If anything it looks like it might rain ! The latest revision to the forecast still says sunny spells, and even sunshine, between 10am and 1pm. The rest of the day, starting at 3pm, is still shown as in the screenshot above - heavy rain followed by lighter rain until 7pm. It looks like a rather cooler day today, with the temperature only reaching 12° C. Tomorrow may feature just light cloud with the possibility of a few sunny spells in the morning. The temperature may only reach 11° C.

  There isn't a lot to say about yesterday because I was too depressed to really do anything. It didn't start like that. I was optimistic about the morning sunshine, and I went for the extended morning routine of a shower, washing my hair, and having a wet shave - although I did it all in the reverse order. The only fly in the ointment was that I hadn't managed to go to the toilet (for number twos !). Then I checked the National Rail web site....and that deeply depressed me. I explain that, and describe the rest of my day, night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 1st January 2022
10:42 GMT

  After some early morning drizzle it was supposed to brighten up, and the afternoon was predicted to be sunny. I seem to recall there was some periods of sunshine, but I can't seem to remember when, and how long they lasted for. I suspect there was less sunshine than hoped for. A lot of yesterday's weather seems to be the type that just doesn't leave a mark on memory, or to put it another way, it was bland - neither good, nor bad. At least the 15° C was, or should have been good.
sunny morning
  Yesterday, the advance forecast for today was not as optimistic as the early morning version today. The latest revision doesn't change much, but one small change is that 1pm may just light cloud, and the rain at 2pm is now shown as light rain. 3pm is now shown as sunny spells. Today should see the temperature rise to 15° C by midday, and with it being 14° C now, according to my own thermometers, 15° C should be easy to achieve. The only fly in the ointment is rain tonight. Once again the forecast for tomorrow looks like a pure guess. It currently features some hours of sunny spells, and some hours of rain at assorted strengths. The temperature may be no more than 12° C. However, I am expecting reality to be a fair bit different - just like today is turning out rather different to how it was predicted yesterday morning.

  Yesterday was surprisingly busy, and it did feature real work ! It started when I took down the Xmas lights from the dining room, and took down the Xmas cards. After that things got serious. I emptied a few rubbish bins, and after donning rubber gloves, I washed the lid of the kitchen rubbish bin with bleach. I knew it was grubby, but I didn't realise it was that grubby ! The rest of my work, and other stuff I did (and it's consequences today), plus my crap night, and failed hopes this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.