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My Diary/Blog For the Month of March 2022

Thursday 31st March 2022
08:43 BST

  Yesterday was not as horrible as the forecast suggested. Rain was predicted for different times every time the forecast was revised. There was no rain until late in the evening, and instead of thick clouds during the day, they were thin enough for the sun to almost break through a few times. Mostly it was no more than a blindingly bright patch of cloud, but at least once the sun actually managed to pole a few fuzzy rays through the clouds. With an afternoon temperature of just 9° C it was a cold day, and during the evening it got a lot colder.
   anything could happen today
  The one definite thing about today is that at 7am it was just 1.2° C, and it is quite probably that the forecast for 8° C this afternoon, albeit for a single hour, seems consistent across the recent revisions. Other than that, everything keeps changing. The latest forecast shows dark clouds, and rain for 10am, 11am, and Midday, but as in the screenshot above, the rest of the day will be cold but sunny.
today's weather as
                      predicted last night
  To show how the forecast keeps changing, this is how the forecasters thought part of today would be like last night. They predicted light snow for 9, 10, and 11am ! It is only 5 minutes away from 9am as I type this, and I can see some dirty clous in the sky, and yet we have just had a few minutes of strong sunshine ! My thermometers say the outside temperature is now 3.5° C, and that is too warm for snow, but sleet could still be a possibility. All I hope now is that I will be able to remember what the weather was really like when I describe it tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning could start at just 1° C, and later it will rise to about 8° C again. There might be some sunny spells, and it will probably be a dry day.
  I can't say it with too much conviction, but I think that while the air temperature was quite low yesterday, and there was hardly any sunshine, there did seem to be a lot of infra red radiation coming through the clouds early yesterday afternoon. It is the only explanation I can suggest for why I felt hot in my black leather(like) coat as I walked part of the way to the pub to meet Angela yesterday. The rest of yesterday is described, along with my night, and this morning in my full archived page for today.
Wednesday 30th March 2022
08:05 BST

  Yesterday was so horrible I seemed to have blanked most of it from my mind....well, sort of. I do remember that a fair amount of the day was more mildly dull rather than gloomy, and I am sure it didn't rain at any time. The temperature was around that awkward figure that is neither warm, cold, or mild - maybe I shall describe it as not that cold. It reached about 10° C in the afternoon, and only dropped a couple of degrees in the evening.
   almost like it is winter again
  I tagged the screenshot of the early morning version of the forecast (the picture above) as "almost like it is winter again", but maybe that should have been reserved for tomorrow, or some of the following days. Today has indeed started at about 7° C, and by mid afternoon it should have climbed to a glorious (sic) 9° C. It may have been raining before 7am, but there seemed to be no rain at 7am. A scattering of hours have a 20% chance of rain until 6 or 7pm when the chance goes up to 50% of higher, and it seems a wet evening is almost a definite. The whole day is going to be slightly gloomy. At the moment it is definitely duller than yesterday's worst. By midnight the temperature will have fallen to a level that can definitely be called cold - just 2° C, and the rain could fall as sleet at 2am. The highest temperature tomorrow could be just 6° C, and there could be a shower or two, but oddly enough, a lot of the day will be less dull than today, and there could even be a couple of sunny spells in the last couple of hours before the suns sets.
  I didn't do much yesterday, but I achieved a lot. I finally got around to replacing the "spinning rust" * hard disk in my best laptop with a solid state hard drive. It turned out to be a very simple job. I first used a bootable CD containing the hard disk partitioning tool gparted to copy the partitions of the old hard disk to the new Solid state drive. I  was fitting a bigger drive, and so I also used gparted to increase the size of the home partition to fill the new disk. The rest of yesterday is described in my full archived page for today, and it also includes my night and the start of this morning.
Tuesday 29th March 2022
09:27 BST

  Yesterday started off very miserable. It was cold and very grey. Although forecasts on the day said no mist or fog, forecast from the day before did say there would be mist and fog. The reality was a thin mist that was part mist and part very fine drizzle. It did clear up, although a bit later than forecast - I think it was near to midday when the sun finally broke through. The afternoon was mainly sunny, and it did warm up to about 14° C.
   a grey
  The forecast shows medium dark grey skies nearly all day now, but the chance of rain has dropped to just 20% at 1pm, and no rain is actually shown on the latest forecast. I am doing my best to be optimistic and see the clouds as only light grey, but they are sort of between definitions. It was a mild morning at 8° C, and it will be a mild afternoon at only 9° C according to the latest forecast revision. Oh well, it could get worse, and it looks like it will tomorrow when most of the day will be rather grey with rain falling from 3pm.

  Thursday's weather is currently looking "interesting". The BBC (Meteogroup) weather forecast for Thursday says sleet showers all morning, and the temperature as low as 2° C rising to maybe 5° C by midday. The Met Office is tending more towards sunny spells on Thursday morning, with a similar span of temperatures

  Yesterday was another day where the grey skies and cold in the morning knocked all enthusiasm out of me. That happened even though there was a chance the afternoon would be sunny and a bit warm. The trouble was that the sun was late appearing, and when an hour had passed from the forecast time, I began to think it would never happen. There was another factor that was nothing to do with the weather, at least not directly, and it was my guts felt a bit volatile during the morning, and that too took away any enthusiasm for going out. I did go out very briefly, and that, and other stuff from yesterday, and this morning is described in my full archived page for today.
Monday 28th March 2022
08:17 BST

  Yesterday started off cold, grey and horrible. Unfortunately it set the tone of the day, and even when the sun broke through mid afternoon it still felt cold, and a bit miserable. Even the full sunshine for the last couple of hours of daylight didn't seem to bring the cheer it might have done. The afternoon temperature did reach 12° C, but without supporting sunshine it still felt chilly.
   grey misty
                    start to today
  All previous forecasts for this morning predicted mist, or even fog, but the early morning forecast (screenshot above) said no fog, and no mist - which of course meant it was actually quite misty !The temperature is not as low as shown in the forecast. At 8am it was between 7 and 8° C (I think the lower value was at ground level, and the higher at about 12ft off the ground). Upon refreshing the forecast web page I now see that the first sunny spells should start from 9am. That looks unlikely to me, but maybe we will get to see some of the predicted sunshine, or sunny spells, before the predicted 2pm finish. By late afternoon it could be 14° C (in the latest revision). Assuming there is enough sun to warm my front rooms up it might be good enough. At least the return of the clouds this afternoon will keep the temperature up tonight, and the latest revision says it could still be 11° C at 11pm. It's best not to think about tomorrow or you will be thinking of lots of dark cloud and a maximum temperature of 11° C.

  I felt generally miserable yesterday. I think my brain had come out in sympathy with the morning weather, and didn't really change it's opinion for the whole day. Strangely enough, it made for quite a productive day, but in a way that itself was a miserable experience. That is not to say that there wasn't a single highlight of the day. There was, but just the one. That highlight involved a photo, and you can see it, and see what I write about it, along with what I have written about the rest of yesterday, last night, and this morning, in my full archived page for today.
Sunday 27th March 2022
08:11 BST

  Yesterday was the final sunny day in a string of sunny of sunny days, and it was like the best was saved for last. Maybe I only say that after looking at the start of today. Anyway, there was non stop sunshine from dawn to dusk, and the afternoon temperature reached a nice warm feeling 17° C. The only problem is that the sky stayed clear beyond the end of the day, and by 11pm the temperature had fallen to 9° C, and continued to fall.
                    miserable start to today
  Maybe the temperature only fell to 6 or 7° C this morning, but the dark and gloomy sky make it feel even colder. Earlier forecasts for this morning predicted mist or fog. This morning's early forecast said not even mist, and yet it is misty, and it is condensing into dew fast enough to make it seem like there is a very fine drizzle out there (enough to make it a waste of time to water the flower beds last night). This misery may continue until 3pm when the sun may break through to give some sunny spells, and raise the temperature to 12° C. 6 and 7pm could feature full sunshine. The current prediction for tomorrow is for 3 hours of fog followed by three hours of mist. The middle of the day could feature 2 hours of sunny spells, but then white cloud will fill the sky. The only good thing is that the temperature in the afternoon could be 15° C.

  In the early hours of this morning, 1am to be precise, the clocks changed to British Summer Time. It meant getting up an hour earlier - according to my mechanical clock, which I haven't changed to BST yet, it is only 7.25am as I write this, although my computer correctly says it is 8.25am. As a consequence I feel tired, but there are other reasons for that, and I'll come to those later.  Those reasons, plus a description of what I was up to yesterday, with pictures, plus my evening, night, and thoughts this morning, can be read in my full archived page for today.
Saturday 26th March 2022
08:05 GMT

  I'll just change a couple of temperatures, and what I wrote yesterday stands for today ! Yesterday was another warm and bright sunny day, but in one respect it is still falling short of being like summer. In the sun it felt very warm. The south side of my house, bathed in sunshine, was warm. The back of my house, the north facing side, still felt very chilly. The air temperature reached about 16° C during the afternoon after a cold start, and the temperature was forecast not to drop too far at night. 11pm was still expected to be 9° C, but I am sure it was lower.
   last sunny
                    day for a while
  Today may be the last sunny day for several weeks. Today has started bright and sunny, and it will be like this all day until sunset. The afternoon should reach 17° C, and that will feel quite warm in the sunshine. The temperature may only drop to 9° C by 11pmm and it will continue to drop to 7° C by this time tomorrow when mist is forecast, and there will be a 20% of rain. The afternoon temperature should reach 12° C, and that is probably not bad considering it is going to be very cloudy. From 5pm there could be some sunny spells until sunset at 7.24pm because the clocks change to BST at 2am (or 1am ?) tomorrow morning.

  Yesterday was another day where a few important things happened, but most of the day featured very few things happening. The first important thing was going to the pharmacy to collect my latest repeat prescription. I am happy to say it was all there, and ready to go this time (although I think it was one pack of low dose aspirin that was quickly added just before the bag was handed over to me). The description of my day, night, and this morning continues in my full archived page for today.
Friday 25th March 2022
07:55 GMT

  Yesterday was another warm and bright sunny day, but in one respect it is still falling short of being like summer. In the sun it felt very warm. The south side of my house, bathed in sunshine, was warm. The back of my house, the north facing side, still felt very chilly. The air temperature reached about 18° C during the afternoon after a cold start, and the temperature was forecast not to drop too far at night. 11pm was still expected to be 12° C, but I am sure it was lower.
   second to
                    last sunny day for a while
  Today should be nice and sunny, but this current round of sunshine will end after tomorrow. This morning seemed to start colder than the 7° C shown in the forecast. It seemed to be barely 5° C to me, and it was either heavy dew, or frost on next doors shed roof (a large dark coloured roof tilted to radiate away any heat into space at night). This afternoon is forecast to hit 16° C, or a couple of degrees less than the last few days. It should still be nice, just not as nice as 18° C. Tomorrow, the last of the all sunny days for some time to come, will see the temperature rise to 17° C as a final hoorah ! Sunday could see several hours of sunshine, but also some overcast hours. The temperature may only reach 13° C, and in the days after that it just gets worse.

  Yesterday, despite being a very nice day, was nowhere near as exciting at the day before. I seemed to have a very lazy morning, or I seemed to write yesterday's stuff in a very slow manner. Adding an assortment of pictures, and a couple of links to information on the internet were another reason for slower progress. I didn't even go for a shower until after midday. The rest of my day, night, and this morning is described in my full archived page for today.
Thursday 24th March 2022
09:35 GMT

  It was a lovely day yesterday - almost like summer come early. The sky wasn't always pure blue. There were a few small fluffy clouds floating around, and on a few rare occasions one would pass in front of the sun for a minute or so, but generally it was a bright sunny day. The temperature reached a warm 18° C.
   maybe a
                    tiny bit warmer than yesterday
  Today's weather, and possibly the following two days, will be almost the same as yesterday, although today the temperature could be a degree lower at 17° C (according to the latest revision to the forecast). There will be no more than a very light breeze today, and that 17° C should feel very pleasant in the full sunshine.

  The main thing on the agenda yesterday was to have a lunchtime drink with Angela, but there was also another almost important thing, and that was the visit the pharmacy to pick up my latest repeat prescription for the next 2 months. I also washed a double duvet cover before doing almost anything else, and hung it on the washing line to dry by just before 8.30am. It was bone dry after drying in sunshine when I brought it in at about 5pm. The rest of what I did yesterday is described, with pictures, in my full archived page for today. As usual it also included stuff about sleep and dream, plus thoughts and things this morning.
Wednesday 23rd March 2022
08:46 GMT

  Yesterday was another nice day. After a slightly cloudy start the sun broke through at about 8am, and from then on it was a lovely sunny day. It was also warm with the temperature hitting 17° C.
                    sunny day
  Today is probably going to better than yesterday. The day has started sunny, and according to the latest revision of the forecast we should get full sunshine until sunset. This could see the temperature reach 18° C, or if you believe the BBC website, 19° C. Tomorrow will be almost a re-run of today. The forecast includes a couple of hours in the afternoon when there will only be sunny spells - exactly as originally forecast for today until the forecast was revised. It might be a degree cooler at only 17° C, but that should still feel nice and warm.

   I did think I would probably go out yesterday. I considered both the idea of a walk in the park, or another day taking photos of trains...or just some sort of vague exploring. In the end I did none of these things. I realised I had to make a start at adding all the pictures I took the day before into my ever growing spreadsheet cataloguing all my best train photographs. That accounts for most of my day, but there is some more in my full archived page for today. It includes the usual stuff like eating, my night, and thoughts this morning.
Tuesday 22nd March 2022
09:25 GMT

  Yesterday was another nice day, and as per later revisions of the weather forecast there was almost non stop sunshine until sunset. It wasn't quite that good - an occasional small cloud would pass in front of the sun, but at a rather vague guess, it probably only blocked the sun for a few minutes once per hour, and than maybe only half of the hours of daylight. The temperature was originally forecast to reach 16° C, and it may have actually done so, but later revisions said 15° C.
                    sunny day
  There are a few doubts about today's weather. So far everything agrees with the early version of the Met Office forecast. Like yesterday, the latest revision has knocked one degree off the top temperature, and now says it will be 16° C. That is probably likely because it will be very close to the same as yesterday. The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast is telling a different story. That only predicts sunny spells all day, and gives a higher estimate of the top temperature. I will have to try and keep an eye on my thermometers to see which came closer to the truth. Tomorrow will follow the same pattern as the last two days, but it could be a degree or two warmer.

   I had a busy day yesterday. I got as far as describing how I had washed a sheet, and hung it on the line to dry, had some breakfast, showered, and gone shopping in Aldi. What came next is that I did a bit more laundry. It was only a t-shirt, a pair of lounge pants, and two pairs of underwear. It was probably on the line, starting to dry around midday. It was about half past midday when I finally got through to the pharmacy to order my next repeat prescription - to be hopefully collected tomorrow afternoon.....The story of yesterday (with pictures), last night, and this morning continues in my archived full page for today.
Monday 21st March 2022
10:31 GMT

  It was almost nice yesterday. There were a good scattering of sunny spells through a lot of the day, but the temperature never made it above 11° C. With a very light wind it didn't feel too bad, but except behind glass, it didn't feel any better than mildly mild.
   sunny and
                    just about warm
  The latest revision to today's forecast has throttled the temperature back to 15° C by removing the 16° C shown for 3pm in the screen shot of the earlier version above. With non stop sunshine still predicted to last all the hours of daylight, it should feel warm today - which it needs to be after a light frost this morning My thermometers agreed it was just 1.2° C at 7am, and the thin veneer of frost on some of cars outside agrees with that ! Tomorrow, and maybe the next couple of days might be very similar to today, except tomorrow may see the temperature hit 18° C.

   Yesterday morning I suggested I might go to The Metro Food Centre in Catford to buy a few extra ingredients for a nice healthy salad I was planning for dinner last night. I did indeed go out and bought more than I intended. One thing was a bit of fennel. I don't think I have ever tried fennel before, but I like liquorice type flavours, and so I thought I would give it a go. I only bought a small piece which had some fresh looking greenery still on it. Before I could try it Jodie got her hands on it, and announced that it was probably stale because it seemed very tough.  As usual, the rest of the story of yesterday, and the start of this morning, can be read in my archived full page for today.
Sunday 20th March 2022
09:35 GMT

  Yesterday was very sunny, and the air temperature reached about 12° C. Indoors, with the sun streaming through the windows, it felt nice and warm, but outdoors it was a different story. There was quite a gust windy, and that made it feel a fair bit cooler.
   cooler by
                    still sunny
  The forecast has changed to show more sunshine than the early version in the screenshot above. It seems odd that the temperature prediction hasn't increased - particularly considering all my thermometers say it has already hit 10° C 4 hours early. The wind is predicted to be very light today, and so it should feel warmer even with the apparent lower temperatures. Tomorrow should still stay dry, and it will be several degrees warmer despite there being less sunshine.

   My original plan for yesterday was to see how my previously volatile guts were doing, and if they seemed OK I would go for a walk - maybe a short walk, or if I felt OK, a longer walk. That didn't happen because everyone else's plans changed. I was expecting two parcel deliveries today, but it is lucky I checked because both were going to arrive yesterday. As usual I was on high alert so I wouldn't miss a ring at the door bell, and so miss a delivery. There is more about this, including what was delivered, as well as other stuff about yesterday, last night, including a brief description of a nightmare, and some good news this morning, all in my archived page for today.
Saturday 19th March 2022
09:01 GMT

  Yesterday was generally very nice, but not always as good as it seemed. There was plenty of sunshine - almost non stop between dawn and dusk - and the temperature reached a nice sounding 14° C. The catch was that there was a fair bit of wind. It was light wind in the main, but particularly in the shade, it blew away any warm feelings, and could feel a bit chilly.
                    sunny day
  Today should also be very sunny, but the forecast for the afternoon is only for a temperature of 12° C. To make matters worse, I've checked the wind speed for today, and in the early afternoon the wind will be gusting around 30mph. That will make it feel cooler, or fresher. Tomorrow will be another degree or two cooler, and while it will be bright all day, a lot of the sunshine in the afternoon may only be sunny spells. After tomorrow it looks like we could get some genuinely warm days.

   I didn't feel all that good yesterday, and it is hard to know why. I can pinpoint one reason, and that was a badly upset stomach, and yet apart from being an annoyance, it didn't seem to feel that bad. I didn't seem to have any particular aches or stiffness, or at least none that feature most days. It may have all been in my head because the worst thing was just a great lack of motivation. I felt tired, but wasn't. I pontificate on this more,  describe some unpleasantness, stuff I ate, other stuff I did yesterday, plus how I slept, and thoughts this morning in my archived page for today.
Friday 18th March 2022
09:22 GMT

  Yesterday was very nice. There was plenty of sunshine, and the temperature rose to 13° C.
                    warm and sunny day
  Today should be even better than yesterday. If the forecast holds there will be blue sky and sunshine non stop until sunset.  Yesterday did include a few fluffy clouds that occasionally passed in front of the sun. Maybe today the sky will be truly cloudless. The afternoon temperature should reach 14° C. Tomorrow could see the same amount of sunshine, but the temperature may only reach 12° C.

   The weather was wonderful yesterday, but by mid to late afternoon I wasn't feeling so great, and I am not really sure why. In the morning I felt quite good enough to hand wash a couple of towels, and hang them on the far end of the washing line where they could dry in the sunshine - and they did dry very nicely by the end of the afternoon. There's a couple of pictures of blue sky, and washing on the line in my archived page for today. it includes a description of the rest of my day, night, and this morning.
Thursday 17th March 2022
09:31 GMT

  Yesterday can only be described as wet, but it wasn't as bad as the weather forecast predicted. Until 1pm there was no more than a brief very light sprinkle of rain. Between 1pm and 2pm there was a heavier shower, and nothing until maybe 3pm. For the rest of the day there were no obvious heavy showers, but the light rain was fairly persistent. The temperature ranged between 8° C at the ends of the day to 11° C during the afternoon.
   sunny and
                    just about warm
  All the clouds blew away in the night, and the clear sky caused the temperature to drop almost low enough for a frost. I think it was possibly frost on top of next doors shed, but I didn't see any on any cars. The latest revision to the forecast says there clear blue sky, and pure sunshine will now continue until 4pm, and the last hour of daylight will feature sunny spells. The afternoon temperature should be 13° C. The clear skies and sunshine should continue tomorrow, and the afternoon temperature should reach 14° C,

  Yesterday's rain was both good and bad. It would have been a lot nicer walking in the park in sunshine, but the garden needed the rain. I am hoping that a good soaking yesterday, and warm sunshine today, will get some of the seeds I have put down sprouting. Of course there is still the problem that only the rear flower bed will see any sunshine today, but day by day, the sunshine is creeping towards my house, although it is only early morning, and late in the afternoon in mid summer when the sun actually shines on the back of the house. The rest of my day is described, and illustrated, along with my night and this morning, in my archived page for today.
Wednesday 16th March 2022
08:53 GMT

  Yesterday was like a nice spring day - which is what it probably was. It was very mild, almost warm, with the temperature reaching 14° C, and still 10° C at midnight.
   All change
                    ! Rainy day ahead
  Today the weather takes a turn for the worse. From 11am heavy rain (according to the latest revision) will fall, and it will continue until 8pm when only light rain will fall for the next couple of hours. It will still be mild. It is around 10° C now, and the middle of the day should be 11° C, and perhaps a little more. There seems zero chance of seeing the sun today. By contrast, tomorrow is forecast to feature full sunshine, and a blue sky from dawn to dusk. At the moment the late afternoon temperature is predicted to only be 13° C, but maybe all that sunshine will raise it further - unless there is a nasty wind to blow it all away.

  Yesterday morning I was complaining that I was feeling uncomfortable because I hadn't been to the toilet. Fortunately that was partly resolved a few minutes after writing my last words for yesterday. It wasn't much, but it was enough to feel comfortable, and maybe I could have chanced going for a walk. Hindsight says I would have been OK, but by then I had decided to do some gardening. I describe my gardening, and she a couple of pictures of how I left the garden, along with other stuff from yesterday, last night, and this morning in my archived page for today.
Tuesday 15th March 2022
09:20 GMT

  Until about 11am it was bright with lots of sunny spells yesterday.The afternoon was generally dull, but the sun almost broke through the clouds a few times. It stayed dry, and the late morning/afternoon temperature reached 12° C.
   a mostly
                    sunny day
  Rather sadly the forecast has been revised since I took the screenshot about at just gone 7am. The latest revision shows all the sunshine confined to the morning. The afternoon will (probably) feature mostly white cloud, but the temperature should rise to a fair 14° C. Tomorrow should be fairly mild, with maybe 12° C in the afternoon, but it is currently predicted to be a wet afternoon. The first rain tomorrow could actually be in the small hours of the morning. It should be dry before sunrise, but from 1 to 10pm it will probably rain - sometimes very light, and maybe sometime heavy.

  After such a late start yesterday, I have already described half of yesterday. There were a few other things I did in the afternoon, and one of them was a bit of light laundry. I hand washed 4 bar towels, and two tea towels. I didn't use any heating, just a desktop fan to blow air at the items, and I was surprised how quickly they dried compared to things like t-shirts and underpants. The rest of yesterday, last night, and this morning is continued in my archive page for today.
Monday 14th March 2022
12:15 GMT

  Yesterday's bright, and often sunny morning lasted longer than the most optimistic version of any forecast. The rain predicted for some time (the actual time kept changing) never happened, and I think there were even a few brief sunny spells instead. There may have been some rain last last night. The temperature was highest in the late morning when it was 11° C, and then the forecast said it would drop a degree or so, but I have a feeling it actually went up a degree or two for a while before falling to 8° C as the day ended.
  Once again, the morning was brighter, and sunnier than the forecasts predicted, but the clouds got thicker from about 11am, and as I write this it is almost gloomy compared to how a lot of the morning looked. The most recent revision says midday and 1pm will be particularly dull, but the threat of rain has now been reduced to just 10%, and it will probably stay dry for the rest of the day. The chances of any sunshine are very remote for the rest of today, but it should brighten up a bit. Today's highest temperature is probably happening now, and by my reckoning it is around 12° C. Tomorrow should start with a lot of full sunshine, but the afternoon will probably just see white cloud with a temperature of 12° C.

  There were times yesterday when I felt rather good, maybe even smug, and I think I had some reason to. One such time was when Jodie used my new door handle on the kitchen door without even noticing it. That by itself was no great reason to feel good, but it was a trigger. It is taking ages and ages, but I am slowing improving my house and garden after years of neglect. There is more about this, plus other stuff that happened yesterday, last night, and this morning (quite a lot has happened up to the time of writing this). It can all be read in my archived page for today.
Sunday 13th March 2022
09:57 GMT

  Yesterday featured rain in the late evening, but most of the daylight hours were bright, and there were quite a lot of sunny spells through the day. It was only 12° C at best, and yet somehow it didn't seem to be as cool as 12° C on previous days.
                    dull, but a bright morning
  Today started bright with some long sunny spells, but the clouds are getting thicker, and the last sunny spell could be happening as I write this. The latest revision to the forecast shows white cloud for most of the day except at 3pm when dark clouds may dominate, and light rain is expected. Having just inspected the sky I see there is still a lot of blue to be seen, but it is mostly to the north and overhead, but maybe the sunny spells might continue for some time after all. It does feel very mild in my garden, and that tallies with my thermometers saying it is around 12° C at the moment. It should only be 10° C. Today may turn out better than the forecast predicts. The forecast for tomorrow is always very approximate (or worse), but it currently shows a day a bit like today, and that is always a safe bet.

  It must be the extra daylight, and maybe some sunshine and less chilly weather, but I seem to feel I've come out of the state that is about the closest humans can get to Hibernation. Yesterday seemed to be a busy day. Of course there was the bits I had ordered, and which came the day before yesterday to spur me on to doing useful stuff, but there was more to the day than doing the one job. The rest of my busy day (except it doesn't sound very busy when written down) is described, along with my night and some of this morning in my archive page for today.
Saturday 12th March 2022
08:24 GMT

  Yesterday featured quite a lot of rain, but very little, if indeed any was what I would call heavy rain as predicted in the weather forecast. I think I would describe it as frequent falls of drizzle. It was enough to water the garden, and that almost excuses it. If it wasn't rain the sky was still rather dull. The temperature reached 12° C, and for a while, in the morning, when it was dry, it felt almost comfortable.
                    bright spells
  Today may not be perfectly dry, but most of it should be dry, and there will be some sunshine, although the latest revision to the forecast paints a slightly different pattern to that shown in the early version (above). As a for instance, 10am is now shown as just cloudy, and the next sunny spells will be at 11am. The light shower is moved forward from 11am to midday. I expect reality will make up it's own mind about when these things may, or may not happen - for instance it is sunny right now, and has been for nearly an hour. This afternoon should reach 12° C, and that should feel OK in any sunshine. Tomorrow will be a little cooler, and the morning will likely feature rain. Some of it could be heavy rain.

  The dominating thing yesterday was waiting for an Amazon delivery. It really shouldn't have been that dominating because I knew it was unlikely to arrive until later afternoon at the earliest. It was also the case that nothing in the delivery was anything I was desperately waiting for, although it is always a thrill to receive a packet or two. I knew I would be safe popping out for some shopping in the morning. The full description of yesterday, last night, and this morning can be read in my archived page for today.
Friday 11th March 2022
08:13 GMT

   Yesterday morning was a bit dull, but the afternoon was bright, and frequently sunny. It was a dry day, and the temperature peaked at a fairly pleasant 14° C.
  It is rare to wish for such things, but I am fairly happy about the rain forecast this afternoon. All the seeds I have put down in the garden need a good watering. Earlier this morning the sky was a slightly hazy blue, and promised a different outcome, but now the clouds are gathering, and it is getting dull outside. Today's temperature should reach 12° C by midday, but it will drop a degree or two once the rain starts at 2pm. It could be heavy rain for the first couple of hours, but light rain will follow until the end of the day. There will be more showers in the early hours of tomorrow morning, but there is hope for some sunny spells in the late morning, and during the afternoon. Once again the temperature should reach 12° C, albeit a bit later in the afternoon than today.

  There were a few things that were bad about yesterday, and some things that were good. The first bad was a text message from Michael to say he wouldn't be going shopping. He would normally go in his car, and would get me 6 bottles of Diet Coke. Not getting the Diet Coke was not the bad thing. The bad thing was that the reason he wasn't going shopping was that he was going to Hospital to see if he could get some medical aid for his distressed colon. I write more about yesterday. last night, and this morning in my archived page for today.
Thursday 10th March 2022
08:28 GMT

   Yesterday was a great disappointment. The forecast for the temperature, 12° C, was about right, but it was a bit windy, and so felt a fair bit cooler. It was the amount of sunshine that was very wrong in the forecast. Instead of clear blue skies, and non stop sunshine, there were just a few hours of sunny spells in the early afternoon, and just a couple in the morning. From late afternoon the sky was very cloudy with just a few small blue patches visible now and then. The clouds looked heavy enough for rain, and maybe there was a light shower sometime in the night.
                    start to the day
  The latest revision to the forecast has removed the sunny spells from 9am, although curiously enough, when I look out the window it does seem possible the sun could peep through a few cracks in the clouds. The latest version for the afternoon shows sunny spells for 2pm, 4pm, and 5pm. 3pm is shown as full sunshine.....I have my doubts. If nothing else, it may be a warm afternoon with 14° C predicted, and it should stay dry. Tomorrow could see mostly light, but some heavy rain from 11am to 11pm, and it will be a little cooler at no more than 11° C.

  Yesterday was one of those days when time seemed to be passing so quickly that the day seemed half as long, and I had little time to relax. The paradox is that in some ways I didn't do all that much. Angela was feeling off colour, and so I couldn't meet her at lunchtime. I was going to go for a walk instead, but despite all the optimism of the weather forecast for lots of sunshine, I probably knew the weather was actually going to be poor for a walk. I didn't know it was going to happen, but it turned out that I was quite busy yesterday, although maybe it was busy on my own lazy terms. You can read what I did do during the day, the night, and the start of this morning on my archived page for today.
Wednesday 9th March 2022
09:09 GMT

   Yesterday was nice and sunny, but it still seemed to feel very chilly. The morning started with a frost, and it seemed to take ages before the temperature hit 10° C. The peak temperature was 11° C, but I think it only reached that for an hour or two. The threat of some late evening rain disappeared from the forecast by the 9 or 10am revision, and I am sure it did stay dry, but it was cloudy enough to keep some of the warmth in.
                    warm feeling sunny day
  The weather forecast correctly predicted that it would be overcast this morning, and that it would be 9° C. The latest revision to the forecast says the sun should burst through the clouds at midday, and then shine until sunset. The afternoon temperature should reach 12° C, but it could possibly be more because it is already 10 or 11° C - one thermometer says 10° and another 12°. The difference is in their heights above ground, and probably because there is little wind to stir up the air. That could be a good sign that today really will feel warm. The air temperature could reach 13° C, but there may be no more than 5 minutes of sunshine tomorrow. It should stay dry though.

  I was waiting for it to warm up yesterday so I could carry out my grand plan of going for a walk, possibly a walk in the countryside, with bare arms. I waited and waited, and never seemed to get anywhere near comfortable. At one point I was thinking of just believing my thermometers, and trusting it would feel warm in direct sunshine. I guess it probably would have, but in my garden and kitchen, both in the shade, it felt bloody chilly. You can read what I did as an alternative, and other stuff from yesterday, last night and this morning, in my archived page for today.
Tuesday 8th March 2022
08:10 GMT

   One the one hand it was nice yesterday because of all the sunshine, and on the other hand it was nasty because of the low temperature, and biting wind. The day ranged between 4° C in the morning, 3° C in the late evening, and a poor high of 5° C in the afternoon.
                    start, but warm sunshine later
  According to my thermometers the temperature was between 0° C and 0.3° C at 7am this morning. It is now warming up, and the frost is melting. Non stop sunshine since the sun rose should raise the temperature to 11° C this afternoon. If the wind is not too bad that could feel nice in the sunshine. The threat of light rain later tonight has been removed from the latest revision to the forecast, but it will still be cloudy tonight, and tomorrow morning. That should keep the warmth in, and so tomorrow should start at 9° C.  There should be enough sunshine to raise the temperature to 12° C by 1pm tomorrow.

  The weather forecast for yesterday suggested it could be a good day, but it wasn't to be. It felt freezing, with a biting wind, when I went shopping in Aldi. I was wearing a warm coat, and had the front done up from the time I left home, until the time I was standing at the checkout, and starting to overheat. I unzipped my coat there, and left it undone as I walked home again. I arrived home, after carrying quite a heavy load of shopping feeling hot in places, and cold in others. This story, and other stuff about yesterday, last night, and this morning can be read in my archived page for today.
Monday 7th March 2022
07:53 GMT

   Yesterday's weather was closer to the forecast for today than the forecast for yesterday. The temperature forecast was about right - it was a mostly chilly day with the temperature only reaching 7° C for a short while. The thing which was very wrong was that amount of sunshine. There were some quite long sunny spells, and some shorter ones popping up through the afternoon. It could almost have been described as a sunny day instead of the rather gloomy picture painted by the weather forecast.
   cold and
  The sun has already had a couple of goes at burning through the clouds, but hasn't made it yet, but latest revision to the forecast still says it should break through at 10am to initially give some sunny spells, and maybe from 11am burst into full sunshine until almost sunset. It could look good, but the flaw in the plan is that it will still be rather cold. This morning felt extra cold because the temperature has been so low for the last few days. It was 4° C a little earlier, and it seems the best we can hope for is a brief spell at 6° C at 11am, and the rest of the day it will be back down to a meagre 5° C before dropping again towards sunset. Tomorrow may well feature a frost, but the day is predicted to be very sunny, and the temperature may rise to a less chilly 10° C.

  Ultimately, yesterday was a bit of a disaster. I felt pretty crappy in the morning, although some hot breakfast, of a couple of bowls of instant noodles, made me feel a lot better. I still felt tired, and I still had a few hints rather than actual symptoms of a cold. Fortunately they faded out as the day progressed, but I still didn't feel that great. It left me in a bit of a "I don't care" sort of mood with regard to my blood glucose level. I describe more of my day, the good, the bad, and the unpleasant in my archived page for today.
Sunday 6th March 2022
10:16 GMT

   The main feature of yesterday's weather was that it was ruddy cold. The afternoon temperature was only 6° C, and by midnight it had fallen to 4° C. It was  a very dull day, but there was not as much rain as forecast. It wasn't really until very late evening that there was any significant rain, and even that didn't seem heavy.
                    again, but brighter
  Some of today is going to be brighter than yesterday. In fact the sun is shining as I write this, but the latest revision to the forecast says the sun will go behind light clouds by 11am, and from midday it will be back to mid grey clouds. There could be some more sunny spells at 5pm. At least it should stay dry today. The afternoon temperature may only be 6° C again (according to the latest revision), but the temperature may only drop to 5° C by midnight. That is still unpleasantly cold, but not as bad as last night. Tomorrow may feature a lot of sunshine, but the temperature will still only reach 6° C, and by midnight it could be 3° C or less.

  I passed a fair amount of time yesterday doing more work on my train photos catalogue spreadsheet. As I mentioned yesterday, I was having to use some pretty poor quality photos in my listings. The worst were those taken from negatives taken on my old film camera. There is more about this, plus a description and pictures, of a good and bad night out last night, plus the usual stuff about sleeping and this morning in my archived page for today.
Saturday 5th March 2022
08:02 GMT

   The weather forecast, even the later revisions, got the weather rather wrong yesterday. The forecast said rain starting from 9am, and continuing until midnight. Some of it was supposed to be heavy rain. In reality the first rain, which was just a few minutes of very light drizzle, barely enough to wet the ground, started around 2pm. By 4pm it was obvious that some light rain had been falling, and from then on there was more light rain. I am not aware that there was any heavy rain at all yesterday. The temperature forecast was similarly wrong. It said the temperature would fall from 9° C at 8am to 7° C by 2pm. The starting temperature was close to 10° C, and it was still 10° C at 4 or 5pm. It is even possible it was higher than 10° C at times. Sadly the forecast for sunshine was correct - there was none !
                    grey and damp day
  I was hoping a refresh of the weather forecast to the latest revision would show a less dismal story that the screenshot above, but nothing significant has changed. The day is still shown as being very gloomy with some light rain. The worst of the rain, in terms of it's timing, will be tonight, but fortunately it should still be light rain. On top of everything else, today is going to be cold. The temperature is going to be mostly 6° C with a few hours at 7° C. Tomorrow could possibly see a frost in the early hours of the morning, but maybe not. The rest of the day will generally be colder than today, but it will be marginally less gloomy, and at the moment no rain is forecast.

  Yesterday was a day when I felt very little motivation to do anything. That wasn't helped by a bad night's sleep leaving me feeling tired, although oddly enough I am not sure I managed a single half decent snooze. I'm not even sure I snoozed at all. There were a couple of times I lay on my bed, and after reading a page or two, I closed my eyes, and tried to snooze. It didn't feel like I slept at all, but maybe I might have drifted into and out of sleep so gently that I didn't even notice it. I did end up doing some useful stuff, and you can read about that, plus other stuff from yesterday, last night, and also my thoughts and observations this morning in my archived page for today.
Friday 4th March 2022
08:44 GMT

   Yesterday's weather was considerably better than the forecast predicted. The most important thing was that there were many more sunny spells than forecast. Most were during the morning, but there were some in the afternoon, and even when the sun wasn't actually shining it was still fairly bright outside - particularly when compared with some of the recent very gloomy days. The other thing was that the temperature reached 12° C earlier, and for far longer than the forecast predicted. For a while my thermometers agreed that it had hit 13° C, and one even said 14° C for a short while.
   back to
                    copious rain.....maybe
  The clouds thickened overnight, and today lots of rain is forecast for the whole day. In fact light rain is predicted for any minute now, but the sky, although cloudy, does not look like it will rain. This morning is the "warmest" it will be all day. My thermometers said it was 10° C and hour ago. By 2pm it could be down to 7° C, and in potentially heavy rain that could feel awful. The temperature will continue to drop overnight, but the lowest temperature might only be 4° C at 2am. Apart from the morning not starting as warm as today, most of tomorrow will be similar to today, and that included a fair bit of rain. although with luck it will not rain quite as much as today - assuming the forecast is vaguely correct.

  Yesterday, like most days, started with a visit to the toilet, and while it seemed fairly normal, I had a feeling like it was unfinished business. That would turn out to be an understatement. The story continues later....  You can read the gruesome details (but not detailed descriptions !) in my archived page for today. It also has stuff about visiting MFC The Metro Food Centre), and my drinking session with Jodie, and all the other usual stuff.
Thursday 3rd March 2022
08:18 GMT

   Once again it was another filthy day yesterday. There was some full rain, but mostly it was drizzle that drizzled for much of the day. To make matters worse. with the temperature hanging around 7° C, it was also a cold day.
   should be
                    dry today
  The latest revision to the forecast shows sunny spells for 9am and 11am, but not at 10am, as shown in the screenshot above. The sky seems to be mostly cloud, but some of it is thin cloud, and there are small gaps that have already let some sunshine through. This after noon the temperature should reach 12° C fir a couple of hours. If the sky is bright, and the wind light, that could feel almost nice. The cloud may thicken tonight, and tomorrow will probably see the return of some occasional light showers, although at the moment much of tomorrow is shown as dry. It will probably be a couple of degrees cooler than today. Some colder days are possibly on their way, and Sunday through to next Wednesday could possibly see a morning frost. Winter is not over yet !

  The day before yesterday could have easily been described as miserable, but yesterday was extremely good in parts, and close to pleasant for much of the rest of the time. The highlight of the day, meeting Angela for a lunchtime drink, did involve a walk through drizzle in the park, but I took one of my waterproof cameras with me. Unfortunately the battery in it was only half charged (or maybe the cheap Chinese battery has come to the end of it's life). You can see four pictures I took, plus a description of the day in my archived page for today. It also includes last night, and the start of this morning.
Wednesday 2nd March 2022
07:47 GMT

Yesterday was a bloody horrible day. It was grey. It was wet, and it was cold. Rain, mostly in the form of a very light drizzle, persisted through most of the day, although there were a few periods when no rain fell. The temperature was a cold and clammy 8° C.
                    very dull, and wet day
  The forecast for yesterday showed quite a few hours that were supposed to be dry, but weren't ! This morning the forecasters have filled in nearly every hour with light or heavy rain. The latest revision shows that 4 and 8pm may not feature rain. It is going to be another cold day, colder than yesterday, with the temperature mostly 6 or 7° C. Tomorrow should be brighter, and there is the chance of a sunny spell at 5pm. The temperature should reach 12° C for a few hours - almost double the temperature today !

  The horrid weather dampened my spirits a lot yesterday. I guess I sort of enjoyed going out to get some shopping from Tesco in one the drier periods of yesterday morning, but I couldn't raise my enthusiasm to do much more. I ended up having an exceptionally lazy day. I haven't written all that much this morning, but my scribble tells the story of my day, night, and thoughts and plans this. It can be read in my archived page for today.
Tuesday 1st March 2022
08:04 GMT

  Reality and the weather forecast departed company for most of yesterday. Instead of a day that was supposed to be almost relentlessly dull, a lot of it was actually sunny. There were some dull periods, and the evening rain was back in line with the weather forecast. I can't say it actually felt any better than "almost mild" despite the temperature outside reaching the predicted 11° C....at least I think it did, but when I think back I can't actually recall seeing a thermometer saying 11° C.
   a wet
                    start to a mostly wet day
  This morning is definitely looking wet, and the latest revision to the weather forecast shows even more hours featuring rain. It might be dry between 10am and midday, and then from 1pm to 7pm, but every other hour shows rain. All of it shows light rain, and most hours it is shown as a 50% or less chance of rain, and so some of those times it might not rain, but it looks to be a 100% grey day ! Most of the day will be just 8° C. For now it is looking like tomorrow may be the same as today.

  I probably should have done more yesterday. If only the weather forecast had reflected what reality turn out to be, i.e. loads of sunny spells, I might have gone out for a short to medium sized walk, or perhaps just a trip to the shops. The trouble was that I believed the miserable weather forecast, and programmed my expectations for the day accordingly. There were two things I had to do, and I did do then, but otherwise I was generally lazy. All the details of yesterday, last night, and the start of today can be read in my archived page for today.