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My Diary/Blog For the Month of January 2021
  The links in the calendar above link to archived pages for each date.

Sunday 31st January 2021
Lockdown day 313
Shopping embargo day 88 192

08:56 GMT

  I can only describe yesterday as being awful ! It seemed to be raining all day long, and even when it didn't seem to be raining everything was still wet, and puddles glinted under a dull grey sky. It ended up quite cold too. The morning started at about 6° C, but by sunset it was close to the forecast 3° C.
better than yesterday
   The forecast has been revised since I took the screenshot above. The main difference at the moment is the two periods of sunny spells at 9 and 10am are now shown as full sunshine. At the moment this matches reality, although I think the sunshine started with some sunny spells at least 30 minutes earlier. I expect later revisions may change the forecast for the better too - maybe some sunny spells beyond 10am ? As it stands at the moment, light cloud is shown from 11am to 3pm, and then the cloud changes to medium grey until 8pm when rain is shown as falling. It is still going to be a cold day. This morning the temperature may rise to 4° C, but it may be just 3° C this afternoon. Tomorrow is shown as 24 hours of dark grey clouds, but no rain is expected, and it could be one or two degrees warmer than today.

  I found myself feeling quite good yesterday, and that is good as in something approaching happy. That was unusual on a very cold, dull, and wet day. It was the sort feeling you might get after realising you had got over a disease, except in this case I wasn't really sure I had had a disease if you discount my costochondritis. In theory that should have meant a day of "get up and go", but it wasn't, although it was a day when I was too busy doing nothing (as in nothing actually important to the evolution of the universe) to do some things I thought I might or should do. The explanation to this conundrum, or not, can be read in my full archive page for today. It lists what I did and didn't do, plus the usual old crap like what I ended up eating (which wasn't much), how badly, or well in this case, I slept last night, what I might do today, and how many commas I can fit into one sentence.
Saturday 30th January 2021
Lockdown day 312
Shopping embargo day 88 191

08:33 GMT

  There wasn't much sunshine yesterday. The predicted sunny spells were few and far between, and also very short. There was some morning rain, but I think it finished a bit earlier than expected, and then it was dry until the end of the day. The best thing was that temperature was up around 10 or 11° C. That is mild, or tepid, and sufficient to allow the kitchen temperature to rise to a point when it is no longer painful to stand in there for more than a few minutes !
rain, rain and more rain
   Today it will rain, rain some more, and then rain on top of that....except....At the moment the rain seems to have stopped, or if it is still raining it is too light to see without going outside. It is certainly extremely wet outside from earlier rain. The heavy rain, that has apparently been falling since the earliest hours of today, will continue until midday (except for right now when it appears to have stopped). After that the rain will become lighter until it is predicted to stop around 6pm. While all this is happening it will be getting colder and colder. At one point the BBC weather forecast said there might be some sleet, but they seem to have changed their minds about that. It is approximately 6° C now, but by midday it will be down to 3° C. Apparently it will stay there well into the night. Tomorrow should be dry, but by daybreak the temperature will have fallen to 1° C. There could be some sunny spells tomorrow afternoon, and maybe they will help raise the temperature to 4° C in the afternoon.

  I was close to feeling almost OK yesterday, and I finished yesterday with some speculation that I could possibly go out. I admitted a lot of doubt about it, and in the end I didn't fancy it. I was still feeling a bit creaky, and sort of fatigued, although the latter is often just in the head because there was nothing to really inspire me. Much of what I have written about today is introspection, but a few things did happen, and I include descriptions of those, plus stuff about sleeping and dream, and speculations about today in my full archive page for today.
Friday 29th January 2021
Lockdown day 311
Shopping embargo day 88 190

09:52 GMT

  There was rather less sunshine than the forecast predicted for yesterday, but there were some sunny intervals. The main weather feature yesterday was that it was 12, and possibly even 14° C. I only spent 5 or minutes outside in just a t-shirt (and trousers !) and it did feel very mild. It didn't really penetrate indoors until much later, and then it was only in my bedroom that it became noticeable.By 7pm it had started to rain. It was quite light at first, but I think it was quite heavy for an hour or two later.
back to wet weather
   The rain may have stopped before midnight last night, but it has already started again rather earlier than the forecast predicts. The latest prediction is that the rain will continue until midday. I have a feeling it might go on longer than that. Today is one of those days when the forecast changes a lot with each revision. The latest change is that 1 to 3pm will see sunny spells, but rain will fall again at 5pm. From 6pm there may only be light cloud for the rest of the night. Today's high is now predicted to be 10° C. That is not bad, and may feel OK if we do get those sunny spells this afternoon. Most of tomorrow will probably be wet. The day marks a rather vivid transition back to colder weather. The morning may be 8° C, but by late afternoon the temperature could be down to 2° C, and the rain may turn to sleet.

  Yesterday was quite a mixed day with some highs and some lows. The lows mainly concern my Costochondritis flare up - if indeed that is what it is. There was some anecdotal evidence to support this idea of mine. Initially I was feeling OK, but as I mentioned yesterday, I was also feeling like the inflammation was just simmering below the surface, and waiting to bite back if I did anything foolish. Inevitably I did do some things that were not wise, but couldn't be avoided, and they did stir up the pains for a while. I also did some things, or should I say I ate some things that should have stirred up my blood glucose levels - and they did, but not nearly as much as expected. All this is explained in more detail, along with stuff about boozing, eating, sleeping, and morning thoughts, in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 28th January 2021
Lockdown day 310
Shopping embargo day 88 189

09:15 GMT

  Yesterday's weather forecast was almost right, but ultimately it only got the late evening rain correct. The mist that appeared at slightly different times in various revisions of the forecast turned out to be just very light drizzle. On the whole it was a grey, sunless day, but it was very close to warm. I noted 10° C on my outside thermometer from early afternoon until very late (when I stopped checking because I was asleep !).
slightly warm with a chance of a sunny
   The cloud is starting to break up as I write this, and the idea of sunny spells is starting to seem very possible. The latest revision to the forecast predicts sunny spells from 10am through to 3pm. The temperature should have risen to 12° C by the time he sun comes out, and provided the wind stays light, it should feel slightly warm in the sunshine (and possibly very warm behind the windows of my front rooms). Curiously enough, the BBC (Meteogroup) weather forecast denies there will be any sunny spells, but says the temperature should rise to 14° C. Both forecasts agree it will rain tonight from around 7 or 8pm. Tomorrow will probably only reach 10° C, as everything cools down again after this brief bit of warmer weather. Tomorrow is likely to be a grey day - sometimes dark grey, and the morning may feature more rain.

  It was probably because it was warmer yesterday that I felt a fair bit better. I still feel it is strange that the outside should affect me so much when I am indoors in a more controlled environment - at least in some rooms. The kitchen is unheated, and it can end up being painful being in there too long when my chest is having a flare up. Yesterday it was almost OK in the kitchen, although I didn't spend long periods in there. In such circumstances I was finally a little bit productive yesterday. I didn't do anything Earth shattering, but it was useful. It is all described in my full archive page for today, which includes all the other usual stuff about eating, sleeping, and thoughts and plans for today.
Wednesday 27th January 2021
Lockdown day 309
Shopping embargo day 88 188

09:43 GMT

  I really only remember yesterday as being cold and grey, although I can recall some very brief, or maybe just very light rain. It was no more than a sprinkle of wet dots on the path outside. After a frosty start the temperature slowly climbed to 4° C by the afternoon. It continued to climb to about 6° C as midnight approached.
grey and damp
   Today is going to be comparatively warm compared to recently. It should be 9° C this afternoon, and then it will stick there for the rest of the day. The latest revision has added more periods of mist. The first could be starting soon, although all I see is a wet road as if it has been raining. The first "official" drizzle is shown for 7pm, but after that heavy rain is predicted. Tomorrow is predicted to start with heavy rain, but by 6am it should turn into light rain, and stop by 11am. By 2pm the clouds may have thinned enough for some sunny spells. The rain may start again by 9pm. The most significant thing about tomorrow is that the temperature could rise to 12° C by the afternoon. In a sunny spells, and assuming little or no wind (a very dangerous assumption) it might even feel warm enough for no coat, and short sleeved t-shirt.

   I spent nearly all of yesterday just resting. It did seem to help to reduce my costochondritis (assuming my amateur diagnosis is correct). I did take a dose or two of Ibuprofen to help calm it down, and there were long periods when it gave very little bother. Even spending some time in the cold kitchen didn't really trigger it. That was good news, but it doesn't mean it is finished yet. I guess the rest of the day could be thought of as boring, and yet it seemed to pass smoothly, and I seem to write a fair bit about it in my full archive page for today. It includes all the usual rambling stuff about eating, snoozing, more eating, sleeping, dreaming (although this time I couldn't remember anything about the dreams), and finally what I might, or might not do today.
Tuesday 26th January 2021
Lockdown day 308
Shopping embargo day 88 187

09:11 GMT

  Yesterday was gloriously sunny. It was also very cold - except when behind glass. That sun warmed my bedroom up like it was a summers day.  Outside it struggled to reach 4° C. It was cold enough for a thick frost in the morning, and I am sure I could see frost forming again by 10pm.
rain in the afternoon
   Today is going to be very different to yesterday. At the moment it seems medium bright outside. The cloud cover is thick enough to completely block the sun, but at least the clouds are white....for now. It seems that will soon be getting darker, and even the latest revision to the forecast predicts light rain for 11am and midday, and then again maybe three more hours of it starting at 5pm. After a frosty start the temperature will rise through the day. By midday it could be 3° C. By 3pm it could be 5° C, and then it will rise very slowly to 6° C by 10pm. Tomorrow looks like it will be very grey with some rain during the day, and probably more at night. The morning is predicted to start where today leaves of, 6° C, and then during the afternoon it may hit 9° C. That is tantalisingly close to tepid, but then the temperature will start to fall back a degree to 8° C. The day after tomorrow may see the temperature rise to 12° C, but everything else about the day looks pretty grim.

   Yesterday's sunshine should have drawn me out for a walk, but for some reason just going to Aldi seemed like all the exercise I wanted. The other reason for not going out in the cold was because I was feeling a bit fragile. I think I may be coming to the end of it today, but I have definitely had a flare up of my dodgy chest - what I incorrectly call my twisted ribs, and what is probably Costochondritis. The wikipedia article I have linked to (and not seen before today) seems to have an excellent explanation of it. I didn't fully waste the sunshine. I was sunbathing on my bed for several hours as the hot sunshine poured through my bedroom windows. No UV got through the glass to top up my tan and vitamin D, but the infra red warmed up my chest nicely. There is more about this plus all the other things I write about, my dinner, my sleep, my dreams, and what I might do today, in my full archive page for today.
Monday 25th January 2021
Lockdown day 307
Shopping embargo day 88 186

09:30 GMT

  It didn't seem it was going to happen at first, because at 10am it seemed like the sun was trying to come out, but maybe 20 minutes later it was snowing. Sometimes the snowfall was quite heavy, but it fluctuated a lot. Sometimes it seemed to stop for a few minutes. By 2pm it was all over, and starting to melt. By 4pm most of it had melted, but I do have a few remnants of it in my garden this morning. Needless to say, it was a perishing cold day. The temperature was close to zero for a fair bit of the morning (and less than zero before daybreak). By the afternoon it just about hit 2° C.
very cold, but very sunny
   The screenshot of the weather forecast I showed yesterday was not terribly accurate, and so I have checked the latest revision to the forecast today before commentating on it. I needed have worried about it - it is hard to spot the differences between the early and later revision. The biggest change is that it now recognises it was minus 1° C at 8am. I am not that sure that it is 0° C even now, but apparently the afternoon temperature will reach 4° C. The headline feature remains the same - a day of non stop sunshine with a lovely blue sky. Sunshine could be in very short supply tomorrow. It will start cold and with light cloud covering the whole sky. The temperature will rise until by the afternoon is will be similar to today, but the temperature will continue to rise even as it starts to rain in the early afternoon. It could reach 6 or 7° C by the end of the day, or the idea of a forecast 24 hours into the future could be complete fantasy, and something else will happen.

   My morning ambition was to take some pictures of the snow yesterday - assuming any fell. Initially the forecast for snow looked like a false alarm, and then suddenly it was snowing. I walked for 1.8 miles in the snow, taking pictures, and shooting some video. I felt OK while out in it, but maybe 30 minutes after getting home I felt dreadful in a way I can't fully define. All those pictures, and the video, plus descriptions of the rest of the day, my sleep, and why I had to get up for some unpleasantness at 1am, plus what I have already done, and what I might do today, can all be seen and read in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 24th January 2021
Lockdown day 306
Shopping embargo day 88 185

08:40 GMT

  I think yesterday could easily be described as sunny. It was initially cloudy, and it probably took until almost 10am for the sun to put in it's first, slightly hazy appearance. After that there was no stopping it. Occasionally a cloud would quickly pass across the face of the sun, but otherwise it was non stop sunshine almost up to sunset, and it was trying even then. It was still no more than a rather chilly 4° C at best, yesterday. Here's what the sunset looked like at 4.08pm
the sky near to sunset last
   The big question about today's weather is not "will it", "but when will it snow ?". Both forecasters I consult, The Met Office, and The BBC (Meteogroup), say it will snow. The BBC are quite enthusiastic about the idea it will be snowing heavily by 9am, and the Met Office are a bit more restrained as you can see in the screenshot above. They even downgrade some showers as just sleet instead of snow. There is one more forecast.....
sunrise this
  This was how the sky looked at 7.47am. The old weather saying "red sky in the morning, shepherds warning" seems to apply strongly here. It doesn't actually signify snow, but what we see here is the leading edge of the cloud that could bring rain, sleet, snow, or just dull overcast weather. One thing is for certain, if it should start to snow soon it will be falling on frosty ground, and none will be wasted by melting as soon as it hits the ground. With a maximum temperature currently predicted to be no more than 2° C today, any snow will be melting quite slowly. The latest revision to the forecast predicts heavy snow at 10am, light snowfall at 11am and midday, sleet at 1pm, and finally, light snow at 2pm. It is starting to look like an anti-climax. Tomorrow is currently forecast to be a completely sunny day, but the temperature will start below zero, and only climb to a maximum of 4° C.

  Not a lot happened yesterday. If I had known that it would be bright and sunny from late morning onwards, I might have got myself in the mood to go out, but the heavy morning cloud did the exact opposite. It made me think along the lines of "batten down the hatches, and weather the storm", or something like that. It meant there was not a lot to write about until it came to the evening, my sleep, and my thoughts this morning (very biassed towards snow) in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 23rd January 2021
Lockdown day 305
Shopping embargo day 88 184

08:28 GMT

  It was definitely very bright and sunny yesterday, but the sun is still low in the sky, and can be dazzling when walking towards it. It is a shame it was so cold on such a sunny day. The temperature did rise to 6 or 7° C, but that is still well below "mild". At least there was no strong wind to make it feel even colder.
                        even colder day
   My outside thermometer said 0.6° C, and that is as close as dammit to the 1° C shown on the latest revision to the forecast. The latest revision still shows sunny spells this morning, but at the moment the cloud seems too thick to let any sunshine through. Maybe the sun will break through a bit later. The other change in the latest revision is that 3pm is now shown as just light cloud, and 4pm is shown as sunny spells without any rain. The temperature remains the same at freezin' cold rising to bloody cold (4° C) for a few hours this afternoon. Tomorrow is interesting. It was shown as having a fair possibility of a brief fall of snow, but now there might be a bit of rain or sleet at midday, but the rest of the day is just shown as very dull and cloudy, and very cold again.

  There was one thing I did yesterday morning that really stressed me out. It was the mind-rape of trying to do anything online on a government web site. All I wanted to do was to get a pension forecast, and find out how to request my state pension when I reach the appropriate age in this coming June. The whole experience was mind bending, and I have tried to explain some of it in my full archive page for today. That also includes details of other stuff I did during the day, including another 3 and a bit mile walk (with a few pictures), how I managed to fast until late afternoon, what I eventually ate for dinner (not a lot), how I suffered from insomnia for over 2 hours in the middle of the night, and finally my thoughts and plans this morning.
Friday 22nd January 2021
Lockdown day 304
Shopping embargo day 88 183

08:35 GMT

  The reality of yesterday's weather was halfway between the early and later forecasts. There was more sunshine and brightness in the morning than later revisions to the forecast showed, but less, or even no sunshine at the start of the afternoon. Most of the afternoon was grey - initially light grey, but later a darker grey. It was a dry day, and thanks to the wind a day that didn't feel as warm as the predicted 8° C (and maybe a brief spell at 9° C).
maybe today will feature the sunshine that
                        we were promised for yesterday
   There has been no revision to the forecast since I took the screenshot above. Today is one of those odd days when the Met Office forecast (as above) broadly agrees with the BBC (Meteogroup) forecast. On that basis it seems fairly certain that today is going to feature a lot of sunshine. Unfortunately it is going to be cold sunshine, or at least that is how it will feel when outside. Behind glass it may well feel warm. Today has started off bright, and some of that brightness is the thick frost on the cars outside. My garden thermometer says it is currently only 1° C outside. As sunset nears it could be 7° C - which is still not exactly warm, but tomorrow may be even colder. It is also shown as being dull and grey. Sunday could be colder still, and while tomorrow may be dry, the BBC reckon sleet may fall on Sunday.

  I described my brief bit of activity yesterday morning, yesterday morning ! I showered, and then I went out to buy some food and drink. The drink included beer ! After that I didn't really do much until the afternoon. While generally relaxing I heard a thump from downstairs, and it was the final book I had ordered from Amazon landing on my door mat. I now have two more unread "Bill The Galactic Hero" books to read, plus about a quarter of the book I am currently reading. The rest of my day involved booze and eating, and maybe a bit more than that. I have described it all, along with my sleep, dreams, hangover, and plans and thoughts this morning in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 21st January 2021
Lockdown day 303
Shopping embargo day 88 182

10:27 GMT

  The forecast said it would rain all day yesterday, and this was almost right, but the rain did stop from time to time during the day (or, admittedly, it could have been so light and fine that it was not obvious when indoors). There was obviously no hint of sunshine. The temperature remained almost stable at 10° C through most of the day, but did start to drop during the night as clear skies headed our way.
bright and sunny
   The latest revision to the forecast says it is cloudy right now, but the reality is that the sun is still shining as it has done since sunrise. It is true that the sky is no longer pure blue, but is laced with thin whispy clouds.At the moment they are thick enough to occasionally make the sun slightly hazy, but maybe they will thicken up enough to block the sun later. The latest revision to the forecast does admit that there should still be sunny spells from midday for an hour or two. The other feature that is not normally shown without clicking in "show more" is the wind speed. The wind seemed quite strong last night, and during the heavier rain it sounded like gravel being thrown at the window. The wind is still a bit gusty this morning, and it is the wind that has blown in the clearer skies, and lower temperatures. Today should see the temperature hit 8° C, but tomorrow is going to be a fair bit colder - and it may well be far sunnier !

  Yesterday was quite a dull day, but I have padded it out with all the pictures I had no room for yesterday.  Much of the day was spent on high alert waiting for an Amazon delivery. All those pictures, plus a description of the few things I did do yesterday, plus some notes on my sleep, and what I have already done this morning are all in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 20th January 2021
Lockdown day 302
Shopping embargo day 88 181

09:20 GMT

  Yesterday's weather was complicated, and frequently diverged away from the path predicted by the weather forecast. One big discrepancy was the unexpected brief sunny spells. Admittedly in only a couple of cases was there full sunshine, but even some short periods of very hazy sunshine was more than the forecast said there would be. In the early afternoon there was a short period of light rain when none was forecast, and that happened again a few hours later. The forecast for rain in the evening was about right, but I think the rain was an hour or two late. The oddest thing was my fault. The forecast said it would be 11° C in the early afternoon (the BBC said 12° C). When the air was relatively still that did feel very mild, but I didn't notice what the wind might be like. It was not strong enough to be called gales, but it was strong enough to feel very cold on any exposed body parts.
rain from before dawn to well after dusk
   It is not raining right now, and this is in accordance with the latest revision to the forecast, but seconds later it has started again. It is predicted to fall for the rest of today, and in the small hours of tomorrow. Sometimes it will be heavy, but mostly just light rain. This is certainly a very wet winter ! Most of today will see the temperature up to 10° C, but like yesterday, it seems it will be fairly windy today. It should be OK indoors, but that 10° C will probably feel rather cool outdoors. Tomorrow will probably see the temperature drop down to 5° C by daybreak. By then the rain should have stopped, and the afternoon could see the temperature rise to 8° C. There could also be sunny spells in the afternoon, although many times in the recent past this has changed to rain in the morning forecast.

  I had two very good reasons to go for a walk yesterday. The first was my high blood glucose level in the morning. Not eating until I got back from the walk was half the plan, although it did leave my stomach growling with hunger until I was distracted from it by the walk. The other thing was that the walk would help burn off some of the sugar. It was successful, but I am thinking it would have been even better if I hadn't eaten two sweet and juicy navel oranges last night. As usual I have included some pictures taken on my walk in the full archive page for today. Also as usual it includes some commentary on the rest of my day, my sleep, and how I feel this morning, and what I might do today.
Tuesday 19th January 2021
Lockdown day 301
Shopping embargo day 88 180

07:57 GMT

  Until late afternoon, when the cloud thickened, and eventually it started to rain, yesterday featured a typical winter sky - whatever one of those is. The clouds were sort of lumpy with gaps, or at least thin areas, between them. Sometimes the sun would be behind one such gap, and there would be some weak sunshine allowed through. Each time this happened it wasn't quite bright enough, and nor did it last long enough to be called a sunny spell, but at such times it was usually bright enough to cast a dim and hazy shadow. Yesterday started cold enough that some earlier versions of the forecast hinted at sleet, but then again there wasn't any rain after about 6 or 7am. The day did warm up to about 8° C in the end.
the closest to warm it has been in months
   The early morning rain has finished now, and the day is actually cooling off a bit. Most of today will be almost warm. The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast is even more generous than the screenshot above. They reckon it could be 12° C for a few hours after midday. Unfortunately it looks like it will be a rather grey day, although the Met Office forecast now says there will just be light cloud between 1pm and 3pm. It is possible that between those hours the cloud could break up enough to let a few rays of sunshine through, but it could be equally possible it will rain then. The weather is very changeable recently. It seems it will definitely rain tonight, and that rain may continue, non stop through all of tomorrow, but at least at 10° C it would almost be warm rain (but in reality will probably feel icy cold).

  Yesterday was almost a busy day, or at least I managed to do some useful stuff. I also ate some very wrong stuff, but that was just one bit of bad news among some good news. It is all explained, or sort of explained, together with the usual stuff about sleep and dreams, and my plans this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Monday 18th January 2021
Lockdown day 300
Shopping embargo day 88 179

09:23 GMT

  Yesterday featured some nice sunny spells, but it remained quite cool, although the afternoon high of 7° C was almost OK. It really depended on what you were doing. I did little so it still felt cold.
rain tonight
   The BBC weather forecast came closer to getting the start of today right. They forecast sunny spells from day break until about now. There was at least one sunny spell, but mostly it was hints of the sun trying to peep through gaps in the clouds. One very curious thing is that both forecasts, BBC and The Met Office, assigned a high probability for rain at 8am. The Met Office said a 40% chance, and said it would rain. The BBC gave it a 55% chance, but said the main feature would be sunny spells. Everyone seems to agree that it will be cloudy soon, and that at around 5pm it will start to rain. That rain may well continue through until 7am tomorrow morning. Then there may be 4  or 5 hours without rain until the rain starts again. Today may finish at 8° C, but tomorrow may see the temperature rise to 11° C - that's mild enough for no coat and t-shirt (except when it is pissing down with rain).

   One of the first things I did yesterday was to log on to Amazon to arrange to return the two scam external hard drives. The process is quite simple. Other stuff included taking the drives, in a jiffy bag, with an Amazon pre-paid label on them, to the post box, and then buying some stuff from the mini supermarket on Catford bridge. All the details of this, plus the rest of the day, my sleep, and stuff I have done this morning, and might do later today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 17th January 2021
Lockdown day 299
Shopping embargo day 88 178

08:57 GMT

  Yesterday's rain seemed to be over by early afternoon. During the first part of the morning it was moderately heavy, but far from torrential. Early versions of the forecast said there could be some sleet mixed with the rain, but I saw no evidence of that, and later revisions to the forecast omitted it. The afternoon was mainly cloudy, but there were a few random, and usually short, sunny spells in the last 3 or so hours before sunset. It was another moderately cold day with the temperature only reaching about 7° C at best. Curiously enough it seemed to feel colder than that. Maybe it was just me.
sunny spells
   The latest revision to the forecast says we should be having sunny spells as I write this, and I can see a few cracks in the cloud where the sun could creep through if those cracks were in the right part of the sky. I guess that is enough to be optimistic that the forecast for the afternoon includes a few long periods of sunshine, and sunny spells for the rest of the time. It should stay dry today, but the temperature will only be 7° C again. Tomorrow could be another degree less cold, but it will come at the expense of it being cloudy during daylight hours (or overcast as it was once called by me, if no one else). After sunset the clouds will thicken, and the evening could see some heavy rain.

   Yesterday was another day when it didn't feel like I did much, but that is not entirely true. I did devote a fair time to playing with the the two scam external hard drives I had ordered from Amazon. There were a few other things I also did during the day. The story of my whole day, my dinner, my evening, my sleep, and my thoughts this morning, are all written in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 16th January 2021
Lockdown day 298
Shopping embargo day 88 177

09:12 GMT

  It was cold and grey for most of yesterday....err, actually it was cold and grey for all of yesterday. There had been various revisions of the weather forecast that said there might be some sunny spells in the afternoon, but the closest to that, as far as I am aware, was a small patch of blue sky in the north while the sun was in the south ! The afternoon temperature may have been slightly higher than the forecast 4° C....maybe 4.5° C. It was not a great day weather wise.
loads of rain
   Since taking the screenshot above the forecast has been revised. The temperature prediction has been changed to about 1° warmed than the figures shown above. The amount of rain falling hasn't really changed, but the latest revision now shows just rain, and no sleet. I believe that outside London, snow is falling. At the moment it is most definitely wet, but the heavy rain is not as heavy as I thought it might be. The trouble is that I don't think the weather charts have icons for torrential rain, so anything above "light" is shown as "heavy". It is still shown as stopping after 1pm, and by that time the temperature will have risen to 6° C, and then 7° C by 4pm. After 1pm it should stay dry, but still cloudy. Tomorrow may see some sunny spells in the afternoon (although I take that with a pinch of salt), and once again it should reach 7° C.

   After my early morning walk I should have been able to relax yesterday, but I didn't. After choosing and editing the photos and video I took in the morning, I couldn't rest because I then had to write yesterday's blog/diary entry - and there was a lot of it to write. As I mentioned yesterday, I had another long and rambling call from my friend Lee that soaked up more of the morning. The details of what I finally did yesterday, following on from what I wrote yesterday morning, can be read in my full archive page for today. It includes my adventures with a pair of external hard drives, freshly delivered by Amazon,  that were not what they said they were, plus the usual stuff about eating, TV, sleeping, and my thoughts this morning.
Friday 15th January 2021
Lockdown day 297
Shopping embargo day 88 176

10:16 GMT

  The forecast said it would rain from before dawn until 8pm yesterday, and that some of it would be heavy rain. Maybe my judgement is wrong, but I can't recall much heavy rain, and what I did see didn't seem that heavy. I think there were times when the rain may have stopped, but perhaps it was just too light to see, There was one hour shown in a later revision of the forecast that was marked as just drizzle. As well as wet, it was quite cold - just 4° C and falling in the afternoon, but 6 or even 7° C shortly before sunrise - not that there was any evidence that the sun had risen !
cold, but maybe brighter in the afternoon
   This morning it has been what I call overcast. At midday the forecast says it will be overcast, but I would call it overcast with grey cloud. After midday the clouds should start to break up, and the latest revision to the forecast says 2 and 3pm will feature sunny spells, and 4pm will feature full sunshine. After that the sun will set, and then it doesn't matter. I do find myself sceptical of this forecast. The last similar one turned out to be complete nonsense. The bit that is almost certainly right is the temperature. It could be 4° C this afternoon, but only 2° C this morning, and 3° C after sunset. Tomorrow there is a warning of snow, but only some very early morning sleet is actually shown on the chart. The morning is almost certain to be cold and very wet, but whether that means snow, or even sleet is something I think we will only find out tomorrow.

   There were only a few things that happened yesterday that are worth commentating on. In brief these were another Thursday beer drinking session, getting drunk enough to order a takeaway, and....and that is about it until bed time. Prior to the beer drinking session I did very little. I just read and snoozed. I suppose I can add that I put a few beers in the fridge to chill, and I cooked a few sausages for lunch. The idea being that the greasy (despite being grilled) sausages would line my stomach before drinking the beer. The full story of my day can be read in my full archive page for today. It also included details of my takeaway, how I was in very bad pain when I went to bed, and how that pain had disappeared in the morning. How I finally slept well enough to feel good enough for a pre-dawn walk this morning - with pictures !.
Thursday 14th January 2021
Lockdown day 296
Shopping embargo day 88 175

10:00 GMT

  It wasn't always raining yesterday, but it was raining most of the time.  Most of the rain was quite light, and some was very light, but there were one or two heavy downpours. Needless to say, there was no sunshine at all, but it did seem quite mild. The forecast predicted 8° C for a few hours in the afternoon, but I reckon it was 9 to 10° C until late evening.
more rain, and some might be heavier than
   The latest revision to the forecast says the last of the heavy rain will finish by 11am today, and from then until 8pm there may only be light rain. Interestingly enough, the temperature may be down to just 2° C by 8pm, and although the forecast doesn't mention it, it would seem to be cold enough for that last rain to fall as sleet or even snow. At the moment it is around 5° C, but the temperature is already slowly falling towards that low of 2° C. The temperature may stay at a stable 2° C until 8am tomorrow when it will drop to 1° C for a couple of hours. Tomorrow should be dry, and there could be sunny spells in the afternoon, but with a maximum temperature of just 4° C it is going to be a rather cold day.

   Yesterday started off rather boring, and I did little except quietly reading (and possibly having a short snooze).  I think it was gone midday when I made a point of doing something, and initially that was to have a well overdue shower. I allowed a bit of time to cool off after all that hot water before getting dressed to go out. I didn't intend to go far - just to the mini supermarket on Catford Bridge. According to the till receipt I paid for my shopping at 3.30pm. Until I checked the receipt just now, I don't think I realised it was that late. The rest of the story, including 2 short videos, and the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, dreaming, and plans for today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Lockdown day 295
Shopping embargo day 88 174

09:18 GMT

  The promised sunshine never materialised yesterday. The best we had were thin spots of cloud that glowed almost dazzlingly bright sometimes when the sun was behind them. The morning was definitely less cold than the afternoon and evening. Before 10am it was that almost, but not actually warm temperature of 9° C.  By sunset the temperature had fallen to 5° C, and continued to fall after that. After the final bit of early morning rain it was a dry day.
                        hours of non stop rain ahead
   The forecast has been revised at least once since I took the screenshot above, The main change is that the rain, that started early in the morning will continue to fall, possibly non stop, until 6pm tomorrow. The earlier version of the forecast said 7pm ! Sometimes the rain will be heavy, and sometimes light, and just for 2pm today, it will only be drizzle. It was just 4° C this morning, but it will creep up to 8° C in the afternoon, and then the temperature may only dip to 7° C for an hour or two in the late evening before going back up to 8° C again. It will slowly start to fall again in the early hours of tomorrow morning until it is down to just 3° C as the last rain falls tomorrow evening. Needless to say, it is very unlikely there will be any clues that the sun is still alight in the next 48 hours, and maybe for days after that !

   As I mentioned yesterday morning, there was the potential to go out for a late afternoon walk yesterday, but as I also said, by the afternoon most of my enthusiasm has drained away (although my actual words were that I would either be too busy, or too relaxed). Even if I did have the enthusiasm I didn't have the sunshine. The forecast sunshine just turned out to be uninspiring bright hazy splodges between the thinner edges of some clouds. That didn't mean I did nothing. In a way I had a sort of productive day. You can read all about it in my full archive page for today. It also includes the usual stuff about eating, sleep, dreams, quite a lot about dream, and my thoughts and predictions this morning.
Tuesday 12th January 2021
Lockdown day 294
Shopping embargo day 88 173

08:35 GMT

  There were a few times when the sun almost came out yesterday. Some cloud was thin enough to allow a diffused glare through, but apart from a few very brief times in the morning, there was never enough sun to cast a shadow. Yesterday was one of those days when the forecast was nearly right, including the prediction for rain after dark, but the surprising thing is that the prediction for the temperature was a degree or two lower. The temperature came very close to 10° C yesterday evening. That made a huge difference. For the first time in ages I could leave the heating off for short periods of time, and just on low at other times.
                        wet start, maybe a brighter afternoon
   There was a lot of rain during the night, and I am not sure if it is finished even now. I can't see any rain at the moment, but it is very wet outside. After a mild night it is still around 9° C, but from now on the temperature will slowly fall to a very chilly 3° C tonight - and maybe just 2° C by midnight. Much of today is going to be rather grey, and very uninspiring, but there could be some sunshine later in the afternoon. The latest revision to the forecast shows 4pm to sunny, rather than just sunny spells. At 7am tomorrow it is predicted it will start to rain when the temperature is only 2° C. That should be cold enough for snow, but the forecast just says rain. I can imagine that on high ground, such as Biggin Hill, it could well fall as snow. It will warm to around 8° C tomorrow, but the rain is predicted to continue through the whole day !

    The curious thing about yesterday was that walking back from Aldi, with my heavy shopping, was the last time my knee/leg/ankle/foot hurt. Just as it came on quickly for no apparent reason (beyond the weather being cold and damp), it seemed to just fade away during yesterday morning. Yesterday was another day when I didn't do much, but I did do a few things of varying significance. Read all about it (as they say) in my full archive page for today. It also includes the usual stuff about eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, and what I have done since waking up.
Monday 11th January 2021
Lockdown day 293
Shopping embargo day 88 172

09:24 GMT

  Yesterday's weather forecast couldn't make up it's mind about when, and if we would have any sunny spells. In the end we didn't have any worth mentioning (I have a vague memory of some very hazy sunshine for 5 or 10 minutes, but it was barely able to cast a shadow). Other than that, it was dry and cold, although contrary to the forecast it did seem to warm up as midnight approached - "warm" as in 5° C. It was mostly 3° C during the day.
another grey day
   The latest revision to the forecast says there are sunny spells right now, but by 10am the weather will continue in a similar fashion to that shown in the screenshot above. Unless the sun comes out again before 10am, the truth will be that there were a few brief flashes of sunshine just before 9am. The sun was still so low in the sky that all I saw was a few house roofs lit up by sunshine. It was literally a few, maybe 3 terraced houses, that were lit up. The sun was coming through a tiny gap in the clouds ! From 7pm there is a high chance of rain, but before that it will probably be dry. The most notable thing is that the afternoon temperature could be 8° C. That is almost warm compared to the last few days. Tomorrow will start very wet, but by sunrise the rain should have stopped. By 2pm the clouds should have gone to reveal sunshine all afternoon. In the very early morning rain it could be 9° C, but only 6° C in the afternoon - which isn't that bad.

    I thought yesterday was going to be another day which would sound very boring because I couldn't claim to do anything dynamic at all. That was certainly how the morning went... The afternoon featured a few notable things. I have described my day, with a few pictures, plus the first few hours of the morning, also with a picture, in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 10th January 2021
Lockdown day 293
Shopping embargo day 88 171

09:04 GMT

  Yesterday was another very cold day, but for quite a few hours there was loads of glorious sunshine. The sunshine arrived 3 or 4 hours after the forecast said it would, but in recompense it seemed to last until almost sunset. It did a good job of warming my (south facing) bedroom up, and for a few hours I either had the heating turned low, or off. Meanwhile the outside temperature struggled to reach 3° C.
maybe some sunny spells this afternoon
   While there might have been some sunny spells later, it seems there will now be none ! The latest revision says dark grey clouds this morning, followed by light grey clouds for the rest of the day. It also says that the mist seen in the screenshot above will now only fall at 10am. Looking out the window I do see the first hints of a mist forming, but whether it actually does anything impressive is anyone's guess. The temperature dropped to minus 1° C during the night, but it is supposedly starting to warm now - where "warm" means a toe curling 4° C if we are very lucky. It seems that the mist, if it falls, is going to be the closest we get to rain today - which is a pity because it could fall as snow, and that would change the current grey misery to a far more agreeable view. Tomorrow may be an even more grey version of today. It will start very cold, but eventually warm up to 7 or even 8° C, and then, sometime soon after sunset it will probably rain.

    Until about 3pm my whole day, yesterday, revolved around waiting for my parcel from Amazon. I didn't make a note of the exact time it arrived, but if I had assumed that it would be a late delivery I would have missed it if I had gone for a walk in the afternoon sunshine. Luckily I stayed in. Aside from keeping an ear on the doorbell, yesterday was mostly like many recent days - I was quite busy doing nothing. You can read about my whole day, what was in my parcel, what I ate, how crap my evening was, and my thoughts this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 9th January 2021
Lockdown day 292
Shopping embargo day 88 170

09:00 GMT

  It is tempting to just cut and paste what I wrote here yesterday, but there is one significant difference. There was no sunshine that I can recall yesterday (although as I write that I am wondering if maybe there was some sunshine). like the day before it was a very cold day. It was also mostly medium grey, although from time to time the clouds did seem to be breaking up. It was a completely dry day, and the highest temperature was 3° C, but only just !
                        may be sunny from later this morning
   The idea that it may be sunny soon seems unlikely when I look at the sky. It seems to be uniformly grey at the moment, and even a super power laser would have trouble cutting through that cloud, but maybe it will blow away later to reveal the promised blue sky and sunshine. Whatever happens it is almost certain to be another very cold day with the temperature not expected to rise higher than 3° C.  I don't think the sky is quite the right colour for snow, but it is not far off it as I write this. I've just checked for a later revision to the forecast, and now it says the first sunny spells will occur at 10am, and full sunshine from 11am. Over on the other channel, the BBC forecast is totally convinced it will be a 100% grey day, and that it will only just about reach 3° C for a single, solitary hour - 3pm. For tomorrow they say another 100% grey day, but briefly warmer with 5° C at 3pm. The Met Office says the maximum tomorrow will be just 4° C, and they reckon there could be a few hours of sunny spells in the afternoon. I really must make so notes on the weather through today so I can take the piss out of this forecast with some evidence to back it up !

    Yesterday was another in a long series of days when I was too busy doing nothing to be bored....or something like that. It was sort of surprising just how quickly and smoothly yesterday passed when I hardly did anything all day. As usual, the day was not really as bleak as that, and I certainly seemed to find a lot to write about. Read it all, about my day, my dinner, my TV watching, my sleep, and what a great conundrum this morning is, in my full archive page for today.
Friday 8th January 2021
Lockdown day 291
Shopping embargo day 88 169

10:09 GMT

  Yesterday was another cold day. What made it special was that there was frost on the cars at, or very soon after 6pm ! During the afternoon the temperature rose to a high of 3° C (although I don't think I noticed it to be any higher than 2° C on my outside thermometer. It was a dry day, and the afternoon did feature some sunny spells.
                        dry, but wintery day
   The forecast has been revised since I took the screenshot above. The latest revision has replaced a lot of grey clouds with white clouds. At the moment it is like a typical winters day when the sun can often be seen trying to burn a gap through thin streaky cloud - but never quite managing to do so. Some hours ago the temperature was showing as just below zero on my outside thermometer, but it has now risen to 1.7° C. I am wondering if a later revision to the forecast might show a higher maximum than 3° C today. Apart from it taking until, or just beyond midnight for the temperature to fall to 0° C, today's temperatures will be/feel very similar to yesterday, i.e. cold ! A lot of tomorrow morning will see the temperature down to 0° C, and once again the afternoon high will be around 3° C. This January is likely to be as much as 10° C colder than last January ! Like today, tomorrow should stay dry, but unlike today, tomorrow afternoon may feature sunny spells - possibly even a whole hour of solid sunshine !

    Yesterday was a good and a bad day. The bad was just two things. I still failed to do any of the housework I wanted to do. The other thing was having to stay alert when I could have been laying on my bed reading...and snoozing. I had to stay alert because I was waiting for a parcel delivery being delivered by Whistl. The good was mainly to do with a couple of hours of company, and beer. Read all about my full day, sleep, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 7th January 2021
Lockdown day 290
Shopping embargo day 88 168

08:44 GMT

  The temperature rose to 5° C yesterday, but as the afternoon ended the temperature dropped a lot. In may have been in the early hours of this morning, but eventually the temperature dropped below zero. The early morning feature was rain yesterday, but then the sun came out. For several glorious hours the sun was streaming through my front windows, and helping to warm the rooms up - sadly not enough to turn off any heating though.
coldest day of the year - so far !
   Today may be the coldest day of the year so far, but with 358 more days to go until the year ends, another day could easily take the accolade as the coldest day.  My thermometer says it is only a bit above 0° C at the moment, but I guess the forecast 1° C is close enough. Maybe aided by the predicted sunny spells this afternoon, the temperature is predicted to rise to 3° C before dropping back down to 1° C, or lower. Curiously enough, the BBC (Meteogroup) forecast shows the maximum temperature as only 1° C from 11am to 4pm. Before and after that is shows 0° C ! The BBC doesn't predict any sunny spells at all today. It is feeling like once again I am on the border between 2 weather systems, and neither forecaster can predict where the dividing line is. There is also a difference of opinion about tomorrow. The Met Office says the afternoon will be 3° C, and there will be dark grey clouds all day with a 10% chance of rain, but there will be no rain. The BBC also says the afternoon will reach 3° C, and that the sky will be dark grey with clouds. There are a few hours before the afternoon when the temperature is predicted to be 2° C, and the chance of "precipitation" is 17%. That sound like there is chance of sleet or snow !

    Yesterday was another day when not a lot happened, but a few things did. Like yesterday, all that did happen, and can be described, both yesterday, through the night, and for the start of today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 6th January 2021
Lockdown day 289
Shopping embargo day 88 167

11:05 GMT

  The Met Office forecast really got yesterday's weather forecast wrong. However the BBC (Meteogroup) forecast was completely correct. Usually it is the other way round. The BBC said it would rain for most of the day, and the Met Office said it would probably stay dry, but did say there was a 10% chance of rain at any time. It rained almost non stop for most of the day. I was lucky to get out early enough in the morning to buy my Polish beers before the worst of the rain. Both forecasters correctly predicted the temperature to be 4 or 5° C, although it rarely seemed to get higher than 4°C,
some sunny spells
 I don't think either forecaster has got the forecast right for today. Maybe the BBC was a bit closer to reality with their prediction of some light rain, as well as sunny spells this morning. The sun has recently gone in after a sunny spell lasting a full hour (or thereabouts). Both forecasters say there could be more sunny spells this afternoon, but at completely different times to each other. The one thing everyone agrees on is that it will probably be 5° C for several hours this afternoon, but it will get very cold tonight once the temperature starts to drop after sunset. Tomorrow will probably feature 100% light cloud cover for the while day, and be very cold. The high could be as little as 2° C, or as much as 3° C.

  Not a lot happened yesterday, but I still seem to have written half a page about it. All I have written about yesterday, and about the start of this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 5th January 2021
Lockdown day 288
Shopping embargo day 88 166

10:43 GMT

  The forecast was a bit wrong again yesterday. It got the morning rain about right, but I can't recall much, if indeed any, heavy rain in the afternoon. All I think I saw was some light rain, and even that was far from persistent. I would mostly sum up yesterday as cold and grey. The temperature did manage to almost hit 5° C for a while in the early afternoon, but more of the day was just 4° C.
another cloudy day
  The BBC version of today's forecast said there would be sleet this morning. I think there was some very fine sleet falling earlier, and at the moment the road looks wet after some slightly heavier rain or sleet has fallen. The Met Office just says today will be a very grey, but dry day. Everyone agrees it is going to be a cold day. Both the BBC and Met Office say it will be no warmer than 4° C. They disagree about one fundamental thing. The Met Office now says it will be dry all day. The BBC says there will be light rain through the whole day. At the moment the BBC are winning ! Both forecasters say tomorrow may be a tiny bit less cold, 5° C appears in both forecasts. They also agree that after some very early morning rain it will be a dry day.

  Nearly all the symptoms of the common cold that I was suffering from yesterday morning seemed to fade away during the morning. I still felt a bit sort of tired, but it was probably cold a grey weather depression as much as anything else. The best I could do was to try and moderate my unusually large appetite, and try and keep to mostly stuff that is OK for me to eat. There is a full description of anything worth describing about my day, my night, and what I have already done this morning, all illustrated by some pictures, in my full archive page for today.
Monday 4th January 2021
Lockdown day 287
Shopping embargo day 88 165

09:32 GMT

  The forecast said one thing, but reality did another. Instead of dark grey clouds for the end of the morning, and the dark clouds and rain for the early afternoon, we had sunny spells. The sun eventually ducked behind the grey clouds again some time around mid afternoon. I think there was some rain after dark in the evening. The predicted temperature was supposed to 5° C, and I think it almost rose that high.
definite rain today
  Today will definitely see rain - I know this because it is raining now ! I think that today the forecast may be a lot more accurate than yesterday's forecast. Somehow the idea of heavy rain later on seems very likely. The latest revision to the forecast says that there will be several more hours at 5° C than shown in the early forecast screenshot above. Tomorrow may be a degree cooler, and probably fairly dry, but thick cloud is still predicted for the whole day.
  It was nice to relax yesterday after my long walk the day before. I probably didn't need to because I didn't feel too bad except for lack of sleep after a crap night. I probably could have gone for a short walk because reality was nothing like as bad as the weather forecast predicted, but I stayed in, resting, eating, reading, and doing a few odd jobs. Read all about my day, evening, my sleep, my health this morning in my full archive page for today, but shield your face because I think I have caught the common cold !
Sunday 3rd January 2021
Lockdown day 286
Shopping embargo day 88 164

09:42 GMT

  Just a couple of degrees changed "bloody cold" the day before to "quite chilly" yesterday. During the afternoon the temperature was more than 4° C, but not quite the forecast 5° C...at least I don't think it reached 5° C, but I guess it may have while I was not able to see my thermometer. The morning was a bit cooler, and late evening was cooler still. The significant thing was that after the preceding gloomy days, yesterday featured sunshine and sunny spells. What's more is that by my estimate there was more sunshine than forecast. The sunshine was just about over by 3 to 3.30 pm, and as sunset approached it looked like it might rain. It did rain, but much later in the night...I think.
back to the gloom
  Today we are back in the twilight zone. The 30% chance of rain at 8am was 100% rain, and I think there were showers on and off through much of the small hours. The surprising thing is that at just 3° C it didn't rain. I can only conclude the temperature up near the clouds is higher than near the ground. Later today it may reach 5° C, but it won't be from sunshine ! The latest revision to the forecast says that there is only light cloud at the moment (you could have fooled me), and that it will stay light cloud until 2pm when it will turn to thick cloud, and soon after may start to rain again. The exact times for rain keep changing, but I think we can assume there will be showers at any time from the afternoon until midnight. Tomorrow may see a similar temperature spread, and will also feature showers at unpredictable times. The day after tomorrow may well follow the same template.
  The day before yesterday I felt terrible, but yesterday the promise of some sunshine perked me up. I can't say I felt that wonderful at first, at the end, or even in the middle, but I gritted my teeth, and went for a walk - a long walk. As usual I have illustrated this with a selection of pictures taken along the way, and with another of those amateur video that fortunately only lasts for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. All this, plus a description of the rest of my day, my terrible sleep, and how bad I am this morning, is all in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 2nd January 2021
Lockdown day 285
Shopping embargo day 88 163

09:30 GMT

  Yesterday was another very cold day, and I am not sure that the temperature even hot the forecast 3° C (I seem to recall 2.4° C on my outside thermometer for much of the afternoon). The temperature did rise towards midnight, and it was a "glorious" 5° C in the middle of the night. I can't recall seeing any sign of the sun, and a lot of the time it was very dull. From time to time I noted that it was wet outside. I never saw any actual rain, and I guess there was just some fine rain falling from time to time. I am a little surprised it didn't fall as snow. Maybe it did, but being so fine it would have melted even before it hit the ground.
another cold and dull day
  The latest revision to the forecast still says there will be sunny spells from 1pm to 2pm (but not 3pm as in the earlier screenshot above).  It seems today will be warmer than yesterday. It is now expected to be 5° C between 2 and 3pm !  At the moment it looks like it has just been raining. The road outside looks very wet, and yet the chances of rain this morning were no more than 10%. Maybe the rest of today will not be quite as dull as yesterday, but it still does little to raise my enthusiasm. Tomorrow will see a similar temperature profile to today, but the cloud is going to be thicker. The sunny periods (if we get them today) will be lost behind thick dark clouds tomorrow. Most of the day is shown as having thick dark clouds. Most of the day will a 10% chance of rain again, but a few hours in the afternoon may see a 20% chance, but no rain is specifically shown for tomorrow.
  I felt ill for a lot of yesterday. That was of some concern considering the symptoms were " a bit 'flu like". I often felt cold, and various joints, including those of my ribs, seemed to be aching. Not badly aching, but enough to be annoying. I checked my temperature quite a few times during the day, and as usual it wasn't even high enough to be "normal", but was perfectly consistent at being normal for me. I am now very certain that the reason that I was feeling cold so often was that it was cold. The aching was just the result of being cold too. I describe all this, along with how I did a few things to sort of confirm the diagnosis as being a mix of depression and cold. As usual, I boringly describe my eating, comment on a fairly boring sleep. Finally I say what is good and what s bad about this morning in my full archive page for today.
Friday 1st January 2021
Lockdown day 284
Shopping embargo day 88 162

11:47 GMT

  It was very cold yesterday. The temperature peaked at only about 2° C after starting at, or below zero. On the whole it was a grey day, but from time to time holes could be seen through the clouds, but never in the right place for the sun to peep through.
cold, very very cold - again !
  It has been grey all morning but apparently it is about to get even more grey very soon. The latest revision says there will be no rain today, but at 7pm, when rain was originally forecast, it is now predicted to be foggy with just mist at 8pm. From a freezing start, the temperature will very slowly rise to 4° C by the end of the day. Tomorrow may be completely dry, although with a 10% chance of rain at almost any time, but it will be a very grey day. The temperature will probably be the same profile as today.
  One of the things I forgot to mention yesterday concerned my latest repeat prescription. To my great surprise, despite only ordering it 30 hours beforehand, it was complete and ready to pick up late Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday had two main things of note - a Thursday afternoon boozing session, and the drunken food order I made after the boozing was finished. I describe these things, with a picture of the lovely 12% beer that was consumed during the boozing session, plus how my night's sleep was both good and bad, and why I have been very lazy this morning, plus the result the beer and food had on my poor blood glucose level, in my full archive page for today.